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Python applications use a lot of scripts. These are criminals, to put us "pig" — where we least expect to see her. One of the advantages of Python is the ease of use: to run the script, you just need to keep it in .py file and execute python command with this file (for example, python Just as easy to split our file, for example, the modules and continue to connect the modules to use the design...import from: import my_lib from However, this simplicity and ease is the reverse: the simpler you execute code from different locations, the more the attacker opportunities for intervention. Read more →

Paragon Software has published a set of patches with full implementations of NTFS file system by opening the driver code under the GPL. The driver supports operation in read mode and in write mode. According to the developers, this implementation supports all the features of NTFS version 3.1.Now the driver uses a stripped-down implementation of the NTFS journal. But in the future Paragon Software adds support for the full journaling on top of the already built-in to the kernel generic block device JBD, which organized the journaling ext3, ext4, OCFS2. Read more →

Annually via cryptocurrency exchanges are millions of dollars of dubious origin. Often they belong to projects that later disappear with the users. Suffice it to recall the sensational case PlusToken, the founders who was deceived "investors" of three billion dollars. Team members are detained — is a consequence, but the stolen funds still not arrested. Attempts by regulators to get control of the crypto operations is not always effective. The situation has not changed after the entry into force of the Fifth EC Directive on combating money laundering (5AMLD). According to a report by research firm Peckshield for the last two quarters through the largest cryptocurrency exchanges have passed 147,000 BTC ($1.3 billion) received from suspicious addresses. The...

Hello! Want to speculate on the feasibility of using builders for not complex objects. To simplify I will use annotations lombok'a: @Value @Builder Long googling, we find that the builder — Separates the construction of a complex object from its representation so that the result is of the same design process can turn out different ideas. Only for complex objects? let's Consider a simple example: @Value public class Info { @Nullable String uuid; @Nullable String email; @Nullable String phone; } a Pretty simple class. Actually received is immutable object which is initialized through the constructor. But, as we can see, all fields are nullable, and the creation of such objects will look not very nice: final Info info1 = new Info(null, "

About the grants we found out the day of fools April 1, 2020. There was a lot of news propaganda wing with clickbaiting headers on how will help business and people in crisis. In fact, it has been found that will not all businesses and not all people. But I basically monitor all of the support packages, and I'm frankly infuriated by the inconsistency of the contents of the headers. In our office the last working day was March 13, and we still have another remote with the exception of the engineers of data centers. Any hope on getting real support was not. We've learned that the government usually only creates problems. Read more →

The Entry Competition in machine learning as platforms on which they are held, there are many and for all tastes. But not so often the theme of the contest is a human language and its processing, even less of such competition is associated with the Russian language. I recently took part in the competition for machine translation from Chinese to Russian, held on the platform of the ML the Boot Camp from Not having a lot of experience in competitive programming, and conducted, thanks to the quarantine, all the may holidays at home, managed to take first place. About it and about the languages and the substitution of one task to another I will try to explain in the article. Read more →

Scientists from Pittsburgh undertook a study on the use of unmanned vehicles for people with disabilities. Go straight to the results: the effect of this interaction will be very positive. When I worked in the team dealing with a car from Google (now this company is called Waymo), I insisted that we begin with services for people with disabilities. We have not created this service, although the first big public demonstration of the prototype from Google enabled local defender of the rights of blind people to perform some of their daily tasks. Steve Mahan, speaking as a passenger, said that the opportunity to get out into the world on the car for the first time since he lost his sight, gave him a sense of freedom. Later, Mahan took part in the project again...

We live in an era of ever-growing content consumption. The more information is available in our visible surroundings, the less our ability to focus. In our days we can be witnesses to the unspoken battle of the 21st century: the Battle For Our Attention. Brands, new products, online media — all they want us to get noticed. And the less common ground we give them, the more we can pay attention to the really important stuff. "Consume, Morty." — A fragment from the show Rick and Morty (Season 4 Episode 6) In this article we will focus on the impact of social. networks on our ability to be productive and how this influence to defend. Step 1: Adoption At some point I realized that among the paintings of the notifications on my smartphone from a variety of...

