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Russian athlete Natalia Kuznetsova is a professional powerlifter, record holder in bench press, master of sports of the international class and the record holder in the deadlift, a professional female bodybuilder and master of sport of international class in airlifting. the Girl staggers incredible physical shape. With the growth of 168 cm, she weighs about 90 kilograms, the amount of hands — 47 inches, hips — 72 cm waist — 76 cm. Natalia started to play sports at age 14 weighing just 40 pounds. Read the full article "

In the early twentieth century, the creativity of the mentally ill began to study psychiatrists and artists-Surrealists, primitives and avant-garde. In 1945, these paintings began to call by the term "art Brut", that is a gross art, and this genre has developed its own stars, classics and even their own museums. To the creativity of patients with schizophrenia characterized by a tendency to symmetry, the combination of disparate ideas, the harder, the sketchiness, the lack of scenic vistas and compliance scales. Psychiatrists noticed that patients with schizophrenia do not tolerate empty spaces, did not distinguish between the real and the fantastic, like to portray fantasy creatures, draw strokes, infinitely correct the smallest details of the picture, but...

The couple turned their most common view of the Nissan Skyline GTR into a real work of art. The idea of an unusual tuning belonged to wife, who by profession is an artist. The woman, intending to sketch the scratches on her husband's car, made with a black marker fluent improvisational sketches, which are called & scribble. the Result of the work was impressed by all family members and it was decided to sketch various car designs. At full tuning, it took about a hundred hours. Read the full article "

From school we remember that the greatest pyramid in the world located in Egypt and is called the great pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) or the great pyramid of Giza. Yes, among the Egyptian pyramids it is, perhaps, the biggest. But, it turns out, there are structures and impressive. not Far from the Mexican city of Puebla on a huge hill stands the Catholic Church of the most Holy virgin comfort girls. Here are just a hill this is not a quirk of nature, and the ancient pyramid of the tribe of the Toltecs. It's called Cholula or Tlachihualtepetl (Nahuatl "artificial mountain") and surpasses the pyramid of Cheops in volume twice, and in the area of the base — four times. Read the full article "

Many airlines allow you to carry animals in the cargo hold, where often even the temperature is not regulated. In the room you can take the cat, dog, or feathered friend, but in special hutches. But in order to take on Board an animal without cages and pet, you need to prove that it is the emotional support. And if so, then welcome aboard even unusual animals. They help to postpone the flight to their owners, suffering from various mental disorders such as aerophobia. netizens shared photos of strange neighbors in the planes. Read the full article "

Family — a responsible job. If today we live in a civilized world and adhere to certain rules of morality, that in ancient times it was different. Today's women are struggling to be slim, because it is such like most men. But if we had suddenly been transported during the peasant of Russia, for a skinny girl no one would even notice, preferring the rosy-cheeked donuts. Yes, men too had to be like living in that time, because earlier in Russia the treason is not considered adultery, and was just fornication. Read on and you will learn about the other features of married life of Ancient Russia. Read the full article "

Says blogger Alexander Belenky, aka macos: I have decided to gather in one place the most interesting and tasty of the rally in 10 thousand kilometers on the East coast of the United States — from benches with views of Canada to the beach with views of Cuba. Cons-yourselfers and the girl who stopped the cold war. American University and the metropolis, lost in the woods. Highway over the ocean and a city populated exclusively by circus people and freaks... So America is very different from that used to see the Russians — what's on TV, in travel. Don't wait for trump and Obama, do not rely on new York and Las Vegas, do not trust in the Hollywood and Yellowstone. Here only real people and the real country for what it is. And it is much cooler. Go! all this...

Slender Japanese milf Yuki Kinoshita became the star of social networks due to its voracious appetite and a super-fast metabolism. Actually, with the Japanese "Kinoshita" and translates as "a beautiful girl who eats a lot". the Genre, which is Yuuki in Japanese is called "oogui" — that is literally pigging out. It is not a subsection of fetishism, aimed at men, but rather an amazing sport on its YouTube channel shows a Japanese audience of 3.6 million, as it eats up huge portions of your favorite dishes. Read the full article "

As the hero Matthew McConaughey in the TV series "True detective", "time is a flat circle". The irony is that at this moment he repeated the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, said more than a century ago. Same is the case with world culture, which constantly meet the same facial features, poses and situations. to show the similarity between the photos of the stars of the tabloids, and classic paintings, three anonymous Britons have taken to Twitter account "History of art in the tabloids". The description page says: "Because every picture of the failure of Lindsay Lohan there is a reference in the form of the praying sculptures of Bernini". Read the full article "

Australian photographer Russell James (James Russell) 20 years photographing what goes on behind the scenes of the annual fashion shows lingerie Victoria's Secret. This man has caught more than 300 of the famous "angels" of the brand, including Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid, Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner. He encouraged the models before the catwalk, and some of the girls said that the show that Russell was the best moment of his career. Here's someone who knows all the secrets of Victoria! Read the full article "

In 1969, during a speech on TV, the American Joseph Delius predicted that at the end of the year there will be a plane crash. He said that as a result it will break 79 lives. To specify exactly what and when will happen, he could not, but in his visions he saw the number 330. A few months later, on 9 September, over Indianapolis crashed aircraft McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31. Killing all passengers and crew. It happened at 3:30. This is not the only case when the predictions come true that initially seem crazy. About them will be discussed in this material. Read the full article "

In this collection are very different kinds of women: Actresses and Schoolgirls, revolutionary, and aristocrat, ballet dancer and housewife. But they all share beauty, forever captured through the art of photography and has been lovingly restored and expanded by talented master color painting. Artist Olga Shirnina (Klimbim) revives in old photographs of the lost palette of life. Lovingly painted her old pictures like get a second life, aristocratic face thoroughbred beauties of the Russian Empire gain flesh and blood, become more modern and closer. Read the full article "

Photographer Amy Vitale, along with a team of PBS and National Geographic Television visited the mountainous Sichuan province, to tell me how grown pandas that will be released at will. the Panda remains a long-standing symbol of China, but at the same time, it is a rare species which is on the verge of extinction. Because of the long extermination of these animals and a sharp reduction in the area of their habitat in the world there are about 1,600 pandas. Specialists in environmental protection years of trying to increase the population of these adorable black and white bears. In 2005 scientists from the National reserve Wolong in China for the sake of the experiment were released into the wild a young male Panda, but he soon died, most likely, the result...

Russian Olga Noskova confectioner makes cakes and desserts that look like mirror marble. According to her, it all started with the love of Macarena, and then she began to spend more time studying pastry arts. The girl wanted to understand how to make European cakes, mousses, and now she can rebuild a mirrored glazing. Olga already more than 350 thousand followers on Instagram, and she says she did not expect such a success: her phone is literally torn from the texts. And you'll see why. Read the full article "

The Artist Kate Riley's creates amazing photorealistic drawings that explore the power of touch and sensuality of the flesh. In each image the body of the pinching, grabbing and squeezing — and Riley masterfully conveys how the flesh reacts to these influences. though we are given only a piece of history (and body), e.g. the waist or thigh, paintings carry the warmth, intimacy and humanity. Work Riley explores the pleasure and the softness and hardness of human flesh. The drawings are very realistic — they can easily be confused with photos. We have added to our collection and other works of Riley — they are all accurate and wonderful. Most of them in one form or another is present in the human body and depicted it with amazing skill and astounding...