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Interesting project of the Belgian photographer Kurt Stallaert (Kurt Stallaert) called "the world of the bodybuilders" (Bodybuilders of the World). Using photos Kurt has created an alternate reality in which all the inhabitants of the earth — pitching with a decent bodybuilding experience. Let's see how it would look if it were a reality. says the author: "All the pictures are very ordinary. Muscles I added in photoshop. It turned out what happened. I'm appalled, I must confess!" Read the full article "

When you're an internationally famous personality, which regularly shines on TV screens and social events, you cannot have trudnoperevarivaema, neskuchnoe and unremarkable name, and stars know it. Russian and foreign celebrities often take a bright, short and sonorous name, which would be easy to pronounce and remember, and rightly so, because then the chances to gain worldwide fame increase a hundredfold. We offer to your attention a collection of foreign celebrities, about aliases, which you were not even aware. Read the full article "

Age 20 to 30 is the most important decade in a person's life. This time you need to use as efficiently as possible! We all know that being young is in every way perfect. You're full of energy, hopes, plans. Feel that the life only begins, and ahead of you even as much pleasant discovery! But it is the beginning of adult life. The time when the Foundation is laid for the future. What you sow in youth we reap in adulthood... How to use data to us by youth opportunities? It tells about a book by psychologist Meg Jay "Important years. Why you should not put off life for later" (in Russia, this bestseller is released by the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"). The book is dedicated to all those who are from 20 to 30 years. According to the author, this...

Great Britain — the country which once ruled half the world. One of the few "shortcomings" of the rich cultural heritage of the country is the local gastronomy, devoid of any frills. British cuisine is simple and nutritious. Of course, she has a sub: English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, Anglo-Indian, Gibraltar. They are all different from each other and have their own unique recipes. it Should be noted that the British as anyone else pay attention to Breakfast. It can be described as hearty. Aperitif to the morning meal is tea. Followed by a bowl of porridge of oatmeal and cream, enhanced by scrambled eggs with fried sausages and bacon, toast, white beans with tomatoes. All washed down with a Cup of coffee or juice. Special place in the UK is tea...

Movement "urban studies", or urban exploration, gaining more and more popularity around the world. A lot of attention to him and Bigbitch — we like chilling photos and videos, which are obtained from these fans of extreme sports. Today we want to introduce you to a young Kyiv project "Invasion" (Insiders). The project is conceived as one of a kind cycle of documentaries about urban studies, giving the opportunity to anyone to plunge into the atmosphere of exciting adventures, historical aesthetics and thoughts about the confrontation of man and metropolis. Read the full article "

Shopping for a child is a very responsible occupation, which can trust is not for everyone, but the parents of this little girl decided to take a chance. Friends suggested to Erica and Hannes, a young couple of designers from Switzerland to look after their 6-month-old son Alex during the day. Parents are very worried, giving into the hands of his friends young son, knowing that this couple has a very wild imagination. Erica and Hannes noticed the excitement in the eyes of their friends and decided to have some fun. They took pictures together with the child, and then added pictures of deadly animals, from which they purport to save Alex, and sent them every hour on the phone to his friends. Now imagine you are away from your baby, and you have those...

This release contains pictures of Syria 1940 and French colonial troops, who were then in the country. In 1920, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, was formed Syrian Arab Kingdom centered in Damascus. However, the independence of this state lasted very long — in 1922, the French army occupied Syrian land. In 1936 between Syria and France signed a Treaty providing for the independence of Syria, but in 1939 France refused to ratify it. In 1940, France itself was occupied by German troops, and Syria came under the control of the Vichy Regime. Read the full article "

Old Andrea Reese (Andrea Star Reese), a famous documentary photographer from new York, almost a year lived in Indonesia, where there are many pictures of orphanages, schools and hospitals. According to her, many patients, whom she met in local psychiatric hospitals, there were no psychiatric disorders and have not been given an exact diagnosis. Various data published by the government indicate that in Indonesia today, is practiced by approximately 600 to 800 psychiatrists, half of them are based on the island of Java and half in Jakarta. Some still use only one diagnosis and one prescription. Local and regional Indonesian officials recognize the importance of existing private and licensed shelters, though, and realize that there are serious deficiencies in...

