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Sakhalin is the largest island of Russia in the Pacific ocean. The population of the Islands according the 2010 is about 493 thousand people. Mostly live on Sakhalin ethnic Russian, and a small Korean community and the indigenous people — the Ainu, Orok, and Nivkh. Until the mid-nineteenth century, Sakhalin was chiefly under the Chinese influence, however, by the end of the century the island was divided between the Russian Empire and Japan. In 1875, according to the agreement Russia took Sakhalin, passing in return of Japan's Northern Kuril Islands. About the same time was the beginning of the Sakhalin links and hard labor. After the Second world war and the victory over Japan in the part of the Soviet Union were included all the territory of Sakhalin...

24-year-old Frances white artist from Brooklyn. Since childhood, she draws the naked body: at first she posed for sisters, then she copied the works of the classics and did self-portraits. She recently invited strangers from the Dating apps Tinder to send her your naked pictures, and then made them pencil portraits for my art project. One sees in her work references the paintings of Egon Schiele and Lucian Freud. (28 photos) Read the full article "

Representation of the laity about the life in the monastery, as it turns out, is hopelessly outdated. To dispel age-old stereotypes come from Mexican photographer Marcela of Taboada. For three years she was filming the nuns of the Catholic convents of Mexico and found that, despite the daily hours of work and prayer, women find the time to get pleasure from life. (11 photo) Read the full article "

Many of us are quite sensitive to questions about age. The stars is no exception. Some of them are all the forces hide the true year of his birth (recall Paris Hilton, which is on the driver's license and passport, this date is not the same). Add to this the miracles of plastic surgery, which helps adults lady look #candefacta, as well as a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle, which increases the effect of beauty treatments or, on the contrary, reduces all efforts to nothing. It turns out that very often we cannot guess how many actually years some star or other. Some 30 look 40, and 50 others manage to keep the eyes bright and smooth skin without a single wrinkle. We decided to compare our and Western stars-same age, and we offer you to assess who looks younger...

On March 21 in "Dulcamara" it's been almost a secret tasting of premium Italian wines. We went to the event in order to better understand the noble varieties. And to tell you that if you will soon travel to Sunny Italy to sample the finest drink in the world. Explain on fingers — what wine should try, what they eat and why wine tasting is rather interesting than pathetic. (Only 6 photos) Read the full article "

The Domestic auto industry are blamed on what light is. Do not argue, the reason for this abound. But for all his carelessness our car manufacturers have one very creditable quality — tenacity. Despite all the setbacks, they keep trying to produce something similar to a good car. And after all, good ideas do sometimes born. During the late Soviet Union had developed a lot of pretty concept cars, which we described a few months ago. However, they never made it to production. there were more happy stories. If a good rummage in the bins of AVTOVAZ, it is possible to detect very few original copies that can be purchased. But only with a very large luck. (All 13 pictures) Read the full article "

The Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev instructed all professionals who will be involved during the games of the world Cup in Yekaterinburg in 2018, to learn English. Officials from the city administration is finalizing the standard phrasebooks for their employees. However, in addition to volunteers and city employees guests of the 2018 world Cup encounter and with a simple Urals, not prepared to receive foreigners. For at least a little to eliminate the language gap, Ural news Agency prepared a PhraseBook for foreign tourists. As a local version of the Russian language was chosen as the "Uralmash" — the name of the neighborhood "Uralmash" factory in Yekaterinburg, which in the 90s was known throughout Russia as the center of the Ural...

She was considered a witch, but precisely because of this, she saved hundreds of people from certain death. So evil doing is real good! the Population of Rwanda, a small country in East Africa, less than in Moscow. Hard to believe that there has occurred some of the most terrible and bloody events in the world. The genocide in Rwanda in 1994 is one of the most terrible. (12 photo) Read the full article "

Janet Gorman lives in new York, engaged in artistic and portrait photography. However, out of the house. And, according to her best in her work as an artist and photographer is that she can stay at home with their three children. "I'm a housewife and mother of three wonderful kids — 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old twins. Yes, life is I, like many parents would put it, chaotic." Many friends asked Janet how she managed with three children and still the mind. She decided to answer a series of photos that even the signature is not needed. (19 photos) Read the full article "

March 24 is world day against tuberculosis — that was the day when in 1882 the German microbiologist Robert Koch announced the discovery made them Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis annually kills 1.6 million people, most of whom live in developing countries. Photographs by Misha Friedman on the problem of tuberculosis — the bleak black-and-white views on the outgoing of life. The visual style is matched perfectly. "Most of these people are already dead. My pictures they are not very helpful. Perhaps they will help people in the future. Will be used to raise funds... But the ones I photographed, did not help, said Friedman, looking at their pictures. — It is very hard to be just a photographer". In 2008, while in Gudermes, Friedman was filming a...

While traveling to other countries, we somehow always pay attention to the local architecture. This applies mainly to the attractions that every traveler richly photographed and bring with them their images home. Many tourists leave reviews of hotels, stop of supplying their requisite photos of the interior and exterior of the building. But it does not give a full picture of the life of the locals. The rich everywhere are living about the same, the poor in General, too, but the average citizens in each country are different. Lucky if among such citizens in another country you have friends that will invite you to his house. If not, no problem: in this collection assembled the most typical dwelling of the middle class in different countries. And it very...

That comes to mind at the mention of St. Petersburg? Of course, unique architecture, chilly weather and culture, which is famous for the Russian city. Of course, St. Petersburg is known for its culture of speech and loftiness, but among them are enough strange and even a little crazy mods, which are shocking in their appearance in St. Petersburg grannies, sitting at the entrance. (Total 20 photos) Read the full article "

In the Primorsky Krai, in the Bay of Pavlovsk are ready scenery for a movie about post-Apocalypse. This sinister huge maze of tunnels dug into the coastal cliff was supposed to be a shelter for Pacific fleet submarines in case of nuclear war. However, when the work was almost completed, the construction stopped. Asylum Pavlovskoe located on the territory of the current base of nuclear submarines and guarded by armed patrols. But adventure is not stopping. The Vladivostok group of adventurers who've been exploring abandoned places of the Far East, managed to sneak into the tunnels. The guys did a series of colorful photos. (Total 20 photos) Read the full article "

These enchanting his honesty portraits were made in different, remote from each other parts of our planet photographers whose names were in the final of the prestigious photo contest Sony World Photography Awards 2017. The judges selected children's portraits among a huge number of works in different categories to show the tremendous difference of conditions in which forced to grow up children. the Lives of these children is unlikely to change. All they have to live where they were born, and live, like their parents, until they grow up. But even with age, their fate will still be too dependent on their childhood. (38 photos) Read the full article "

Even it is surprising that cafes, shops, hairdressers and other public places so rarely use this technique. Why spend money on advertising and to Rob themselves of the discounts, if you can just strip the staff? It is clear that not all employee working who want to see Topless, but that's easily remedied. Here the owner of a coffee chain called Bikini Beans Espresso held a casting, introduced a uniform in a bikini and now awash in profits. (14 photo + 1 video) Read the full article "