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In this article I will discuss how we are faced with typical problems when creating an interactive map, and most importantly — give you links to the normal maps of subjects of the Russian Federation. Our task. To create an interactive map that when you hover over a region triggered event handler, and outputs the selected data by region (e.g., its name). At first glance it seems very simple, but later in the article I talk about how we spent more than 3 days of catching, and most importantly, the definition of bugs. Read more →

Try to visualize the data on advertising campaigns, which are stored in the DataFrame. This: DataFrame that stores statistics on advertising campaigns on the following parameters: CampaignName Date Impressions Clicks Ctr Cost AvgCpc BounceRate AvgPageviews ConversionRate CostPerConversion Conversions to Import everything you need: import seaborn as sns from pandas import Series,DataFrame Read our DataFrame from csv f=DataFrame.from_csv("cashe.csv",header=0,sep=",index_col=0,parse_dates=True) Read more →

Big data (big data) has created new possibilities for post-capitalist future. But in order to use them, our democracy needs to grow up. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the question of economic planning seemed to have been solved once and for all. In the struggle of market and plan, the market won a decisive victory. Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the verdict is no longer so clear. Worldwide there are growing academic and political debates about economic planning From the translator: technology is changing life, even some previously unshakeable, economy can fall. Your attention — a brief note on why economic planning back in the news. the Average read time: 5 minutes Read more →

The Manager of the company-developer of billing there are two ways of building a team. First – to get ready "seniors" and to continuously create such conditions of work to use the skills and experience to the maximum, evolved and thus are not at loggerheads. The second is to create a team from a mix of beginners, "foreign ministries" and pros to communicate, influence each other, learn and grow within the company. I am against the vicious circle a La the "no experience – no job – no experience" and don't see the problem in hiring novice pipeline. At Forward Telecom long-acting internship program, which became a career springboard for many working employees. let me tell you how I see the development path of the developer is billing and in what sequence you...

Hi, Habr! I represent to your attention translation of the article "You don't have nothing to hide" Sharon Flitman. I Think privacy in the 21st century is becoming more and more blurred concept. In the not so distant past, only a few of my friends knew where I was at any point in time. Only a few knew what I buy, where to go after work like to spend your weekend. Today, thanks to technological "achievements", you need to make considerable efforts to keep this information confidential. Even if you do not actively use social networks, cookies, GPS, and voice recognition systems make sure every step is tracked, calculated and generally available. Read more →

Abstract the Book is narrated by an algorithm of the development process from concept to implementation using techniques of agile. The process is decomposed in steps and each step specifies the methods for the process step. The author points out that most of the methods are not original, without claiming originality. But nice writing style and some of the integrity of the process make the book very useful. the Key technique of user stories is the structuring of ideas and performances during the passage of the process by the user. to explain the application process can be different. You can build steps with the achievement of key values, and you can just take and present working day user as it is using the system. The author focuses on what processes need to...

In this article, think about collision in the hash function, and solve the second task from the site Organizational information Specifically for those who want to learn something new and develop in any of the fields of information and computer security, I'll write and tell you about the following categories: PWN; cryptography (Crypto); network technology (Network); reverse (Reverse Engineering); steganography (Stegano); the search and exploitation of WEB vulnerabilities. in Addition to this I will share my experience in computer forensics, analysis malware and firmware, attacks on wireless networks and wireless local area network, conducting pentelow and writing exploits. Read more →

We had a service in golang, kafka separate topic, clickhouse, networks-ci and falling pipeline, foul ssh key and all that, and still the holiday season, terrible downpours in the city, a broken laptop, alerts at night, and burning cont. Not that it's needed for this article, but time will show the typical everyday life of a tester, go to their intention to end. The only thing that bothered me is p0. There is nothing more desperate, gloomy and depressed than the tester who missed it on the prod. But I knew that soon enough I will experience. Read more →

On the nose in 2020 and today we already have the 9.0 version of the Android Pie, where Google beats his chest and says that their product is protected. But the villains are not asleep, and create malware for Android. randomly I caught the hand obfuscated apk file, which is a Bank malware called "Cerberus", and he appeared in 2019. APK file this botnet came to me with invalid address the server connection in this part of the logic and functionality was left unexplored, as this botnet uses the "modular" system, and loads the functionality directly from their servers. Read more →

— You didn't tell him? — what could I say?! – clasped hands of Tatiana, sincerely indignant. – Like I know something about your stupid quest! — Why stupid? – Sergey, not less sincerely surprised. — Because we're never going to find a new it Director! Tatiana, as usual, began to redden with indignation. You got promotion and softened all the candidates! — And this is why you care? — I personnel Director, that's why! — Wait... I got it! – Sergei smiled like a child. – You have the prize lit, right? Similarly, soon after the end of the year, the KPI will be considered, and you have one of the key positions is vacant – CIO. Tatiana, obviously feeling a mixture of at least two of the senses, perform some calming exercise – deep breath, hold your air in your...

Maurice Herlihy — winner of two awards Dijkstra. First — for his work on "Wait-Free Synchronization" (Brown University) and the second, more recent, — "Transactional Memory: Architectural Support for Lock-Free Data Structures" (Virginia Tech University). The Dijkstra prize is given for the work, significance and impact of which was visible for not less than ten years and, obviously, Maurice is one of the most renowned experts in the field. At the moment he works as a Professor at Brown University and has many achievements in a whole paragraph in length. Now he is engaged in research of the blockchain in the context of classical distributed computing. Earlier Maurice had already arrived in Russia on SPTCC (movies) and made a great meeting of the community of...

All the steps in this article is made for informational purposes only. All the characters of a work are fictitious, any similarity to real people is accidental. Introduction All started with the fact that I read these articles about the Megaphone. As a Megaphone slept on your subscriptions "Mobile content" for free, without SMS and registration. Details of the fraud from a Megaphone I have been a subscriber of this company for 12 years, I never personally caught these jokes and I read brought me to that state that I decided to change operator. Read more

Many modern players in online video games perceive the connection as a matter of course — and the truth is, online services are a standard feature of consoles for almost fifteen years1. However, when the penetration of the Internet became widespread, there were cartridges that allowed players to use cutting-edge technologies and look to the future. This article we close the series of posts about unusual cartridges. In it we look at some of the cartridges, providing connectivity to isolated from the world of consoles. As usual, this is not an exhaustive list of all existing technologies, and a brief overview of the most notable or interesting devices. the Previous articles in the series: "the Story of three cartridges", "System inside the cartridges: how...

Approx. transl.: Following the recent publication of material on the methods pull and push in GitOps we have seen interest in the model as a whole, however, Russian-language publications on this topic were very few (habré they simply do not). Therefore, we are glad to offer you the translation of another article — albeit almost a year ago! — from the company Weaveworks, the head of which coined the term "GitOps". The text explains the essence of the approach and key differences from the existing ones. a Year ago, we published an introduction to GitOps. Then we talked as a team Weaveworks launched a SaaS that is entirely based on Kubernetes, and developed a set of prescriptive best practices for deployment, management and monitoring in the environment of...

Hi! With you again Nikita — systems engineer from the company Amgi. And with this article I continue the story about how we came up with a solution to bypass Chinese Firewall for of our service In the previous part I said: what problems emerge after a decision is made "We need to make our service work in China" what problems does the Chinese Internet why you need a ICP license how and why we decided to test our test benches with Catchpoint what result gave our first solution based on the Cloudflare China Network we found a bug in the Cloudflare DNS This part is the most interesting, in my account, because it focused on specific technical implementations stageshow. And we begin, or rather continue, with Alibaba Cloud. Read more →