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If you somehow, even to a very small extent, use social networks, then surely at least once have a selfie. Nothing, we all did. However, you will agree, most selfies look, to put it mildly, the same, boring and monotonous. But we found the instagram account of a young Norwegian with nickname MirrorsMe , which makes selfies almost art. Every day a girl comes up with something new and fun, then she meets a grizzly bear, jumps out of the cupcake. the Girl said that the creation of self-adventure started with the fact that she just drew funny pictures on the mirror with lipstick and leaving little messages for her roommate. Figure it takes less than half an hour. Who knows, maybe you'll like it so that you will create yourself every day cute selfie adventure...

Anyway, the Nude photo is a picture of a Nude model, and by and large that's all one can say about it. French photographer Dani Olivier doesn't think so: he brought the genre to a new level. the Photographer hires the dancers instead of the usual models and uses the projector in a dark Studio to redeem Nude girls in colourful rays and the geometrical shadows, transforming them into surreal works of art. "the Female body is beautiful, and I'm working to create beautiful images, says Olivier. — Female body forever. For ten thousand years, it has the same bends, forms, smoothness, and that is admirable. I got my technique with models about eight years ago. I understand that this has great potential, after that experimented with light and patterns." Read the...

With the help of drone you can make really cool footage due to the viewpoint at the top. Photographer Ellen Avar lives in Tahiti and uses drones with cameras to do an unusual wedding photos. In contrast to the usual shots where the bride and groom standing or sitting in the foreground in the center of the frame, Ellen puts your heroes in the amazing beauty of the scenery. the Photographer takes pictures on the Islands of French Polynesia in the middle of turquoise waters and palm groves. It specifically places the actors in a seemingly endless landscape to heighten the impression of intimacy between the newlyweds and to visually depict the feelings that people experience when they fall in love, as if there is only he and she, and no one else in the whole...

Joseph coat (Josef Kote) started painting in early adolescence. He was inspired by the picturesque landscapes of his native port town of Vlor. Since 13 years, he has put a lot of effort to grasp the subtleties of the skill. But, of course, by itself, the diploma in painting and scenography does not guarantee success in the creative field. But Joseph managed to find your unique style and "language". Using a special technique of applying paints, the artist creates amazing paintings that radiate light and energy. I want to share with you the unique works of a true master, who lived and worked in Greece, Toronto and new York. You can take a colorful journey, because each of his paintings is a marvelous Symphony of colors. Read the full article "

Polish photographer Alicia Zmyslowska makes incredibly beautiful, simply magical portraits of dogs. Alicia said that she loved animals ever since childhood. When Alicia was 4 years old, she had two cats, but her biggest dream was a dog. And in 2006, a photographer's dream come true — she has a Golden Retriever Kiara and changed her life. Almost immediately, Alicia got a dog, she began photographing it on either a compact camera or the mirror, which was borrowed from an older brother. After a year she got her own camera, and from that moment began the magical story of Alicia and her dogs. All of the photographer you can see in her instagram . Read the full article "

Three British party-goers suddenly found themselves near the war zone in Syria, accidentally North to the ship after a club night in Cyprus. 25-year-old Lewis Ellis, 19-year-old Alex McCormick and 23-year-old James Wallman thought that he was on a boat trip to see dolphins, and was on transport ship on route Ayia NAPA — Tartous. the Guys had no idea about where to sail, until about mid way through the Mediterranean sea. When they drifted about 160 km, then wondered why the beach is so far away, and they realized that they were on the wrong ship. Read the full article "

While the focus is on dogs-physicians, this red cat creates a comfortable atmosphere for the lucky students of the University without any training. Campussy cat, as he was called, came every day to the campus of the University of the city of Augsburg and helps students to relax, affectionately clinging to him. "Care about the students — the main task Camponovo cat, in addition to sleep, sleep and again sleep. Often the cat walks around the territory to see the students of all faculties. A lot of guys say that it really helps them to relax before exams," — said Andreas, Secretary Camponovo cat. Read the full article "

In recent years, Vienna is becoming less and less of the little taverns where you used to go mainly the urban poor and marginalized person. These bars are still somehow afloat, but factors such as alcohol abuse, Smoking ban and economic crisis, forcing owners to close their pubs. Clemens Marshall and Klaus Pichler decided to explore this strange world from the inside out, photographing visitors to these fun and exciting places and asking them about this and that. "It's great when you seem to be sure that a couple of years of dealing with the frequenters of taverns have heard everything, but then you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, and that's a completely different universe, and they heard such stories just can't believe," he told Clemens. In their...

