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Articles on a range of subjects: history of Russia and the world, society, famous people, amazing events, unique places, curiosities past and present. A huge collection of jokes and jokes and fun and instructive stories from life.

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The U.S. Congress imposed sanctions against Russia and some Russians... In response to our State Duma has introduced a number of bills against the rest of the Russians... Well that none of the Russians were not hurt. "Lara — tomb raider" — a drama about a girl from a dysfunctional family named Lara, who at the weekend goes to the cemetery to collect the left on the graves of candy. — What is this Mary in your phone?— This is Misha, I just pressed the wrong letter when saved.— For example. And Elvira Sauna?— Damn, T9! Is Electric The Way! Me: Oooh, turn it off! I hate depressing movies!God: This is your whole life flash before my eyes.Me: better Turn on "Shrek." the Perfect woman — the one that was born on March 8, and you met her on March 8, and you were...

We had an argument once three homeless Polish, German and Russian — who are cowards dirtier. Polish homeless says:— Look!He pulls down his pants, he rolls them into a ball and throws it at the wall. Pants stuck, hung there a few seconds and fell.— That's what! — speaks German, Watch it over here.He takes his and does the same. Panties stuck to the wall and slowly began to slide down.— Did you see that? — proudly he said.A Russian homeless man said:— No, guys, it looks like you have not seen really dirty panties!With these words he removes her, crumples them and throws into a wall. Briefs stuck... and slowly crept up. Read also: the Anecdote about the Russian and the Estonian couple in the train

The Soviet era. One man wins the lottery new car "Volga". And before you go for the prize, his wife said to him:— John, listen to me carefully. Now I'll go and take the black "Volga". If not black, then take the money. Got all that? Yeah.— Now, go! he Comes to the point of issuing prizes, shows his ticket and says:— I need a black "Volga".— Sorry, we have no black — tell him — There are white and yellow. What do you want?— Then don't need the car, give me back my 50 cents! Read also: the Joke about the Jew who wanted to win the lottery

Although in our culture men usually pay more attention to slim women, the impact of severe stress can dramatically change the taste. A 2012 study experimentally proved that men, who are under acute stress because of work or other circumstances that call more beautiful women with a higher body mass index, plump and curvy. Scientists came to the conclusion that stress is recognized by the brain as the deterioration of living conditions, and this automatically triggers a preference for a more "adapted" ladies, the fullness of the body demonstrating that all is right, food is full, and conditions for breeding the most that neither is suitable. also Read: What men like women?

In 2001, the car moving at a speed of about 110 km/h, knocked Matthew McKnight, an unemployed paramedic, stopped on the highway to assist in the accident. Yes so brought down that he flew a record of 36 meters, which is almost half the length of a football field! fortunately, Matthew survived. When the paramedics, rushed to render aid to the victim, encouraged him to apply for a record in the Guinness Book of records, he waved off the idea, saying it was a joke. However, the doctor was so impressed by the magical flight of McKnight, that still sent a request to the editors of the Book in 2003-m to year. There it was tested and approved, but neglected until 2008, when, finally, the record of Matthew was in the next issue and thus was recorded. Read also: the...

The Town of Setenil de Las Bodegas, which is home to about three thousand persons, is entirely under the overhanging rock. Many of the residents live in houses cut directly into the rock, that is, artificial caves. It is so comfortable and welcoming refuge, which scientists are sure that people settle in this rock since the stone age and life here is never interrupted. White walls, lush greenery, magnificent hanging rock — what can I say, life is like Christ in his bosom. Setenil de Las Moderatto: Waldo Miguez / Pixabay Photo: Waldo Miguez / Pixabay Photo: Waldo Miguez / Pixabay Photo: Alejandro Cuencac / Pixabay Photo: António Cascalheira / Pixabay Photo: Makalu / Pixabay see also: City under one roof

Up To 30: Book the window seat, because the clouds are so beautiful.After 30: staking out an aisle seat to start the toilet at any time. — I want to improve my English skills and now watch TV shows in original voice.— Don't know how you can help "deadly force" and "Brigade"? My boss: You're fired!Me: [nod in agreement, put him on the table a gun and a badge].My boss: You're a waiter! Where did you get this?! the Reasons why I'm afraid to bite the dog:4. Terrible scars.3. It hurts.2. Can you die from infection.1. Can't drink 6 months. — Hello! Me, please, sage, Valerian tablets, novopassit, melaxen and glycine.— Are you all right?— Yes! The advance was transferred! Read also: Compilation of humor and a kit for the Assembly of the swastika

