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The Guy showed how to catch fish, and surprised even the most experienced anglers. And used it the set of products from a conventional store. Way to catch a big fish, shown by Fisher, became viral online. And the people who share their version of fishing without a rod and hook, you can understand, as it is very amazing fishing with a soda pop bottle, packaging peppermint drops [...] related posts: New Internet meme damn Way to quit playing WoW Fish of the Amur Unique video hunting soms doves Attention! There is a new meme!

Since "the Mummy" Brendan Fraser has changed a lot. But if you know his story, it becomes quite not amused. And all fans of the world are ready to stand up for the idol, saying exactly how he's had a tough life. The Network even has a community of people who want to "Save the Brendan Frasier." And they all work! In December last year, the American and canadian actor [...] related posts: Keanu Reeves, blessed himself and the entire Internet at the same time the Console where only Keanu Reeves, will make the whole world wait Interesting facts about actor Keanu Rivza Died actor Andrei Panin Oh how I want to go back, Oh how I want to break into the town

In New Zealand chose the bird of the year 2019. Elections, which are held for the sake of drawing attention to endangered and rare species, have been the fourteenth time. Among 85 candidates defeated the magnificent penguin (Megadyptes antipodes). The Maori call it just hoiho. Gave him 12 thousand votes is more than the rest of the world winners.Elections are birds of the year in 2019 In New Zealand [...] related posts: a Pair of penguins attacked a cafe in New Zealand for selfish purpose Robot Fedor became a hero to many memes 68-year-old pensioner has won the Mr. universe Meme "Bad guy" was transformed and once again became a popular American Xbox saved from the fire and became the gamer of the year

Zoologists took video of the rare creatures that people have not seen for over 30 years. It happened in the forests of Vietnam. Until recently it was thought that the mouse deer, or Kancheli, are already extinct. But now there is every reason to believe that the animals still delight the planet with its unusual appearance. The size of the animals scarcely exceed the rabbit. It is very shy animals, [...] related posts: Myths about animals Five reasons to take Pets from a shelter a Lake in Tanzania turns animals into stone statues by Danish sculptor re-populates the forest giants of the world's First wooden machine Vietnam

Specialists Krugger received an interesting order: to create a Roadster similar to a car from 30 years. And they coped with them! Staff created Fornieri Dupont, which strikes at first sight. Ordered the car pharmaceutical company Mithra Francois Fornelli and textile magnate Andre DuPont. It is a combination of their names and got the name. Businessmen were asked to create a car that will be unique, [...] related posts: Original honey, which is very similar to lemming Tesla produces a car budget Car from the LEGO life-size Place, where he collected 80 thousand hours of CITIZEN in winter you need to insulate all the way! Offer only for men

User Reddit under the nickname dunnkw shared the story of his transformation by eliminating "just" from one habit. Kenny Dunn for 3 years how to give up alcohol. All the while he was doing a selfie every day to document your changes. The first picture Kenny looks awful. Here he does not drink all day. The last photo is already three years [...] related posts: American Xbox saved from the fire and became the gamer of the year, the American turns into a sexless creature of the Secrets of longevity from a 105-year-old American doctor was implanted in the ear earphone the funniest memes of 2015

The Actor, who suffered tragic events, has long been a very lonely man. That was his way, anchored in social networks. It reinforced the memes and stories from the life of Keanu. But now everything has changed. And it made users literally to rejoice with happiness! Recall that Reeves has never been married, in 1999, his girlfriend, actress Jennifer Syme, [...] related posts: Console, where there is only Keanu Reeves, will make the whole world wait Unexpected Keanu Reeves Interesting facts about actor Keanu Rivza Barack Obama will play himself in a fictional movie by Steven Spielberg, the President of Iceland has acknowledged that he took on too much

