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The Actor is a very specific job: which not only has to move the poor in order to get to play the coveted role! Even in the age of modern technology, using which, it seems, you can achieve any effect, not everything is done using computer graphics. Makeup artists, makeup artists, costume designers — all those people we can get into a fairy tale or find yourself in a nightmare. Next are some of the most impressive works of makeup artists and, of course, the actors before and after makeup. Read the full article "

Members of the Royal family seem to be ideal in all respects, this is the pride of the country. But they tend to get into ridiculous situations, to which they react exactly like ordinary mortals. For the British Queen and the Royal family is a legend, national hero, the pride and honor of the whole country. It is not surprising that many consider them a standard of dignity, grace and elegance. But they are people too. So, they tend to make mistakes, fooling around and getting into funny and absurd situations. Because it is not insured, even members of the family of blue bloods. Read the full article "

Alessandro Pautasso, the network is also known under the nickname Kaneda, Italian graphic designer and Illustrator, specializiruetsya in multimedia, or in other words, he prefers mixed techniques. Design and illustration Alessandro became interested once in hand I got him an illustrated anthology of The Beatles authorship of British artist Alan Aldridge. Bigbitch offers to see the work of Pautasso, where he reinterprets the portraits of the legendary actors of old Hollywood: Monroe, Garbo, Bogart, gable, that's all. Beautiful noble faces of these people sparkle with new colors, literally! Read the full article "

When thinking about life in the mountains once submitted hermits who decided to leave civilization. However, sometimes it is the top of the rocks and mountains become the location of entire settlements. Of course, most of them were built many centuries ago, there are even "representatives" of the middle Ages. To date, such places are popular tourist attractions. Travellers who are not afraid of heights, tend to see rock city and the panorama view from there. The compilation, presented below, are not only cities, but the monasteries hidden on the heights. Read the full article "

Russia — a country with a deep, one little known to the soul. Europeans and Americans wishing to do their little gesheft, say goodbye to the family in advance — just in case. At least it is so often shown information about our country in Western tabloids. Today we publish some excerpts from the article pretty influential publications portal Business Insider. The original material is addressed to those foreign nationals who have decided to start a business in Russia, our article is addressed to everyone else. Read the full article "

Ben Baker is tired of the dull gray walls of the office of the advertising Agency where he works, so one day decided to turn them into something extraordinary. His idea was to cover up a boring office wall with a series of superhero portraits, laid out the stickers, which eventually took him 8024 pieces. Ben wrote on Reddit that he took several weeks to plan and design a future mural. He has the full support of his boss, which was allocated $ 300 of materials and supported Ben from the beginning to the end. Read the full article "

This artist won't mind if you call her art garbage: Jane Perkins creates amazing portraits from things that he finds in the trash and flea markets. British skillfully recreates the faces of celebrities and legendary works of art from buttons, pieces of cheap costume jewelry, old toys, and more. "I love art with an element of fun and unexpected. Use random small objects: plastic toys, shells, beads and so on. I don't paint materials — they appear in its original form. Work should look first from afar, to recognize the image as a whole, and then close to see the materials," says Jane. the Artist says that he finds things not only at the flea market and trash — something to bring friends, neighbors, acquaintances. Sometimes she finds the bags on his doorstep...

"Venus in furs" — the famous novel by Leopold Sacher-Masoch, which to this day excites the imagination of the public. The plot of the novel repeatedly asked the Directors of theatre and cinema, and his latest acclaimed film adaptation was converted by the Roman Polanski. The reality of a creative or fiction — how to treat a notable work of Sacher-Masoch, in which he describes a special type of love or love addiction — masochism? One answer to this question offers the ex-wife of writer — Wanda von Dunayev, who in 1906 published a shocking book — "Confessions of my life." Read the full article "

The Motto of the artist Angela Buron — "All your friends force you to smoke." It gives to light, we would say! However, the very angel in the Manifesto declares: "nerve of people who say, "I'm an artist!". For this reason, the word that sounds to me almost like an insult. From an early age I dreamed of becoming an inventor. Wanted to keep the workshop full of all sorts of junk, and collect the strange mechanisms that serve mainly for cooking me Breakfast. But with this stuff in my head I was growing up (not exaggerating), drawing in Paint and played Indiana Jones. I always was struggling with math, therefore, becoming a little older, I decided to become an engineer like dad, then to teach, as a mom. Attack of idiocy lasted 5 minutes. At age 23, threw Paint...