By Itself, human sweat, the secret of the sweat glands, has no odor. Odor producing bacteria love to settle in those places on the body where there is accumulation of sweat glands. Warm and humid, beautiful! Especially good they feel in the armpits, where not just damp, but still dark. In the process of life, the microbes break down the protein that cause odor. In addition, waste from the living and dead cells also did not add the armpits heavenly aroma. But with the help of antiperspirants, but rather, they contain aluminum, and we might take some time to suppress this process and thus to neutralize the smell. Read also: Antibiotics are useless for colds because colds are caused by viruses, not bacteria

Tiny mite with a romantic nickname of "lone star" received for that pattern on his back resembles a graphic element of the Texas flag, "flag of the lonely star" that can make anyone a vegetarian. Tick "lone star"Photo: Robert Noonan / Science Source After that tick bite, the body develops a strange reaction and a person loses the ability to normally digest meat. Each eaten a piece of pork, beef or any other red meat causes nausea, vomiting, pain, sneezing and runny nose. In severe cases, a person may begin to suffocate and you need urgent assistance. Sometimes this condition passes with time, at least an Allergy is forever. Read also: 7 insane facts about ticks living on your face right now

American scientists have invented a super-smart computer that knows the answers to all the questions. Brought this miracle of technology to show the President. The President decides to test it and to ask anything about the future. He tells the computer:— When will the Third world war?The computer thought there felt something inside and provides:"In 2070, the year."Here the curiosity of the President broke out and he asks:— And how long after the war will cost "Coca-Cola"?Computer again I felt something and gives the answer:"58 rubles." Read also: the Anecdote about aliens that fall to Earth

"mouth to mouth turns out microbe!" This poem we were taught the teachers in the kindergarten, so we passed each other chewed gum. But it turns out something they were unwilling (probably to us kids, not to scare). Mouth to mouth — turns eighty million microbes! Photo: Pixabay This fact is part of the larger process occurring constantly and support the immune system. People should add to their "collection" of bacteria, because the cells of these bacteria, our own immune cells conduct "training", "teaching" the new cells to recognize and reflect bacterial attack. the Permanent composition of the intestinal microflora our young defenders are well known, so from time to time be "hooked" a new species of microorganisms from the environment. Partially we get...

Alien: Take me to your leader.I: [show on a wife]Wife: [pointing to child]Child: [pointing at cat] Cat: What did you want? — Hey, what are you working tomorrow?— And tomorrow, what day of the week?— I have no idea.— Work... — Have recently been the case. The bride from the wedding was taken straight to the hospital.— This is nonsense. Here we have the groom from the wedding was taken straight to another wedding! — What are you doing? I'm a model.— Cool! What ad Agency?— Not in the Agency, and Instagram. What do you do?— And I'm a sniper.— Wow, the police or the army?— In Call of duty. the cat: [asleep on my lap] Me: Foot fell asleep, gonna move I'm a millimeter to the right.Cat: Everything is not like before. Sleep is hopelessly flawed, and besides, I...

Ahem Ahem. We apologize for the choice of topic, but you should know (we know). The average person farts 14 times a day. Edition Deadspin took the trouble to calculate how much in this case once farted the entire population of the planet. We know roughly what times inhabit the Earth, we know how much the average living years, and we know how many we have. This allows for even and rough, but the counting. Goes stunning figure 17 quadrillion farts. In the next time when it will generate another one, do not forget to add it to this figure. Hee hee. Illustration: PIRO4D / Pixabay / Pectrum also Read: 10 reasons why the past is more disgusting than you think

Still consider themselves special? Forget. Your genetic code is almost identical to the code... anyone. All people on the planet (of all races and Nations) the same DNA, differing only by one tenth of a percent. And in this tiny fraction all your hidden personality. so, you have the same genes as someone you can't stand. On the other hand, you have the same genes, just like any TV or movie star. You merely 0.1% of the genes are different from any person who would like to become. Think about it. Read also: the eye Color is not passed from the parents genes

Wife with lover tumbles in bed, when suddenly you hear the sound of the opening door. She says to her lover:— come quickly to the balcony, climb over the railing and hang from the other side. Then, when her husband is distracted, I'll release. He quickly ran to the balcony, did as she commanded. Well, as it so happened, that his wife forgot about him. So he stayed there all night. The morning came, the yard is already out the janitor with a broom to sweep. He saw this hanging of a man in his underwear and said to him:— Hanging?— Well, Yes, hang — responds terribly tired man.— Are you even in?— I don't know...— Well, then your feet a little lift, I need to sweep. Read also: the story of the lovers and their profession