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According to the author, Edward Tufte: "This book marks a flight from the plane of the sheet of paper and computer screen." However, such escape can not every. This requires at least three components: the ability to see the beauty of complex data, to be surprised by the simplicity of their artistic expression and the ability to peer into the smallest details of information masterpiece. Despite the fact that contemplation and the details today given too little attention, and are increasingly required "fastfuda" the information for easy consumption, which is the very flat, one-dimensional reality. Professor Tafti offers to simplify the complex and make it beautiful. "This is my tools: writing and typography, processing of large volumes of data and statistical...

"Duel is prohibited on Saturday, Sunday and other days of the week." This article is about some of the nuances of the operation of the sample data. This is quite popular in the information systems operation is reduced in fact to the determination of origin of values (elements), sets. Table-valued function, containing values of the set, called the register of regulations. If you have multiple sets, which the item belongs, the question arises of determining most relevant of them. The evaluation of the relevance of the data sample on the first part. Looking ahead, we note that the main result (long-term observations) is that in a relational relationship, consider the kind of attributes is whether the attribute values of relations specific (the elements) or...

In this article we will look at ways of creating the database search tours (a tour is a set of hotel and flight) and consider two options — ClickHouse and MySQL (engines — InnoDB and MyISAM). what is the complexity of search rounds the Operators (TezTour, TUI, Natalie Tours, etc) sell their tickets is not obvious at first glance, way: Reserved certain number of rooms in hotels on some dates. Redeemed a few planes. Produced a new package of tours, which contains the combination of all possible types of rooms, duration of stay, cities and dates of departure. After that, by such combinations (the number of which can amount to hundreds of millions and even billions) of searches. An example of the search form can be seen at TezTour — user can select only one...

To Imagine a modern business without a website is very difficult. Yes, the phrase is already hackneyed, but it's still good. Today, even private masters and freelancers are trying to create and promote your website. While modern small business often does not have an office or shop outside of the Internet. In General, the question of whether the site rarely occurs. Often have to deal with the question of how to make a website and that it is better to use. Large and often medium businesses such issues are decided by the traditional ( and the most correct for them) way. Turn to the experts that create them a complete website, help to fill it and spin. What do small business, if payment for professional services no? The majority comes to the option – create...

I Recently started working in Unity over babakobau music game Boots-Cut. In the process of prototyping the basic mechanic of the game I found quite difficult to correctly synchronize notes with the music. On the Internet on this topic there were quite a few articles. Therefore, in this article I will try to give the most important clues for the development of the music game (especially in Unity). Read more →

The Author — James long, one of the creators of the Firefox Developer Tools Some people React Conf asked me for advice on how to program better. For some reason people see me as an advanced programmer, the advice is worth listening to. I thought I should record a "mental model" of how I approached programming in all years. Some information: I am 32 years old and 10 years of solid experience. Probably only in the last couple of years I have gained confidence in what you do. But even now, I continue to doubt myself. The fact that this feeling never goes away, so try not to pay attention to him, keep hacks and gain experience. I must say that here are just a few tips to improve their abilities. As a result, you need to figure out what works best for you. It's...

Hello Habr! I want to share the good news. Work on IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 over, and a new version of the IDE you can finally download and try. This update fixes many important bugs and there are improvements for many supported languages, frameworks and integrated tools. Below is a brief overview of the most important changes. Read more →

Introduction let's Start from the end. This is a screenshot with some web maps that visualize the average property price in the secondary market of Saratov and Engels: the Colors on the map can be correlated with the colors on the "legend", color "legend" corresponds to the average cost per square meter of total area in thousands of rubles. the Point on the map corresponds to one offer for sale (secondary market) flats with Avito. All of these points, as seen in "the legend", to plot used 4943. the Map in an interactive form is available on GitHub. now, a little background.. a long time Ago... Read more →

Under the cut you will find longed on the topic of localizations, prepared on the basis of an open lecture by Alexei Medova — senior editor, inlingo has Game Localization Studio. The lecture was held within the framework of our educational program "Management of online gaming projects" in WSBI. What we will discuss in the article? on the types of localization and how to choose the most suitable for you; — how to choose target market and in which countries your game will be the most popular; — the peculiarities of the different countries and what you need to know before you start the localization of its game; — and also about how to organize the process of localization. Read more →

I Can imagine that You never have to install the dependencies and set the configuration manually on your continuous integration server? And you believe that every step of your build can be truly isolated and work exclusively in Docker containers? In the end, I would like you to try tool which is in the top 20 of all open projects written in Golang, and has 9k+ stars on Github? In this article, we would like to tell you about the great Drone CI, which has helped us to simplify and make better our continuous integration. We will share details of the setup Drone CI and show on the example of a small project all the details of the use. If you don't like a lot of reading and just want to try, at the end of the article there are links to Github repository that...

Last week hosted a meeting of the case club of Data Science, where experts Avito said on what business tasks are solved using machine learning. In particular talked about the recommendations, contextual advertising and moderation. Under the cut for more details about the meeting and the video of the reports. Read more →

Who's what, and we are about Commerce. Know why we all are so annoying sale? They are often similar to the flow of ballybane, enchantment of the teeth and imposing. And so they sell everything from software to cars. The salespeople have their own logic, but often she plays against them: deals fall through just because of the irritation of the client. meanwhile, the software has long been in the service of the sales, is able to accompany the transaction and make them almost perfect — clean engineering for the benefit of Commerce. Today we will talk about transactions, stages and automation of the whole story. Will try to sort through. Read more →

When conducting penetration testing, an important stage is the initial collection of information about the objects of audit and their interaction. For this it is necessary to map infrastructure using various tools and utilities, getting odd material for further analysis. Today I will review the Sparta framework, which combines the basic tools to gather and analyse information when conducting penetration testing. Read more →

Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Yurtigo on 19 March passed the warm up round of our championship for sports programming Russian Code Cup 2017. This round does not affect the final results, but allows to get acquainted with the system of the championship and its objectives. Today we want to tell about the results of the round and dismantle its tasks are: A. spacecraft B. Rangers bus C. Magic weapons D. Knights and liars E. Box round created 2789 people, it is two times more than last year. Only one of them was able to solve all five of the suggested problems! Congratulations Mikhail Ipatov. Four people have coped with four of them. The most popular language was C++, GNU 14. It sent 565 of solutions. Second and third place went to Python 3.5 (525...

Hi, Habr! My name is Eugene Guguchkina, I am the developer of Badoo in the "Platform". Our team is working on interesting and necessary tasks. One of them is the development of distributed storage of time series, in which I was directly involved. we Recently completed a large and complex stage, and we wanted to share with you our successes, to tell us why we were doing this challenge and some achieved results. Read more →