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Someone else's code is not always clear. A few hours spent on solving problems that can be corrected in a couple of minutes. In this article we consider tips on how to write clear code that is easy to maintain. Please note that this is not a guide to writing "clean code". This term is understood as different things. Some people like the easily expandable, and shared code, some prefer to abstract the implementation and only work with configs, and some just love subjectively beautiful code. This guide focuses on readability, that is the most effective transfer of necessary information to other programmers. Read more →

Before Docker was cool, the youth, the thing in itself. And then Docker has ceased to be interesting: it just is, he is all and in all. It all microservices, Kubernetes, devops anything. However, people are dragging the containers in his mouth where no hitting. They often don't even know what there is inside. now What is interesting DevOps engineers? A team of superheroes — the program Committee of the conference DevOops — caught in a devil's trap in Hangouts for an hour and answered questions. (Who are these people — written in detail by reference). Under the cat — interviews, colorized with crayons. Each expert — your color is: Read more →

Long lost count how many conspiracy theories we read while we were separated from Victims Habra, shuffling hubs, combined back and moved in .com-zone. The observer from such castling can indeed seem strange. We do not hide the fact that one of the reasons for the reshuffle was including the desire to protect the Habr from possible legal troubles, but it is even more compelled to doubt some. And the lack of information in turbulent times only breeds speculation about what such a large project as Habr could not be deprived of the attention of government agencies and right holders and what we do to the left and right merge data about each who slapped a careless minus. We have studied foreign experience (Yes, similar to have many large projects), I thought, and...

In fact, it is. But about all under the order. the Statement of the problem Learn Python, solve things on Codewars. Faced with the known problem about the skyscraper and eggs. The only difference is that the source data is not 100 floors and 2 eggs, and a little more. Given: N number of eggs, M their attempts to quit, endless skyscraper. to Determine the maximum floor from which you can throw an egg without breaking. Eggs spherical vacuum and if one of them crashed, falling, for example, the 99th floor, then the others will also withstand a drop from all floors less than a hundred.

Hi, Habr, I'm a student majoring in lasers in info-communication systems and the first time I worked with fiber optics. I was asked to participate in one project related to data transmission over optical fiber and I took an interest in this work. the optical Fiber is fixed is stronger in our lives. This is the Internet, connecting a variety of sensors, laser devices. Also it is used in lighting decoration. Optical lines have several advantages: no problem to ground, high noise immunity, secrecy (no electromagnetic radiation, which can be overheard), ease. the Goal: to create a working prototype Board with a serial port whose signals are transmitted over plastic fiber-optic communication lines. Based on the programmer MBFTDI built on the chip FT2232H. JTAG...

We have a digest in the genre of soups team, let's try to make it. Moreover, the week got a lot of interesting, but quite diverse news. Let's start with the new modification of known attacks such as cold boot, which is the natural freezing of chip RAM. the Original research on scams of this type was published in 2008 (PDF here). Although it is believed that when power is removed the data from RAM instantly disappear, it is not so. Even at room temperature even after removal of the memory module from the motherboard the data is stored in more-or-less intact for a few seconds. If the cooling module, data can be stored even longer to analyze on the same computer, or you can even rearrange the modules in another machine. Cooling to -50 degrees (a simple can of...

About company Lucid Motors habré almost did not write, and it is in vain — this is quite an interesting company, which is called a dangerous rival Tesla Inc. Springs, this "competitor" has not yet released any electric car, although there are working prototypes, they are tested on public roads. But in the sale there is not a single model. Commercial activity Lucid Motors is going to begin in 2020. And the company consistently receives investments from various companies and individuals. the other day it became known that Lucid Motors were able to get about $1 billion from investors from Saudi Arabia, namely the sovereign Fund of that country (which, by the way, at one time was negotiating Elon Musk). It is worth noting that it was founded in 2007, so is not...

