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Articles on a range of subjects: history of Russia and the world, society, famous people, amazing events, unique places, curiosities past and present. A huge collection of jokes and jokes and fun and instructive stories from life.

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Paris, Sunny morning. The apartment with a huge window looking at the Eiffel tower, awakens a beautiful young girl, she throws a blanket, opens the window wide open. Then the wind bursts into the room, she throws light on a shirt, throws a blanket with a big cage with a parrot and dancing, heading to the kitchen. There she turns on the radio, then coffee, then runs into the bathroom includes the water there. The apartment comes to life, everything starts to make a noise, to rage. She, then singing under his breath, making coffee, suddenly her phone rings, she picks up the phone:— Hello... Yes, honey! What?.. Not coming?..She hangs up, turns off radio, turns off the coffee maker, turns off the water in the bathroom comes into the room, closes the window...

Quiet family night. Wife watching TV, suddenly to her husband, naked to the waist, gives her the pen, she turns her back and says:— draw a chess Board!— What? — Wife does not understand.— Chess Board draw me in my back! Faster!She could not understand, draws cells. He says to her:— Now pronumeral! Just quickly, I beg you!It as soon as possible numerum cells.— Ready? — Asks the husband.— Ready but I don't understand why... And now scratch my D6! Read also: the anecdote about the woman and her unplanned output

When you are in the mood to be in a crowd, go for the purple thread. When you want to hide, to change to UV. Beautiful girl in the gym doing bench press and thinks aloud: Four... Five...can No longer raise the barbell and turns to me: Young man will you help me a bit?I:— Six. — Yes, your own children is somehow insanely expensive!— But you still only pregnancy test I bought... Where does the time go:1. Until then.2. While the CE.5.10. If the child in the photo close to the face of the filters, it will grow up to be a policeman. Read also: a Small selection of fresh jokes

Lived as husband and wife. And at one point the guy just took out their suitcases and began to pack. His wife asks:— where are You, dear?— I'm in Guatemala. — He replies.— And why?— But just found out that there once the women pay the men for $ 3!The wife immediately pulls out the suitcases, having too. Her husband says:— I do Not understand, where are you going?— I? To Guatemala!— Why? Yes, I'd like to see you there at 6 dollars a month will live! Read also: Anecdote about a young couple that could not have a baby

In the early 20th century, despite the fact that bras have already been invented, wore them only the most desperate suffragettes. More conservative ladies relied on time-honoured, hard as armor, corset, fashionable at that time is S-shaped. However, the First world war contributed to the fashion adjustments. When it became clear how much needed to win metal goes into the production of corsets, the Ministry of military industry in the USA turned to the beautiful half of humanity calling for an end to waste good and go to bras. Ladies responded, releasing for the army of the allies as many as 28 thousand tons of metal, and bras came into fashion and stay in trend for a century. the patent Application byustgaltery: U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

It is translated as "ten quintillion". Mankind is known about 900,000 species of insects (the figure is already impressive), and at any point in time on our planet crawls, flies, swims, creeps in the land of the downright unimaginable number of these tiny creatures. Tell any ant that your species has as much as eight billion. Tell us if you are not afraid to see the poor thing burst from the mocking laughter: "How much was it? And how do you still not extinct?!" Something like that.

Elizabeth II loves dogs, especially corgis, corgis especially those that were descendants of Susan's dogs, which the Queen received as a gift for his 18th birthday. Descendants of Susan has more than 30 pieces, and they were all that logical to assume that a purebred Corgi. The last of this dynasty, Welsh Corgi, willow, died from cancer last 2018, and since then the Queen gets a new dog because he didn't want to leave the poor bored after her death. Also Elizabeth and her sister Margaret is credited with breeding new breeds of dogs — "dorgu" (a cross between a Welsh Corgi and Dachshund). Currently, the Queen owns two dorgu — Vulcan and candy. Dorgu did you know that the British Queen can kill anyone, and it is for nothing?

Thick and thin kishechnorastvorimye: Naveen Kalwa / Depositphotos 1. In the intestinal tube that runs all through our body, starting with mouth and ending with the... ahem, "output", the small intestine is between the stomach and large intestine. It is here (and not in the stomach) is the process of assimilation of food. 2. The length of the small intestine from three to seven meters in "collapsed" state (in the abdominal cavity it is stowed loops). However, the surface of walls not smooth, but folded and covered with villi. If its just the villi and folds, the length of the small intestine... will be equal to seven kilometers. 3. Small intestine clean, pink and shiny, there is no stool, present only in the colon in the "output". When the small intestine is...

