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Once the Entrepreneur to monitor the media. But to maintain a successful business, you need to follow the latest developments in the industry. Fortunately, business publications are aware of this and send out to the readers only the main publications in a convenient format digests. If you want to know the important news and business ideas with minimal investment of time, subscribe to these mailings.

PhoneRescue — is a tool for Windows and macOS that will recover accidentally deleted iPhone or iPad data and reanimate your device if it is turned into brick, is in a state of cyclic restarting, or does not exit recovery mode.

Due to diabetes should be on a diet, constantly monitor blood sugar levels, take medications on time and worry, as if the disease is not brought to coma, blindness, or amputation of legs. But with diabetes, you can live actively. The main thing — not to miss the onset of the disease.

Suddenly intrigued by the battles, the person usually quickly lost when you can't find something really (in his opinion) worthwhile, and the interest fades away. Lifehacker will help not to get lost in the most interesting events in the world of martial arts and don't miss the fights, which will probably go down in history.

Every tenth inhabitant of the planet — people with disabilities. With them is sometimes awkward and even scary to speak. We do not understand how to offer help, how not to offend with words. Here's a cheat sheet that will save in such situations.

Many food products, before you find yourself on the shelves or on the table isn't the way we used to think. Take the test to see if you can find the photos of famous fruits, nuts, spices and condiments in their original form.

The Modern pace of life, stress and bad environment have led to the fact that pressure problems arise with increasing frequency. Their detection and treatment are subject to special medical devices — blood pressure monitors. In this review, Lifehacker will introduce an inexpensive and functional device from the company Koogeek.

What you need to know to apply for a visa to Australia for tourism or business, what to pay attention to are more likely to receive approval, and what to do in case of failure — a specialist in Australian immigration law shares useful information.

You suddenly discover that some hooligans have doused your car paint. The situation is unpleasant, but not fatal. Lifehacker learned from the experts how to remove the paint from the windshield and body parts and what you need to do to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses.

We often buy unnecessary things, and each such purchase entails the following. This phenomenon even has a name: the Diderot effect. Popular blogger James Clear talks about why we become victims of this effect and how can we stop. Lifehacker published a translation of his article.

If you want to master the skills of self-defense or love the excitement of martial arts, take a look at this collection of YouTube channels. Available on casters will not make you a second Bruce Lee, but push to improve yourself, help a valuable advice or just entertain a spectacular show.

LG introduced at CES 2017 their new: four models in the K series of the middle class, and a smartphone Stylus 3. Gadgets received a number of advanced features: an improved display and camera, a fingerprint scanner on the back panel and removable battery with larger capacity.

At CES 2017 introduced a smart ring Motiv that monitors heart rate, number of steps, sleep time and physical activity. New tells how much you need to move in order to be in optimal shape. In other words, Motiv is an alternative to a traditional fitness band.

Alexander Zhuravlev and smart search engine of educational programs StudyQA have prepared a selection of the best educational projects 2017: an essay contest that allows you to participate in the summit of world leaders, summer schools in Edinburgh and Oslo, internship at the world Bank and CERN, as well as many other interesting features.

There are many different types of kiss. Being enchanted by romantic scenes in movies, people often strive to replicate the most sophisticated and refined its variants, which are unable to achieve true pleasure. But there are simple techniques to kiss, which do not require special efforts and skills, but greatly enrich the intimate experience.