Caution: this bread may force you to abandon low-carb diet! Artisan baking business from Tokyo under the name Konel Bread in Instagram hides his art in bread loaves, and it can be seen, just cut them to pieces. Woman looking for inspiration for his delicious artwork, drawings son. Most importantly, all made from natural dyes and flavorings, such as spinach, cocoa and beets. How she does it, it is not clear, but probably the technology is similar to the method of preparation of rolls. Do not forget that baking the dough increases in size, and to predict how it will look in the resulting image, is very problematic. But still it looks so sweet and tasty! Read the full article "

My work should be taken all possible emotions, not just senses. The main topics for me are related effects of diving and swimming, falling and soaring, of death and life. With their help, I'm trying to show the supernatural. Neil Craver grew up in North Carolina, where he began his career as an abstract painter and sculptor. Later Neil became interested in photography. In his opinion, the picture contains all that is valuable in other types of arts. Glorified photographer's series of underwater photos called Omni-Phantasmic. According to Craver, in this project, allegorically represented the journey of man into the depths of the unconscious, the symbol of which is, of course, water. Read the full article "

The Photographer Denis Mayer documented the everyday life of the French soldiers who had just enlisted in the 3rd parachute regiment marine infantry of the French army, and told how it was. "the First time I met soldiers of the 3rd parachute regiment marine infantry of the French army in October 2015 during a three-day training course on vigilance in conflict zones. It was just before the parachute regiment was joined by 100 new recruits, who were to undergo training for three months." Read the full article "

Scientists — light and ignorance — darkness. Our smaller brothers, which will be discussed, are of the same opinion. Higher education is not always a guarantee of success in life, however, the dog possessing a master's degree, surprising and even somewhat excited. Among other things, mention of the fact that even the animal received the diploma (and you're not, ha ha), is a great way to put a man on the place in dispute. We have made a selection of animals for one reason or another got the real diplomas. Read the full article "

From the unique wonders of New Zealand or, as it is called by locals "the land of the long white cloud", is simply breathtaking. Countless geysers, fjords, mountains and lakes, forests and caves, glaciers and beaches — nature of the country remains untouched even close to the big cities. And it's not just because New Zealand is considered the most quiet and peaceful place on earth. Over the years thanks to such films as the trilogy "the Lord of the rings," the remake of "king Kong" and "the Last samurai", the whole world learned about the pure beauty of New Zealand, like emerging from ancient legends and tales. we Present you 14 the evidence of the existence of this Paradise on earth. Read the full article "

Meet the cat Sailor who serves as first mate on a river motor ship "Nikolai Chernyshevsky", which run between Moscow and St. Petersburg. A favorite of the stately passengers walking on the deck in his nifty hat and enjoys the attention. the Sailor has a student, a Scottish cat named Bosun, so the boat became a comfortable home for two cats. Cat Boatswain brought to the Sailor does not feel lonely in the company of people. The cat Sailor vigilantly keeps watch every night from midnight to 4 am, and the Boatswain is usually lying around somewhere or playing with his cap. Read the full article "

Just imagine: high in the green meadows of the Swiss Alps eccentric Briton Thomas Thwaites grazing with a herd of goats, becoming one of them. "my face sweat, says Thomas in his new book "Man-goat: I decided to have a vacation in human life." — Hands burn, and I can't feel the knuckles. Can you imagine that they were not so much a skin". After a long preparation finally Thomas reached his goal — he became a goat. Exploring the behaviour of these wonderful animals, he realized that the goats prefer to be in the here and now, they are not able to think much about the future or the past, because they have probably not episodic memory. But why Thomas decided to be a jackass? Read the full article "