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It draws artist from Kazakhstan Sasha Tsoy, which shows everyday situations that occur with her boyfriend. The girl says that after the honeymoon period all catches up with life, with its difficulties and joys. But, as seen in the pictures, anything can be overcome if you treat the situation with humor and even with some degree of irony. Related posts: Comic about how saw 2017 in 1960 Flashmob "One like – one fact" was informative collection of Madness for love: fantastic stories of real people There is a new messenger for the lovers of anonymity and seals Robot cockroach VELOCIRoACH is one of the fastest robot on Earth

Community in Vkontakte is already 2015, but the popularity of it is not lost, thanks to the efforts of authors and subscribers. The public called, "mother, I raised the mold". In it, users lay out the rotten food and moldy household items. Administrators also are busy praising people for their efforts. According to the creators of the community medical student Sergey Merzlyakov and analyst Nikita Petrov, [...] related posts: downhill, almost without clothes Sergey Zverev really like girls Moscow for the evening turned into an ice trap Spiked machine from Obninsk became the object of cool photoshopped pics Almost flying hotel in the Netherlands

Warning! If you are afraid of spoilers, don't read or watch everything posted below! Now the Internet can see the moments, which the audience did not have last season of "Game of thrones". However, while they are represented only in the form of drawings created by artist Benjamin Dewey. He wished heartily to please its users, but instead he [...] related posts: In Lapland, the hotel has earned for fans of "Game of thrones" the Best gifts for fans of "Game of thrones" What do the stars of "Game of thrones" Instagram "Game of thrones" performed by playful squirrels, "Game of thrones": the best memes that spawned season 8

Recently on the YouTube channel Animaction decks there was a video called "Leonid Yakubovich in a game of Mortal Kombat". In the video, the author has managed to combine distinctive features of the once popular Russian shows and video games. The three-minute clip Yakubovich beat opponents, commenting on what is happening with phrases cut from the show and asks questions. And in the end even gives washing machine at the winner of the game [...] related posts: Actor from Mortal Kombat II stopped aging Apple began to share the new year mood in the style of Pixar You have not seen! The most absurd disputes associated with food Radiohead stole the idea of the video from Makarevich?

Berhaut Smilde famous photos with these man-made clouds and rainbows in unusual places such as museums, churches, factories, etc. In reality clouds Smilde few people, except himself and the participants of the shooting seen. Their lives are too short. The artist himself, together with his team barely has time to photograph their creations. Successful photographs is preceded by an extensive and rather boring job. [...] Related posts: the Most rare footage: Keith, creating a rainbow of Amateur artist transforms metal junk into works of art by the Artist David Bowie Danish sculptor re-populates the forest giants of the world very Much interesting artist

Cosplayer from Thailand, who likes to portray characters in movies and TV series with the help of available tools, and got to the main characters of "Game of thrones". He didn't even try to accurately reproduce characters. And this is the case when bad is good. Cosplay Anucha Zencart from Bangkok deals 2013. He spends the least money, because I am convinced that [...] related posts: Rugs from IKEA went on the clothes for the characters of "Game of thrones" What do the stars of "Game of thrones" Instagram Official decoration of "Game of thrones" blew up the Internet the Best gifts for fans of "Game of thrones" Last season of "Game of thrones" has created an elegant installation in Moscow

On the page of Kisa is signed by three thousand people. Users admire her memetichnaya photos. They recognize that cat face is so versatile that the pet is able to replace in the movie, many famous actors and not just Steve Buscemi. Article about Jen Chavez, the owner of the cat named Marla, appeared online may 8, 2019. According to her, in the 2016 [...] related posts: Diet of Steve jobs will lead to no good And your cat can do that? Found a guy that can replace thousands of psychologists the Cat became entangled in the legs and became a meme Russia is ready to open cryptodermatinae Agency

