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The Meteors fall to Earth almost every day, but often fall into the ocean or have a negligible mass that no one notices. And in that and in other case harm to the planet they are. Whether it is the five most prominent meteorites in Earth's history. The undisputed leader in the extent of the damage to nature – of course, the Tunguska [...] related posts: the Chelyabinsk meteor was falling a plane the size of a football field up to 74 km/h and will soon fly the biggest helicopter in the world Built the largest tent in the world In the UAE will build the largest and most expensive monument in the world.

8-year-old girl of August "Gussie" bridges accidentally left at the airport in Norfolk (Virginia, USA) my little stuffed dog. She was very worried about that, but it's been two days, and the dog came back in the books with photographs in which the toy captured in unlikely places. The loss handed the girl a COP. Toy Aug got a few weeks ago and was very attached [...] related posts: rainbow entered the Guinness Book Kilometer the sofa was in the Guinness Book of records Fans easier to get into the Guinness Book of world records Oil pumps turned the iron zoo Features the relationship between man and dog

In the Caribbean is a small island Roatan (Honduras), where there is a resort to little French Key, offering a unique opportunity for those who loves exotic animals. The tourists are given the opportunity to swim with jaguars from a rehabilitation centre for exotic animals. The cat's here live and multiply under natural conditions. And every man can experience to see what these spotted predators [...] related posts: the sea came the world's first liner with a track Five reasons to take Pets from a shelter Gerard Depardieu is a perfect cover for the arbitrariness of the authorities (25 photos) new year's swimming Unox Nieuwjaarsduik 2013 Perfect bachelor housing

Citizens of Spain, Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia held in the Russian capital campaign – "a secret protest in full view of the Russian authorities". They walked through downtown Moscow in colorful t-shirts of football teams, making together a very well-known and not universally accepted flag. The guys lined up in a rainbow flag – the symbol of the LGBT community around the world, invented by Gilbert Baker [...] related posts: Where to stay to business people in Moscow, the Residents of Istanbul staged a touching surprise Special performance for the blind will put in Moscow In Moscow students passed the exam, instead students Floating Dutch island

Recently, fans of Beyonce after her otchebuchival and posted dancing in the sheets, and here again. American grandma Terry Metz became famous in the Internet for funny videos about how actually it is necessary to fold the sheet. Grandma Terry is a housewife, she has two adult daughters. She's always posting on YouTube jokes, funny stories, stuff like that [...] related posts: a Soldier's rap blew up the Internet Selection of online store New Internet meme damn Strange the American dream of Popular Internet memes of the year

When you look at the work of artists, they seem to be unearthly beings with incredible skills that are not available to ordinary people. But this is not so. Masters decided to show that in childhood they were painted not so well. And not only in childhood but also just a couple of years ago they managed to spend only a [...] related posts: Real artists and autographs leave art Naked flash mob drew attention to gardeners Bonsai tree launched into the stratosphere Flashmob "One like – one fact" was informative collection of Winter collection of jokes 2

Feb 2017 continues with a strange story that combines head of Tesla Elon musk, the unicorn, which emits gases that artist Tom Edwards from Colorado. Then Elon has published in his Twitter photo mugs with a picture of the farting unicorn and called her favorite mug of all time. After a tweet sales of tableware with this design has increased dramatically. [...] Related posts: Elon Musk still made the Hyperloop In the Tesla stations will be fun produces budget cars Tesla Elon Musk endorsed the idea of creating a Jurassic Park Elon Musk is working on a dragon-cyborg

This girl from Louisiana for several years are ready to fly to the Red planet. She needs to fly in 2033 according to the program of NASA. 17-year-old alyssa Carson from Baton Rouge, Louisiana wants to visit Mars will be among the first earthlings. Her dreams are not a mere girlish fancy. Alice trained at the Academy NASA to become a participant of the first Mars mission in [...] related posts: In the space bloomed first flower of the world's First 7-year-old girl conquered Kilimanjaro, the Sun also is preparing for the Halloween Rush to get to Mars! 96-year-old "Iron Granny" from Belgorod became a racer

