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Who says that rules are made to be broken, probably never tried to violate the ban on the feeding of monkeys, addressed to the tourists. One unlucky man had learned in their own skin, what it is, when I tried to hand out Goodies to local primates. In the Internet appeared the photograph of a tourist literally hung the brazen animals. Some of the monkeys even climbed on his head. The got on Reddit, and, as usual, users responded with a meme, using creativity and photoshop. Although most collages like a man gets pleasure from the situation, feeding the apes is strictly not recommended for several reasons. One of the main problems is that monkeys are very easy to perceive infection with human hands and can easily get infected by parasites, which are not...

The Internet is full of beautiful photos which inspire to new achievements. But looking through the pictures of beautiful sunsets, happy life of the spouses on a green meadow or the perfect seaside landscapes, we usually don't think about how difficult it is to create such pictures. And only when we ourselves come up with the idea to make something similar, we understand that it is not easy. Look at these photos of children's photo shoots below. I think there is nothing easier than to take beautiful pictures of your kid riding on a swing in the Park or lying in bed? As it is not so! We brought a selection of photos of cute kids, collected on the principle of "expectations vs. harsh reality". Read the full article "

In may 2015, a lovely brown Labrador named Bella was diagnosed with "osteosarcoma" (bone cancer). The dog owner is Robert Kugler reported that Belle amputate the front paw, otherwise it will need to sleep because Bella will experience hellish pain. In the end Robert agreed to the amputation. According to doctors, the poor dog had to live three to six months because the tumor has spread to the lungs. After surgery, Robert decided to go in the company of your furry best friend on a journey. Read the full article "

To err is Human. If not global issues like children's education and choice of profession, it is in appearance exactly. But if hair, makeup or clothing may be something to do and to correct an unfortunate oversight, the tattoo is much more difficult. here's a selection of naimasimasi tattoos, the history of the origin of which often remains a mystery. These examples will make you remember the simple truth that at first it is better to think well and to measure seven times before doing something as permanent as a tattoo. Read the full article "

Dog feces and Kira, who were about to be euthanized, proved that hugs save lives! Kala hugged Kira, a photograph of the embrace was zaposchena in "Facebook" and after two hours and six minutes after the publication of the animal found a foster family that saved them from certain death. Miracles, it turns out, happen! the published social network charitable organization Angels Among Us — they didn't just save the cal and Kira, but to show that in shelters there are many dogs that need our help and love. Read the full article "

Dear women! If you're standing, you better sit down: time for a serious conversation. Here I told you mom, no need to leave the baby with my husband. "Huh, why is that?" you ask, mentally resting his hands on his hips. Well, the answer is: because this dubious gamble in most cases leads to such consequences that you for the head to grab want. No, I hope he's not coming back from kindergarten with someone else's child and not to feed the baby harmful food. But to engage in eerie experiments using the poor child as a model for their brilliant fashion ideas, your sweetheart can quite. so, below are examples of how brilliant dads dressed up children. Than not the basis of small training for a spouse on the subject of how it doesn't really need to do? Read the...

Japanese cuisine is rooted in a long history. Most dishes include rice, pickled vegetables, fish and vegetables cooked in broth. Culinary tradition places great emphasis on fish and seasonal produce. In recent years the kitchen has gained immense popularity all over the world. But if you regularly go to sushi bars, it does not mean that you've tried authentic Japanese food. And they can be so strange that completely discourage the appetite. Don't believe? Take a look at these five typical Japanese dishes that we have on the table would have been unthinkable. Read the full article "

Most knows and loves candy M&M's — a tiny colored chocolate, which, as we all remember, "melt in your mouth, not in your hand". But hardly anyone sees the process of their production. Fortunately, the journalists of Business Insider recently visited the manufacturing Mars Chocolate North America in Hackettstown, state of new Jersey, which produces 50% of all candy M&M's sold in the US. Mars Chocolate, division of Mars, whose business is in the production of confectionery, pet food and drinks costs about $ 33 billion, produces M&M's and other popular candy, including Snickers, Dove, Milky Way and Twix. Factory in Hackettstown opened in 1958. It employs 1,200 people, here is the office of the North American division. Corporation Mars was founded by Forrest E....

