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The Prevalence of Mikrotik equipment is growing every day, more devices, and thus RoS, appears not only in the corporate sector, but also ordinary, home users. unfortunately, in spite of it's normal default settings, which can be done through a Quick Set, on the Internet you can find many tips to clear configuration, and how to do something "special", with "zero". In this article I want to share their experience and give recommendations on how to change the configuration of the Quick Set to fit your needs, while maintaining a sufficient level of security. Read more →

The Entry I know Unity pretty mediocre, as only relatively recently started to study it and write your first draft, so this article is targeted at others like me. I, like probably anyone who has started to write in unity, quickly realized that most banal of the engagement method (using singletons, managers, Find, GetComponent etc.) is not enough to look for new options. here comes into play the system messages/notifications Digging in different articles, I found several different embodiments of this system are: On the basis of the built-in UnityEvents With the use of classic C# pairs of Event/Delegate Another old built-in built-in SendMessage functionality most articles have little to no information on performance of various approaches, their comparison...

The Future belongs to flash storage (SSD): they are able to provide a much higher data transfer rate than traditional hard disk drives (HDD), and be relatively inexpensive. The widespread introduction of SSD can lead to significant changes in the architecture of data centers and computing systems. Servers and storage systems with flash SSDS to solve the most demanding tasks such as searching large databases, online transaction processing, business Analytics, big data and large-scale virtualization. SSD have a chance to significantly push back the HDD in servers and data storage systems become a key component of Hyper-converged systems. By 2020, you may receive a flash drive with a capacity of 40 TB, almost solved the problem of the durability of SSD. Read...

I am a system administrator and I need a small lightweight laptop which will always be at hand. And in the workplace, and when I rest far away. unfortunately, my work Thinkpad x200 too heavy and bulky for continuous wear, but nothing drastic best was not. In General, small laptops recently slid to the imitation of the MacBook Air — something thin, shiny, with a minimum of ports, functionality is sacrificed to style. This laptop is only good to put the huskies on Facebook, but not for work. finding nothing decent, I got to thinking about what would have made the laptop, if it was developed, thinking not about marketing but about the needs of real users. For example, system administrators. Hesitation was typed on a article. Read more →

There are several series of articles about programming for the NES, one of them even translated into Russian language habré. However, none of them go beyond the review of the basic capabilities of the console – the General architecture of the console, the basics of assembler, briefly explains how to display sprites on the screen mentioned something about music and mappers, and the cycle ends. I'll try to continue the story on the withdrawal of the schedule of games for the NES, which end in other tutorials. To understand how to program the animation effects, it is difficult, given the small amount of information about it, both in Russian and in English. But do not worry, because the quality of the documentation you can use the code from the classic games...

May 18, 2018, Digital October will be held on DevConf 2018. And we decided to recount some interesting reports from the conference. There was a report a few holivary the title: "silent About what the instructor: a discussion on the Uber transition from PostgreSQL to MySQL". In this MySQL developer Alexey Kopytov considered the differences between InnoDb and PostgreSQL at the lowest level, including data organization, memory, and replication. We offer to your attention a brief paraphrase of the report. the History Uber has moved from MySQL to Postgres in 2013 and the reasons that they list, was first: PostGIS is a GIS extension to PostgreSQL and HYIP. That is, PostgreSQL has a certain aura of serious, solid DBMS, perfect, without flaws. At least, when...

Not all proxies are equally useful. In the Wake of the news about lock messenger Telegrams became important to raise your SOCKS5 proxy, because a foreign use is not safe — it is unknown who owns the servers, which they used, and what it contains vulnerabilities. Also, public proxies are often very slow because a large number of clients simultaneously "trying" to use it, overloading the server resources. Under the cut instruction for a quick setup private SOCKS5 proxy with authentication for 1 Euro and 10 minutes of your time and the opportunity to continue to expand protected servers with enhanced authentication. Read more →

