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Love is not just evil, deaf, blind... Have such high feelings and other shortcomings. For example, to ignore the obstacles, which to this mortal body there are many bruises. So let's look at the options to please the guy who has a girlfriend, and maintain a sense of dignity.

Our foremother eve have entered the trend at the forbidden fruit. Since only women are not excelled in search of something unavailable. Someone addresses the need for ill — sly absorbing the chocolate, someone falls into a magical extremes. And even the boldest began to wear clothes, which makes the figure ugly. But number one on the list of the sweetest taboos for centuries remained a married man.

First, you need to throw away the stereotypes of "men get turned mini dress with sweetheart neckline and languid look" and see the actual object. What you're going to have. Just note that the mini and the neckline can be in the Arsenal, but, unfortunately, there are no clear rules on "how to get a man". Everything is very individual, but there are a number of directions to be followed. Let's talk about them.

Men, as a rule, as resistant to marriage as women aspire to. If for the ladies the family is, above all, a sense of stability, reliability and faith in the future, for a strong half is bonds and fetters, which may hamper his freedom. every girl, even if the relationship last just nothing in my head to always have a plan official "ring". So they are arranged, female. Each partner they consider as a potential husband, and the greater this confidence, the stronger her feelings to the beloved.

So, you're married. Behind were the pre-preparation and the turmoil, the joyful feast and honeymoon. Now it's time a joint life, where the need to build relationships with loved ones in a new status — husband and wife. the Most important thing in any family is harmony. Without it it is impossible to build a strong family and happy marriage. It is important to understand that before you get married, each of the newly minted spouses lived their lives. Respectively, used to certain of its rules and has habits that may not like the partner.

Misunderstanding, different views on life, intellect, humor, Yes, anything can become a cause of quarrels, and sometimes separation. Today, we will tell you about how to build relationships and how to prevent discord in the relationship. How to improve relations with her husband Here are a few tips that will help to maintain smooth relations with her husband for a long period of time:

Since ancient times, man was a forager and hunter. The woman was given modest role of homemaker, order and cleanliness in the house. Now times have changed. The fair sex do not have to sit idly by and wait for their blessed bring for lunch the carcass of a mammoth (or at least a bag of groceries from the supermarket), ladies busy making money as men.

There is Not a single story, which, anyway, did not deal with relations between man and woman. Whether it be war, scientific discovery, a Palace coup or a new revolution of history. How to understand that a man likes you (guy) All the most beautiful and perfect, a great, low-lying, hopeless and peaceful is born from the same starting point: love. While love is born from the everyday emotional message of sympathy.

Many people can not resist and not to indulge in store-bought crackers. And the kids all eat this often furtively chemistry. We'll tell you, how to quickly make croutons in the microwave that will not bring your health harm. the Crackers in the microwave with garlic

Love the delicious crunch of the chips. You can buy them in the store, and can to try to do it yourself. Those who are lazy to go to the store, we will tell you today how to make crisps at home in the microwave for 10 minutes. Potato chips in the microwave

Scrambled eggs is a well – known dish that is perfect for Breakfast. you can Cook it with anything: with vegetables, with bacon, mushrooms, with chicken and even potatoes and olives. We will tell you today, how to make a delicious and hearty scrambled eggs in the microwave.

Not many use the microwave for anything except heating food, and a very good reason, because it's proven over the years device quickly can to cope with dishes that the oven will take tens of minutes. In this article we will talk about baking recipes, which best prove this statement.

Confection called a cupcake, deserve great respect sweet lovers all over the world. He may be baked in round or rectangular shape, special utensils or in a simple circle. In the dough to make it, add nuts, candied fruit, chocolate, which greatly improves the taste characteristics dessert. Today, consider how tender, soft, airy and most importantly quick cake you can cook in the microwave for a few minutes.

Today we talk about cooking wonderful, flavorful and almost no different from the present, kebab in the microwave. the Functions of grilling and convection device can evenly grill the meat to obtain the desired aromatic crust of the product, and using the conventional banks for cooking barbecue in a microwave not to overdry it and saturate the richness of the marinade with a wonderful taste. Below in this article we tell how to cook the kebab in the microwave.

Consumers for cooking oatmeal, make a choice in favor of oatmeal, which represents a highly flattened grain oats, which is better absorbed by the body and require minimal time for preparation. And in order to expedite the process of obtaining useful and delicious meals for Breakfast, suggested ways of cooking oatmeal in the microwave. the Oatmeal in the microwave, you can cook it in milk and water, and to give a wonderful taste to use fruit and berries.