Plays rock band on stage. All give the crowd goes crazy. Everything is going fine, but at some point, the singer realizes that the further words of the song he just flew out of my head. Well, I think we need to get out somehow. And just as a guitarist plays a solo, he is trying to behave more relaxed, suited to the bass player and asks him if he remembers the words. Bassist says he does not remember. Then he moves to the keyboard player and asks him the same question. The keyboardist asks:— And what is the verse?— Third.— No, sorry, don't remember.Solo is over, soon we must sing. The singer already quite in desperation, ran up to the drummer and shouts in his ear:— I don't remember what's next, words?!— Words?!— Yes! And what's the song?! Read also: the...

It is a mistake to assume that people believed that the Earth was flat hundreds of years until the light of modern science did not dispel the darkness of ignorance. Humanity has noticed that the planet is a sphere, even in ancient times. Writers such as Pythagoras and Aristotle mentioned this in his writings, created at the dawn of civilization, and Eratosthenes in the 3rd century BC were able to calculate accurately the diameter of the planet based on observation of the position of the shadow from the Sun at different times of the day. Image: Hope Tyutyunnik / Depositphotos In the dark days of the planting of Christianity the Earth was still round for the academic community of the time. In "the divine Comedy" by Dante, written in 1300-ies, the author...

Odessa, nudist beach. The beach comes Sam Goldman, undresses before the goal and, next to neatly folded clothes placed on the sand. And to avoid burns, his hat he put on the causal place so that nothing burned. He is tanned and as suddenly passes by a Nude girl. She stops near him and says:— a True gentleman always takes his hat off in the presence of a lady!And Sam, she says:— Darling, I assure you, in the presence of a lady, the hat has removed itself! Read also: the Anecdote about the old Jew and his three sons

Interview:— Why did you decide to become a firefighter?— The fire killed my father— I'm Sorry, I didn't know.— Nothing to worry about. I will have my revenge.— So you want to kill the fire that killed your father?— God, of course not! I'm not crazy. I want to kill his father. the Doctor:— I Have a bad novoste:— Lord, what's wrong with me?Doctor: We've x-rayed your body...Me: And?!Doctor:— And found that inside of you...Me: What?!Doctor:— a Big skeleton! Just like in the horror movies! I still my hands are shaking... you Can see for yourself in the pictures. — don't want to draw our map?— And what it gives?— Well, look, she will lie everywhere to disturb and enrage you, and when you need it, you will not find it.— Let's. — I want flowers but don't want to...

Every person is beautiful and unique, but is a combination of the colors of eyes and hair, which is found less often. This red hair and blue eyes. Remember, if you have one friend? If Yes, then he/she belong to a very rare breed, because the gene and the blue eyes and the gene for red hair are recessive. Redheads only 1-2% of the population of the globe, and the blue eyes meet the 17% that means that only 0.17% of the population can be simultaneously red and blue-eyed. Find out what distinguishes red haired people from all others. Photo: Stanislav Tarasov / Depositphotos

U.S. naval exercises. Their main task — to quietly enter the waters of the Black sea, to explore the countryside and also unnoticed back. The night on silent to a course come into the waters, turn off all lights, swim there for some time, and then sneak out. Turn on the light and see that on all ships the inscription in Russian: "You lose!". The commander of the fleet says so. President yet to report this will not. Now connect the special forces and go in the waters again. Hooked seals, even some special services. In a quiet move with no lighting, the locators go into the Black sea, to float there, come up, turn on the light, and then again on all ships: "You lose!". Well, I think, nothing to do, have to report to the President. Call the President, he...

Germ No. 1 rushes to a piece of pizza, just fallen on the floor but he blocks the way microbe number 2: Wait! You must wait five seconds! At the interview:— what are Your weaknesses?— Taciturn.— Your dignity?— Discreet. — Son, did you brush your teeth?— Mum, I'm 35 years!— What? Now it is not necessary to clean teeth? Examination at the Economics.— Give an example of a public utility of advertising.— Advertising brochures can cover the floor for painting. At the wedding of friends I ran to catch the bride's bouquet, but then came to his senses and wanted to return to her husband. But he waved his arms and said, "no, No, run! I'm already set!" — What are the similarities between weddings and funerals?— You are obliged to present only their own. Read also: a...