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MicrosoftPortal.NET – Novosti Windows 10 Mobile Windows 10, office 2016

MicrosoftPortal.NET – Novosti Windows 10 Mobile Windows 10, office 2016

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In July, Microsoft announced that it would add a dark mode in OneDrive for Web, but it was unclear exactly when this feature will be available to users. This week the company announced that it would begin deploying a dark mode in early January 2021. Click on the image for the demonstration let me Remind you, Microsoft began testing dark mode in the Android app last year, and in February 2020 made it publicly available. Now the company plans to release this feature for all Internet users (personal and commercial) in the next month. This step will cause the web application OneDrive in accordance with its apps for iOS/Android and various other platforms.

Microsoft announced the function of the "Dormant" tab for Microsoft Edge Beta Build 88. Microsoft claims this feature helps to ensure that the Edge browser world-class performance. Users also need to see the best speed and responsiveness. To be more precise, the memory usage can be reduced on average by 32%. The battery life also increases as the tab is in sleep mode uses an average of 37% less CPU resources than the tab without sleep. Here are some other updates: • Added the possibility to translate tabs into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity; • Group policy to control the sleeping tabs (it administrators); • Improved visual processing, to clearly show which tabs are sleeping, without distracting you from your current task; to Find out more here .

Microsoft, it seems, is experimenting with a couple new features in assemblies, Edge Canary. One of these features helps users making calls on Skype using the button "Meet now" on the new tab page of your browser. the New ability, it seems, is only available to certain users Edge Canary, it is displayed just below the search bar. By clicking the button, users reach a page where they can start a meeting via Skype, with a unique link that they can share with those they want to invite to the videoconference. in addition, Edge Canary shows recommended search queries under the search bar of the new tab page. And click on "Meet now", this improvement is only available to some users Edge. There is also the option to disable these recommendations, if you don't want...

Insiders Office received another build for Windows (Build 13205.20000). Excel Known fixes • fixed problem where if the user entered the name of the formula, including parentheses, and caused the help using F1, the help topic specific to this formula was not displayed; • fixed a problem where links to macros on the buttons did not work after restoring the file, in older versions of Excel; Word Known fixes • fixed problem that where the icon image of the marker was incorrect; Outlook Known fixes • fixed a problem where the page of the collection continued to be displayed after the user switched tabs from the page Assembly to the page scheduling assistant; to Find out more here .

Microsoft will release the Xbox Series X in November 2020. The company had previously confirmed the release date of the Xbox Series X with the phrase "Holiday 2020", but now we at least know the month. Microsoft has not indicated a specific date, but Tom Warren had heard that the first week of November may be the period of the release of the Xbox Series X. it Should be noted that Microsoft may delay the release of the console on the second part of November due to various circumstances. it is Also worth mentioning that the company has postponed the release of Halo Infinite until 2021. Originally Microsoft wanted to release the Xbox Series Halo X and Infinite at the same time. the Lack of Halo Infinite means that the Xbox Series X will be left without a...

Resource Windows Latest noticed this change in Windows 10 build Build 19041.423. In this version of Windows 10 device Manager can no longer look for driver updates on the Internet, that is, the application can update only those drivers which are already installed or downloaded. to download the updated driver from Microsoft, go to Settings> Update and security> Windows update> View updates> Update drivers. to Find out more here .

Microsoft will no longer use the phrase "Xbox 20/20". Here's the updated info from the blog: editor's note on 8/7/2020 – Xbox has a huge year ahead of us, as described below. After rethinking our programs for the remainder of the year, we decided to stop using the phrase "Xbox 20/20", because it meant that we will publish information in one form only, through a special monthly show. We have something to share: news about the Xbox Series X, new games such as Halo: Infinite, and the cloud-based Xbox games via Game Pass. We will share this news in different ways. Sometimes it can be a special show videos on YouTube to cooperate with each other or sharing the latest news via Xbox Wire. We want to stay flexible in how we communicate with you. to Find out more...