In 1992, ash Thayer remained homeless in Brooklyn, pretty soon she found a new home in the company of other squatters, took the old abandoned building in the East village. She was then 19 years old, she loved photography and was new to squatting, but soon realized that this way of life it is, in principle, satisfied. Over the next seven years, Ashe was only a few abandoned buildings, wandering from place to place. Of course, the authorities still believe that such people are the offenders, because squatters illegally live in houses which, although they are in ruins, but still officially owned by the city. Squat on Fifth Street was one of these informal settlements, which soon came to an end. Read the full article "

Nanda Devi Raj Yatra is the longest and most difficult pilgrimage in the world, which is in the Himalayas every 12 years. Way that are pilgrims to the Holy land, difficult and long within three weeks they must overcome 290 kilometers, of which 230 — barefoot. This time the pilgrims were accompanied by the Palestinian photographer Fromeast (March Kotlarska), which documented their arduous journey in the Himalayas. Her photographs have been awarded the prestigious Indian award Abhivyakti Gaurav Samman. Read the full article "

Men have always been considered to be aggressive, and the more they showed this quality in the Middle ages. When technology allowed us to develop a more threatening and deadly weapons of mass destruction, medieval war, which were attended by a factor of personalization in the fight ceased to seem so terrible. But the battle was fierce and bloody, and the soldiers had to look the enemy straight in the eye. Weapons that heroic time has become a valuable artifact, even legendary. Provide an overview of the most expensive copies that have survived to our time. Read the full article "

Australian Nathan Meola weighing more than 206 kilos was the youngest and the heaviest participant of the casting for the Biggest Loser (the biggest loser marathon). He did not pass the qualifying round of the reality TV show, so the devastating news caused the guy a deep depression. But gradually Nathan coped with his defeat, and within five years gradually dropped 80 hateful pounds. Now 28-year-old guy works as a personal coach and his example proves many clients that anything is possible, even without using radical methods. Looking back on his past, Nathan doesn't understand why he since the childhood tried to "seize" all your failures. "I'm not addicted to food, and making food — it was a sort of psychological reward for the brain," he said. Read the...

All mothers on both sides of the equator are the best examples of selfless, unconditional, sympathetic and faithful love. Maternal feelings beyond time and space, are not amenable to reason and logic — just because you can understand them, by becoming parents, and nothing else. the kind of love I want to capture that in the difficult moments of her life, she warmed the heart and gave hope — somewhere in another city or on the other side of the planet there is a man who loves us no matter what. So mom has always inspired photographers around the world on the warm and touching photos that will be rid of memories from a single generation. to Convey the maternal feelings in one of the photos difficult. But we found such personnel, who coped with this task...

Brazilian gastronomy was influenced by African, Portuguese, Indian traditions and represents a "puzzle" of regional cuisines. It is worth noting that often one of the Brazilian dishes of the region are very different from each other and have a unique geographical situation. The most revered and favorite dish of the nation is considered the feijoada — beans with different kinds of meat, cassava flour and spices. The unique taste of the dish was praised by the poet Vinicius de Morais, who lived in the period from 1913 to 1980. the Most characteristic products for the Brazilian cuisine are beans, rice, seafood, fish, all kinds of meat, coconut milk, fruit. Do not conceive of its existence, the Brazilians without coffee. Read the full article "

"Pictures of those times we imagine only black and white. These works are the American freelance photographer Robert Ritchie Arnella from the archive at southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Richie worked as an advertising and industrial photography, working for major publishers and various American companies. In his archive a large number of works devoted to the oil industry in the US and aviation. The last topic was interested in Richie, as he had a pilot's license and loved to fly. Some of the photos made in the color film Kodachrome. Unfortunately, there are not very many but they are the best, in my opinion, interesting," says blogger samsebeskazal. Read the full article "