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Instagram knows everything about us: what we eat, where we rest, who are friends, what side of your face consider more advantageous. And we learned how to do the best selfie which filters create the effect of "without filter" and what kind of mask to hide under eye circles better than any creams. Symbiosis with the application generates a beautiful picture, in which both want to believe and users have no regrets of posts and stories to this support. Is it worth it? Understand where people want to invent in Instagram and why it happens.

Plastic surgery, piercing and tattoos, beauty treatments and other interventions sometimes lead to the fact that semenitari cease to be like themselves, and their fans wonder: why? Fortunately, the majority of the stellar beauties manage to stop in time, and some do return to their natural parameters and natural way. found a few examples of famous women who understand that there is nothing better naturalness and pressed Ctrl + Z. we invite you to see their photos from different years and to evaluate the changes.

Leonid Gaidai is a genius Director, the author of the effervescent and popular films included in the Golden Fund of Soviet cinema. And many of his paintings are so fond of us that we can watch them even in the 20-th time, and from any location when, for example, stumble on them when switching channels on the TV. But first Comedy, which was filmed by Gaidai, and was subjected to significant censorship, and Leonid Iovich, it is hard going through this injustice (he even had an ulcer), I decided once and for all tie with a Comedy genre. Fortunately, he was persuaded to change its decision.

In September 1968, the work of all institutions on wall street stopped. 10 thousand men went outside to look at one single girl, an ordinary Bank employee Francine Gottfried. And all because every morning she came out of the subway in a tight sweater that emphasized his chest. When "Bulova panic" reached its peak, the chief called the girl and asked not to come to work. Now this story hard to believe. Today, women can wear any clothes, not afraid to gather a strong crowd. This and other achievements of feminism, tells the well-known writer and screenwriter Lily Kim.

"I need to be careful that it does not crashed. There is nothing in life more valuable than love. More forgiving should — guilty as shit and roughness in the other to smooth. Once and for all and irrevocably to choose God and to serve him throughout life. I gave myself to Fyodor Mikhailovich when I was 18 years old. Now I'm 70 and I still only belong to him every thought, every action. The memory of his belong to, his work, his children, his grandchildren. And all that at least partly it is mine entirely. And there was nothing for me outside of this Ministry" — so wrote shortly before his death, Anna Grigorievna Dostoevskaya.

Goa is rightly called a universal resort: there will be a place for families with children, and noisy young companies and people who are looking for privacy, and those who came here for new acquaintances. No wonder this field is becoming more and more popular. And everyone who visited the West India, will confirm: it's impossible to stay indifferent. Indeed, many things, faced tourists, do not fit into our habitual way. And because some are brought from home great experiences and others are going home with the thought: "never again!"

In 1764 by decree of Catherine II in St. Petersburg was founded Russia's first female educational establishment — the Smolny Institute for noble maidens. It began with a revolutionary history of the women's institutes which began to open across the country. Catherine II wanted to give the government "educated women, good mothers, useful family and society", however, graduates of these institutions were called CIT, muslin ladies, made infantile and detached from the world, susceptible and naive. The word "schoolgirl" has become synonymous with exaltation, weaknesses and limitations.

On 14 June for a day in Greenland melted 2 billion tons of ice. This is 40 % of the entire island — almost half! The ice cover of Greenland typically begins to melt in July, and a sharp premature disappearance of the ice may be a new record. The fact that the ice shield of the planet helps to reflect solar energy, thereby cooling the Earth. The loss of such a shield can dramatically affect climate. The main cause of melting ice consider the global warming associated including human activities.

Just imagine how much better the world would be if every stray dog has found a loving owner. So, inhabitants of the Netherlands took the situation into their own hands and saved a lot of homeless friends, giving everyone his house. The dogs in this country began a new life full of happiness and love. The government has taken a number of measures to achieve this goal by implementing the method PSVIR (catching, sterilization, vaccination, identification and return). Due to this, in 2016, the Netherlands became the first country to rescue these beautiful creatures from loneliness and terror of the streets. Animal lovers support the implementation of this idea around the world.

Illustrator from Luxembourg Minnelli, Valerie (Valérie Minelli), better known under the alias Mrs.Frollein, a comic book artist, inspired by everyday life. The girl is professionally engaged in illustrating children's books, and my hobby just want to raise the mood of the users in social networks. In his works, Valerie notices everything that happens in the life of a normal girl. Today's comic is about relationship. They are so cute that there is no doubt that immediately after viewing them you will want to hug your soulmate.

Some good respectable man all his life worked at the plant. In the end, he had accumulated 300 million and decided to bury them in the ground. 20 years have passed, and another good respectable person went to dig potatoes and found this treasure. Treasure ordered wisely and honestly, and everyone was happy. Yes, exactly such stories associated with the search for treasures, and do NOT happen. This is usually very dramatic and often bloody stories with such twists that Dan brown would envy. And the more interesting these stories are, if the final is still open.

Suffer from savvy scammers can be anyone, but the easiest sacrifice for them — pensioners. They tend to trust strangers, to sign the papers without checking and buy useless expensive things on the "super price only today." Some circuits have long been known, and there are few who believe the voice on the other end that your relative went to the police and he needs the money. What if the call is from the number relative? Yes, this is also made possible, because cheaters are not asleep, and regularly invent new and new tricks.

My name is Lada Lapin, and I want to say that life has become absolutely impossible to Wake up in the morning, get in instagram, and everything is happy — it's impossible! Even back in the pillow go. Happiness, it you know what now? In the morning, then massage face Asahi, to take a picture of it; my tone gialuronka, take a picture; and then the ass and pumped up and also to take a picture; make sure the bar; while standing in the bar, add in instagram, and then drink the water with vinegar or at least with a decoction of linseed, and to continually lose weight. In an hour you can drink some seedy smoothie of celery, Chia seeds and berries lychee, oatmeal there for utility. To take a picture, of course, beautifully reflected in the mirror in fashionable...

North Korea's forbidden to make photos of the war and to remove the statues of leaders are not in full growth (especially crop). The journalist is obliged to agree on the route to provide documents on photographic equipment and justify why it is a photo of a place. But despite the closeness of the state and limitations, tourists and journalists manage to take pictures that reflect the characteristics of the country: life, furnished in hospitals, stores, the situation with transport and media, recreation and entertainment. All this allows you to see the life of the Republic from the inside.

They met in a terrible time when the world is under the shadow of the new devastating war, and their native Germany was plunged into darkness along with cities, special people in their lives and precious memories. By a strange coincidence, they both became famous overnight in the 1930s. Its runaway success the actress was required to film "the Blue angel" Remark fame brought the novel "On the Western front without changes". Having lost their homeland, they were hoping to find happiness abroad. Both men already had a failed marriage. Their life stories are similar, however it was difficult to find a couple where people would so not fit to each other.