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Bigbitch regularly looking for young, interesting authors on Flickr. Every day we cast the net and viewing a few dozen, sometimes even a hundred different accounts. We are looking for a series of works for publication — the photo needs to be compelling, solid and interesting. Today will introduce you to the Japanese photographer Yuichiro. We would, of course, really wanted a little chat with him about his work — how, and why, but he speaks no English and we speak no Japanese. About himself, the Japanese man says nothing, only blood group and cameras, which relieves: medium format film Rolleiflex and Holga plastic hipster. Female portraits attracted us with a special romantic feel that is usually characteristic of the work of women photographers. I confess...

Cynthia Matty-Haber has long admired the rough, brutal lifestyle of the ranchers. These photos she did for three years, traveling all over Montana. The last year she worked with only one person. The family of John Holland came to Montana in 1906. All his life John spent on the farm. When his parents died, all the household work fell on him — John became the sole owner of the farm. Work Cynthia breaks the stereotypes about the ranch as a quiet life away from the bustle. It shows how hard and exhausting every day to monitor the farming area of 380 hectares. But throw impossible — after all, this earth called home for 100 years, and no other homeland. However, the realism of the photos does not kill the romance of rural life — just look at the scenery and not...

"Once, after a trip to Bali where I met a wonderful local photographer, I decided to radically change his life. I'm so in love with his work, fell in love with his camera, fell in love with the way he did, how did, how to build the frame. I decided to dedicate my life to art, namely photography. Now every day I learn and develop, because no limit to perfection. I love my work, I love to pick up a camera and hear the sound triggered shutter, I love working with different people and help them achieve the perfect image. I just love my job, I live, as many ideas of my photo shoots come to me in a dream". Nave Monde — a true genius of his craft. Her with inexpressible grace manages to create a wonderful, atmospheric photo stories: from the glamorous images and...

Keith Anderson — the usual father from Ontario. He looks like an ex-convict Baldy, with a thick lush beard and covered in tattoos. However, this person can be called the most loving father in the world, because he was not afraid of public opinion and condemnation for acts of love to the son! Keith Anderson does a tattoo on the "thumbnail" of your child. In the end, his right hand gradually covered with children's drawings, which will remain with him forever. By the way, it turns out well. And sometimes his son makes him tattoo! Read the full article "

Corey Arnold is an American photographer and part-time professional fisherman. Already more than ten years he goes to sea as a team member of the fishing vessel, along the way documenting in photographs the life of his teammates. fishing Corey has been in love with since childhood, but photography has interested only in his student years. At the same time in parallel with his studies he first tried his hand in commercial production of salmon. In the end, the two passions in a natural way combines with the degree of bachelor of arts, Corey got a job working on a fishing vessel in Alaska and started his ambitious multi-year project — a kind previously taken a professional angler. the Main interest of the Measles as a photographer is the relationship between...

The Wording of Bigpic wants to introduce you to a true master of street photography — living in Russia Kuwaitis Alexander Naanu. Naanu shoots since 1993 and in 1998 moved to Moscow, and from 2007 — member of the Union of photographers of Russia. the Works of Alexander Naanu typical in street photos the diversity of scenes, however, he addresses her absolutely non-trivial way, and you will just know it, looking at the pictures. You will notice a completely different layout of the characters and objects in the frame, and — from time to time! the post cutting the picture into two equal parts. Amazing and "fishing entities". Read the full article "

Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages created by distillation of products based on grain. Over its history, the whiskey is closely joined to the culture of many peoples of the world. Especially the influence of the whiskey felt in Scotland. And although the history of distilled drinks goes back thousands of years, it was here 500 years ago whiskey that we know today, slowly began to win the love among the people. today and flavored whiskey takes its rightful place among alcohol along with beer and wine. Read the full article "

The Actor is a very specific job: which not only has to move the poor in order to get to play the coveted role! Even in the age of modern technology, using which, it seems, you can achieve any effect, not everything is done using computer graphics. Makeup artists, makeup artists, costume designers — all those people we can get into a fairy tale or find yourself in a nightmare. Next are some of the most impressive works of makeup artists and, of course, the actors before and after makeup. Read the full article "

Members of the Royal family seem to be ideal in all respects, this is the pride of the country. But they tend to get into ridiculous situations, to which they react exactly like ordinary mortals. For the British Queen and the Royal family is a legend, national hero, the pride and honor of the whole country. It is not surprising that many consider them a standard of dignity, grace and elegance. But they are people too. So, they tend to make mistakes, fooling around and getting into funny and absurd situations. Because it is not insured, even members of the family of blue bloods. Read the full article "

Alessandro Pautasso, the network is also known under the nickname Kaneda, Italian graphic designer and Illustrator, specializiruetsya in multimedia, or in other words, he prefers mixed techniques. Design and illustration Alessandro became interested once in hand I got him an illustrated anthology of The Beatles authorship of British artist Alan Aldridge. Bigbitch offers to see the work of Pautasso, where he reinterprets the portraits of the legendary actors of old Hollywood: Monroe, Garbo, Bogart, gable, that's all. Beautiful noble faces of these people sparkle with new colors, literally! Read the full article "

When thinking about life in the mountains once submitted hermits who decided to leave civilization. However, sometimes it is the top of the rocks and mountains become the location of entire settlements. Of course, most of them were built many centuries ago, there are even "representatives" of the middle Ages. To date, such places are popular tourist attractions. Travellers who are not afraid of heights, tend to see rock city and the panorama view from there. The compilation, presented below, are not only cities, but the monasteries hidden on the heights. Read the full article "

Russia — a country with a deep, one little known to the soul. Europeans and Americans wishing to do their little gesheft, say goodbye to the family in advance — just in case. At least it is so often shown information about our country in Western tabloids. Today we publish some excerpts from the article pretty influential publications portal Business Insider. The original material is addressed to those foreign nationals who have decided to start a business in Russia, our article is addressed to everyone else. Read the full article "

Ben Baker is tired of the dull gray walls of the office of the advertising Agency where he works, so one day decided to turn them into something extraordinary. His idea was to cover up a boring office wall with a series of superhero portraits, laid out the stickers, which eventually took him 8024 pieces. Ben wrote on Reddit that he took several weeks to plan and design a future mural. He has the full support of his boss, which was allocated $ 300 of materials and supported Ben from the beginning to the end. Read the full article "

This artist won't mind if you call her art garbage: Jane Perkins creates amazing portraits from things that he finds in the trash and flea markets. British skillfully recreates the faces of celebrities and legendary works of art from buttons, pieces of cheap costume jewelry, old toys, and more. "I love art with an element of fun and unexpected. Use random small objects: plastic toys, shells, beads and so on. I don't paint materials — they appear in its original form. Work should look first from afar, to recognize the image as a whole, and then close to see the materials," says Jane. the Artist says that he finds things not only at the flea market and trash — something to bring friends, neighbors, acquaintances. Sometimes she finds the bags on his doorstep...

"Venus in furs" — the famous novel by Leopold Sacher-Masoch, which to this day excites the imagination of the public. The plot of the novel repeatedly asked the Directors of theatre and cinema, and his latest acclaimed film adaptation was converted by the Roman Polanski. The reality of a creative or fiction — how to treat a notable work of Sacher-Masoch, in which he describes a special type of love or love addiction — masochism? One answer to this question offers the ex-wife of writer — Wanda von Dunayev, who in 1906 published a shocking book — "Confessions of my life." Read the full article "