The packaging of the new Xbox controller has confirmed the existence of console Xbox Series S. User under the nickname "Zak S" showed that the controller is the next generation contains a list of all the compatible platforms on which it can be used: Xbox Series X, Series S Xbox, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android and iOS. the User can connect the controller to your Xbox One console. This is not surprising, given the desire of Microsoft to make a new controller universal for all Xbox gamers. Zach has published numerous images of the Xbox controller S Series/X Series Xbox, including one of the controllers next to the Xbox One controller.

Jeff Teper, corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365, I posted some photos Surface Duo. In one of the photos you can see that the OneDrive app is already optimized to work with two screens Surface Duo. As you can see from the image below, you can view the photos on one screen and work in full screen mode on the other. and use the dual screen OneDrive to look for the best photo my daughter took ("try to get the Surface and the Teams shoes") — Jeff Teper (@jeffteper) August 6, 2020 let me Remind you that Microsoft should release a Surface Duo in the last week of August.

Microsoft has released a list of changes to the Assembly Microsoft Edge Insider Dev Build 86.0.594.1. Microsoft is pleased to announce that the collection is now available for mobile users in addition the Dev channel! Cm. for more information. As for everything new and noteworthy in the product: Added features: • Added the ability to install from the Google web store; • Added a flag that allows the Backspace key to navigate web page back (or forward, in combination with Shift). This flag is currently disabled by default and must be manually enabled; • Added option in settings to disable the suggestions from your history and favorites under address...

Insiders Office received another build for Mac (Build 20073000). PowerPoint Record handwriting during the recording of your presentation Now you can record handwriting during the recording of the presentation and play it back after. This feature was requested by many users, and Microsoft will be happy to make it available to you. Using the records of the handwriting you can specify a particular area of the slide and add additional annotations that can be played. to Find out more here .

Users can enable the updated start menu in Windows 10, 2004. Here is the checklist: 1. Install the update KB4568831 (you can get it through Windows update). 2. Open Notepad. 3. Insert the following text: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FeatureManagement\Overrides\0\2093230218] "EnabledState"=dword:00000002 "EnabledStateOptions"=dword:00000000 4. Save the file as "Start Menu.reg". 5. Run the file. 6. Then restart the PC. After that you should have updated the start menu. to Find out more here .

Vision Project xCloud, cloud Microsoft, is to give you the opportunity to play the games you want, with the people with whom you want, anywhere. Since the launch of the public preview for North America, Europe and South Korea you have shared stories about the unique ways of games in the cloud, providing invaluable feedback which helped the company to improve the experience. the Cloud-based games as part of Xbox Game Pass — this is the next important step in permanent vision you to be in the center of the experience, to give you benefit more from your games and membership, and to eliminate barriers for the game. Last month, Microsoft announced its commitment to users and announced that the cloud-based game based on xCloud Project will be part of the Xbox...

Microsoft released PowerToys 0.20.0. Here is the full list of changes in this release: • added color selection Martin Krsana! Using the shortcut keys Win + Shift+C will get color from your screen; • File Explorer – Now you can display SVG icons by Chris Davis; • FancyZones – Now you can bind to any number of zones in FancyZones, hold down Shift + Ctrl when dragging Windows. • PT Run – Improve communication with the keyboard; • PT Run – Recently installed apps are now detected; • PT Run a Lot of performance and bug fixes; • Manager keyboard shortcuts at the application level; o Example: For Outlook to remap Ctrl + F to F4, now Ctrl + F will open the search box :); • the keyboard Manager – you can Now remap a key on the shortcut key and the shortcut key...

Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 19041.423. Here is the list of fixes: • fixed problem that prevented use of sharing in Microsoft Office. This happens when an enabled conditional access; • fixed problem that occurred when a third-party app to download the hidden tabs in the Internet Options; • fixed a problem in Microsoft IE Edge mode, which occurred when multiple documents are opened from a SharePoint site; • fixed a problem in Microsoft IE Edge mode, which appeared when viewed with anchor links; • fixed problem with insert mixed content of images and text from Microsoft Word into Internet Explorer; • fixed problem that which Microsoft browsers would incorrectly bypass the proxy server; • fixed problem in Windows Push Notification services (WNS), which...