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On "Yandex.Zen" "Dreams of China", where they write subjectively about China, talked about how came across an amazing document, whose story I would like to tell. Prostitution in China for many millennia was an integral part of the culture here and concubines poems, paintings and legends, and music. At least, it was not until 21 November 1949, when it adopted a landmark resolution — the authorities stated the need to immediately close all public houses. On 237 urban public houses were a real organized RAID by more than 2,400 local cadres administration and the police. During the night he was arrested and sent to court 450 brothel owners, and 1286 girls of easy virtue went to jail. it is Necessary to understand the importance of the issue, if the new Chinese...

For the Fifth consecutive year the jury of the international photo contest Dronestagram sums up the results and announce the winners. Photos made with drones, are becoming with every year more and more popular because it is a new and unique perspective to see the beauty of our planet. Dronestagram attracts thousands of photographers from around the world that send their work. this year the main prize went to the photographer's work zekedrone hungry Hungry hippos – atmospheric shot taken at low altitude where you can see a herd of hippos in dirty water. works of the contest were divided into different categories – "City", "Nature", "People". Read the full article "

Last week, 18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed al-Kunun attracted the world's attention when he locked himself in a hotel room and refused to go home. RAAF ran away from his family in Saudi Arabia and was detained December 6 at the Bangkok airport. The girl tried to forcibly deport, despite the fact that she claimed asylum, and then Rahat barricaded in the hotel and was asking for help on Twitter. 7 January 2019 the girl was about to be deported, but the resistance to authority and support given to Twitter success, and the flight to Kuwait took off without Rahat. She was granted asylum in Canada and 11 January she flew to Toronto. While the international debate about the situation of women's rights continues, the BBC has found another girl who escaped from Saudi...

Today members of Royal families around the world, embassies and charitable organizations, I congratulate the Duchess of Cambridge happy birthday, Kate Middleton turns 37. Despite the fact that the Duchess is one of the most photographed women in the world, Middleton will celebrate her birthday as quietly and calmly, with her husband Prince William and their three children – sons George, Louis and daughter Charlotte. the official accounts in social networks, the Duchess has managed to thank you for the congratulations. And we are this day gathered curious and little-known facts about the Royal sister-in-law. Read the full article "

This is a Chimera cat with a very rare appearance. The Chimera, so to speak, two halves – one red, the other black and white. And, most notably, on each side of the cat your eye color: red yellow, black blue. the Division of color does not stop at the face of a cat. It goes on and on on the chest and front legs. It is unknown whether the cat is a Chimera (although it was called). Chimeras-animals are the result of the merge of the egg the womb. This is a rare occurrence. Read the full article "

The 40-year-old Liz O'riordan, doctor of oncoplastic surgery in Suffolk, UK, was diagnosed with breast cancer in the third degree in 2013. After chemotherapy, followed amputation of the breast and radiation therapy Liz could even return to work until she again was diagnosed with cancer in the same place. And again after treatment she came back to life and co-wrote with another woman, a cancer survivor, the book that should help other people in this same situation. "I never thought it would happen to me. When I was diagnosed I was 40 years old and I have never felt better. No one in my family has ever had cancer. Besides, I always sat on the other side from the patient — as a consultant-surgeon oncoplastic surgery. I was the person who reported the terrible...

Margarita Louis-Dreyfus is one of the richest women in the world — its condition is estimated at $ 6.4 billion. But the Russian-born entrepreneur, which the French press calls "the Queen," was not always so rich. Her life in 1988, completely changed the meeting on the plane with her future husband Robert Louis-Dreyfus, who turned the former seller of computer equipment in a mother and homemaker. years Later, after the death of Robert Louis-Dreyfus from leukemia, life of Margaret, there was another sharp turn — she took in their hands the reins of his trading firm and met a new partner — former head of the Swiss National Bank. Let's take a look at her incredible life. Read the full article "