Hello! My name is Dima Voronin, I architect the mobile applications in Avito, engaged in the testing framework, CI. 27 September on our YouTube channel, we will hold a live broadcast and discuss continuous integration and continuous delivery to iOS and Android. Broadcasting straight from our office. Let's talk about the basics: why you need a CI/CD and how to configure them, touch UI testing and feature toggling, and more — deeper and more interesting. Do not know where they will lead the conversation. The discussion will involve experts from Yandex, Alfa-Bank and Avito. below is an example of issues we plan to discuss (and invite you to add to the list), passwords, and turnout for those who want to join the broadcast. Add a post to bookmark: after the...

This is a very long the following three pieces from the cycle "where's my money, dude" in which we will talk about the importance of registration page on Steam, the community and the importance of regional restrictions. Look at the distributors and the market for 3d party distribution, alternative open platforms, Bindlach, funds and best practices of crowdfunding in 2018. Finally, look at what is important to painless localization of games and how much it costs. in Addition to the funny gifs again we will take other people's money to build grandiose plans of world conquest. Read more →

On Sunday, the project leader of the Linux kernel made a statement that will have long-term consequences for the entire open source community. As usual, he did not go through social networks and to make loud statements to the press. The letter contains comments to version 4.19-rc4 he apologized for all those incidents when because of the sharp tone in the correspondence could hurt the feelings of younger colleagues. He also spoke about his decision to temporarily retire from the leadership of the project in order to produce an audit of your instrumentation, style and then back after work on the bugs. In the community and around how long was the speech that aggressive tone and a variety of epithets that regularly battered the hapless recipients, turn aside...

In October my project Search VPS 5 years old. In 2013 I presented it to the public, and he was received by users and hosters are extremely positive. In the next year, I actively developed the site and added a variety of functions, but in 2015 the website has not undergone any changes. My opinion almost everything — if something works well, it is better not to touch. The website works quite well, you only need to update the rates, but I always wanted more. So not long ago I decided to make a small offshoot of this project, and the result is a new site for finding virtual servers — a, which today I want to tell. apparently these two sites are very similar, after all it's the search engines and principle of operation they are one and the same. On the...

In our days, the main stumbling block on the path to high speed downloading websites are images. This is especially true for projects in the area of electronic Commerce. Images are usually pretty "heavy", constitute the bulk of the page content. This usually leads to the fact that in order to show the user the page to his browser, you need to load several megabytes of graphics data. How to make pages load faster in this situation? The answer to this question is the subject of the material, the translation of which we are releasing today. Read more →

Again come the autumn. And with it come the grey skies, rainy weather and the autumn Blues. In this weather I want to kindle fire, to sit cross-legged on a chair, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and slowly sipping hot tea, listen to some radio play as a child. Seemed to be with modern development techniques with audition shows, or audiobooks, no problem — we are surrounded by various devices capable of reproducing sound. It's computers, phones, mp3 players. But the problem is that this sound is different from that published old radios, receivers or players. So it is necessary to make a player that will sound "like a child". And look accordingly. to Whom it is interesting, welcome under kat. Read more →

Recently, the safety Telegram (hereafter the telegram) are increasingly amenable to criticism and the question arises: "is it the telegram is well protected?" As with any messenger – the important to its maximum integration with third party services. For example, telegram, first and foremost, working with your phonebook. He sinhroniziruete your numbers with the database and checks for registration in the telegram. Next – telegram offers you free messages and calls with your potential friends. "Comfortable" — what more is there to say? take advantage of this convenience. Read more →

What is interesting to them to decide, does not mean that they need someone "a Group of people brainstorms over a laptop and a sheet of paper", photo by Stephen Stephanou with Unspalsh There are many factors that lead to the creation of bad PO: selection of tools, team communication, personal disinterest of developers in the success of the testing methodology. I think all of this is the main root cause: this is an imaginary problem. Overly complex or not operating ON was not designed like that. It's just designed for something else and not for real tasks. Read more →