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13 APR boy Walmart (Walmart Yodel Boy), singing yodeling, performed at the popular Coachella festival in California in front of thousands of people. And this despite the fact that just a month ago, no student knew. As he received growing popularity? 11-year-old Mason Ramsey enjoys the fact that to echo the songs of the "father" of country music of Hank Williams. Sometimes, as it turned out, he [...] related posts: the Simpsons gave a new meme – ham for a couple, the Prosecutor became a meme hits of summer 59 mounted in one video of a Sad monkey in the barbershop became a meme Acclaimed the speech of Herman Gref

The British Resident of Halifax invented one of the most bizarre ways to explain what to look for his missing cat. After that, it became unclear if he knows at all what they are – cats, but was born a new popular meme. The British have long tried to find out whether the cat was hit by a car, could not describe your pet, but in the end found a [...] related posts: British Bacon Double Cheeseburger happy with his new name, his bride – no joke Nikon has rewarded the photographer with a gigantic camera Barack Obama very funny! Who owns the copyright on the first selfi monkeys? The longest cat in the world "I would be glad to again become normal"

Maxim Ilyin has become famous "Cossack pop art" recently said that he wants to build a Orthodox Church of LEGO. That is why initially the subjects of his works were icons and crosses. The master said that in the future he will reach the main goal. Kazak said that the temple will be a classic traditional form of concrete and steel, but inside it will be a lot [...] related posts: highest LEGO tower in the world Car from the LEGO life-size Graffiti Banksy Lego Legendary pop moments recreated in LEGO Cool LEGO skyscraper

Some new memes appear after the revival of the old and almost forgotten memes. So, for example, going into the community Dank Memes on Reddit. In the spring of 2018 in the Russian social networks have the expression "costb" cultural version of the word "suck", which became in a short time a full-fledged meme. And he appeared not so easy as it might seem. When users started to talk [...] related posts: Meme "Say something in your language," rose from the dead the History of the most mysterious Internet meme of the Loss history of the city, which became the prototype of the "silent hill" Y U NO Guy and Aww Yea Guy – two different Internet meme of the Guy who is all about mom

In Bergen (Norway) archaeologists have found special con dice. Its age is about 600 years. From the normal dice it is different because on those faces where there should be ones and twos, craftsman cut one more four, and five. A bone found in the medieval district of Bergen Bugsbunny near the remains of a wooden bridge, which was built in the 1400 [...] related posts: Real cheese banks Italy Iranian 70s: back to the future Things that people die more often In Norway for Christmas built the world's largest gingerbread village Real artists and autographs leave art

Off the coast of the Canary Islands now just over a year there is the underwater Museum of the Atlantic, over which bothered the artist Jason Taylor. It took about a year to establish the exposure on the sea bottom and about a year to create all of the sculptures. Find the Museum at the Coloradas Bay on the island of Lanzarote. If you are afraid to dive, we have [...] related posts: Unusual South Korean trickeye Museum sand sculpture Festival 2012: “the Cartoon island” SCULPTURES FROM WOOD CHIPS IN Australia festival beach sculpture gold exhibition USA

For thirty years San Diego Comic Con has grown from a small gathering of fans of comics in one of the most crowded and expensive conventions in the world. Its traffic has increased from 300 to 160 thousand people. Festival badges cost $ 200 for the weekend. Initially the event was conceived as an exhibition of comics and the popular arts associated with them. [...] Related posts: How is Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego the results of the festival of Comic Con 2016 in new York the Best of the festival cosplay Comic Con 2015 a Dozen of the cleanest waters on the planet Some of the most beautiful places on the planet

In the Prefecture of Fukui (Japan) for the first time in 17 years straight on the cherry blossoms, the snow fell. In the mountains and in the city It's snow depth was 7 to 11 inches, and the temperature dropped 4-5 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists found the explanation for these atypical places phenomenon. According to them, precipitation fell over the area of low pressure formed [...] related posts: On any air will find a buyer Remember a case where 2 girls beat up another, took video and posted in YouTube? Fun global warming: the Sahara snow fell again the Japanese used the snow on purpose Edible snow as the main hit of the menu

Catherine, known under the name MagnieMakoyana, lives in Yekaterinburg, teaches English there, and draws to himself. at the end of March, she posted on his Twitter account several pictures of the cities in the image of anime characters, which rapidly spread across the Network. As the heroes she chose Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, and other capitals of the regions and provinces. [...] Related posts: Top 10 anime genre slice of life anime the Most delusional of today Easter eggs can transform into favorite characters What if to collect 140 characters, the Football national teams of the countries in the style of anime

Every comics festival is an opportunity for people to not only show really carefully assembled costumes, but plenty fun. And at WonderCon, which was held in California, competed in the art of cosplay, trying to hit other participants and spectators cool costumes. But there were also those who frankly jiving, as grandpa Superman, dressed in boxers and sneakers. Similar records: the Best cosplay festival Comic Con 2015 the Best cosplay festival Indonesia Barbel-bearded men competed in the Las Vegas Footage from the Burning Man festival 2016 WonderCon was held in Los Angeles

Is long-lived memes, there are those that disappear one week after the occurrence, and there are Loss meme, which many call the greatest meme in the history of their existence. Mention of it appeared again in 2018 in Facebook, Twitter and The Question , though, on Reddit and in the English-speaking social networks all this time he remained popular. [...] Related posts: Y U NO Guy and Aww Yea Guy – two different Internet meme History of the Internet: GOOGLE the history of the city, which became the prototype of the "silent hill" Sony Ericsson W700i Walkman. A little history of the acquisition In the United States created the jumping robot in the world

The name of the makeup artist Mimi Choi has become popular in the world. She regularly puts in their Instagram surreal images, which are improving literally every day. And I must say, she has real talent! Every fresh creation of girls, below, proves it and shows how cosmetics and makeup in the right hands can change a person beyond recognition. How are you? [...] Related posts: Surrealism in the works of Thomas Barbey Found a tattoo artist who is proud of ugly tattoos monkey brains combined in the computer, the Original Bunny, which is very similar to lemming Superstitions from childhood

First tattoo on the body of Adam Curlykale from Britain came when he was 20 years old and when he beat cancer. Then the hand was adorned with the phrase "I am" ("I"). Now he was 32, and he managed to score a tattoo almost all her body, including the face. Untouched left armpit, feet, buttocks and hands. But Adam believes, [...] related posts: Norwegian forest house: example of an unconventional approach to the construction of housing Bad example infestor: tape-selfie is an Example of what brings the love of beans is an Example of what can create a Chinese bike Men UK wore wives on speed

A Team of 2D artists Among Us from time to time deals with the fact that he takes pictures with the image of Russian reality and puts all of the famous characters of movies, cartoons, comics and games. Sometimes this combination looks funny and ridiculous, but there are images that look too perfectly, and because – even scary. Similar records: As a Star wars spend vacation? A popular café on the toilet subjects of the Russian wilderness sends mysterious signals If the heroes of the great paintings out of the Museum walls... What can happen if children's ideas to be taken seriously

Extreme climber from new York, known under the name LiveJN, a strange way of expressing her love for the city. He's a photographer and some friends get together to jump from one skyscraper to another city, to hanging from rooftops, balancing on the railing at a frightening height. The photos are stunning and breathtaking. According to the guys, they don't do this [...] related posts: Blooming garden of love July 8 — the Day of family, love and fidelity Known to the world the artist has once again delayed about an unhealthy love for little boys the Language of love 12 reasons to love