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Nikon D3400 is the youngest camera in the current line of the mirror devices Nikon. This is the best option for the novice photographer who not really knows what he wants and does not want to overspend. What is the youngest a camera, does not mean that the image quality is inferior to a “professional” brethren. Just the loss in picture quality no no, your ... Read more Nikon D3400 →

This article posted on the publicity, all the review says may not coincide with ideas of editorial. Classic portrait lenses — very conservative accessories professional photographers. Specifically designed for close up shooting, are they different fixed focal length lens, zero distortion and shallow depth of field. Optics professional lenses of this group makes it possible to obtain a soft-focused image. It's important ... continue Reading the market Review portrait lenses 2016 (ads) →

I got curious action camera from Chinese phone manufacture Elephone. I've always wanted to try this type of shooting, but the prices for GoPro bite, especially lately. The camera itself is a standard format connector under microSD, and charging via microUSB. Powered by a removable battery 1050mAh. This battery lasts less than an hour of continuous operation, and it does not ... to Read further Elephone ELE Explorer action camera →

This crisis a boon for photographers. The first version of this tablet Mipad still not lost its relevance. This new version is a bit more elegant, retaining all the best qualities of its predecessor. To choose a tablet with a good display is not easy, but to find a cheap tablet with a good display, a very difficult task. Mipad 2 – save for photographers in our difficult times. I'm trying ... to Read further Tablet Xiaomi Mipad 2 →

This article is posted on the publicity, all the review says may not coincide with ideas of editorial. Sony has once again updated collection of high-tech cameras, presenting the world model HD camera with advanced optics G Lens and intelligent focus. The latest novelties are produced with unique designs matrix Sony Exmor R and a optical ... Read more Handycam® CX625 with Exmor R® CMOS HDR-CX625 (ads) →

The Flagship model Samsung large screen crushing competitors on all parameters, but we'd like to see on this device from the point of view of famouspornstar. The display Screen is an impressive 5.7" with a resolution of 1440×2560 and competes with such monsters as Huawei Nexus 6P and Sony Z5 Premium. Now phone manufacturers for some reason gave the race screen, as once it was ... to Read further Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ →

6P Nexus – of-a-kind iconic device that Google ordered its flagship smartphone from the Chinese company Huawei, which is a recognition of quality. We already wrote, but we don't believe in. As usual in devices of Google, everything is done at the highest level. In phones with larger screens I am primarily interested in the screen and camera. the Nexus 6P →

Flagship device from Sony in the traditionally strict design, rainproof, and with all possible bells and whistles. I on modern smartphones look from the point of view of replacing their cameras. For my taste, there is no reason to buy a compact camera with a tiny sensor, it is better to take a normal phone, which will be a whole bunch as a bonus. Serious photography serious cameras leave. ... Continue reading Sony Z5 Premium →

FujiFilm X-T10 – mirrorless compact camera with interchangeable lenses, SLR sensor and metal body. The first thing that is traditionally evident in cameras Fuji – the highest build quality and abundance of metal. X-T10 is no exception, such a device and just hold in your hands is a pleasure. Especially pleased with separate wheels for shutter speed and exposure compensation. Fujifilm X-T10 ... to Read further Camera Fujifilm X-T10 →

It has become a tradition to release recommendations before the New Year. So we present to you another rekdomendatsii for Nikon for 2016. Please take into consideration that all recommended models that will be featured below, is our subjective opinion that we in no way want anyone to impose. All rates current at the end of 2015. We recommend only the ... to Read further What to buy the photographer. Recommendations for 2016. →

Nikon D7200 is the most senior representative of the line DX camera Nikon. D7200 is not too different from its successful predecessors D7100 and D7000 that well. one Of the notable innovations can only find Wi-Fi and NFC, which is sorely missed. In all other respects it is the same good-quality camera with the maximum functionality. Some mistakenly believe that the image quality has something to do with the cost, but this is very misleading. The picture will be the same as the D3300 or D5500. The difference will be only at the convenience of management and the number of programmable buttons. Here it is worth noting that the touch display is only D5500, D7200 not. In addition, D7200 even the screen is not rotated. Nikon also modified the sensor and ISO...

Theme store photo archives at home, we have already raised in another section about storage, and there are not too many options, as alternatives to stationary storage small, especially in terms of reliability and availability. But among portable storage have to choose from, especially if it is important that your portfolio always with you. Abstracting from the appearance of flash drives, I looked at them from the point of view of consumer qualities. For example, Sandisk products, try to understand that you can choose not to spend too much money and still get what you want. Wide range of I highlighted the most interesting options for the travelling photographer. SANDISK DUAL DRIVE USB TYPE-C the interesting double-Stick connector, enabling you to stick it in...