Article for those who have customers in the EU. I work as a lawyer in the company of ISPsystem and for a couple of months to understand the intricacies of GDPR. In this article, will share his thoughts about it and tell why it is not necessary for any reason to ask the client permission to process personal data. life Hack for 152-FZ To start small, but important digression. Recently, an acquaintance of the trading company asked to see their contract with web Studio. They were going to finalize the store site. The first thing I opened the reference and saw that the guys plan to register for the site owner in Roskomnadzor as a personal data operator. I thought, "are They serious?" And he replied: "unfortunately, Yes." Read more →

You will not see a single line of code. We talk about ordinary people — our users, more on how to let them know if there was some kind of emergency situation. On the basis of article report from the Antonina Khisametdinova Heisenbug 2017 Moscow, which is engaged in designing user interfaces in company Pavlov's Dog. in addition, the Medium has a series of articles "guidelines for design errors." The cycle is not over yet until the end, but gives a more complete and coherent picture on the subject of the article. Read more →

8 years ago, I wrote an article about the acceleration of the distribution of static content, some capacitates she liked and for a long time remained relevant. here we have decided to accelerate that, and so works quickly and, at the same time, to share the experience of what happened in the end. Of course I will talk about rake, about where it is not necessary for HTTP/2, about why we buy is 7.6 Tb NVMe SSD instead of 8x1Tb SATA SSD and a lot of other highly specialized information. Let's just agree that the storage and distribution of content these are 2 different tasks and we will only talk about the distribution of (advanced cache) let's Start with the iron... Read more →

One of our clients, a very large online store that asked us to protect the web application from web attacks. Given the scale of the resource, we started searching for the right approach. As a result, decided to use a combination of positive and negative security model by implementing it using a firewall for web applications (in this case, the WAF was used as the product F5 ASM, but the overall approach is universal for most WAF). Many companies do not like to use the positive model, because very afraid (and often rightly) that the users of the resource may not be available and sales will decline, but still have to spend a lot of time to set these policies. However, without this protection the web resource is not complete. Read more →

Android was almost ten years. , We decided to celebrate this festive tea party with everyone who came to the St. Petersburg office of Yandex on the second meetup of Paranoid Android. No sooner said than done. Unfortunately, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies and jelly beans ended March 28. Instead, the reports recorded on video, and a brief synopsis of useful information for Android developers. Under the cut is about what happens after you click on the application icon; how to translate the app in Kotlin and fit in 300 lines of code; how to change tools in background in Android; how to get animations to RecyclerView. Read more →

While I was driving to work and listening to a new album Dolphin, someone has blocked the IP addresses of Amazon and Google entire subnets. Roskomnadzor called false information about blocking sites that are not related to the Telegram, but leased IP addresses on the same messenger service, and set up a hot line to counteract the spread of such messages. that's Why I don't even know why we had yesterday, and the day to help a few services. Someone hurt quite a bit, and someone had to migrate. If it is very short — we are able to quickly migrate from AWS. We have compatible API. To migrate customers from Google, too. And in the coming weeks we are ready to do the migration for free and give a month to the tests in our cloud without contracts and without...

In this article I want to share my personal experiences associated with the correct organization code (architecture). The correct architecture greatly simplifies long-term support. This is a very philosophical topic, so I can't offer anything more than my subjective analysis and experience. Problems, symptoms My initial experience of the programmer was very serene – I without any problems riveted websites-business cards. Wrote the code as I now called “in line” or “canvas”. On small volumes and simple tasks it was all good. But I changed jobs and had to develop a single website for 4 years. Naturally, the complexity of this code were not comparable with the business cards from my last job. At some point the problems just fell on me – the number of the...

Roughly the same emotions I and my colleagues experienced when starting to work with Docker. The vast majority of cases this occurred from lack of understanding of the basic mechanisms, so his behavior seemed unpredictable. Now calmed down and a flash of hate occur less and weaker. Moreover, gradually we practice to appreciate his dignity and he starts... we like to reduce the degree of initial rejection and to achieve maximum effect from the use of, you need to peek into the kitchen of a Docker and a good look around. Read more →