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Instead of drawing on paper primary school teacher Russell Powell (Russell Powell) draws realistic portraits right on the arm, then use your hand as a stamp. Teacher-artist draws fast enough to ensure that the paint does not dry and let the lines on the palm to become part of the work. Powell calls this process "hand-stamping" and even includes a similar art projects in their lessons. The man teaches in the same school for many years, and also works in the Studio Pangaean. Read the full article "

It is No secret that many of us love to walk through cemeteries. Here you can find and history, and beautiful architecture, all under the open sky. And when before your eyes appear a few past generations of families, makes you wonder about the eternal, as grandiloquent as it may sound. Bigbitch is no exception: Pere-Lachaise in Paris, Recoleta in Buenos Aires, the Necropolis in St. Petersburg, the Jewish cemetery in Prague and a lot of small cemeteries in different cities of Europe. On the last trip to Italy we managed to walk through the monumental cemetery of the Certosa in Bologna. the cemetery of the Certosa was once a Carthusian monastery, founded in 1334 and closed in 1797-m by order of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1801, a former monastery was converted...

Australian comic actress Celeste Barber parodies photos of celebrities on instagram, and encourages others to do the same, posting pictures on tag #celestechallengeaccepted. Goes wildly and looks very funny! "People take everything too seriously. They are obsessed with celebrities, wealth, privilege, all this elite lifestyle. And the star believes that doing normal things. Kim Kardashian posing in the mud — who does that in real life?" says Celeste. Read the full article "

The Earth is home not only for us humans but also for thousands of other species of living beings – big and small, wild and friendly, colorful and not. Anyway, each of these types is unique and its preservation on our planet is very important for natural balance. unfortunately, that person is the main reason for the extinction of many animals. Okapi and quokka, Lori and the dugong, kakapo and the coconut crab and other species are on the verge of extinction and will soon disappear forever. Let's be kinder to nature and to those with whom we share our home! Read the full article "

Remember the time when the question "Who killed Laura Palmer?" did not descend from the covers of periodicals and agitated the minds of hundreds of thousands of viewers? The cult TV series "twin Peaks" began with the history of other beauties, also died under rather mysterious circumstances... In 1986, the company Warner Bros. addressed to David Lynch with a proposal to make a film about Marilyn Monroe based on the book "Goddess: the secret life of Marilyn Monroe". Agent David, Tony Krantz, had introduced him with his friend and client, screenwriter mark frost. David and mark is surprisingly easy to find common language very soon and started working on the script for "Goddess". the Film company Warner Bros. to remove did not dare, but between mark and David...

What life was like in the USSR in the first decade after the revolution? Perhaps someone remembers her old photographs tucked in the family album. Let's see. As covered with asphalt Leningrad highway in Moscow? How to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the revolution in Leningrad? How to build the first high-rise buildings in Kharkov? It seems like moments in the history of forever sunk into Oblivion, leaving only a bitter taste of nostalgia. But thanks to a rare surviving photographs, little pieces of a huge story — we can now restore the General picture of the past. So, what was the Soviet Union and the people in the 20-ies and 30-ies... Read the full article "

National library of the Czech Republic is the complex of buildings of the Clementinum — a wildly beautiful and elegant example of Baroque architecture. In 1722 it became the Jesuit University, and in 1781 was established Bibliotheca Nationalis, collection of literature in the Czech language. Today the library holds more than 20 thousand books. A number of rare historical editions will soon be scanned and posted on Google Books. Some interesting facts about the Clementinum national library: it was the third largest Jesuit educational institution in the world; weather observations began here in 1775; the Clementinum is mentioned in the novel, the famous Spanish writer Jorge Luis Borges. Read the full article "

Project "Destroyed India" shows the reality behind the stylized photo of India on instagram. The action initiated by the Indian company Limitless in Singapore, aims to draw attention to the poverty and pollution that prevail in the country. "Showing the devastated India, we wanted to touch a sensitive nerve. That will change only if people are aware of the state of Affairs and go out of your comfort zone. For positive change need a little negative", — said the representatives of the Limitless in an interview with Buzzfeed. Read the full article "

Photographer and Director Nadia Bedzhanova interested in life of modern youth. One day, on the fourth day, stretching forever winter holidays in Moscow, Nadia wandered into the entrance of her friend's house. "he was such a character — perfect scenery: the Russian flag, calendar with Putin, a calendar with a goat (according to the Chinese calendar it's the year of the Goat) and the giant Christmas tree, says Bedanova. — I photographed at the entrance of a friend, who was posing as a janitor, and posted on instagram, very cool. Then I noticed that every post-Soviet entrance is the highlight, plants, trees, strange decorations. Only need to add a girl and take the Olympus". Together with producer Olga Korovkina Nadia chose eight girls and created a photo...

Story of a unique friendship between children and their Pets are always very touching. However, not so often these stories about winged Pets. But the son of the photographer, Cameron bloom — Noah is just such an unusual feathered friend. This is forty, which they picked up another chick while I was out walking near his home in the Australian city of Newport. After consulting with the vet, the family decided to leave the magpie itself. In this issue Bigbitch will tell you about the touching friendship of a boy Noah and magpies named Penguin. Read the full article "

Legendary thing — half man, half mountain, was erected in the late 16th century, the famous Italian sculptor Giambologna. A giant statue symbolizes the Apennine mountains called the Apennine. God of the mountain rises 10 meters over a manor Villa of Pratolino in Tuscany. the giant statue has an amazing secret: inside her hide in a few rooms. Of the monster, which keeps the colossus, pouring water from an underground source, and inside the head of the statue, according to rumors, a fireplace, and when it lit, the smoke comes out of nostrils. This is the same! Read the full article "

In the Fall of 1972, bill Yates traveled through the countryside in the vicinity of Tampa, Florida. At that time, he studied photography at the University of South Florida. One day bill discovered a facility for inline skating called Sweetheart Roller Skating. the Photographer went back there for the night and documented the rapidly partying teenagers. I get almost 800 shots, due to which Yates finally put together a portfolio and got into the design School of Rhode island. Read the full article "

It was not long after the historic first flight of the Wright brothers, as people began to try to make deadly stunts on planes. The first known case of the walk on the wings of an airplane during a flight was a practical demonstration of the lateral stability of a particular model. the Pilot of the US army Ormara to Locklear during the service liked to walk on the wings of the aircraft to its settings and adjustments. Decided to capitalize on her passion for at risk, he soon began a lucrative career as a pilot-stuntman in "the Flying circus Locklear". After that, Locklear moved to Hollywood where she starred in the movie "the Great air robbery". However, in 1920, he died in a plane crash during the filming of the second film. the Threat of death, the former...

"the Hero of one person is evil for another!" reads the familiar adage. How would anyone not have emphasized the validity and dignity of certain political programs, heartless ways in which some leaders tried to achieve their goals, have no excuses. After all, from what point of view or the other, but, for example, the construction of the tower from living people, sealed with bricks and mortar, is extremely cruel act. the Publication Business Insider has compiled a list of the most ruthless leaders of all time who used ruthless tactics to achieve their political and military objectives. note: policies in this list (which includes only the dead leaders) ruled until 1980. They are arranged in chronological order. Read the full article "

In prison North Slave Correctional Centre in the Northern canadian city of Yellowknife contained only 150 inmates it was designed for criminals from the canadian Arctic. Concluded provided sufficient comfort, has all the amenities and halls in order to conduct time — and stay in shape. To the Eskimos has a steam room (for ritual cleansing) and a special place for fumigation smoke. Patrick Kane went to jail and made a series of interesting photographs which were then published in the canadian Vice. Read the full article "