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Someone so chic knows how to use graphic editors and has so much free time that now we have gorgeous pictures. Like and with a touch of antiquity, and the like, and quite modern. And it happened, then the author's beautiful and absolutely not a shame for any celebrity that got on the canvas. Of course, if you don't count Keanu Reeves. Similar records: the Console, where there is only Keanu Reeves, will make the whole world wait Best actors of our time What happens if you send famous paintings on the contemporary festival? The guy who's great care of the New mother feline star of Instagram

Artist Leonid Khan has created a series of comics about the lives of internal organs, what they think and what they say. Within each of us, it turns out, is buzzing with life, the organs do not stop working 24 hours a day all week. But what they're doing, and how people affect their workload? Related posts: Funny comics about modern life Comics Minsk girls, in which everyone Best comic Duo WUMO Comics tango turn cats in dresses are the Most vital comics exist after 30 years

Social media Users once again drew attention to the hand-drawn posters of the cinema "Friendship", which is located in the city of Kamyshin Volgograd region. This is not surprising, as the artist reinterpreted the Soviet-style all the Hollywood projects that came in late June – early July: "the two of us", "toy Story", "the Curse of Annabelle 3", "Kids games". Working "Friendship" in 1960, [...] related posts: Ancient sword found your Saga of the Australian, the Irishman found his subject in the pictures sad dogs in stores As it might look in the Great Silent? Pictures in social networks and reality Ke$ha drank her own piss on TV

No guy may not assert that he suffered, if not spent hundreds of hours in the shops with my girlfriend. The time which a lady spends on shopping, runs too slowly torturing and tormenting them. Saves men comfortable bench, a smartphone with games and books, meditation. If you suddenly came across a post sitting in a shop and expecting [...] related posts: 10 common misconceptions about lent fashion for men – lace pastel tones Mission impossible: to sleep with a hundred thousand men Life tips that will make life easier for a Sock that will conquer all men exist!

In the top Reddit got a picture of the engagement of the pair that accidentally got athletic, too late realizing his mistake. Runner became the subject of a photoshop battle and the hero who can ruin any picture. In the photo shared by the user 123CJP, the man makes a sweetheart offer. It is clear that the athlete was there completely out of place. Photo of the day scored 150 thousand [...] related posts: Smug Winnie the Pooh was the perfect meme Strange sonic has disappointed the users and became a meme Evil cat became a new Internet meme cat Bongo, which immediately became a meme. But he has still managed Poklonsky with microphones made a meme about the universal injustice

In the beginning of the month in social networks have become popular photo from the plant refrigeration engineering "spark". The footage shows that his fence hiding a very interesting figure. For example, there is a monument to the Shrek and the donkey – the main characters of a series of cartoons by the American Studio Dreamworks Pictures. And his neighbor is the most suitable: there is Lenin with a cap in [...] related posts: shark fins Drying on the roof of a factory in Hong Kong an Unusual monument in the form of an enema the Most powerful waterfall in Europe To UAE will build the largest and most expensive monument in the world. Like escaped animals from the Moscow zoo

Chinese girl Wang Tandy to quickly deliver food for employees, extreme Park, every day jumping from 300-foot cliff with bungee. Van Tjandi itself is not bad ass. Just the place she is. It is only, as is customary in China, diligently doing his job – delivering Lunches before they get cold. Tourists love Wanserski extreme Park. [...] Related posts: "Every day, everywhere": photographers break stereotypes, taking the ordinary life of a Brainless amoeba solves the puzzles faster the computer the Day of spontaneous kindness: It's that simple! Incredible Mongolia: the flaming cliffs, dinosaur footprints and petroglyphs of their ancestors, Every Thai firefighter knows what to do when meeting with Cobra

The Blogger and developer John Park has posted a video which showed how to turn a video game console with open source software in the player that endlessly shows only Keanu Reeves. Pak works for a company Adafruit Industries. She has been creating and selling different equipment with open source. It turns out that the guy has combined personal passion with the recent craze all over the world – Keanu Reeves. John [...] related posts: Life in the Solar system is not only on Earth do You know that in Chile there is a hotel-volcano? Unexpected Keanu Reeves Apartments in Queen: the demand is there — there are proposals Interesting facts about actor Keanu Rivza

Three days under the scorching sun in the thirty-degree heat obviously were not in vain for calligrapher Alexander Bujnitski. During this time he created the biggest calligraffiti project in the Kaliningrad region under the name of "the City speaks". The scale of the project is more than 450 square meters. It is that only on the street, you can know the truth, which is not [...] related posts: Artistic Director of the Bolshoi ballet splashed acid in her face As to raise $1 million for school with a single shot? In the United States created the jumping robot in the world history of the development of the mysterious meme Internet Loss Eggs can be painted unusually with a rubber band

Tsubaki Tomomi from Japan once was a housewife, and now she's a model, which, moreover, endlessly improving themselves, making hundreds of cosmetic procedures and spending unreal money. The first operation the girl made when she was 18 years old. After the first treatment she fixed your teeth, underwent surgery for the correction of vision, and then put breast implants. [...] Related posts: the Japanese model showed how much she loves the fish Model with imperfect appearance the Most ambitious version of new year's makeup Weird beauty treatments Japanese is chocolate

Not all settlements have water. And if there is, there is too crowded, which is why there do not want to go. What should I do? There is a solution! It is necessary to take an old bus and a bit of work on it. Designer Benedetto Bufalino made the bus a real pool. He turned it on its side for convenience, removed from his [...] related posts: KFC has created the perfect gift for Valentine's Day Twitter wrote the perfect script of the new year Scientists: chickens are remarkably intelligent and "travel through time" bus from the cameras 20 years in the ways of the Old VAZ 2105 was transformed into a steep drift-mobility

Actually, it's two random pictures that just joined the users to show, looks like a reaction to unfounded accusations. Meme began to spread in social networks in mid-June. Two flashy women present unexpected claims, and unsuspecting white cat sitting in front of a plate of vegetables, is confused by this. Frame with women was taken from episode 14 [...] related posts: the New darling of the Internet – befuddled kitten, the Reaction of men and women to love letters Attention! There is a new meme! Twitter has taken a new flashmob: "Hey, I like you, let's..." Women of Russia who are willing to everything in life

The human Imagination is still so boundless that such things are almost not surprised. This time the woman herself has made a Scarecrow, and then installed it on the site. And it's not cute Scarecrow, a figure which day something very scary, and even a meeting with her at night even do not want to think. What do you think? Put to itself on [...] related posts: end of the world save Germany what is the event that made Sydney too bright Ice cream that is impossible to lose night is the celebration of carnival, which is hard to beat Pictures of Dubai eyes of birds

In a recent viral video robot Boston Dynamics Atlas taught people not to torture their fellows, making them the very thing that testers usually do with "iron people." The authors of the video, bloggers Sam and Niko from USA your channel Corridor with about 6 million subscribers, which publishes mostly humorous experiments. Their latest video is one of the [...] related posts: the First emotional robot lost seller Robot hitch conquering the vastness of Canada (and its dalnoboev) one-Legged robot has become a traceur the Most dexterous robot in the world Chicago became Cyber

Scene from the movie "How to train your dragon" users began to illustrate a situation where the majority does not understand someone's stupid actions, but there is always someone who will approve of the behavior. Meme with frames of animation appeared on Reddit in early June. In the template you can see Toothless who commits a stupid act, and two reactions to it: confusion from Day furies and approval [...] related posts: Attention! There is a new meme! Cat Bongo, which immediately became a meme. But he has still managed a Smug Winnie the Pooh was the perfect meme History meme "Costb" who rose from the dead With a little night club opened in England