Models the wizard chooses not the most pleasant, but the product, nevertheless, turn out cute and beautiful. How is that even possible? Artist Amanojaku of Hamaguri from Japan make leather accessories in the form of insects, animals, amphibians and other creatures, amazing fidelity. To say there is a long time not much, must look! By the way, pay direct attention to the model that the Japanese [...] related posts: Novorossiysk dog started stealing other dogs even with a leash the Girl from Australia scares a shark the Japanese have established an unusual record fingers thousands of graduates will take the exam in the exam 21 Ridiculous pop stars in the form of animals

Musician Marilyn Manson was photographed with the strangest actor of our time Nicholas cage is one naughty party. And after this photo the fans around the world can not recover. Some photos were funny, and others again forced to think that celebrities – twins of each other. In the first weekend of November, Manson came to the party in Las Vegas and met [...] related posts: the Secret to Manson's how to never go out of fashion a view of the Earth from space – this planet you haven't seen Extinct spiders pelicans returned to the planet Ucoz became dull Collages of photographs of stars of different epochs from George Camona

Occurring within a single platform could be called a real military conflict with opposing sides, with weapons in the form of memes, treason and guerilla warfare. In October of 2019 on Reddit began "memna war" between the two communities, where dwelt the user names are Tim and Tom. Quite quickly, the conflict moved to the main page of the site and has attracted users from [...] related posts: the history of the emergence of the meme "Who did this?" North Korea threatened South Korea with war editor went "Around the world" a History of the mysterious meme Internet Loss I/We: a story of transformation from a universal symbol of unity to the meme

The Actor, who is well-known for the TV series "Game of thrones" and the film "Aquaman", showed the world how he has nerves of steel. He fed the bear a very extreme way. That is, if not come to it suddenly, Jason Russian genes? Of course, this is hardly the case, but followers on Instagram Momoa convinced that he is a real superhero. [...] Related posts: Jason Momoa shaved his beard for a good purpose Winter collection of jokes 2 Barack Obama will play himself in a fictional movie by Steven Spielberg's Apartment in the Queen: the demand is there — any suggestions for New Russian

International competition star pictures Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 has announced the best of the best of the star photographers. The most beautiful images of the Universe exhibited in museums Greenwich in London.1. Category "Heavenly views". The work of the "Road to the stars" Category was 11. Among them: "Polar lights", "Stars and nebula", "Celestial sights", "Galaxy", "People and space", "Remove robot", "the Moon", "Our [...] related posts: the UK has awarded the authors of the most eco-friendly pictures, The best face of Britain – the 2018 Photographers prove: pristine Russia still exists! In Britain the house was built on "lightning" Jargon photographers in Russian, part 1

Scandals over the black face in the modern world – are not uncommon. Originally blackface was a kind of theatrical make-up, caricature depicting a black man. And now in modern America and other countries, this make-up is considered a manifestation of racism. All this is understandable, but the ban on green complexion was not expecting anyone. The lady Twitter under the nickname Cannawitch (which translates to "Hemp [...] related posts: the Key attributes of lonely girl, the Gesture "OK" is recognized as a symbol of racism, the Signs of delirium tremens of the Face model Cara Delevingne. Face to rent

The Group of experts clearly showed what happens to a man after 20 years of work in the office. What he saw is shocking. The researchers conducted a survey among three thousand office workers in Germany, the UK and France and found out about their health after the working day. As it turned out, more than 90% of respondents suffer from headaches, problems with spine and eyes. Then instead of a report [...] related posts: Swedish scientists have proved that a childhood with Pets reduces Allergy risk in adults Scientists are ready to transplant the head a couple of years, Scientists have created a magical pineapple Scientists: chickens are remarkably intelligent and "time travelling" Scientists are working on the "perfect" tree

In the vastness of Instagram have an account in which two guys publish pictures of skeletons extracted from animals. But do not hurry to condemn them! They handle the real art and science simultaneously. The osteology (the scientists who study skeletons ) Sebastian eno and Camille of Ayler from the organization Karanita clean the bones from the flesh and recreate with the anatomical accuracy of the skeletons of animals. Their work [...] related posts: Post men who know what real suffering of the actors from the movies 2019, which can be replaced with fruits and vegetables Top 7 best museums in the world that you can visit for free Detailed pencil skeletons Coub — Looped videos