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From Switzerland Photographer Sebastian Magnani came up with a way to create amazing photos without the excess of photoshop and retouching. It just takes a round mirror to show the beauty of forests and fields. Nature in his pictures reflected in the mirror, creating a feeling that before us is the entrance to another world or small planet. Similar records: What should you eat to look like Cristiano Ronaldo China plans to create the amethyst hotel School janitor draws in the snow with a shovel to delight children the Crossbow in the mirror the Night sky is always amazing, incredible and fascinating

Recently on the PlayStation 4 console the game came out, Marvel's Spider-Man, dedicated to, you guessed it, spider-Man. Its distinctive feature was the fact that the sign of cinema is a phrase "Maddie, will you marry me?" (which translates as "Maddie, will you marry me?") It left the developers Studio Insomniac at the request of one blogger. In may this year, Tyler Schultz turned [...] related posts: An offer hands and hearts the story of the emergence of the meme "Who did this?" War graffiti in Kharkiv: how to start and what resulted Vector formats can displace the raster video in a few years looks Like the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 32 years after the accident

Admiration of how you can change the appearance of the person using ordinary plastic makeup, to create prostheses on the level of art by the sculptor Barata Sophie came very quickly. At the London School of fashion she studied special effects, thoroughly studied the materials and their characteristics, sculpting, casting and much more, which allowed her to launch the unique project. Plus, [ ... ] related posts: to create works of art, only need a smartphone Great works of art are kept dark secrets Amateur artist transforms metal junk into works of art Ordinary things that can become a dangerous weapon! Oil pumps turned the iron zoo

And say, XXI century in the yard, a developed civilization. Judging by the way people behave, rotating in political circles, it is difficult to believe. On 11 September there was another absurd news, the protagonist of which was the head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov. He has published on YouTube a video message to Alexei Navalny, who is now in jail, and called the opposition to a duel. [...] Related posts: the Situation of correspondence with Navalny and Nikita Belykh EP Good deeds of famous people the all-Russian campaign Bulk 7 Oct: one arrested, others have gone Parody photos of famous people Navalny accused RUSNANO of embezzlement gosdeneg on broken technology

This wall the utility paint every day, but so far absolutely no avail. Activists still manage to decorate it with all the well-known words of three letters, the phrase "better Now?", drawings and the like. In General, the story began in 2016. It was then known Ukrainian artist hamlet Zinkovsky painted graffiti on the transformer box. As you can see, he painted a huge hand, [...] related posts: Moscow has declared war on graffiti is a War of memes on Reddit – how it started and why too far gone Graffiti to the Victory Day Volumetric graffiti Eduardo Relero Graffiti Banksy Lego

In Britain the contest portraits – 2018. In the fall of 2018 100 portraits of winning the contest, can be seen everywhere – in shopping malls, subway stations, and at Heathrow etc that talk about some works and their authors.Rehabilitation parrot Roy (photographer Alexander Flemming) Parrots released from the cells to give [...] related posts: The best posters of the 2018 world Cup In Britain built a house on "lightning" the Most funny photos of wildlife – 2017 Girls and football: the most beautiful cheerleaders of the 2018 world Cup the Most rare footage: Keith, creating a rainbow

Tattoo Studio has teamed up with Denver public library to do a themed tattoo in one of the branches of the library and to raise money for charity. Tattoos cost from 50 to 200 dollars, the topics ranged from the works of Dr. seuss and Harry Potter to the logo library and the bookworm. Masters themselves offered thematic sketches that are consistent with their manner of work. There were people, [...] related posts: Tattoo as punishment is Very sick tattoos in women is hair started to grow ...nails a New trend this spring: fragrant The tattoo live tattoo

Apathy, loss of physical fitness, midlife crisis and family problems in a form loves and is able to cover the life of animals one of Omsk news agencies. So that will be counted. Bear of the Bolsherechye zoo of the city of Omsk, named Kuzya is suffering because of love. Bear Baby not answered the poor fellow in return and the last few months suffering depression. These and other relevant [...] related posts: Photographers prove: pristine Russia still exists! The wise beauty of young older people, Robots skiers in Pyeongchang overshadowed athletes people the Most unexpected habits, which prove the presence of mind Which games sell in Africa

A Great way to ventilate and cool the interior of the car, if he had long stood in the sun to fully open the window and forcefully slam the door on the opposite side. All the hot air will come out.Summers on the seat, with heating on you can put a box of hot pizza, and it cools down not so quickly. Instead of perfumes can be used [...] related posts: fab five of meteorites what to prepare For the international women's day? What can cause an Allergy to hair spray ten symptoms that you urgently need a vacation Demonstration of the consequences of candor on social networks

And seem to presuppose that she can be extremely harsh and not flowing completely within the law. This can be seen at a private kindergarten in Omsk, where a Playground on the street was fenced with barbed wire. The picture of how it looks, appeared online, thanks to the witnesses. They published it in the community "Omsk Live" [ ... ] related posts: Superstitions from childhood Horrific crimes to children Than toys L. O. L Surprise so won the hearts of the children of the world? School janitor draws in the snow with a shovel to delight kids Toy for kids from plastic cups

In the Russian segment of the Internet for six months a popular joke "How do you like that, Elon Musk", which does not require an answer. And here she was known in the West, however, not all understand what its meaning. Recall that it all started in February of 2018, when the company Mask Space X launched a rocket into space, the Falcon Heavy with the car [...] related posts: Elon Musk turned out to be an alien from another planet, Elon Musk is working on a dragon-cyborg Elon Musk endorsed the idea of establishing Jurassic Park As Elon Musk has launched into space the heavy rocket Falcon Heavy Elon Musk is behaving like a child

In London hosted the traditional annual Notting Hill carnival, during which people not only sang and danced in the most fabulous costumes, but also violated the law and left behind piles of garbage. Both sides of the carnival you can see the details in the photo below. We intentionally did not divide them into bright and colorful ones, which depicted the scene of the arrest. Thought, [...] related posts: Costumes of the Venetian carnival 2013 Annual carnival in Germany, the Opening of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro as it was In Brazil began the carnival festival of the water weapons had in Seoul

All of them together with Kim Jong-UN and Emmanuel Macron could not utter the name, which helped them like Putin. And, of course, that was only actors in the advertising of chips. Producer of "the Moscow potato" published a series of videos in which actors in the images of well-known politicians are trying the product, trying to pronounce the name. In each video of an actor with a voice [...] related posts: the Newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" humiliated the Russian players are the Simpsons to blame for the fact that trump has won the Simpsons gave a new meme – ham for a couple Woman remade robot warrior in robot chef of the Moscow motor show 2012: a record number of Premier vehicles and new gsm alarm

On their basis it is possible to sew toys, make a complete picture, and to collect Bento. This is a comedian from Japan Takafumi Ozeki, which follows the pictures of his daughter, gathering her food in the kindergarten. It turns out bright, unusual and certainly like daughter is what she came up with and drew. Similar records: the Tea bags will fit on a lot of Drawings using water jets the sand Drawings can now create even lazy Drawings can lead to tragedy That can happen if children's ideas to be taken seriously

On this subject, decided to dream up the Hungarian photojournalist Marton of Nemani after attended the music festival Sziget Festival. He added photos from the event, which is also called "European Burning Man" people, the well-known paintings. In the modern world was the Mona Lisa and da Vinci standing at the main stage of the festival, the Adam of Michelangelo's reclining with a beer [...] related posts: these masterpieces of someone clearly not enough... What happens if you collect 140 characters together What happens if you mix the shoes and puttees? What would happen if superheroes take up a sport? What happens if you mix characters from different cartoons?