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On the reserve Gloucestershire will soon erect a innovative wooden house on the tree. Special, quite expensive creativity of the project due to the traditional prohibition of any construction in this place."The house on the tree" or "wood house" – the traditional name for the type of dwellings United into one with the forest and not necessarily just placed on the tree, like the picture above. Ewen Tree House [...] related posts: the Designers have created a micro-house that seems more inside than outside In Britain built a house on "lightning" the Old British barn transformed into a luxury home price of $1.3 million In the Arctic will build a hotel with "negative energy" In London build velipoje

He himself so believed that has a Royal origin, even millions of dollars wasn't enough for him. He wrote: "my name is Khalid", and believed him. The guy traveled the world as royalty, pretending to be the son of the king of Saudi Arabia. Investors who wanted to give him millions, knew this man under the name of His Royal Highness Khalid bin [...] related posts: the Most influential actor of 2013 10 famous magicians of all time, the Makeshift shelter of a homeless ex-boxer Story meme "Costb" who rose from the dead the history of the emergence of the meme "Annoying crow"

Minsk has decided to prepare for II European games and set a few glowing sculptures with LEDs. And one of them looks like a truck MAZ. According to the journalists, the figure managed to enter operation after the period that we planned initially. It turned out, it happened because of the people who took control units garlands. They were detained and restored the sculpture. Why [...] related posts: Canadian ice truck Truck party mirror and a camera – everything you need to create a special world a Thief with a green face was not the most wise Technical problems

The Philippines passed the famous contest "Miss Earth", the winner was the incomparable Phuong Khanh Nguyen from Vietnam. It's an unusual beauty contest. Here to win, girls should not only be the most beautiful, but also to conquer the judges mind. The competition was held for the 18th time. Contestants had to submit a personal project on the theme of ecology. This year the main idea of the competition was [...] related posts: Biologists have found on Earth "half of Australia" forest lost a tough nut to crack from a Michigan airport love Story: the famous photographer, who became homeless Most funny photos wildlife – 2017 Best master of street art has painted the worst hotel in the world "for world peace"

Resource Analysts analyzed the creativity of the rap artists of Russia, in order to identify words that are characteristic of musical styles and individual rappers. It turned out that Slava constantly uses the word "hype" and "Genesis", and other performers have a different set. For example, PHARAOH constantly uses the word "creature", "Morse", "dynasty", Timothy – "status", "businessman", "chick", "graph", "dance." In the whole entire hip-hop and [...] related posts: the media has banned the use of borrowed words New words, which begat the Internet is Word of the year was not "hype" Music, dangerous for drivers Favourite and unique drinks USSR

One guy was so bold that asked users on Reddit to make fun of himself. And he got plenty of what you want. People literally filled up his black humor and jokes that could be offended in a normal situation. And the guy thanked everyone who came up with sharp jokes. And all of that humor is the only remaining [...] related posts: The smartest wallet in the world, which makes any Superman Humor, drama and an existential crisis – all the secrets of the popularity of horse Bojuka Black gay rap "Black list" of sites reduced American Granny blew up the Internet the most stupid way to fold a fitted sheet

It So happened that on Reddit, users are constantly discussing different unexpected topics. This time, the user Strange_Style asked other people about the simplest things in the world that they have mastered or learned in adulthood. And some answers were so amazing in its awkwardness, that simply amazed. There are people who for a long time did not know basic [...] related posts: the Most sad and terrible copies of dead people the Most unusual services for ordinary people the Most mysterious of human disease As cheats people Found unknown human population

Paul Barton lives in Thailand and has recently been that come with your piano in the "Valley of death", where live the last days of older elephants. He's playing for them classical music to animals was easier before they go to rest. They say that elephants never forget those people who are good to them [...] related posts: Coffee "make" elephants Mega-origami the Secret of Manson's how to never go out of fashion, Germany, which is no longer and never will be a City that is not on the map

Recently, in social networks, especially Facebook, has become a popular amazing wall of TVs, which is located on Phu Quoc island in Vietnam. Who built and why? Owns her 70-year-old In van Hao, whose son is repairing TVs and always buys old devices for details. At some point In Wang Hao began to build them a wall. He [...] related posts: War graffiti in Kharkiv: how to start and what led to the Unique Chinese landmark Apartments in Queen: the demand is there — any suggestions Sacral meaning of the Russian villages Perfectionists everywhere

In the Indian state of Gujarat now stands the tallest statue in the world called the "statue of Unity". Her devoted follower of Gandhi, Vallabhbhai Patel. And it is no coincidence, as he is credited with the unification of the States into a single state. The construction took 430 million dollars and more than five years. From November 2013 to build a monument spent more than [...] related posts: The great shepherd settled in Odessa region Walk a hundred millions of dollars "Hormonal economy" of China – a unique chance to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars the Germans had built the biggest sand castle the biggest helicopter in the world

Simple plush toy suddenly became a hit in Russia. And it is so coveted that it was impossible to get than are dealers that increase the price twice. What's her secret? At the beginning of this year in the Western segment of the Internet there are memes with a shark from IKEA. She became popular thanks to the deadpan expression. And now [...] related posts: Robots assemble IKEA furniture Rugs from IKEA went on the clothes for the characters of "Game of thrones" the Americans caught an amazing shark Drunk Serb beat the shark We shark is not scary

Thai fire Comet Candaba faced the bathroom is fitted with a king Cobra. Taking advantage of the rare opportunity he has recorded a video where quietly teaches all who will be in the same situation. Like in "Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy", the main thing that you will need – a towel. While the snake hissed threateningly and fanned hood, fireman mundane tone told [...] related posts: Here's how to do not to pay the fare, Opened the hotel, where everyone is his own star Motorcycles for those who know a lot about them Land and forest are one, sure the famous Thai farmer "Every day, everywhere": photographers break stereotypes, removing the normal life

Rapper Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, has shared in his profile in Instagram stating that he bought two hundred tickets to the concert of another rapper, a longtime rival in the music scene Ja Rule, scheduled for November 9 in Texas. But he was not going to come on the show. The fact that he decided to leave all the seats [...] related posts: Gesichtermix crossed celebrities with each other a New illusion: dots chasing each other, but one is on the spot Who is your best friend? In the city of Biisk mock people Celebrities, too similar to each other

For such a drawing step decided the Swiss company ABB, which is developing IT products. Unique to our planet, the factory will appear in Shanghai very soon – by 2020. To create a kind of "factory of the future" will spend $ 150 million. This amount will be spent not only on the walls but also on the consolidation of digital technology, robotics, research in the field [...] related posts: Robots assemble IKEA furniture Reasons why robots need to be afraid of a Chinese restaurant robots People prefer bosses robots? Chocolate factory for true lovers of this delicacy

There are things that in Germany it is better not to do. Here is a small, but extremely important to any gathering in Germany, a list of those things from "My Planet". Clink, not looking in her eyes, In Germany there is a strange belief that if you clink glasses and look into each other's eyes, for as much as 7 years to spoil his love life. Where here are [...] related posts: the Annual carnival in Germany, Stunning the laws of the United States, part 2, In Germany on the Playground undoing drunken hedgehogs In Germany is the large tropical oasis of peace Happy homes there are in Germany