On the Maas river in the Netherlands for two years now swims a copy of Noah's ark of enormous size. It was built by a Dutch carpenter, and businessman Johan Huibers (Johan Huibers). For the construction of the Dutchman spent 13 years and 4 million euros. The ship of 22 meters and a length of 118 meters can accommodate 5 million passengers over 5 floors. The construction took 12 thousand trees — American cedar (Juniperus virginianus) and pine. Originally Huibers wanted to sail on a ship to Brazil, but it did not. Now the Dutchman wants to send the ark back to Israel. That's just one problem — the ship has no engine. Read the full article "

You need one million in a year? Or better a million a month? Have you thought what it can be spent? We all want a comfortable life. For the concept of comfort her — someone can buy an apartment in the center of Moscow, and someone wants to move out of communal apartments in Togliatti. Someone earns 15 thousand rubles a month, and someone can call himself a dollar millionaire. Almost everyone wants to have more and already knows what to spend. We decided to conduct a survey among friends edition — guys will tell how much money they need to earn per month for a carefree life and what they will spend. Read the full article "

On the channel "Russia 1" in February issued a series of "Bloody lady" about the first known serial killers in Russia, a landowner Daria Saltykov, brutally killed about a hundred of his peasants. As per the documents of the XVIII century about this lady was only a sentence (Catherine II ordered to destroy other evidence), the authors of the series were free to think out a way of Saltychikha and her biography. Turned romance with a very metered element of sadism. And what was the point really? We offer you to recall the life of a real Saltychikha — "freak of the human race". Someone actually loved, hated and killed the legendary landowner. Read the full article "

Janet and Graham Walton more than anything wanted to become parents. But all attempts to get pregnant ended in failure, as assisted reproductive technology (art). After the twelfth attempt, Janet decided that next will be the last. But this time the number 13 brought good luck — the woman became pregnant. the joy of expectant parents, there was no limit. However, when on the 8th week they went to the ultrasound, I realized that something went wrong. Specialist ultrasound was clearly confused and distraught, the room began to resort doctors everywhere was heard a surprised whisper. Finally the Waltons announced that they have a multiple pregnancy: "you will Have six children." on 18 November 1983 in the family of Walton were born, six girls — Hannah, Ruth...

Among the favorite movies we used to include those pictures that I watched several times, easy to quote and retell a favorite scene. But each of us can easily remember a movie that ranks among the world's masterpieces or considered an achievement of cinema, but to reconsider his no desire to. Some of these tapes just don't meet our expectations, some were disappointed by the finale, some after the disclosure of the main intrigue becomes uninteresting, and that it was this two-hour torture. Read the full article "

Netflix this year will be spent on the production of content $ 8 billion is more than the annual budgets of some small but proud countries. The money company is going to make 700 original movies and series: it is the quantity of service plans to attract new subscribers and of course to keep the old one (while Amazon and Disney comes on the heels). Let's hope not at the expense of quality. But in the meantime we offer you a selection of the 15 TV series Netflix that you should definitely watch. Read the full article "

Last week, the St. Petersburg realtor Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich in Facebook published a post about the sale of apartments, with 58 rooms in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg, five minutes walk from the metro station "victory Park". As he told the realtor, this former dormitory, the combined corridor. The apartment is sold in parts — anyone can buy 40 square meters of housing for 3 million rubles. According to the realtor, it's like a full Studio apartment. Read the full article "

Infamous engineer Anthony Lewandowski, who worked at Google and Uber, has launched its new startup is semi-Autonomous system of care for truck drivers. Lewandowski stated that he had traveled a distance of almost 5 thousand kilometers from San Francisco to new York in a car without a driver. The journey began on October 26 at the Golden Gate bridge and ended in 4 days in Manhattan near the George Washington bridge. Lewandowski drove a modified Toyota Prius, which was equipped with cameras, computer and digital maps. If the trip is confirmed, it will be the longest trip for Autonomous transport without human intervention. Read the full article "