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Articles on a range of subjects: history of Russia and the world, society, famous people, amazing events, unique places, curiosities past and present. A huge collection of jokes and jokes and fun and instructive stories from life.

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Tourists Come to Moscow. He walks around the city, watching everything and thinking: "I ought to Red square to see!" Suited to the first person, and it turns out to be a drug addict. Tourist him and asks:— Excuse me, can you tell me where is Red square?The addict is stuck for a few seconds and then says:— in Short, dude, go right now, and you will see Georgians watermelons trades. Watermelons do not take it! They suck! Then turn to the left. There you will see an Armenian melons sells. Melons also did not take it — it's not melons and sucks, dude! In General, hit a brick wall, look down — there's a mouse, caught it by the tail and with all his strength to smash him against the wall, so that the brains were scattered! Then scoop the brains off the wall and...

Sits a man in a restaurant smokes. From the next table was speaking to him the lady:— Excuse me, could you stop Smoking? Your cigarette make me very angry.The man, puffing:— And me it generally kills. Now the letter will only take non-swimmers, because they are much better protect your ship! At the Museum:— Whose is the statue?— Nefertiti.— I'm not ferchu! I really don't know! Yesterday in the circus, was found dead of an acrobat. Circus workers say that it was planted. — Madam, the toilet is so you!— Close the door, you freak! Read also: Ten of anecdotal and humorous sketches

Photo: Mingyuk Cheng / Pixabay the fact that dogs have for their masters is not just affection, but the real love, it is easy to check. It is sufficient to measure the level of oxytocin in the body before and after contact with the owner. Oxytocin is nicknamed "the love hormone" because it is secreted into the blood only when we are in contact with someone you really love: children, family and friends, when we hug a friend or beloved pet. now, if the contacts in the host, the level of oxytocin in the body increases. It means she's not just a picture of the love and really experience it! It's nice to know, isn't it? If you are depressed and you think no one likes you — get a dog! She will love you for real. Read also: Dogs are able to learn more than 150...

Five years ago, China was faced with the consequences of their rapid industrial growth in the form of smog, which covered large cities as a whole. When the density of emissions in the atmosphere became a permanent barrier to sunlight and the people could no longer do on the street without protective masks and respirators, the Chinese government finally opened his eyes. China is like a smoker for a long time securevantage three packs a day, but once awakened with the firm thought "Enough! No more cigarettes." it is Now the country invests in the protection of the environment a lot more money than others. 360 000 000 000 dollars allocated to developing renewable sources of energy! Of course, these efforts should have an impact on the condition of the entire...

Billie Eilish If you think that pop singers are singing all Leslie and Leslie and invigorating music in the world is sorely lacking, you do not think. Research from 2012 published in the journal "Psychology of aesthetics, creativity and the arts" found that "popular music became more sad." Psychologists noted that he became sad as the music itself and the lyrics become more lyrical and emotionally ambiguous. A "pop" of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90-ies was much more energetic and joyful. Read also: the Musicians are much less than other people by the Way, the musicians a good memory

Vodka is always vodka, and its "premium class" is pure marketing. According to the international standard production, the vodka should destilliertes until then, "while it would have no taste, aroma or colour". Only then it can be considered a vodka. If the drink has any distinctive feature, it is not vodka. Accordingly, the vodka of any brand and class, though "premium", though "luxury" in its composition and taste absolutely identical. Then why do people pay more? For the prestige. Read also: Vodka — not Russian drink! Wonder: How to drink vodka with Russians

Ad in the newspaper: "In a large company Secretary is required. Requirements: quick typing, knowledge of computer, knowledge of foreign languages". The announcement comes a dog. All a bit shocked by this, and she, as if nothing had happened, goes to the typewriter and begins paws to gain some text. Still more amazement. She asked:— Well, how's your computer?She silently walks up to the computer, skillfully opens the Windows, is programs. Everything is simple in a stupor. It seems to be all he can is a smart animal but to take your dog to work — it's just nonsense. And then she asked the last question:— And how are you with foreign languages?The dog, after a pause, says:— Well, let's meow. Read also: anecdote about a new technology in job

My date:1. Your strengths in bed?2. Where do you see yourself in my bed in 5 hours?3. The test task.4. I'll get back to you. on Instagram of the lawyer: "boys and Girls! The last window this month! Written to razvedki". my camp was nicknamed "the vacuum cleaner". Because I was big, noisy and scare all the pussies. Come once amorai, a nihilist and a cynic at the bar. And the bartender have them, we Have the alcohol is only for adults. — You really like an ant!— Why?— Always some garbage... Read also: a New collection of anecdotes

