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Jean-Gabriel Domel was born in Bordeaux, France, in 1889. At the age of 17 years he has exhibited his work at Salon Des Artistes Français ("French artists Exhibition"). In 1913 Domeng was awarded the Rome prize, the highest award in France in the field of art. the Manner of Jean-Gabriel Domergue was recognizable, his landscapes were distinguished by a light and airy style. However, in the 1920-ies the preferences of the artist changed dramatically, and Domers began to draw the beautiful Parisians, demonstrating to the world the image of a Flirty and elegant French women. moreover, he is considered the Creator of the style of pin-up, as often on portraits adorned the celebrated ballerina and actress half-naked and playful poses. Read the full article "

The Film-tale "the Golden key, or adventures Buratino", without a doubt, belongs to the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. Premiere on television took place on January 1-2, 1976, that is 42 years ago. the film Directed by Leonid Nechaev found the boy at the role of Pinocchio in the Minsk underground passage. "Look, runs a grandmother with her grandson. Under the arm tube, in the hands of skates — says Nechaev. — Submitted, invited to film acting, and she answer me: “Honey! What's the movie? See, we run with the music for figure skating!"" Dima Iosifov played wooden boy, said that acting is not really wanted. On the set gathered a brilliant cast — Vladimir Etush, Rolan Bykov, Rina Green, Nikolay Grinko, Yuriy Katin-Yartsev, Vladimir Basov. To each young actors...

This kitten named Rosie. Until he began to bark, but steals food from dog bowl and walks with the local pack. A few months ago Rosie picked up on the streets of California — the kitten died from cold and lack of food. Fortunately, the little animal managed to save, and Rosie got to the house where lived happy husky named Lil. Lil just took the kitten to the family, but also replaced his mother. Husky refers to Rosie as my puppy and brings her all the rules a dog tone. Read the full article "

In the minds of the inhabitants of the Eternal city is associated with many things come to mind the Coliseum, the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine chapel and the Pantheon, but what about pizza, pasta and wine even say it makes no sense. But for all its famous monuments, galleries and churches of this world city is hiding a very favorite gourmet cafeteria with delicious ice cream, cozy restaurants and small rynecki. We have found you the list of little-known places in Rome where you should look. Read the full article "

People from different countries at all times has reported about the unusual rain from heaven was pouring colored water or even fell any unexpected objects or even animals. Such stories could be considered legends, of someone's imagination or a joke, but these messages continue to come in our days. For example, recently in Australia there was a rain of spiders, of which there is a lot of evidence on the Internet. Scientists have already found a reasonable explanation of this strange phenomena. It is believed that a powerful stream of wind lifts and carries animals from the familiar environment and migrates over long distances. We tell about the ten most unusual rains of modern times that have received publicity in the media and have witnesses. Read the full...

Shoyna is a small fishing village on the Kanin Peninsula on the White sea. Despite its Northern location, the area is considered a desert, and the locals have to cope not only with cold, but with such an unexpected problem, like a huge amount of sand, which literally buries them alive in their own homes. But they seem used to and quite happy with its existence, which many of us seem totally unbearable. They are not going to go anywhere, and their children don't even know that it is possible to live differently. Read the full article "

Nothing makes beat the heart of a lonely and/or misunderstood women faster than reading a regular romance novel. All these novels are eerily monotonous, and in fact are pink waters that are able to tickle the woman's imagination and emotions. Few people are fans of this literary genre, but almost all have seen these covers made in the same style where muscular stallion embraces the longing for love, the languid woman. Cosmopolitan magazine has created a funny series of photographs in which the cover of romance novels recreate ordinary people. Read the full article "

And you say, economical hybrids, electric cars. Here at Brest riding Oise, running on wood! For a better understanding of consumption of this machine is worth quoting Sergey, the owner, and can say, designer: "One day we stopped in the woods for mushrooms and found that ended for firewood. What to do? The rake was thrown in a bucket of cones, threw them in the pot and went on." In short, UAZ can go for "free" wherever there is wood, where there is something that is burning. Problems may arise in the wilderness. Read the full article "

Well-Known Belarusian blogger Maxim Mirovich has been on the basis of storage of nuclear weapons: "somewhere in the South of Belarus, among the forests of Polesia, there is a small dot on the map called now nice and peaceful District. It is quite small, consisting of only one street, and from the North to the town is adjacent to some a huge fenced area, wooded. A regular visitor at some Google maps decides that saw ordinary Belarusian agro-town, and will not attach any importance to this, and yet for the civilian name of the District is hiding the once formidable and terrible object called "Gomel-30". In the already distant days of the cold war, the Soviet Union placed on its Western territories (in Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine) nuclear weapons. This was...

When in 2001 the average tourist from the US That Sponheim bought at a flea market in Barcelona the envelope with the negatives for $ 3.5, he probably did not suspect what I'll find not just photos and the work of talented artists. Tom returned home, but he had an obsession to find the mysterious author of these frames. And in 2010, he organized a search through Facebook. Sponheim posted photos on the page and purchased targeted advertising which has attracted people from Barcelona, interested in photography. Read the full article "

Malta covers just 316 sq km and is one of the smallest, but at the same time one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean sea, consisting of seven Islands. the Maltese capital of Valletta, with total area of 0.55 square kilometers, is the smallest capital of the European Union. However, despite its size, Malta boasts a huge number of both natural and historical attractions, making it one of the main destinations for tourists all over the world. , we Offer to your attention the 25 reasons to visit this country and the same stunning photos that reveal all the beauty the magic of Malta. Read the full article "

Today, 5 November 2018 British actress Tilda Swinton celebrates its 58th anniversary. Reputation Swinton unlike many of her colleagues are extremely clear and thus the original actress called the most amazing and "alien" creature in the world of cinema. The personal life of the actress as colorful as her outfits on the red carpet and roles in which we see her on the screen. Not only that, she was in the same class with Princess Diana, learned Gaelic language and protested at the Russian Kremlin, she signed a contract with her husband on the "open relationship" and is the proud mother of twins. Tilda Swinton comes from an ancient Anglo-Scottish family Swinton. so what we don'T know about Tilda Swinton? Read the full article "

A Total of 30 minutes, for about $ 50 — and for the next 24 hours, any wishing can become the proud owner of large Breasts! Such service is provided in Japan in 2012. For those who do not want to go under the knife, but wishes sometimes boasts impressive volumes, the Tokyo clinic performs a procedure called "Polushkino breast augmentation" (Breast Augmentation Cinderella). It can increase your bust by half a size. However, the Breasts will return to their natural state the next day. Read the full article "

Accidental discovery was made by scientists from Georgetown University in Washington — they found the influence of natural protein FGFBP3 (contains the body) metabolism. The most powerful influence. As reported on the website of Georgetown University, the scientists activated the production of this protein in mice suffering from obesity, and voila — mice rapidly lost weight. While the animals continued to eat. it is Noteworthy that the discovery by scientists from Georgetown had done during the search for a cure for cancer. Read the full article "

Throughout the month of October was permeated with the spirit of the upcoming holiday of Halloween. Until someone can choose between a witch costume or cat, other people are more than serious approach to the all saints ' Day. Someone decorates the house so that all the neighbors in the area look forward to next year, just to see what they come up with this time. the Lady Twitter Campagnano Sami (Sami Campagnano) shared on his page a photo of her neighbours had decorated in anticipation of Halloween your yard before their house is family skeletons. But most interesting is that the skeletons are changing the situation and every day they have a new scene. Themselves and continues to put new photos. In the end, they had accumulated already more than 20 pieces...