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18-meter robot created by Japanese scientists, has made its first steps. Fans of the cult manga "Gundam" and the anime based on it will now be able to see their heroes "live". A story about giant humanoid robots popular for more than 40 years. In 1979 was created almost 50 films and TV series. Giant robots became video game characters, and now stepped into reality. The new [...] related posts: the Most dexterous robot in the world the Most dangerous hotel in the world, which is located in the Alps The smallest puppy in the world the Swiss robot learned to skate With a unique public toilet in the world

Unusual ad, clearly addressed to the doves, appeared on the streets of San Francisco. Them birds is invited to apply via telephone if they "Tired to be a bird". Judging by the video depicting this ad in birds in fact, there is a similar problem. they've had enough — Pablo Rochat (@PabloRochat) July 21, 2020 Pigeons actively interested in the ad, study it and even [...] related posts: In Britain a couple of pigeons almost captured the young woman's apartment Unique video hunting soms doves, the Bird of the year was the magnificent penguin What could be funnier than the presenter, not knowing that he is in the air? Our smaller brothers can be stars of music better than people

Mark Zuckerberg, who from time to time referred to the androids, to the reptilians, gave another proof that he is a being of mysterious and extravagant. "New York Post" has published photos of a young billionaire on vacation. To them he is riding on electroserver. Zuckerberg was accompanied by a surfer-professional Kai lenny and company guards. Location – the Hawaiian Islands. The most interesting thing in the photo [...] related posts: Strange American dream Of Zuckerberg made another meme Ancient sword found your Saga of the Australian, the Irishman found his subject in the pictures sad dogs in stores Greta Thunberg changed his name

The Species of animals and plants could disappear from the planet and due to natural causes. It is in order. That's how nature works. But with the development of civilization animal and vegetable worlds are thinning thanks to unwise human activities. Sometimes it is a direct interference, for example, poaching. All for the sake of beautiful artifacts. Sometimes it is indirect, when, due to irresponsibility when dealing with the new land [...] related posts: Extinct animals, which still leave a small chance to rise 7 important things about the world that we all learned through pictures the American freshman became popular thanks to "weird Professor" Photographers prove: pristine Russia still exists! Extinct spiders pelicans returned to the planet

Entire species can become extinct due to natural causes, but lately they are increasingly moving away from the planet through our activities. For example, a dozen species of animals, which we almost survived from Earth. Lived in Brazil. The last wild representative of these birds disappeared in the beginning of the 21st century. Causes of the disappearance of the population: the catch, the eviction of African birds [...] related posts: Animals in origami Signs and labels that do not leave indifferent the Cute animals brought to aggression And again unusual animals of the Land of Extinct spiders pelicans returned to the planet

When a man went fishing, and could not think that he will catch a fish that everyone thinks is completely unrealistic. The guy who was on Twitter under the name Azusa54, caught this handsome man, similar to the colors on the avatar of the famous film by James Cameron. とんでもない色の魚が釣れた。。 — 宮城 electric (@azusa54) June 19, 2020 I caught a fish of unusual colors. The fisherman [...] related posts: the Artist created the spooky mask to protect from Covid-19 the Man intends to marry his goat in Devil's Church of the Japanese model showed how much she loves the fish Forget about the worms! There is a new way of catching fish Users of social networks was infected by a flash mob garbage collection on the planet

About a year ago in the Studio of Artemiy Lebedev, working in graphic and commercial web design, a new remote worker. During this time Nicholas Aronow, judging by the portfolio, completed about 20 projects and enriched. His services cost about 100 thousand rubles per order. He was engaged in the Express design, for which the results with the client are not discussed. Nikolai managed to do a number of works [...] related posts: Google offices in London from the Studio PENSON "there should be a hashtag": ambient designer as a glorified Mexican politics the father was the designer sends 8-year-old son to travel the City of Biysk on the reverse side Manny "Wool wolf" turned out to be a wolf

While some online vote, others abstain from voting, being confident in his predetermination, and others visited polling stations. And felt strange. Polling stations in the Outback of steel according to tradition, houses with rickety fence. The role of the plots was made by the table in the middle of the field, a stone, a stump near the well, the trunk of a car. Someone is forced to vote on the bus, someone tent. Especially to the black [...] related posts: Putin's Headquarters accepted the proposal of a "League of voters" the New pre-election article, Putin about democracy Author photos from Omsk "Everest" was invited to the offices of the authorities. The government has decided to take up the Patriotic education of the Russians? Russians can deprive of...