Makeup can do miracles. But not too many people have the level of skill that allows you to create works of art. Of Jasmin Daniel is a makeup artist from Sydney. Instagram community loves her for her ability to vividly, brilliantly and unusually pretty. the Jasmin not only beautiful, it causes the lipstick she draws on her lips scenes from famous movies and cartoons. These little paintings are so meticulously drawn that it is difficult to believe that the canvas for this was caused by someone else's lips. See for yourself. Read the full article "

From their own version of the picture of Kim Kardashian, who blew up the Internet, to the image of Princess Leia from "Star wars" — the therapist from Sydney, mark Udovich reproduces famous photographs spread all over the world to collect funds for the treatment of cancer patients. the Center for the treatment of cancer Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre in Sydney, where mark is working, launched a campaign July Dry Shave Off in which participants will shave your head in support of patients. Just before parting with their locks, the therapist decided to capture them in a series of pictures in which he portrays the stars. Read the full article "

Nothing in this world is forever. The same applies to unique works of art and architectural masterpieces, which for centuries lose their original look and beauty. We all still know from childhood, how to look at Greek and Roman statues, we are accustomed to seeing them pale color of the stone. However, a recent study of Vincenza the Brinkman and other archaeologists have proven that initially, they looked different. through infrared and ultraviolet radiation specialists were able to detect traces of paint on ancient sculptures and to restore the original appearance of ancient statues. The study showed that lifeless and monochromatic sculptures once shone with bright colors, which faded after many centuries. Vinzenz Brinkman has created copies of some works...

Jill Friedman is an accomplished artist and photographer. Her career began fifty years ago, and it was then that she made a name for himself in street photography in new York, which brought her awards. She will start to photograph in the 1960s, filmed his first two films have taken on another camera and since then creates a landmark work. Many experts photos know Friedman for the wonderful black-and-white photos of police, firefighters and new York in the 1970s, however, the editor of Vice magazine Elizabeth Renstrom was very surprised, having received from her an email with the subject "Strippers Miami, 2002". After talking with Jill, Elizabeth realized that the photographer brings a spark of adventure to every project. Read the full article "

Pedro Luka lives in a cave in the province of Tucuman in Northern Argentina for more than forty years. A man without running water or electricity. When he's hungry, he takes a gun and goes hunting or in a three-hour journey by foot down the mountainside to the nearest village, San Pedro de Colalao. Its main water source — a small stream. "It's the purest and richest water in the world," he says. Who his neighbors in the cave? Eleven roosters and two goats, which graze by day on the slopes, and at night back to the cave, seeking protection from jaguars and other predators. The cries of roosters awaken Pedro at three o'clock in the morning, he starts his day with, that plants a fire. "Fire magic," says the man, while smoke fills the cave. Read the full...

Instagram account @biggieandruby dedicated to the life of girls ruby, her brother Sonny and two Bernese Sennenhund, each of which has two nicknames: Dudley is also called B. I. g ("biggie"), but Lucy is still in Worcester. Sharing photos and videos of dogs and kids, living in California, is so touching that one of the commentators even called this merry company cutie brigade ("the brigade of cuties"). We offer you to look at the adventures of this ultracatalog gang and get a healthy dose of positivity. Read the full article "

Saving everlasting, or at least long youth — this question has troubled mankind since time immemorial. In the ancient stories of different people telling about the miraculous rejuvenating drinks that wonderfully help to restore youth and health. But let us return from the fairy world in the real world to find there's a very real substance that bestows health and longevity. In this release, we've compiled the top ten drinks that are not only excellent taste, but, according to scientific research, help in the fight against aging. Read the full article "