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Colombian photographer Fernando Vergara went deep into the jungles of Putumayo to show the true face of war and soldiers in the camp of the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) rebel leftist groups. the Conflict between the government and the rebels lasted from 1964. This is the longest in the history of Latin America, the confrontation between the official authorities and the guerrillas. On 25 August the government of Colombia and the FARC have signed an agreement under which the rebels abandon armed struggle and join the legal political process. the Photographer focused his attention on the female soldiers- they seemed to him more natural than men. These young creatures is not the first year are in the armed forces. For portraits Fernando asked...

From time to Time appears information about a particular scientific discovery, which seems so incredible that just don't fit in the head. Electricity, relativity and so on — all these new ideas that expand the horizons of science and change people's lives. But sometimes an incredible discovery or invention is really not worth believing. Behind him is someone who glues the bones to create the skeleton of the animal never existed, or employ a special person that he performed the stunt, which brought fame and money. There is nothing better than a good old hoax, to remind us that we must carefully and been more skeptical attitude to the newly minted scientific sensationalism. Read the full article "

There is nothing better than to have a laugh at themselves. And a great place for this is in the thread Reddit r/RoastMe where users can upload their photo, which will redraw talented animator under the name SketchyCrab. It SketchyCrab complicated social life to these brave souls who dared to post their photos. In their cartoons, the artist emphasized all the worst, all the flaws that catch the eye. And if anything not in the eye catches the artist you these shortcomings will come up to you after a long time and meticulously examined herself in the mirror. Would you have the courage to surrender to this cartoonist? Read the full article "

In the evening in parks, restaurants, boulevards, beaches, or couples take out their selfie sticks and show on camera her feelings as soon as you can. However, the result isn't always what imagine themselves in love. And instead of the envy of all humanity, these photographs evoke Homeric laughter, or a desire to leave the monastery — before the damned Cupid will catch us and will show how love is evil. something similar happened in the case of these photos, found on the vast website Awkward Family Photos, which contains perhaps the most bizarre snapshots of families and couples. Welcome to the laboratory of the horrors of family photos, ladies and gentlemen. Read the full article "

Massimo Fenati — Italian designer and Illustrator, for many years living in London. He was born and raised in Genoa, but moved to the UK in 1995 to work on 3D design projects. He also worked on such international TV channels as BBC, Sky and Channel 4. Massimo has released a comic book in the UK, Italy and other countries, which became very popular. Like a true Italian, Massimo worships food. And so when his two passions came together, I made this amusing series of comics about food. Read the full article "

Matteo Stucchi — talented pastry chef from the Italian city of Monza, which invents and implements delicious miniature worlds using their desserts. According to Matteo, the appearance of the dessert is no less important than its taste. The Italian imagination has no limits — freshly baked brownies chocolate be mines, cakes are transformed into a Ferris wheel, and in chocolate cake you can arrange rafting. The only thing that can match with a rampaging imagination Matteo is his patience and love for the smallest details. Read the full article "

When you choose the actors for the biographical role, the Director is the fine line between outwardly similar artists and actors with the necessary talent to convey the idea. In especially successful cases these two aspects coincide, and then we see fine actors that animate on the screen historical characters. the Success of a film biography is a credit to not only the actors, but also experts in casting and makeup. Many consider roles in biographical films, one of the most difficult and the most rewarding in Hollywood. Because usually we are talking about known historical characters, the task of the actor to work out a huge number of materials about your character and right to feel the same way. Read the full article "

Sophie hardy's work, which most of us can only dream of. It makes the fact that dines in the best restaurants in the UK. the Girl working in the project Weight Watchers offers a weight loss program, for the position of "consumer". Her main duty is to drive around the different restaurants and taste dishes that they offer. Dining in various cafes and restaurants and at the same time adhering to the diet plan, Weight Watchers, hardy hopes to prove that it is not necessary to sacrifice the social life for a diet. Read the full article "

Not sure how high the probability of inheritance in one family have four white strands. We somehow think that it is very small. However, it is a miracle from generation to generation in families little Milliani warty from South Carolina. The baby, who is now a year and a half, was born with the same distinctive feature, as her mom Brianna, grandmother and great-grandmother. the White strand of hair the girl explain the polysaccharide is low or complete lack of pigment in hair and skin where they grow. "We don't know where the roots are the distinctive features of this in our family since my great-grandmother was adopted and she never met her biological family, told brianna, the girl's mother. — And my younger sister that no strands. But I was hoping...

The trade deficit in the USSR — the phenomenon of the planned economy, which was typical for almost the entire history of the Soviet Union. Buyers, despite the availability of money, had a shortage of certain goods and services, sometimes even necessities. it Should be noted that the deficit in the USSR has experienced several peaks, accompanied by the introduction of elements of the normalized distribution of coupons and cards. As a rule, scarce goods appeared in the stores suddenly and to buy them was extremely difficult; it was necessary to stand in a queue of enormous size, and even multiple queues for each type of product separately. Many called the process of shopping a science, as it was necessary well to calculate how and where to take a turn. Read...

If you ever find a stray puppy and drag him home, please ensure that it is not a wild animal — a wolf there, a Fox or perhaps a coyote. Just imagine that felt Justin Boh when his beloved wife Kyle sent me this picture with the "cute little dog" which she "found" and the puppy was a coyote. However, only at the end of the correspondence it becomes clear how Justin got angry. We give all the correspondence between the "kind-hearted" wife and her unhappy husband trying to explain to the missus that this is not a puppy dog. Read the full article "

The Battle of Waterloo in 1815 was Napoleon Bonaparte's last defeat. But even after his death in 1821, the surviving soldiers of the Grand army (Grande Armée) was deeply respected and revered their leader. Every year on may 5, the day of the death of Napoleon, veterans in full uniform marched to the Paris place vendôme, to pay tribute to your Emperor. These impressive portraits are almost the only remaining images of French veterans who participated in the years 1803-1815 Napoleonic wars. Presumably, the pictures were taken on 5 may 1858. All the men who at that time was 70-80 years old, dressed in the uniform in which they fought. You may also notice that on the chest of the soldier hangs the medal of Saint Helena which was granted in August 1857 to all...

Sandra van der Broek from Netherlands creates incredibly cute cartoon characters, making meals in the style of Bento for their children. First she makes a sketch of the dishes and then prepares it with scissors, knives and toothpicks. It's hard to believe, but Sandra usually takes about an hour to prepare one dish. She likes to make something practical that can be repeated by any other person. If you look closely, you can see that you, too, can make such Bento with their hands. Read the full article "

"don't drink the water from the tap" is probably the phrase most often hear tourists going abroad. However, no one ever warns you that in some places it is better not to turn on the light and do not use electricity. Never. the Members of the British institution of engineering and technology and 138 thousand readers of its journal "engineering and technology" was voted the worst examples of wiring from around the world. Savvy in science and technology, the British published a truly frightening and life-threatening examples. 500 failures of electricians was selected as the 12 most-most. Read the full article "

If you haven't decided what tattoo you want to do, pay attention to these options with the works of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. This is truly a work of art. Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) is one of the most famous artists of the art Nouveau era. He became famous thanks to a special style with its inherent eroticism and decorative. Then it was considered a rebellion against traditional academic art. One of the most famous paintings of Klimt — "the Kiss", which, as you can see from the photos below, are quite popular among tattoo artists, as well as "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer". This collection of tattoos will surely make you think about how to wear a reproduction of the painting Klimt is always with you. Read the full article "