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Some believe that the encounter with the DoppelgangeR is a bad omen, which could mean even death. But we think it's time to forget these preconceptions. Better to marvel at what nature — for example, to create two people almost indistinguishable from each other, but are not relatives. so did these 12 people, who quite unexpectedly met someone on the street who is on the plane and who is on vacation — your copy. They were delighted and told the world about it. Read the full article "

What a wonderful feeling when you wear brand new white sneakers! But once you go outside — always dirty, because any thing white will be a dirty fate. And then what to do with sneakers, how to clean them and not mess up — even the age-old question. Well, rejoice — a solution is found. Sarah Tracy, the lady Twitter from Texas, told me how to return the beloved old chucks. The girl, calling himself a "will need" (miracle worker), has published before and after pictures and share how to achieve such whiteness. Read the full article "

American photographer and artist Spencer Tunick, the world famous flash mobs of naked people for his photographic installations, said Monday, may 7, will return to Australia in 2010 Tunick has already removed thousands of naked people on the steps of the Sydney Opera house. At this time, the photographer wants to organize a photo shoot in July on one of the most famous streets of Melbourne — chapel street (Chapel Street). The series of images will be taken during the arts festival Provocaré in the framework of the new project of Spencer Tunick. Read the full article "

May 4 on the island of Hawaii, the eruption of the volcano of Kilauea (translated from Hawaiian — "spewing", "splash" or "much spreading"). A few days before the eruption felt the tremors, so for the authorities and local residents it was not a surprise, it was preparing to evacuate. And when a side cinder cone Puu OO Kilauea volcano collapsed, lava flowed down the slope to the residential neighborhoods. In the end, destroyed 35 homes and evacuated about 1,700 local residents. Fire destroys mass in its path-trees, houses, roads. On earth there are numerous volcanic cracks that are accompanied by earthquakes. From them emanate toxic fumes of sulfur dioxide, which is deadly to humans. The experts ' forecasts are disappointing, and nobody knows when the...

5 APR 1972 in the Soviet Union was first carried out sex-change operation. First time in the history of world medicine woman turned into a man, removing the uterus and the vagina and creating a penis. The operation was conducted by Soviet surgeon Victor Kalnberz. For an act contrary to the socialist system, the doctor was punished, and such operations are banned in 17 years. This story began in 1968. Then, sex change operations were conducted in the world only four, and they all ended in the creation of hermaphrodites. For example, a woman, to feel himself a man, received the penis, but kept female reproductive system and could get pregnant. Read the full article "

Many people cope with overwork and lack of sleep with energy. They would do well to think about how daily doses of caffeine and sugar affect the body. Not later than in April of this year from an overdose of caffeine in South Carolina died a teenager who every day gushing energy. On the verge of death were the American Austin (surname not known). For months he poured the energy drinks stress at work. His wife brianna, who was then nine months pregnant, recently described on Facebook how her world almost collapsed. Illustration for this story was created by photographer Sarah Endres. In the photo — normal family. Father, mother and small child. But father, something terrible skull... Read the full article "

The Bad news is obviously bad. But sometimes, inadvertently or deliberately, newspaper headlines dedicated to the sad event, can look quite comical. take a Look at these brilliant failures. They can serve as a great reminder that sometimes such a thing as an ill-conceived layout can turn a negative into a positive. In the end, well, who would place a picture of a dog under the heading "violent rapist"? Or a picture of a man roasting meat, next to the headline about the dead cats? Read the full article "

In 1978, the photographers of the newspaper the New York Times gave a three-month strike and stopped working. At the same time they were invited to participate in the shooting of the documentary project about the parks of the city. Eight photographers capture city life in all its glory, and they got a great report. But it so happened that for a long time about images generally forgotten. 40 years, at the end of 2017, in one of the city's offices found two dusty cardboard boxes. They had about 3000 photos, which is capable of reflecting life in new York at the time. Read the full article "

April 26 – Day of remembrance for victims of radiation accidents and catastrophes. This year marks 32 years since the Chernobyl disaster – the largest in the history of nuclear power in the world. It has grown a whole generation, did not catch this terrible tragedy, but this day we traditionally remember about Chernobyl. It is only by remembering the mistakes of the past can hope not to repeat them in the future. In 1986 at the Chernobyl reactor No. 4 explosion, and hundreds of workers and firefighters tried to extinguish the fire that burned for 10 days. The world was enveloped in a cloud of radiation. Then killed about 50 employees of the station and injured hundreds of rescuers. To determine the scale of the disaster and its impact on human health is...

St. Petersburg may claim to be not only cultural, but also the most aesthetically beautiful of the capital of our country. A huge number of different palaces, bridges, rivers, parks and other great places often inspired by famous artists to create. Today in order to Express his love to this city, is expressive enough to lead to instagram with beautiful photos. We offer you to read the accounts of people that will make you fall in love with Saint Petersburg again and again. Read the full article "

In Moscow on the morning of 21 April, died Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people's artist of the RSFSR Nina Doroshina, famous for the title role in the film Vladimir Menshov "Love and pigeons". The last time 83-year-old actress complained of pain in the chest and on Wednesday 18 April, called the ambulance, but refused hospitalization. According to Mash, Saturday morning, a neighbor heard screams from an open apartment dorosini the woman was breathing heavily and clutched at his heart. The neighbor immediately called an ambulance, but despite doctors arrived quickly, the actress could not be saved and after a few minutes she died. According to preliminary data, the cause of death was disease of the circulatory system. Read the full article "

If you would try to sneak into a fashion show with camera in hand 100 years ago, you probably would have thrown on the street — the last delights of the couturier is strictly hid from the eyes of competitors, and photographers were suspected of "commercial espionage". Say you employee of the fashion industry, the first half of the twentieth century, what today is an exclusive high craft will turn into a sparkling stream of gloss pouring from instagram live on the heads of an audience of millions, he would have thought that you fantasize. the hidden impressions for "high society" to the mass availability and democratization trends in the world of fashion has evolved with society, culture and technology over the last 150 years. Read the full article "

About the experiment of the Finnish government to combat unemployment in 2017, wrote all the world's media. For it took two thousand unemployed aged 25 to 58 years and paid them every month for 560 euros (about 42 million rubles) — just so, without any conditions. Even if some of the subjects find work, the payments will still continue. the Experiment received wide recognition around the world for its unusual approach to the problem of social security of the population. But the Finnish authorities have refused from the main idea of the project and make changes contrary to the original plan. Read the full article "

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, popularly known as "Coachella", one of the most popular music festivals in America. Next year he will be 20 years, and recently it has begun to attract a growing number of music lovers and brightest artists. you can Get on it is not as difficult as at Burning Man, and the music in the program is chosen so that listeners with good taste, not disdain the genre will definitely find it a couple stars favorite direction, there are legends and hip-hop like Eminem, and the rapper more underground wing Tyler the Creator, star of the avant-garde in rock music St. Vincent and a veteran of electronic music Jean-Michel Jarre. At the festival art exhibitions and demonstrate the unique installations and sculptures, and visitors...

Standing room for a budget airline. An Italian company has developed a new concept, and it is going to materialize low-cost. Perhaps some of them will "Win". it Seems too much more you can cut space for one passenger in economy class? But the Italian company Aviointeriors Group has proposed a controversial innovation: vertical seat for standing passengers. These unusual places are reminiscent of saddle the rider, leaning on which you can "stand to sit". Well, in this case to fly. Read the full article "