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Photo Shoot "Women before 10 am" became a sensation and was made by the French photographer Veronique vial famous. Veronique'm sure people waking up in the morning, still not time to "wear" a mask, he is himself and no one shows. To shoot photographer came alone, without make-up artists and assistants — in all photos the light is natural. Celebrity had lived in her eyes, and she just "caught the moment". In the pictures the girls have not had time to apply makeup or wash. So véronique was able to capture the real feminine beauty — with a little sleepy faces, slightly tangled hair and morning sincere smiles. Read the full article "

The kennel club — the oldest in the world canine organisation, which was founded in 1873, to register purebred dogs and breeds. Every year the kennel club holds a prestigious contest for the best pictures of dogs. This year victory claimed 10 thousand pictures taken by photographers from 74 countries. the contest In 10 categories, including "Puppies", "Dogs", "Dog shelter", "dogs", and of the most touching nomination "man's Best friend". Photos of the winners of the contest will be exhibited in the building of the kennel club in London. Read the full article "

London skinheads was called "the most frightening subculture of the UK" and presented the photos convey this feeling from them. Young people in the photographs greet each other with Nazi gestures, one of which shows the photographer's naked buttocks, and the other pretends that he has a comrade kicked in the head. These pictures of the 1980-ies have been published recently. Amateur photographer Kim Rennie put them in his book "the Skinheads of London" — so he decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of London's iconic punk club 100 Club. Read the full article "

Most Likely you think one of your plastic fork, you eat at lunchtime is unlikely to have a significant impact on a huge planet. But imagine instead of 7.7 billion people thinking as well. We are literally drowning in plastic. on the other hand, in recent years more and more people come to their senses and try to somehow affect the impending environmental catastrophe that we have created. For example, social networking has become a viral challenge #trashtag, which inspired many people in different countries to fight for the future of the planet. It was during this fighting is an international nonprofit organization society for the protection of marine fauna (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society). Its purpose is to preserve and protect ecosystems and animals in...

Initially, the mission of the photographer and diver Laurent Ballesta was only to capture how the groupers are going to mate at one of the Islands of French Polynesia. it would Seem that here difficult? And the fact that groupers mate only once a year during the full moon, and the whole scene when it lasts no longer than 30 minutes. So to catch this event in the life of the marine fauna was not easy — the photographer from France took 4 years to shoot footage for his new book. in addition, every time groupers swam out of the sea deposits to mate, hundreds of gray sharks did bloom. Laurent explained how he with his team managed to capture one of the most elusive phenomena under water and not losing limbs. Read the full article "

To be Honest, toilets are one of the most useful inventions of mankind, but for us it is so familiar, so to speak, of the matter is that we do not pay tribute to this tremendous achievement of the human mind. But now Thomas Crapper (the godfather of all toilets) will be glad to know that some people really try and come up with a cool and certainly creative signs instead of the boring "M" and "W". However, in a few cases the creativity is so off the charts that probably some visitors of bars, cafes or restaurants, where the toilets are digested a bottle of beer or two, stop in a stupor and think for a long time, which way to go. Read the full article "

To Grow together with a dog is a wonderful thing, especially when the friendship between man and dog takes childhood, adolescence and part of adulthood. These four-legged friends never betray, they are always there: when you go to the first class, the first time you get your heart broken, when you apply for admission to the University. We have collected for you photos of Pets and their owners at the beginning of their relationship now. Unfortunately, dogs do not live as long as we would like, and it's always a great pain to part with a friend who was there since I can remember. But people do not stop having dogs because heartier friend to find. Read the full article "

Briton Ben Churchill (Ben Churchill) is a chef who likes to cook desserts. Here only sweetness in his performance does not fascinate with its chocolate frosting and do not cause abundant salivation. I must say, the desserts from Ben do not look like something edible and not sweet promise of Paradise. the fact that Churchill is a culinary magician. Creating their desserts, it goes beyond the usual perception and makes candy in the shape of an Apple or an ashtray with cigarette butts. Probably the most important question: would you be able to eat dessert, even knowing what it consists of? Read the full article "