An Important component of protection against unauthorized access Every reasonable person has something to hide. This is normal. No one wants leaked his private keys to access the repository, important code or personal pictures in a reindeer sweater. So, I've thought about it and decided to gather in one place a standardized check-list for the comprehensive protection of your laptop. I deliberately cut stationary PC because they are less susceptible to threats of the "accidentally left in a bar". With 6 pounds of hard drives, heat pipes and tower cooler to make it much more difficult. I'll try to go through the main threats and methods of protection. For example, people often forget that to enter the password under the camera is a bad idea. I would be very...

Introduction As often happens, the database architect needs to develop a database for the specific solution. One Friday evening, returning on the train home from work, I thought, how would I have created a service for the recruitment in different companies. After all, none of the existing services makes it difficult to understand how suitable you candidate, you cannot create complex filters it is for specific skills, projects, and positions or exclude certain skills, positions and projects. The maximum that offer services are the filters by companies and partially by skill. In this article, I will allow myself to slightly dilute the strict technical presentation of the material, stir technical information non-technical real-life examples. In this example...

My name is Rostislav Salad, I work in the eSports organization for almost three years. Joined the company for the position of user experience designer, has grown to the UX lead, and are currently the grocery Manager. grocery Task Manager and approach to work we are very different from the responsibilities of product managers in other companies. This means that your company's ideas about the functionals and the set of skills for product Manager and designer may vary. For example, in some companies, the product Manager designs the interfaces, and we – no. the reason I raised this topic? We spent a lot of interviews with product designers. Based on my experience and the experience of colleagues, I can safely say that the question of the terms of reference asks...

RFC exists since 1969 — it was introduced during the discussion of the ARPANET. Then the engineer, Steve Crocker wrote RFC 1, on the software host. Since then it has been more than 50 years, but the Request for Comments is still in Vogue — published ~9 thousand documents on the network protocols, models of data storage and encryption algorithms. this diversity meet RFC that have no practical application. Wrote them mostly for fun. Today we will talk about some of the finds from this area. Read more →

When the Tesla crashed into the store she worked in manual control mode. Most accidents occur on city streets, not highway where you use the autopilot. the Researchers attending the annual summit of the Automated Vehicle Summit, demanded that Tesla has established a state monitoring system for driver based on cameras. the autopilot in the Tesla is equipped with an additional system, ensure that the driver monitors the road. If you keep your hands on the wheel and occasionally applied to it the force in the steering wheel will trigger a special sensor. If the system will notice that the driver removed his hands from the steering wheel, it will begin to issue warnings: first on screen, then hear the audible signals and if the driver does not react, the car...

Continue the publication of judgments to the practice of cars from the site HackTheBox. this article exploited someone's backdoor, get a shell via Luvit and tinkering with SSH to LPE. the Connection to the lab is via a VPN. It is recommended not to connect from your work computer or from the host, where there are important data, as You find yourself in a private network with people, which is something I'll do in the field of information security. Organizational information So you can know about new articles, software and other information, I created a channel in the Telegram and team to discuss any issues in the field of Iicb. Also your personal requests, questions, suggestions and recommendations will consider personally and I will answer all. Read more →

Do you Use data structures and algorithms in their daily work? I noticed that more and more people consider the algorithms for something like that, than, without much connection with reality, tech companies, just on a whim, interested in on interviews. Many complain that the task on algorithms — it is something from the realm of theory, with little relation to the present work. This view of things, definitely, spread after Max Howell, the author of the Homebrew, posted a tweet about what happened to him during the interview in Google: Google: 90% of our engineers use the program you wrote (Homebrew), but you can't invert a binary tree on the Board, so good — bye. Though I have never had the need to invert a binary tree, I came across examples of real use of...