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The Most coveted sale of the year on AliExpress has already begun and more than six million goods in the "delicious" prices waiting for you. Lifehacker together with cashback service megabonus's shares the most interesting of them and tells how to save money.

Price of a plane ticket — an important factor, but not decisive. You need to choose the airline with which to fly on time, safely and with comfort to reach the point of destination and land safely. As from a variety of options to choose the best — versed Lifehacker.

Twenty years ago, the awkward four-color pen seemed the height of progress. Red, green, black and blue — choose any. Handle Cronzy on the background of your ballpoint ancestor looks just a miracle, because she is able to recognize more than 16 million colors and then play them.

Surely you ever felt that everything around do not understand their work. Quite possibly, the way it is. This is evidenced by the Peter principle, according to which hierarchy everyone tends to rise to the level of their incompetence.

Microsoft released a new version of its operating system. Remembering the bad experience of previous updates, many users will want to defer the update until the time until they are finally caught all the errors. Lifehacker tells how to do it.

Thanks to random events in the past, today we can eat a waffle with the husks to Breakfast cereal and enjoy the crispy chips. Lifehacker and chips Naturals has prepared for you a selection of six delicious meals, snacks and desserts that were invented accidentally.

Our hero is engaged in it development, but was fond of travel and made a sharp turn in his career. Now he dives on the breath and teaches it to others. Kirill Popov in an interview with Lifehacker told about freediving and about how this sport can change lives.

As a rule, the nail-biting appears in childhood, persists for a long time (sometimes for life) and leads not only to cosmetic defects, but also to more serious problems. If you still failed to get rid of this ugly habit, try some proven methods.

Data Transmission through the air has long since turned from futuristic ideas into everyday reality. Slow steps is the development and other technology — wireless charging gadgets. Startup Xvida offers one of the most convenient and innovative solutions — a modular system for charging smartphones at home, in office or car.

Problems with the car — it's a pain, but still a big pain — a visit to the car wash and the showdown with the dealer. To kill half a day to travel in traffic? Try to understand where you are cashing in? No, got a better idea. Lifehacker talks about the Concierge service, the Alfred, which will save. At the end of the material — a promotional code for a good discount.

In the news today — smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A and Vernee Mars Pro, cheap laptops, products for health and beauty as well as useful software and books. Don't miss your opportunity to save money. All prices checked and are valid only for a limited time.

Lifehacker tested a lot of wireless speakers: most of them took out a compact and comfortable use at home or in the office. This time we sent ION Block Rocker Sport — a serious sound system, podkupayusche lasting battery life and power.

Recently, users of the mobile version of Chrome asked to choose search engine. By the way, are you sure that the maximum use of the capabilities of its search engine? Lifehacker and "Yandex" has prepared a useful material that generally is able to search the system.

In today's issue — a nice discount on two new smartphones from the company Ulefone, products for car owners, cheap sports watches, as well as useful software and books. Don't miss your opportunity to save money. All prices checked and are valid only for a limited time.

We are busily neither the hotel nor the restaurant, nor on public transport. But it is not always appropriate to stare at the phone screen or make a selfie. Jeremiah tower in the book of etiquette described the rules of etiquette when using gadgets. These rules he called technicut.