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The Chinese always respond to fresh trends. Therefore, the most fashionable clothes of the season are already available on AliExpress at very competitive prices. By the way, March 28, the online marketplace celebrates its birthday and for this occasion promises incredible discounts.

Happens to you is that you used a smartphone and with the exception of just a couple of things, he was good, and then a new model comes out, which takes into account all your wishes? It looks like the manufacturer read your thoughts. About the feeling was of the editorial Board of Lifehacker when the review came Highscreen Power Ice Max.

Many argue that nootropic agents, i.e. substances that stimulate brain activity, pharmacological pacifiers, and their effectiveness is not backed by anything. However, there are many natural nootropics, a positive impact has been proven by scientific research.

Publishing Entrepreneur made a selection of films from which you can learn a lot about business strategies, techniques of sales and negotiation, leadership and innovative approaches to solving problems. And it's just fascinating stories that will give you inspiration and faith in their own strength.

On the 89 th ceremony of awarding the prize "Oscar" there was an unexpected incident: the award went to not "La-La Lendu", which was considered the recognized favorite, and the gay drama "Moonlight." On this occasion, Lifehacker made a selection of the films which received the "Oscar", when nobody did not expect.

That man is a social animal, said Aristotle. Psychologists this property is considered responsible for the success of our species. However, a continuing need in society there is a negative side: the isolation and loneliness cause us harm. Geneticist Steve Cole told of how the loneliness harms the body.

The German language ranks third in popularity on the Internet, but resources for study are not very many. Therefore, many students are turning to special educational YouTube channels that provide free lessons and even whole language courses.

To travel, no need to be a millionaire. Together with Tinkoff ALL Airlines, we have collected several options for interesting and cheap holidays from Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union to Africa and America. the Cost of tickets is calculated for two adults, flying from Moscow and back in economy class. Prices are valid at date of publication. At the end of the article — a bonus for readers.

Rubber bands-espandery is a remarkable invention that can provide a full load on all muscle groups. Of course, with this tape you will not get a mountain of muscles, but it is quite suitable for the complexity of functional bodyweight training. In this article we will show you 22 exercises with resistance bands, which is enough for several different workouts.

In an article for Esquire magazine in 1935, Ernest Hemingway included a list of 17 favorite books. They liked him for the opportunity to read each of them again for the first time, he was ready to abandon the annual income of one million dollars. And you read your favorite books by Hemingway.

Once the Entrepreneur to monitor the media. But to maintain a successful business, you need to follow the latest developments in the industry. Fortunately, business publications are aware of this and send out to the readers only the main publications in a convenient format digests. If you want to know the important news and business ideas with minimal investment of time, subscribe to these mailings.

PhoneRescue — is a tool for Windows and macOS that will recover accidentally deleted iPhone or iPad data and reanimate your device if it is turned into brick, is in a state of cyclic restarting, or does not exit recovery mode.

Due to diabetes should be on a diet, constantly monitor blood sugar levels, take medications on time and worry, as if the disease is not brought to coma, blindness, or amputation of legs. But with diabetes, you can live actively. The main thing — not to miss the onset of the disease.

Suddenly intrigued by the battles, the person usually quickly lost when you can't find something really (in his opinion) worthwhile, and the interest fades away. Lifehacker will help not to get lost in the most interesting events in the world of martial arts and don't miss the fights, which will probably go down in history.

Every tenth inhabitant of the planet — people with disabilities. With them is sometimes awkward and even scary to speak. We do not understand how to offer help, how not to offend with words. Here's a cheat sheet that will save in such situations.