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Once a client left the old pickup in the Studio Jesse Barratt. He looked at the car and realized that the car can not be saved, but it is quite possible to make a creative table. Jesse spent a lot of forces at work, but the result clearly was worth it. By the way, from the rest of the pickup Barratt team is going to make other furniture. Similar records: the Engine of a Boeing 737 fit for the furniture manufacturing TEA.tanic — creative holder for tea bags Wedding dress for many do the Service of automated creation and filling of sites How to celebrate Old New year

All of us are familiar with lemmings, which in the wild are capable of suicide, when the population becomes too large. They constantly draw on a variety of comic books, which tell about their most sophisticated ways to take his own life. Recently one of the authors for some reason decided to create a compilation of drawings, which captured the unexpected and original methods to commit suicide [...] related posts: the Original way to get rid of the Christmas tree — send it into space is very, Very, very strange dog Original design cafe-racer the Original bracelet for those who like to drink a Suicidal loser

Now there are more people who prefer to work at home, arranging itself there, or a cozy nest to perform job functions, or incredibly functional and technologically competent tables. The second option we as a closer, that's why we picked up photos from really great jobs for computer owners which can be envy. Similar records: the Best examples of the unusual motorcycle helmets the Best ways to protect a Christmas tree from Pets Creative packaging: the best options the Best ideas for holiday décor the Best pictures Associated Press 2012

Strict Charter of the post created for the monks with the climate of the ancient Byzantium, not the harsh Russian winters. But monks, and the saints fasted in different ways. The essence is to limit yourself, and not just in food, but in addiction to gossip, to slander, to condemn, to cheat, to not live according to conscience, to take it out on others and try to spoil them and [...] related posts: About replacement options for Methods of raising the TIC blog That only people are not kept in freezers, the Ten most common superstitions First blog post in 2010

Director of a wildlife Park in Stockholm Jonas wahlström was able not just to visit the zoo in Pyongyang (North Korea), but also made it a lot of frames shared by Internet users all over the world. They can see the real stars of this child, Kim Jong-UN – the Smoking chimp, a parrot who quotes Kim Il-sung, and monkeys, [...] related posts: Stunning pictures of buildings in North Korea: the world without ads and little coffee shops All about — history, secrets, features, and bugs. Like escaped animals from the Moscow zoo Jim Westergren: the secrets of building profile links, the cheapest tablet in the world

In XI'an (China) have started to sell the cans with the fresh mountain air which has collected at the ridge of Qinling value of 18 yuan (us 2.6 dollars) per share. Sell it started at the initiative of local management of forestry. According to Chinese social media users, this initiative can be described as a first step towards the collection of the tax from the air in the country. Similar records: In China arrange the wedding of the dead is Great, which cleans the air Black rain was held in China high-toned taxi driver lives in China What games sell in Africa

One of the fans, changed the name to "Superman" got into the Guinness Book of records as the owner of the largest collection of memorabilia dedicated to his favorite hero. Marco Superman Zorzin to thirty years has collected more than two thousand items related to this character in the comics. Marco was in the UK in 1996 when he was nine years old. He now lives [...] related posts: Kilometer sofa was in the Guinness Book of records the Truck got into three of the categories in the Guinness Book of records Rush to get to Mars! 10 world records on the Internet Crying Your money — What is the sky blue

Recently, rumors emerged that Warner Bros. soon can make a new project based on the cult film series "the Matrix". Most likely, it was a remake with Michael Bakari Jordan in the lead role. This actor you could see in the TV series "the Wire" and the films "the creed: the Legacy of rocky" and "Fantastic four". Unknown whether work sisters [...] related posts: Interesting facts about actor Keanu Rivza Craftsman has created a working version of Shishkebab Evgeni Plushenko won the European championship Way to give the old bus a new life In the world there are four-legged people

Jason Statham at the age of 49 years and boasts excellent physical shape, which can be seen at a recent black-and-white photographs taken for the magazine Men's Health. To say there is not much need to watch, admire and emulate. Similar records: what to say to a girl? What are the sounds in the photos Scandal around the Other revs the Light will make people in superpersonal On the paparazzi, the stars react differently

Forty-two surfer from South Africa Chris Bertish for the first time in the history of the world crossed the Atlantic ocean on paddle boards, along the way telling in shooting in the way the commercials what happens if you lose it, if you get stranded or attacked by sharks, what are the boards sink, is it true that it is not sailing any other ship support [...] related posts: Such different dreams: through the Sahara to the freight train the three-year voyage of the vertices of the Eskimo igloos in the XXI century: tech and Northern lights Night sky is always amazing, incredible and fascinating First Olympic Golf tournament: a bit obscure snakes, sloths and crocodiles

Among the carefully guarded secrets of Scotland was lost her in the dense parts of the forest lodges, bothies, shelter travellers. The location of these dwellings was known only to the initiated. Recently the secret of this beautiful and hospitable shelters revealed in the new guide. Now these buildings are abandoned and dilapidated. A group of climbers and travelers merged in the Association of mountain huts and took upon himself the task of restoring [...] related posts: Women who changed the world, the Brazilian Halloween won a night in the company of 6 million dead Parisians Incredible Afghanistan before the war, it is best to remove deer... in Central London Cinderella – XXI: the saleswoman became a supermodel, accidentally hitting the frame

Artist Neil Mendoza was able to collect a large musical group, the main participants of which were small stones. Each of us know what it looks like musical instrument of the xylophone. And that is his principle work, Neil used in his project where the stones fly, vibrate and knock on aluminum keys, uttering certain sounds. According to the artist, instead of stones, for sure, you can use a [...] related posts: the electric Guitar can be assembled from skateboard Mystery of the moving rocks of death Valley revealed Mondays you don't even have to cancel... if you don't forget about the sense of humor defy gravity: tumbling rocks Michael Grab How to use hot peppers

In many places of our planet the law of gravity seems to be working in the opposite direction. In these strange places to pull off the hills on the bike, have a hard time pedaling, and balls and cars in neutral roll themselves uphill. In English these places are called gravity hills, although most of them should be called reverse. In ancient times such phenomena [...] related posts: the oldest tree of the Earth exchanged 9.5 thousand years, and you wouldn't say the Greatest living witnesses of antiquity: the mighty beauty of the oldest trees of the Earth, And again unusual animals of the Earth "Earth Hour 2015": how it looked on the planet Seven of the most beautiful foxes of the Earth

In Alma-ATA on March 6, two friends called in a car using the Uber app. The call came the VW van. The girls were surprised to find that everything that is in the cabin – a pair of Viennese chairs. However, the driver generously offered to passengers to add to the salon table. Belts to the Viennese chairs not included. The driver, who introduced himself to the passengers as Baghdad, famously ruled by entrusted to him [...] related posts: In Sweden, a rat civilization 25 answers to the question: How do I look 60? A real photographer is... Perfectionists are everywhere Daily life of Darth Vader

Gerard Jenkins-Omar and Stephen Robson scored. They opened in the British city of Rotherham (County of South Yorkshire) night club 28 in length and half a width of one meter. In the smallest club in the world can fit one DJ and six visitors. In a small room its creators have established a professional musical instrument, built into the dance floor, was lit. The club opened in [...] related posts: Records 2013 The smallest man in the world Record of Russian in Los Angeles did you know that there are the new York Jedi club? World records of the year