During major events, the fans communicate with each other and teams, and sometimes well received and the athletes. It is a way to communicate something to a native, to make a statement, ask something or to share experiences. Many of the posters are so distinctive that inevitably fall under the scope of cameras and camcorders. Below you can find some of the best, sad, funny, inspiring posters from the Championship [...] related posts: world Cup 2018: the cost of its conduct be amazed by the octopus Girl and football: the most beautiful cheerleaders of the 2018 world Cup to Get at any price! Football fans going to the world Cup in 2018... the tractor, the Mexicans arrived on the 2018 world Cup with a difficult piece of cardboard

With the onset of hot days the swimming season is finally fully open. Had not managed to choose a swimsuit dedicated to the text about the development of beach fashion from the first swimwear to modern. It is believed that a type of bathing suit appeared Ancient Rome. There are many well preserved frescoes from the IV century BC and later, depicting girls dressed in something resembling a two-piece bikini. But it is rather [...] related posts: DADBAG – all the rage in the world of bags Fashion bearded men far from their grandparents love Story: the famous photographer, who became homeless Pizza Hut is conquering the world of fashion People with ranchero time such now I and there will soon not be

Digital art Museum, Mori Building (Tokyo, Japan) offers visitors the chance to meet the wildest dreams and dive into the wonderful world of technological arts. In the first in the country digital Museum uses high tech projectors. They create the illusion that a person walks through the rice fields, jumps on other planets, followed by amazing shoals of fish. If there is no possibility to go there [...] related posts: Terribly beautiful and surreal underwater Museum Captain America's Shield was presented to the Museum Opened a most frightening bridge China In Chernobyl opened its first hotel Giant gold Museum

Boyfriend Gabriel Nardelli Araujo from Brazil created a truly unique pictures. Gabriel takes the characters of classic painting, and then with the help of graphic editors gives them new life. He places them on the pictures, captured moments of modern life. It turns out he's got an incredibly harmonious and creative. Similar records: If the heroes of the great paintings out of the Museum walls... the Everyday life of Darth Vader's Life at the foot of the volcano the Private life of the Imperial stormtroopers "Every day, everywhere": photographers break stereotypes, removing the normal life

Due to the fact that Brazilian football is constantly replays too after hitting the legs, it became the main topic of jokes about the world Cup-2018. Actually, Neymar is one of the best players in the world, which stands for "Paris St Germain". He managed to score two goals in four games at the world Cup, struck more blows at the tournament, had more [...] related posts: In Volgograd there was a heated exchange the African fans the players ' abilities, about which you might not know the 2018 world Cup: the cost of holding the strike In the Twitter announced a new prophet: he predicted the score of the two matches of the world Cup, the Situation with Euro-2012. Russia — Poland

Representatives of the Central Bank of Russia has published a photo, which compared one of the handles on the banknote, issued specifically for the world Cup, with clips from the match between Spain and Russia. And the coincidence was amazing! Bankers noticed that the pose of the football player depicted on the holographic bet, much like Igor Akinfeev, who managed to recapture a key from the penalty spot during the 1/8 of the world Cup. [...] Related posts: Here and decided one of the finalists of Euro 2012 (Spain) Roskomnadzor called the address of the registry of banned sites Photographer for Vogue and rolling stone threw a successful career and found himself in the forest People, tied the knot with animals hole in the ground sucked into itself, residents...

To the contest, Travel Photographer of the Year National Geographic came one amazing shot from the photographer named Paul Tsui from Macau. Photo is called "Invasion". Users have compared its composition with the staff of the movie "the Arrival" and "independence Day", dedicated to alien visits to Earth. On the frame as you can see below, you can see a sample of modern architecture looming over [...] related posts: China plans to create the amethyst hotel 25 answers to the question: How do I look 60? The best dog photographers of the world – 2013 Photo-story of growing up Harry Potter — Daniel Radcliffe Babies in cups – another photo-meme of the Internet