Women have always occupied a special place in the USSR. First Women's day in Russia celebrated in pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg in 1913. The event titled "Scientific morning on women's issues" was attended by 1,500 people. They discussed issues of maternity, inflation and voting rights of women. "Candy-bouquet" this day was immediately. First there were marches and rallies, which are difficult to be called festive. In the new Soviet state on March 8 received a status of the holiday, but the weekend was still not. The women were given flowers, but before go back to work and handed out awards and certificates, and the store worker discounted current at the time of galoshes. Read the full article "

Belgian photographer Anton Custers specializiruetsya on long-term projects. In 2011 he released his first album about the Yakuza — Japanese organized crime groups, which he photographed for two years. In Japan, about 50 thousand of the Yakuza, making them one of the largest criminal syndicates in the world. after 10 months of ongoing attempts by the Belgian photographer had the opportunity to meet with the "godfather" of the family, the Yakuza. And the next two years, Anton Custers spent in a dark and atmospheric environment of the Japanese criminal gangs, documenting the life "on concepts". Read the full article "

Sand (sand) cat is the Peter pan of the cat family. Representatives of this species look like kittens throughout life, so it seems that they never grow up. Sand cats live in the desert areas of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Central Asia and Pakistan and are under threat of extinction due to illegal trade and hunting. Despite the cute appearance, these cats adapted to the harsh environmental conditions. They can easily tolerate temperatures from -5 to +52 °C and can live for months without water, removing only the minimum of moisture from the food. Read the full article "

To 22 years Laura Micetich had a weight of 136 kilograms and a whole bunch of health problems, including hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders, pre-diabetes. At one point she realized that without radical changes in lifestyle and diet her youth pass her without stopping, and life is short and extremely heavy. "I have decided to take control of your life and change. After failed attempts to deal with health my weight was so frightening that I was considering surgery for weight reduction". However, the girl still went to a local gym and unexpectedly found that she likes to push the rod, and the operation she did not need at all. "What started as an alternative to surgery for weight loss, quickly grew into a real love for health...

Cemeteries many admirers. The Goths? Yes, for sure. Musical groups from the suburbs, shooting your first video? Possible. Brave couples in love seeking thrills? Perhaps. Plus — the souls of the sinners doomed for all eternity around the earth's surface, scaring passers-by. But in addition to the above, you can meet in the cemeteries of many different people who support their efforts afloat the industry funeral business. Gathering material for his new book entitled "dead Friends" (Friends of the Dead), a London-based photographer Jess Koll met and talked with numerous employees of the cemeteries. Jess shared several photos are included in her book, and told about the images on these the inhabitants of the places of eternal resting place. Read the full...

Gypsies with trepidation relate to the dead and tombstones decorate very carefully. In Romania, where the concentration of Roma is particularly large, the cemetery looks very fun. Ukraine is not an exception. I suggest a walk on the Roma cemetery in Donetsk, and look at the graves of both crime bosses, and ordinary people. Gypsy villages in Donetsk a few. But there are places where the customs of the Roma people appear before us in all its splendor. This Gypsy cemetery. As elsewhere in the world, the places of compact residence of Roma people in Donbass is a territory with its own laws and customs, where the indigenous Ukrainian population tries without special needs not to look. Gypsy communities are usually very closed. Outsiders to input ordered. Read...

Dad is a hard job, and being a mom. Many sometimes forget that and think the Pope never have to get up at night from crying baby, change baby diapers, to feed him. There is a stereotype that fathers are able only occasionally to "sit" with the child, while not particularly straining. But it is not. In the life of kids is equally important both parents and the couple should always help each other. Touching instagram Don't Forget Dads ("do Not forget about the fathers") reminiscent of the huge role of fathers in the lives of young children, about what some of them have. They are undoubtedly very important for kids. Read the full article "