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Joel Meyerowitz is a recognized genius, one of the most versatile artists who are able to find exceptional moments in ordinary places and times change shooting style. once Joel Meyerowitz knew nothing about photography. And all of a sudden decided to devote himself to her, borrowed a camera, took to the streets of new York city and started to shoot. Pictures were black and white, and in the 1970s he began to film in color. So the photographer not only started an American classic street photography, but also contributed to the development of color photography as a whole. Read the full article "

The wildlife Photographer to Brent Suzaku managed to capture the wonderful frame of lake Bemidji, Minnesota: in the water floated the proud Mama merganser duck and her neat line stretched ducklings. As many as 76 units. "This is amazing, the photographer said. — I did not know that a duck can raise so many kids". There is nothing unusual in the fact that many Chicks are drawn to one duck. There were cases with 20 and 30 ducks. But the figure did not reach 70. the Photo spread in the thematic communities and forums and has been published on the website of the National Audubon society (an organization dedicated to conservation and research in the field of ornithology) as a Prime example of a natural phenomenon. Read the full article "

Never caught myself thinking, looking at the stranger or, on the contrary, his friend that he should leave the tangles in the 70's and normally at last get a haircut? We — Yes. Men somehow do not like to change something in their appearance and prefer to remain for many years (not several, and that is many) in the same manner. But fashion does not stand still, it moves forward, unlike you, dear men, stuck with your hair in the days of our youth parents. Read the full article "

Tells LJ user dubikvit: "My daughter sometimes asks me: "Dad, what's your favorite cartoon?" This question has me baffled. Because a lot of great cartoons, and choose the one most-quite difficult. A great baitcasting Tatar, Dezhkin, Nazarov, Reznikov, Cherkasy, Kotenochkin, Schwartzman, Norstein, Kachanov and many others has left a wonderful legacy of kind, beautiful and interesting paintings. But there is one that I'm willing to reconsider now. Cartoon, taken away on citations. Phrase which still raise a smile. This is a wonderful cartoon Eduard Nazarov “there once was a dog”. Remember the story of the dog who was kicked out of the house, and a wolf who decides to help a former enemy? “God help...”, “You sho, climb the trees?..”, “Right now I sing!”, “Sho,...

The Interiors of our apartments for a long time often keeps the traces of previous owners. We can talk about old doorknobs, painted the baseboards, or even not dismantled until the end since moving to the mezzanine. But especially a lot of inherited things hidden behind glued on top of old Newspapers Wallpaper. the Photographers Elena Amabili and Alessandro Calvaresi toured the countries of the former Soviet Union to find out what kind of stories lie hidden beneath the Wallpaper and plaster of abandoned buildings. Read the full article "

When viewing photos of famous actors and singers, we sometimes forget that they are not super-people, that they too, like all of us, passed through the period of self-doubt — adolescence, pimples and braces. Photos of our youth always tell vivid stories about what we were and open a window into the era of strange and eerie styles of clothing. So thanks to these childhood photos of celebrities we can understand what they were before they began to Shine in designer gowns on the red carpet under the crazy cries of the fans. Read the full article "

Caught on tape people and events become part of history, telling us the true facts about how it was "actually". Take a snapshot in addition to the optical devices involved the photographer with his perception of the world, so that a certain event appears before the audience in a new way. Talented artist captures the appearance of what is happening, simultaneously revealing the essence. Those photographers who succeed by right become the property of national culture. One of the greatest Soviet photographers of the last century was Max Vladimirovich Alpert. Read the full article "

To date, the world fauna includes more than 2000 species of mantids. These large and medium-sized tropical and subtropical insects got their name because of the posture, reminding the worshipper that they take while hunting. It should be noted that praying mantises are excellent hunters. They capture prey, sometimes more than their own size, their delicate looking, but powerful paws. Among females Bogomolov also practiced "cannibalism". They eat the males during mating. Mantises are masters of camouflage. For example, the Orchid mantis lives on the flowers of orchids and has a shape and a body color similar to the colors of plants. In General appearance Bogomolov is very different depending on the species. The most beautiful of them below. Read the full...

