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About some of the things loyal fans of the individual actors are better off not knowing, therefore, urge you to immediately abandon reading all that is written below. Ian McKellen, who plays Gandalf, during the filming of the trilogy "the Lord of the rings" kept a private online journal. Users found archival records only 20 years after the start of filming, but this is not so important. The thing is, [...] related posts: Attention! There is a new meme! How did the symbol of the ruble In Bulgaria has a green cat Roskomnadzor wants to prohibit public WiFi networks children's Social network embraced the hysteria about this cat Voland

On the Internet alarmed the first trailer of the movie "Mad miles" with Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role. People immediately recalled photos of meme from the shoot, where the actor is in his underwear and robe with two pistols in his hands. All anything, but in Russia there was a set of questions to the translation of the original title. The film will be released in February 2020, [ ... ] related posts: Mike from "monsters, Inc." tried to explain something and turned into a meme Cat Marla is ready to replace Steve Buscemi in a movie About scary movie 5 trailer "scary movie 5" Star wars in the style of silent movies

Series from Netflix was a bit difficult, but don't worry! A fan of "the Witcher" together and made a visual aid that will help you understand all the twists and turns of the series. Or will not help. "The Witcher" is clearly remembered not only the song of the bard Buttercup, but also confusion. Watch it is not easy even for those that have read all books about Geralt. The Witcher for the first series [...] related posts: From "the Witcher" and "Game of thrones" found something in common a Brave Buttercup from "the Witcher" has become the God of memes and charisma Jason Momoa showed how to look like a real man on the red carpet Baby Yoda and mandalore not being able to listen to music, became a meme facts about the show "breaking bad"

In the first case, it completely ignores the call of the master, and the second quickly and how confident the authors of the jokes. Nobody can say exactly when people began to call cats with whistling sounds. In Russia say the word "kaskaskias" ("xxx", "was kiskinis"), and in the US, for example, "pspsps". There is a stereotype that the cat responds better to such a call than the name, [...] related posts: the reaction of the girls to refuse ice cream became a meme. And it hurts the Cat became entangled in the legs and became a meme of the Ominous owl of Duolingo because of threats became a meme a Deadly thrust of the insect has become a popular meme Phrase "uneconomical" has become the most popular meme of Russia

In the Monochrome Photography Awards photographic competition involves professionals and Amateurs shooting in digital and analog format. They send photo under 13 categories, competing for a prize pool of $ 3000. On the days of the judges of the competition presented the best pictures of the year 2019 in the following categories: Abstract", "Architecture", "Conceptual photo", "Fashion / Beauty", "fine art", "Landscape", "Nature", "Nude", "Photojournalism", "photo manipulation", [...] related posts: Best photography contest Wildlife Photography Awards Nature men will open black-and-white photos of Famous and historical black-and-white photos shaved modern color. The winners of the contest "the Most beautiful country" 2017 Best pictures Associated Press 2012

But, unlike his hero, for a good cause – for participating in environmental protests. January 10 before the U.S. Congress passed the 14 th weekly rally "Friday fire drill". These shares, the organizer, actress, activist Jane Fonda draws attention to the problem of global warming. Joaquin Phoenix, a few years ago became a vegan, in a speech at the rally said: [...] related posts: Joaquin Phoenix and Stella McCartney will protect the ecology of the black costume Photoshop in real life look Like dolls in real life look Like Angry Birds in real life, Audrey Hepburn in life: hungry childhood, Resistance, complexes and UNICEF

Startup ACBC changed the approach to the selection of shoes, creating a modular system Made2Share from the sole and the top for different weather and mood. Sole Materials Shoe DIY kits are environmentally friendly and durable: the soles of bamboo, rubber, recycled algae and BioVeg material from agricultural industry wastes and recycled PET. After wear, the manufacturer collects soles for recycling. Orthotics – [...] related posts: the Wonders of friendship: the Dog made friends with the ponies and learn to ride Bareback is What you get when you cross running shoes and foot wraps? Real cheese banks Italy Not to lie and not to ride in the airports of Moscow introduced the "prison" rule, the Japanese figured out how to save people from loneliness

French architect Christoph Benisch came up with "sliding house". From its owners and guests the illusion slip to the lake.Architect, creative designer Christoph Benisch specializiruetsya on projects of unusual houses in unusual terrain. For example, in the form of a peanut shell or a "balcony" above the canyon for the thrill. Designer interested in the question of man's place in nature. Related posts: Why the architect Piet Blom cube houses created in the image of the trees? Photographers prove: pristine Russia still exists! Modern humans also live on trees, but with hi-tech and comfort, the Designers created a micro-house that seems to be inside more than outside Armenian Builder instead of a cellar for potatoes established under the house the underground...

