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Frankly, you obviously would have bought a bag for fun or as a souvenir of this extraordinary country? In Kumamoto (Japan) revealed a strange vending machines, where you can buy the bags with the insects. They represented 10 different types of insects, which include crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, rhinos. The cost of the package with a huge beetle-a rhinoceros is $ 12 a [...] related posts: you can live in a tree, Opened a hotel where everyone is a star Bike that cleans the air fire Every Thai knows what to do when meeting a Cobra in the Garden, which was created for half one person

A Teacher from new Jersey Julia Mooney decided on a desperate experiment, to setting an example to teach the disciples an important lesson. Julia successfully tried to prove that fashionable clothing doesn't reflect the person's inner world. 100 days she wore the same summer dress, removing all the rest of the outfit is in the box. November 5, 2018 the teacher start the experiment came to [...] related posts: Chen Jia Wen received the title of hottest teacher Taiwan the world's First 3D dress for Dita von Teese! Black dress Michael Spookshow revealing dress Abigail Clancy 80-year-old woman to be crossed on the old Toyota entire continent in five months

It is Difficult to say whether the pictures convey the love for fishing, but the men they'd like. Japanese model and star of the television show, Shiomi Yoshino constantly goes fishing, boasting in social networks the catch. But this time she decided to surprise subscribers if publication of the fact that she managed to catch, pick up more than 50 thousand likes. The day the footage has gained more than [...] related posts: Japanese girl invented the sad part is the art Website with glitter to enemies went under the hammer Home: it is cool how Yandex will search the profiles in social networks, COP Snickers likes to sleep on the documents

Businessman Elon Musk has published in his Twitter account, Russian meme. Thanks to the creators of memes has received the recognition of the Western users of social networks. In the post the inventor put one of the first images with the phrase "How's that, Elon Musk?" He commented on a tweet of the publication The Onion article about an American film and music festival South by Southwest (SXSW). [...] Related posts: the Aliens found out about the meme "How do you like that, Elon Musk" and did not understand it, Elon Musk began a friendship with Dwayne Johnson crossed photo Elon Musk endorsed the idea of creating a Jurassic Park Elon Musk is working on a dragon-cyborg Elon Musk was a alien from another planet

The ten most affordable places to stay from Skyscanner! came in the most unexpected long-haul resorts. Only the top 30 countries. The drafters focused on the possibility of Russian tourists and expected two-week stay for two adults with record spending on flights, accommodation, food and entertainment. The most budget option of rest was the expected near abroad. So, in Belarus, this holiday will cost [...] related posts: the Ten most creepy places in the world photos of the most incredible places on earth Some of the most beautiful places on the planet the Most prosperous countries in the world Ten of the most pure waters of the planet

In early March, one of the wearer Twitter under the name Twinkle noticed an unusual Swede screensaver of the animated series "Sailor moon". The shot clearly took a little bit of funds, and the authors of the movie used in the work of eggs, socks, trash bags, bath shower faucet. The screen saver has turned out a detailed and completely replicates the original. The video quickly spread around the Twitter, wrote about him in the media [...] related posts: Unusual footage from the film shooting Bright end of 2016 from YouTube Biysk lit on the eagle kidnapper First music video in space

We are confident that each of the frames you will never be able to forget. If you are not sure about the state of his psyche, better not to look! Elon Musk, known for his love of Twitter, has posted on his account photos of Dwayne Johnson with just his face. Frames look funny and weird, but the "Rock" they even liked it. Both guys exchanged friendly tweets and [...] related posts: Elon Musk behaves as a child Elon Musk was a alien from another planet the Aliens found out about the meme "How do you like that, Elon Musk" and did not understand it Elon Musk endorsed the idea of creating a Jurassic Park Elon Musk lit by staging a big party with flamethrowers

