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If you know the joke "I Went to IKEA without a wife, bought a corkscrew, and, perhaps, go home", then you probably spend hours wandering with your loved one in that huge store. It seems that IKEA has some special Swedish magic, which does not allow you to leave without buying.

A girl in winter I go to Solarium to get a tan and look like they just returned from the resort. But Solarium is quite harmful to the skin, so it is much safer to use a special bronzer, fortunately today there is a wide selection for every taste and budget.

Show your love for the creative man using sources of inspiration. During your meetings you inspire him, and how the rest of the time? We offer eight ways to inspire, ignite, motivate. Seven amazing books for creative people.

In Australia every year attracts a lot of tourists, for example, a group of guys travels around Australian roads in the motorhome, looking at the local sights. However, they prefer to delight in pleasant experiences and adventures, not only myself. Continue reading →

In the vast social networks often you can find wonderful characters. For example, a simple guy from Novoorsk Mishan bison suddenly became the star of Instagram. The guy puts pictures of his simple life, clear and close to any person. Continue reading →

Who said that young children can't work? For example, Tilan Blondo four years, she earns money by appearing in ads and pacing at the podium! 5 years ago this little cutie was named the most beautiful girl in the world. Continue reading →

Dump — but where to go? — the real problem for the environment. Man produces, emits, produces more, and again throws you... no matter How big our planet is, it is still not infinite. Not whether we are buried under the debris finally? Continue reading →

Photoshop, of course, brought a great relief in the work of photographers and retouchers, but in fairness, we note that before the advent of computers, the authors sought to somehow improve their photos. Retouching photos emerged almost simultaneously with the very art of photography. Continue reading →

Hyperrealism in art have recently emerged in 1973, when Brussels hosted the exhibition with the same name. After 30 years in this style began to create artists using paints, pencils and their talent to create works that cannot be distinguished from photographs. Continue reading →

To many things in our daily life we are so accustomed that they no longer think about how many years they exist. Of course, many things since its invention have not changed significantly, but their original purpose can make very surprised. Continue reading →

Remember as a child dad was doing bird feeders with their hands, and then looked out the window as birds fly to peck the grain? A fascinating spectacle! And one guy went much further and built a bird feeder, where to place the camera that took pictures automatically. Continue reading →

80 years ago was born the permanent host of the TV program "Around the laughter", a man with a unique sense of humour Alexander Ivanov. Even outwardly, it was similar to don Quixote, and, like the knight of the sorrowful countenance, too, has dedicated his life to a hopeless struggle with the stupidity and vulgarity. Continue reading →

The Decision to have a credit card – an easy means of payment giving financial freedom – should be well balanced. You should consider every detail to make the use of the card most beneficial. Let's talk about the benefits of Citibank credit cards. Continue reading →

You know this: waiting for the New year as a miracle, like a Real Holiday... and a sense of Celebration in the shower yet? And it does not push neither the pre-holiday bustle, no shopping, no waiting vacation... you know this: waiting for the New year as a miracle, like a Real Holiday... and a sense of Celebration in the shower yet? And it does not push neither the pre-holiday bustle, no shopping, no waiting vacation... to Read further →

Many people prefer to make a list of things and then execute them all in one day to use the remaining time to rest. Here's the sailor from new puzzles on There were not that lazy, more rational, and therefore had all in one day. Continue reading →