Everything flows, Everything changes. Language evolves and lives. In 2007, the designer and blogger Artemy Lebedev wrote a post that argued in favor of the pronunciation of the word "coffee" in the neuter. Since 2009, Norma "coffee it" (along with "he") was introduced into four of the most authoritative dictionaries: "the Spelling dictionary of Russian language", "Dictionary of accents of Russian language" "Grammar dictionary of Russian language" and "the Big phraseological dictionary of Russian language". Since then ten years have passed, but some people still use only male born in relation to the word "coffee". Why coffee is "ono", not "he" — let's face it. 1. The original name of the drink made from coffee beans — "kofy" or "the coffee," in the masculine...

When the inventor of toilet paper Joseph Gayetty unveiled a unique product — while the toilet paper sold as a pack Packed clean sheets — most people thought it was completely useless way of using blank paper. They used to use in the bathroom with old Newspapers, and advertising catalogs, and the idea is to go on a special paper, which is also need to pay the money seemed ridiculous. In the end, the American inventor came up with the bright idea to sell toilet paper in rolls, and for 1880 years the novelty was finally able to gain popularity. Joseph Gayetty see also: Camouflage toilet paper saves lives in the hunting season for deer by the Way: 10 facts about toilet paper

Darwin was a man with a broad Outlook and a keen, penetrating mind, always podocalyxin features of the world and looking for ways to increase efficiency. The researcher who discovered the phenomenon of evolution itself in some way contributed to it: Darwin is considered to be one of the first people thought to attach little wheels to his work chair to facilitate the movement between a table with samples and a writing Desk. Darwin loved his chair, but it took a few decades for humanity to think to start the manufacture of upholstered work chairs with wheels for Cabinet work in mass production and to ensure they have thousands of office workers. Office chair to Charles Darwin see also: Personal turtle Charles Darwin lived for 176 years and died in 2006...

It is Proved that cats can affect the mood and even the physical condition of the owner: tactile contact with the animal increases the body's level of oxytocin (especially women), the hormone that lowers blood pressure, calms, and relieves stress. But brace yourself: cats don't like being squeezed and stroked for too long. 5-10 minutes — the optimal time, further strokes can bring out the animal from itself and it attacks your hand. Also, the cat might get nervous if you touch her below the neck, especially in the stomach. In addition, strokes in the tail area almost guaranteed to piss off the cat and it will start to bite. Therefore, the head, especially the ears — the best choice when you want to pet the cat. "We, of course, Pets, but not too much" — this...

All those who wants to leave the stuffy office, become your own boss and work for three hours a day pension for the amputation is a real theme! the Son, today flew an owl from Hogwarts. The letter says that you are the chosen one!— Wow! What, really?! Yeah. Here you go agenda. 1. Take the word "profile"2. Replace the last two letters "t".3. Profit! Drove into a search engine, "Tesla, Stalin helped Lenin to send this to the moon," and now contextual advertising offers me a job on "Ren-TV". I not read Lenin because I'm afraid I agree with everything, and then it turns out I'm a Communist. Read also: the Joke of the evening and Insta-capital

Crocodiles resemble huge lizards, but appearances often can be deceiving. In fact, crocodiles are close relatives of birds. Crocodiles and birds are descended from one ancestor that lived 240 million years ago, which also happened to dinosaurs. However, birds evolved much faster than crocodiles: our toothy friends at all "extremely slow" speed of evolution of the genome, says a UCLA study from 2014. Crocodilite Sasin: Tipchai / Pixabay Read also: Crocodiles survived the dinosaurs 65 million years by the Way: a Crocodile can hold its breath for 2 hours

Bacteria can not live without water, like any other living beings on our planet. Therefore, in the fully dried out toothbrush of microbes living there. They will appear when you soak the brush (and starts to RUB bacterial infection in the tooth enamel). So just before brushing your teeth brush wet should not be, say dentists, in particular, Robert Litle, dentist from the United States. He also stressed that mixing the toothpaste with water when you put it on a wet brush, reduces the effectiveness of the toothpaste at least twice. It makes brushing your teeth a waste of time. Also, do not rinse your mouth with toothpaste inside. In the process of cleaning you have collected the microflora of the mouth on the brush and paste, and drive the dirty paste up and...