Dry ration, individual ration (APD) is a set of products designed for a day for one person (Breakfast, lunch and dinner). C is intended for military personnel and citizens who are trapped in extreme conditions, when there is no possibility to prepare hot food. Individual diet to develop the scientific institutions of different countries. Russian rations is considered the best in the world, it is balanced by the presence of carbohydrates, proteins and fats for quick absorption products cold and hot. There are several types of suhpaykov in different packaging: carton, vacuum sealed and we will tell you about everyday in a cardboard box. Set IRP is laid out in detail, there is porridge, stew, pate, cheese, lard, biscuits, tonic in powder form, means of...

This kid is taking a bath in the Indonesian center for the rescue of orangutans. Like all of the crumbs he seems to be going crazy on the bubble and doesn't really like when they wash away. The center takes care of about 300 orangutans — we are talking about monkeys, confiscated from private owners, and injured wild animals. In the wild, orangutan babies do not leave the mother until at least 8-9 years. Here, the mother of the orphaned monkeys to replace the staff of the center — it turns a kind of foster mother, who cares about the baby. Professionals not only care for the babies of orangutans, but also teach them vital skills that will be useful to the animals when they were released into the wild. Babies, in particular, are taught to build tree nests...

Role-playing games serve an important role in the development of the child. Through play the younger generation learns the world, develops creative thinking. Usually this kind of entertainment and at the same time learning is based on situations from everyday life, familiar fairy tales, movies and cartoons. It should be noted that it is better to play the role of helping kids costumes that you can make independently and to buy in specialized stores. We collected examples of interesting costumes for the children who are able to turn the game into an unforgettable show. Read the full article "

Now most of the world's population drinks coffee every day. This drink is shrouded in mystery and myths and has a long and interesting history. Once coffee was brought to Europe from the Middle East. In the middle Ages it was called "bitter invention of Satan", while the Pope himself is not assured of his great taste. Fortunately for us, we can now enjoy the rich taste of the drink in all its manifestations. And he has many manifestations — for example, in the form of desserts, pastries and various drinks, in which sugar sweetness blend perfectly with the aromatic essence of coffee beans. Today we bring you 16 amazing coffee desserts that will amaze you with its taste and appearance... even if you're not a fan of coffee. Read the full article "

Royal penguin Charlotte sets the heat to the employees of the zoo — because terribly afraid of water! So the bird doesn't want to go into the pool with their fellows that is trying to FLY! Suffering from rabies Charlotte was raised by a zoo employee Alistair Keane in the English County of Gloucestershire. "Unfortunately, Charlotte doesn't realize she's a penguin, and penguins spend a lot of time in the water. She even feathers, afraid to dunk," complains Alistair. When it became clear that the bird in the pool will not climb, Alistair decided that he would have to file a Charlotte example: he was wearing a mask with snorkel and plunged into the water himself. The hope is that a little penguin will be to follow the example of the employee of the zoo and get...

The Chinese are famous for their abilities to copy, because it's Chinese fakes flooded, perhaps all countries of the world. However, the people of China went even further: now they copy not only the equipment, electronics or clothes, but also took over forgery the world's most famous architectural objects and even entire cities. Some scholars see the desire of Chinese copy of global architecture echoes ancient traditions of this country. There were times when the emperors of China conquered another Kingdom, ordered to build in his capital a copy of the local Palace that symbolized the subordinate role of the new territories and local elites against the invaders. Read the full article "