In the outfit the actor came to the premiere of the film "Captain marvel". Fiction Thriller, Marvel studios and Walt Disney talk about the pilot of the air force Carol Danvers, who finds strength after a collision with aliens. In the story the girl deals with her abilities and a powerful enemy. Carol Danvers was played by actress brie Larson, her mentor – Jude law and antagonistic genetics Minnesota North stars j-ERV [...] related posts: "One" like " and I..." – a new popular meme Runet Jerry Jude has created amazing sculptures of cars flash Mob "One like – one fact" was informative collection of Cinderella – XXI: the saleswoman became a supermodel, accidentally hitting the frame is the Best cosplay festival Indonesia

Very strange outfits helped the guy to portray on the streets of London a new star in the modeling field. A bonus was the attention of photographers and familiarity with celebrities in this fashion show. A daring experiment YouTube bloggers Zach Alsop and Jamie Retorn from London, leading channel called the Zac and Jay Show, came up with back in February. They decided to send 16-year-old buddy max [...] related posts: The little night club was opened in England, the Germans struck the blogger as Parking in the wrong place failed In England, the anti-gravity house "Walrus" sailed to England for Christmas

In General, it is not really lost, just about it began to speak now. It is the Institute of anatomy in Belgium, was built in 1744 and is now not working. To walk on it weird, but interesting. During the nineteenth century things went well, students were many, the Institute was expanded, the leadership has been building new housing. During the 1960-ies branch of the Institute [...] related posts: Bananas with cocaine found in Belgium Atypical #instagirl makes unusual trip around the world The superhero fire station was in Italy, In England, the anti-gravity house Interesting installation from Bloom Anne Sulit

The Social network full photos with beautiful and expensive resorts, different cities, beaches, mountains. Each frame makes you the envy of many subscribers, who don't even know how often wonderful life create using the seat from the toilet. Users began EN masse to post pictures and life hacks on how to get your subscribers to envy, and haters to hate even more. Cheap mob to a life of luxury [...] related posts: Most funny video of the day: Koala fishing the Most delusional anime of today, Siri has become the perfect companion for rappers Almost real cannibalism from College Humor With a bold version of new year's makeup

The Majority of tourists and even very advanced travelers do not know what to do in Mongolia. In vain. Who times dares to go there, you may fall in love with her forever beyond the spirit of pervoprokhodcev and off-road, dinosaur tracks and amazing sunsets of the Gobi desert. The Gobi desert – a kind of ocean in which to watch things. Eyes are resting in this open space. This desert is absolutely [...] related posts: Incredible winter in Mongolia, Eskimo igloos in the XXI century: high-tech and the Northern lights the best time to shoot deer... in the heart of London's Most unusual hotel services: the recorder in the shower and yoga elephant Frosts and strong winds turned the lake Balaton in winter Wonderland

The Conference was held five years ago, and the it became a meme about the things they are paying too much attention, was just now. Jokes based on pictures of the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya started to appear on Reddit on January 28. In the photo before the girl has a lot of microphones from various media, and the man sitting beside me, no one [...] related posts: Blatantly lying about Loki made a meme, the Prosecutor became a meme of a Sad monkey in the barbershop became a meme Skillful hands made the clay art Evil the cat became a new Internet meme

Kid painted book paint, depriving them of individuality, and then took to the ice of the Winter canal near the Hermitage. For the organization of installation max Otto took about hundreds of books by Russian authors, including Nabokov, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Mandelstam, Pelevin, Sorokin. Each volume the artist has painted black and red paint to depersonalize the works of authors and show the ravages of censorship. [...] Related posts: Strike Wikipedia in Russian against censorship Mr. Blik opposed the war St. Petersburg tightrope Walker crossed the drawn Palace bridge, the Russian artist has completed the picture by Mark Rothko Nicholas II "defended" from the legs

Ford, if you do not a car, and something else, get something suspiciously similar to them. So recently the company has created a smart bed, which makes the car... sorry, spouses take the "foreign band" or if you like, "fly into the oncoming lane" in his sleep. Ford has unveiled a prototype smart beds, which does not allow the second half to take his side. This is followed by [...] related posts: bed in the shape of a bird's nest Creative vertical bed Peace conquers the style wabi-Sabi: a great reason to stop to fill the bed, Nissan has created the smart self-propelled Slippers, pillows, and Desk Bed that you can carry