How many in a network of inspirational "sources of wisdom" that teach how to live. But there are honest, simple message, written from the heart, clearly and strongly. Svetlana Kazina (Branch) — traveler, an artist, a self-taught photographer, whose pictures have spread all over the world. And it is just a good and wise man. Svetlana lives in the Altai and often publishes its stunning nature pictures. When she wrote on Facebook this post, he has collected more than 16 thousand likes and almost 14 thousand shares. We also could not pass up, touched with simple and wise words that can change your attitude to life. the Text you will find below. The spelling and punctuation of the original retained. And draw your own conclusions. Read the full article "

The Annual migration of wildebeest in Africa is considered one of the "seven new wonders of the world" — every year from July to October, over two million animals migrate from the Serengeti national Park in Tanzania to the green grasslands national Park Masai Mara in Kenya. This large-scale migration of animals in the world! the photographs, which we'll show, shows about 100 of the thousands of wildebeest crossing the Mara river. Such a large number of animals simultaneously moved across the river, the region is not seen at least the last 20 years. During the crossing of the wildebeest expect a different sort of danger: leopards, crocodiles and the rapid flow of the river Mara. You will be amazed at the spectacular photos. Read the full article "

16-year-old hunter Ganda and his younger brother Braden were 178 km — distance from their hometown of temperance to the very steps of Michigan state Capitol. And almost all the way elder brother carried Braden, who has cerebral palsy. this is the second time the brothers are taking part in the marathon Cerebral Palsy Swagger — annual event, which aims to attract more attention to the disease of cerebral palsy. The last time the brothers Gande covered a distance of 64 kilometers. this time, the journey the boys took five days — they went out on 20 April and arrived at the destination on the 25th. The brothers passed through many cities of his native state, stopping every 3-4 kilometers to rest and eat. And in the evening of 25 April finally got to the first...

Often we come up with crazy and bold ideas. And in 99 percent of cases, on head they do not go away. But not for a Reddit user under the nickname wallacemk that playing with matches (admit it, we all do), I decided to implement a crazy idea. it all Happened a year ago. "I spent 10 months and about $ 500 (almost 29 thousand rubles)". Put them together was very painstaking and difficult work, but it did not stop the craftsman from the final stage of the project is burning. Read the full article "

The Late ' 80s took place in the USSR under the banner of Russian rock. Choi, Butusov, Grebenshchikov, Shevchuk seemed almost from every window. And if they were in the so-called underground, then in the second half of the decade, the rockers are increasingly began to appear on the official stage. Began to hold concerts, large scale festivals. the Material of the blogger Vitaly dubikvit Dubovie dedicated to extremely colorful posters to performances of local rock groups as well as foreign, came to the Union on a tour. Read the full article "

Two regular Australian guy, David and Sean decided to conduct a social experiment. They bought a couple of reflective vests and cheap walkie-talkies and set off for an adventure to see how far they will be able in all this camo to go. The results have surprised even the experimenters. On the one hand, this is a fun sketch about how easy it is to get something for free, but on the other, it demonstrates how frighteningly easy it really can pass through the various security systems. And to be honest, given the current realities, it cannot be overlooked... Read the full article "

A Regular guy from Florida, Jeff Longo was taking a walk one hot day and suddenly noticed on the sidewalk a tiny creature. It appeared to be a newborn, even a blind squirrel, only three centimeters in length. The guy was confused, but then realized that might not leave him to die on the hot asphalt. He took the baby home and began to nurse. Baby Jeff called a Cookie. When a young man posted the first photo of the Cookies on the social network, many wrote him that the baby is doomed and Jeff can handle it because he is not a zoologist and knows nothing about animals. But he continued to nurse his mixture and warm, as did my mother. Faith, patience, and care have done their job — from squirrel rose my dear, smart and funny squirrel-flying squirrel. Now Cookie...