To Move on such a machine is possible at any time, but the platform that secured the rear, will be completely unusable in the cold. Better to remove it in winter to improve maneuverability. Of course, you guessed it, why the need for a platform, isn't it? I wonder if the girl in the kit to the platform was? Similar records: Ekskluzywny house car a Car that can fly Car with a built-in pool table the First hydrogen car from Toyota is ready to appear on the market do not know what to do in the winter?

Due to the fact that want to get the pictures proved to be too much, the girl even had to hire four assistants. It turned out, too many people decided to cheat to get the desired image. 20-year-old Instagram model Kaylen ward reported that he had collected more than 700 thousand dollars to fight the fires in Australia. She did it, promising to send revealing photos to those who will donate $ 10 to the charity [...] related posts: In Australia festival beach sculpture kite Festival held in Australia, "Dark" stock photos as a way to show the level of Christmas cheer Calendar with naked firemen released in Australia Treason for fighting for independence?

The Actor was going to carry one suit in all the ceremonies of award season. Thus it is with the designer of the costume by Stella McCartney, I hope to draw attention to the dangers of overproduction of clothing for the environment. Joaquin Phoenix has already come for the "Golden globe" in suit from Stella McCartney. She congratulated the actor on Twitter, saying thus to all readers that Joaquin will be in [...] related posts: Paul McCartney's Son James revives The Beatles Even Paul McCartney may not be allowed to the party??? How to raise $1 million for school with a single shot? The opening of the sea: a brief history of beach fashion Korean miracle: a nurse in his old age has become a star of the catwalks

The Actor has time and muscles to flaunt, and show how to do the gentleman. The fans are delighted, thrilled ladies, but what else? The actor, known for the film "Aquaman", Jason Momoa during the 77th award ceremony "Golden globe" looked very familiar for those who are constantly watching for such events. Initially, people discussed the strange dress of Jennifer Lopez which was [...] related posts: Jason Momoa shaved his beard for a good cause a Real man of the Internet, Olympian showed how to look for the hands after a month of rowing in the Arctic Jason Momoa has Russian roots? Jason Statham struck a beautiful physical form

One of the wearer Twitter tried to tell me the right way to love their country, but, to put it mildly, not much happened. But the girl that created a new universal meme that devote space travel, food, languages, alcohol, and most Twitter. It all started with the fact that the girl advised to people who declare their love to Russia, to explore the regions. She [...] related posts: the reaction of the girls to refuse ice cream became a meme. And it is very painful Smug Winnie the Pooh was the perfect Tired meme Kanye West meme Strange sonic has disappointed the users and became a meme Wolf Zabijaka became the Mascot of the 2018 world Cup and a new Internet meme

Snowflakes are falling not only on Earth. The snow and ice there are no less than four other planets of the Solar system, not from water and from acids, hydrocarbon, metals and the like. The exoplanet Kepler-13Ab in 1730 light-years from Earth, the same snow as we do, but of titanium oxide. Kepler-13Ab-sized [...] related posts: Fun global warming: the Sahara snow fell again the Japanese used the snow on purpose What happens when is connected to the snow Sakura and Climate change: the Sahara, the snow-Edible snow as the main hit of the menu

After January 3, the U.S. air force launched an airstrike on the Baghdad airport and killed the chief military strategist of Iran's Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian authorities promised guilty to revenge and to do years of retribution. Social networks immediately began to talk about the Third world war, and more by posting about it with the hashtag WWIII, based on the English abbreviation of the Second world [...] related posts: History of the mysterious meme Internet Loss Story of how That Tim went to war Lamp from the Pixar intros have grown to meme Began: Creator meme sued for copyright infringement editor went "Around the world"