George Martin, the author of the Saga "a Song of ice and fire", which filmed the TV series "Game of thrones", said that in 2021, will book "Winds of winter". But the fans are not even going to believe his promises and even joke about what is happening. In General, the writer talked about the intention to finish "Winds of winter", the sixth part of the series "a Song of ice and fire" yet [...] related posts: the Characters of Soviet cartoons in conditions of modern Russia a Difficult meme "Trouble with the head" ("dy BAA BA shkoy"), which can even hurt the Best hats for winter Black dress Michael Spookshow the Most fashionable hats, winter 2015

In Natal, in distant Brazil, in addition to sea, sun and wild monkeys, there is another attraction that deserves to be mentioned. Her age is over a hundred years, but this is not some piece of architecture. The area is about 8.5 thousand square meters, but it's not a football stadium. We are talking about the largest cashew tree [...] related posts: found In Borneo, the world's tallest tree the oldest tree of the Earth were exchanged for 9.5 thousand years, and you can't tell a Tree Mendocino Solar Tree — Solar tree In Nigeria found a "healing" tree

One guy from the UK has accumulated extra weight. It is so worried his parents that they promised the son a new PlayStation if he will throw at least a few pounds. And who knows, if they offer something similar, if I knew where it would lead. Zach George, the County of Leicestershire, reached what became the most overweight kid in the class. [...] Related posts: the Cats decided to grab this world fully Coronavirus is spreading not only in the real world, but in the Network Benoit Corti: the Frenchman, who is versed in photo and music, Street photography of the holidays. Ntages as a way to show the real life of the people, the British created superhero series of drawings about doctors

After one guy opened the secret lid in the shape of a sombrero, many people admitted that their lives will never be the same. It turns out that the hat does not refers to the world of Mexican culture, and significantly simplifies the process of drinking beverage with lime and salt. Everyone knows about the classic European method of drinking tequila. To do this, pour on the back [...] related posts: Edible snow as the main hit of the menu Revealed a secret appearance of the meme "you can't just take and --" Revealed the secret burgers "spongebob". Nervous better not to read! The secret of the figures on Easter island Me Gusta – chief meme is a pervert

Due to heavy rain in Moscow a few areas of the capital were flooded and became a great joke to the Russians. Some of them believe that disasters will win Sergei Sobyanin, and others offer to the mayor to set the city borders, which absorb moisture. But most people are concerned about the power superpower and the bunker of the President, where Vladimir Putin had to evacuate. The downpour hit [...] related posts: GRU of the Vector from the movie "Despicable me" became the heroes of the life memes Renaming Astana to Nursultan spawned many memes long-Awaited the dark design in WhatsApp has spawned many memes Brave Buttercup from "the Witcher" has become the God of memes and charisma Translation of Russian universities for distance learning has generated a lot...

After Roskomnadzor has published on its website the message on the Telegram, the Network began to appear a lot of memes. It is not surprising, since none of the actions of the office still does not affect the work of the messenger. Telegram was blocked in April of 2018, after the failure of Pavel Durov to transfer the security keys to decrypt the communications and control extremism. [...] Related posts: a Call to love Russia after meeting with the regions became a meme all Roskomnadzor wants to prohibit public WiFi networks children Reaction to cats in his name and on "kysymys" became a meme Impudent appearance of the offender made him a meme, the Work of Roskomnadzor to block Telegram is similar to "Nu, pogodi!"

One of the young men lucky enough to be in one tube with Keanu Reeves and even take a picture of it. He showed photos to people, and they were delighted. Some of them noted the tiredness of the actor and asked annoying fans to leave star alone. But, in spite of everything, confused Keanu became a meme referring to dogs, the apostles and the Serbs. The guy [...] related posts: Interesting facts about actor Keanu Reeves Rives blessed himself and the entire Internet at the same time the Console where only Keanu Reeves, will make the whole world wait bill Clinton gave the world a meme that can create each Sudden Keanu Reeves