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As it is now nor blamed social network, still something good in them. For example, it is possible to see here such wonderful photos and share them with the world. a Very busy mom of three children, Lindsay Bones is also a talented photographer, arranging her children magic shoot. Not so long ago, the followers of her instagram literally fell in love with a new series of photos of happy moms — they can see the baby son of the photographer, Finn, and his best friends, fluffy bunnies. Well, how can you resist such a couple? Read the full article "

Our moms we love so much! More than anything else. And, no, more than us, they are like annoying to take care of us and to deal with all these new Internet thingies. And they are so nice, so funny at the same time. Probably right after reading this post you will want to call your mother and say, "Hey Mom! I love you! Well how you doing back there?" And despite the fact that your mom probably loves to chat (Yes, they all are), listen to it to the end and finally just be a good kid. Read the full article "

In our time a comprehensive urbanization and the eternal pursuit of happiness (although happiness is often realize a higher standard of living) many people are leaving their homes in large cities, where better-developed infrastructure. A small town, thus becoming similar to God-forgotten Ghost towns, which would perfectly fit in some cheap Hollywood Thriller with a chilling story about a zombie Apocalypse. "the Last years I live in Bucharest, but was born and raised in a small Transylvanian town of Orastie. I visit it several times a year, and every time when I return to Bucharest, I can't help feeling that my mother Orastie turns into a Ghost town. Most of the streets are empty: sometimes I see lonely silhouettes crossing the road somewhere in the...

Dubai is usually said a little breathlessly, as if it were some kind of magical place filled with mystery and wonders. Being the most populated city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai for obvious reasons, is a major middle East business hub, which it is much richer and more luxurious neighboring towns. Wealth without a touch of madness — tales for kids (don't believe me — look at Donald trump), and in Dubai millionaires weirdo found on almost every corner. Read the full article "

Nowadays, with the help of instagram you can build a career. Thanks to the vision frame or the right hashtags you can engage the creative Director at a cool Agency or you will have to create their own digital platform. In the conditions of constantly growing competition on the market of a certain stratum of photographers "old school" is trying to deny all these "instagram users". However, polka Magdalena Wosinska fearlessly fit into the company as the first and the second: it has a professional command of the art of photography, and her instagram account signed 196 thousand users. Magdalene Instagram with the hashtag #TheExperienceVol1 exists in the form of a kind of gallery with photos from travels, full of beautiful, even to some extent, visually poetic...

Marketing can be very expensive, but fortunately there is always an alternative — there are some tricks that do not require large expenditures. Guerrilla marketing — not involving heavy expenditure strategy, the meaning of which is to use original ideas. The term was coined by the American advertiser Jay Conrad Levinson. How does it work? A lasting impression on the buyers produce a witty message and originality of approach. Want to understand what it was about? We picked up a few interesting examples. Read the full article "

It is considered that Japan is a country of refined and educated people. That is why tourists are surprised by the manner of the Japanese to shut down in public places. Channel Instagram @shibuyameltdown contains images of the Japanese in the Shibuya district at various stages of intoxication. The Creator of this channel — Aussie Tom O'brien, living in Tokyo. He works as a fashion designer and originally took those pictures purely for my own entertainment. Indeed, in the same Australia no one can just sleep in a public place without being stolen, beaten, and eventually arrested. Read the full article "

For Several decades it would be nice to have so much in our lives had changed. Fashion, styles, technology, life and many more things. However, have you ever thought ever about how over time has changed the images of familiar superheroes? Batman, Superman, Iron man, and the appearance of all these characters had seriously transformed over the last few decades. Just try to imagine them without the usual cool costumes and devices. Can't? Then our selection is exactly like you. Read the full article "

Why stay at an ordinary apartment or house, shot through Airbnb, if you can travel back in time or to spend the night in a historical site shrouded in mysterious legends? Fans of the shivers on the back, brave enough to stay in the old hospital, a psychiatric hospital or funeral home, can find that the sleep time coincides with entertainment in the form of ghostly guests or extraneous noises. Airbnb has compiled a list of the world's most feared dwellings for rent, which also includes the haunted house in the Midwest USA if you are faced there with paranormal activity and will be forced to flee, payment for them is not compensated. Read the full article "

There are Disney fans, there are fans, and then there's Richard Schaefer – makeup artist and freelance writer who turns himself into the princesses from your favourite disney cartoons. As can be seen, the good guy knows his stuff. Richard started doing disney cosplay four years ago. Now every transformation requires about two hours. He makes his own costumes, learned in school, trying to escape from the attacks of their peers. He said he looks asexual, and he decided to learn from this criticism positive maximum, turning yourself into your favourite disney princesses. According to Richard, cross-dressing allows him to feel more confident. Read the full article "

Usually mailboxes can hardly be called works of art, but in Japan it's the opposite. Japanese mailbox, make bright, decorated with images of mascots, animals and other phenomena of the local culture. Itself pop culture mailboxes, or as they are called in Japan kinen post, has its origins in 1952, when the Japanese postal service was decorated on top of the box statue of a cherub playing the trumpet, in honor of the 75th anniversary of the universal postal Union. Since kinen post has spread across the country, serving as reminders of anniversaries of events, indicators, or simply to demonstrate the unique character and history of the area. Read the full article "

July 12, 1962 in London hosted the first concert of group Rolling Stones, which for many years vied in popularity with The Beatles. British rock group became an important part of the "British invasion", it is considered one of the most influential and successful bands in history. in 1964, the legendary band released his first album which in Britain was called The Rolling Stones, and in the United States — England's Newest Hit Makers The Rolling Stones (or "contemporary hit-makers from England The Rolling Stones"), and in 1965 the group held their first American tour. It was during these tours the pictures were taken, has long remained hidden from the eyes of the world. Only in 2012, these 23 photographs never before published and in General no one had the...

Race on vintage cars Mille Miglia ("1,000 miles") was organized by two young people of Aymo Maggi and Franco Mazzotti after their hometown of Brescia lost the Italian Grand Prix, losing the right to host the race in Monza. The first caravans under the brand of "1000 miles" was held in Italy, glorifying such car brands as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche. This race is one of the jewels of Italy: 1,000 miles on country roads in cars 1927-1957 years of release. Bigbitch visited one of the stages in Sirmione on lake Garda and immersed in this wonderful atmosphere of a vintage car in the pouring rain. Though local warned us about — the day of the race in the city it's always raining Read the full article "

The Series of photographs "Kiss", created by photographer Maggie West to Los Angeles for her book of the same name, contains image pairs of people kissing each other in the light of colorful, surreal lamps. The series demonstrates the unique, abstract approach to this mysterious action, depicted for hundreds of years. Placing a familiar way of expressing sympathy and closeness in such colorful terms, the book forces readers to rethink the intimacy and energy that is invisibly present in each embrace. Read the full article "

Lake Baskunchak located in the Astrakhan region, not too close to the main resort areas of Russia. The unusual beauty of its shores is more reminiscent of the Dead sea or landscapes of Death Valley, than beaches with photos in the tourist brochures. Located near the border with Kazakhstan, the lake is still from the VIII century is an important source of salt — it was bought by the merchants who followed held near the silk road. the Salt industry good living today: the companies of this industrial area put on the market about 80% of Russia's salt. Lake Baskunchak attracts many tourists from all over Russia, who come here mainly because of the healing properties of salt water and dirt. Read the full article "