One of ordinary courts in the city of Lviv has become a popular tourist destination, a sort of Museum. Here bring and leave is no longer needed toys. Or, conversely, take them out. The yard of the forgotten toys in Lviv is a strange and slightly sad sight. Here live his life abandoned and useless plush hares and bears. It all started [...] related posts: Pictures suffering toys. Like a cat got a job as a security guard toys Barnaul "nanomeeting" toys interested in the secret life of toys As the staff in Limerick on a full amuse plush Bunny

He is so sure of himself and lives is so great that people look at him and stop torturing yourself yourself various questions. All social networks have become a popular account in Instgram American blogger named Tommy Romola. For the first time the public noticed a chubby man in 2016, when his cousin Sal participated in the show America's Got Talent. [...] Related posts: a Way to get thousands of likes only for testing soap Guy tied her mini top and changed his life In the world was the pizza delivery guy, who never eats pizza, Found a tattoo artist who is proud of an ugly tattoo Guy made an offer through the game, but did not expect where this will lead

Shelter "Palace of the wolf" is organized by two girls-volunteers. The story started with a wolf named Zorro.The mistress of the orphanage Anastasia explains that the wolf is a pack animal, so to the zoo take it to them, but to unleash the animal that grew up with the man, it's just not right. Die. Will take a couple years to teach the wolf to live in the wild. So we have to care for them in [...] related posts: the Man who saved thousands of animals Brave cow escaped on the way to the slaughterhouse and gave birth to a beautiful calf Five reasons to take Pets from a shelter Reading works well even on Pets Hairdresser makes the "invisible" dogs in shelters welcome

Feminists of justice has launched a photo project in which he tried to defend women's rights without aggression and reproaches from men. Users noticed it just now, pretty joking over what they saw in the photos. And, of course, men also could not resist. In response, they began to add in comments here are the pictures. Similar records: the Reaction of men and women love letters to Men in the power of women Photo best dad in the world Sad hipsters said Oh parade of Men and women: 14 striking differences

The Theme of the party, which took place in the night of 6 to 7 may at the Metropolitan Museum in new York this year was camp. It is characterized by sensuality, heightened theatricality, a love of artificiality, exaggeration, grotesque and even some vulgarity. In fact, the stars all showed it in all its glory. Celebrities in their own way beat theme. Some of them dressed brightly and [...] related posts: Pictures in social networks and reality Found a habitable planet of the star Tau Ceti Than good browser Orbitum? The next Internet fun: Catman What do the stars of "Game of thrones" in Instagram

In the trailer for the film "sonic movie" Jeff Fowler showed some creepy character that does not match the Canon, why users rebelled and began to do character memes. And it was not in vain! The film "sonic movie", filmed on the game for SEGA about the struggle of the hedgehog and his friends against the evil Dr. Robotnik, who dreams to conquer the world, [...] related posts: Smug Winnie the Pooh was the perfect meme Evil cat became a new Internet meme cat Bongo, which immediately became a meme. But he has still managed Hulk Hogan tried to intimidate people with his dog, and became a meme Impudent appearance of the offender made him a meme

In April, the social network struggled with spoilers of "Game of thrones" and the movie "Avengers: Finale". At this moment Twitter has again become a popular meme with spoilers out of context. People post gifs, stock photos, random screenshots, which you can guess about the main plot twists of the series, but if someone has not seen the original movie, he did not understand. Appeared [...] related posts: favorite TV series pirates dentures that have become works of art the story of a lost plush dog at the airport turned into a book of everyday situations in fantasy art – new favorite meme users Guy made an offer through the game, but did not expect where this will lead

Is not particularly happy, but it's another way to look at the terrible tragedy to prevent recurrence. In Instagram appeared an unusual account, which seems to be leading a Jewish girl living in 1944 in the city, which was occupied by the Nazis. She puts in stories photos and videos which walks, fooling around, shows how the family suffers from the actions of Hitler's followers. [...] Related posts: In the garage of a British farmer living mouse that likes to "clean up" What do the stars of "Game of thrones" in Instagram, the Australian, the Irishman found his subject in the pictures sad dogs in stores Moral the taxi driver lives in China Junkfoodstar showed up in the vastness of Instagram