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Artist Alvin Huano (Alvin Juano) draws comics under the title The Square Comics that are nothing like the rest of the Internet. No superprofessionalnyh illustrations, but their meaning is so clear, and a subtle sense of humor that they attract attention like a magnet. It is simply impossible to stop until galistel to the latest stories on instagram or Facebook. Comic book heroes Alvin very different from the square men, like the characters in "Minecraft" to the empty boxes. But they all have one thing in common — lucky to call them difficult.

Recently a resident of the USA, Kim Marx-Kuczynski (Kim Marx-Kuczynski) has acquired the archival room of the women's magazine McCall''s from 1958. One of the articles of this edition struck the girl so that she scanned it and posted it on his Facebook page. As you may have guessed, this article contains tips for girls who want to get married as soon as possible. And they were written not by a single editor and a panel of experts, including psychologist, banker, flight attendant, the Commissioner of police, a housewife, and a bachelor. The theme of marriage was quite relevant 60 years ago, and almost the same as it is in our days, at least for some girls. But how useful tips 60-year-old? Let's face it, many of them sounding by today's standards it is...

Apt comics artist Wang Chen (Weng Chen) for many became a perfect example of what raising children is both difficult and very fun. This woman knows firsthand, because she is the mother of two children. In fact, many of the stories for his comics Wang Chen and draws from his this difficult, but happy parent life. Of course, children are a great joy, but sometimes they can cause physical pain to your beloved moms and dads. In a recent series of his drawings, the artist has shown that many situations in which young hooligans seem ridiculous, parents can be quite painful.

The streets of the cities roam hundreds of homeless animals. Some were abandoned, some never knew what a warm home and caring. In different countries in different ways try to solve the issue. Some States it has failed. For example, in Poland for homeless animals to your call immediately come ECOPOLICY, which will take care of the pet. Unfortunately, not everywhere there are such conditions. Therefore, we should also help those asking for help silently. Many people pity the homeless animals, but beyond that it is not. Perhaps because not everyone knows how to help a cat or dog, or think that it is too difficult.

The Reason for the preparation of this article was a visit to the store of dried fruits. The opening of the new culinary faces, I bought a handful of dogwood. Taste like much, although something did not give rest to receptors. "You must taste" — I decided, and the next day... bought another 2 kg. for Themselves and families a treat. Spoiler: the dogwood was dried sweet tomato. Details — later. This article is not about the dogwood. Consider cases where dealers are cashing in on our love for useful and / or tasty products.

Probably not find such Internet user early 2000s, who would not know about the website Now it is and we just called it "Bashorg", "BASH" or "forest". Spent night after night reading these mini-stories under the peep of the modem and the disgruntled shouts of the parents: "What are you laughing at 2am?" Apt words immediately went conalcam, and the mood after reading rose for the day. In our article we have selected quotes receiving the most votes in the history of the site's existence.

Renowned nutritionist Libby weaver in her book "Syndrome proteins in the wheel," urges to give up coffee to lose weight, reduce stress levels and to get rid of panic attacks. Of course, we are all different, and someone can not imagine their morning without a drink, so the choice in favor of life without caffeine is always yours. However, if you firmly believe that without coffee, you don't Wake up and feel energy, then you definitely should try out other options to spice up your morning ritual.

"Miss Earth" beauty pageant, which is held annually in the Philippines. He established the largest environmental organization with one purpose: to draw attention to the major humanitarian issues of our time, including climate change, environmental protection and others. All the girls except the usual for such activities defile in bathing suits and creative rooms present their environmental projects, and the jury chooses among them are four winners who receive the title of "Miss Fire, Miss Water, Miss Air and Miss Earth".

We are often annoyed by everyday trivia: tangled wires charging gadgets, dirty or broken Park benches or the wet slide on the Playground. But among us there are inventors who do not have to put up with the problems and come up with their decision, and now the phone and tablet have the special drawer, the slide ride of the child in any weather, and the bench does not break down even the Hulk. We don't know the names of the creators of their design, but this does not prevent us to admire their ingenuity and imagination. See for yourself.

We firmly know how, and how not to behave, and in most cases it is justified, because we live among other people, and their interests need to consider if you want them to consider yours. But sometimes the scope and limitations only hinder us, forcing to be afraid of abrupt changes and decisive actions. In this article, you will learn about the launch of the baton in "space", a one-armed violinist and the boy who gave a necklace out of macaroni Meghan Markle, perhaps they will make you forget the phrase "it's impossible" and finally do what you so wanted.

If you are prone to sarcasm, others may perceive you as negative mood, rather rigid and intolerant. This type of irony often hurts relationships with others and leads to conflict. But at the same time sarcastic-minded people usually cope better with creative tasks and have a clear mind. Sense of humor is one of the most attractive features. And charm the people who can make fun of themselves, do nothing compares. Especially for those who are not afraid to get under a sharp sword of irony, we have prepared a selection of images and tweets.

Today on the agenda is the digital generation, people born in the period from 2000 (in some versions — from 1996) for 2014. These kids will soon shift us from a dominant position in the world, and all of society will fully obey their rules. The rules of people who were born after the September 11 tragedy, the invention of the iPod, the premiere of "the Matrix", and some even after the launch of Facebook. And then came the time when our generation wants to know... For whom we lived and fought? In whose hands will get us erected the building?

New relationships can cure us from a painful breakup or loneliness. Psychologists believe that this is misleading, but to start with meeting someone you only need reasonable: after a while and knowing for sure that you are ready for a new Chapter. By the way, it is believed that women suffer heavier pain of separation, but returns to its normal state faster than men, letting go of the situation. But the second may suffer not so hard, but sometimes their feelings last for long periods and require more time to Mature for a new relationship.

Every day drivers call for help on the forums to find the answer to their question. For example, why out of the glove box blows cold air when the car is warmed up? Motorists with experience share their knowledge and reveal some tricks that help solve the problems associated with the operation of the car, and explain what actions need to be taken in emergency situations in transit. In this article you will find useful tricks, and in the end you will find interesting bonus, knowing that you will be able to protect themselves from robbers on the road.

Carlos Castaneda, of course, has a mixed reputation because of his love for astral travel. But when it comes to earthly things, he shows himself a good psychologist. He coined the term "inner dialogue" in the value of the tool for the perception of the world picture. But any self-talk is dangerous: fascinated, people make sure that they perceive the world is fixed and final. In his book "Wheel of Time" Castaneda writes: "We are constantly talking to ourselves about our world. In fact we maintain our world with our internal dialogue". As a result, we are building an illusory world in which our subjective perception of reality is too flirt. We expect reality one, and getting another, which makes me very surprised. So it's important to stop talking with...