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Surely most families have a favorite pet. They become part of your life, you talk to them, love and take everywhere with you. You don't even mind when they sleep with you in bed. Okay, when it's neat-groomed cat or dog. But it turns out that there are people who love something special! Continue reading →

For our parents health apps and services — something out of science fiction. About the need to take a pill, it still resembles an alarm clock, and prescription a doctor writes on a piece of paper with illegible handwriting. Parents still go to the reception Desk at seven o'clock in the morning to take the coupon to the technician. Continue reading →

Some art images have become so ingrained in our view of the middle Ages that think that fantasy novels reveal to us the real side of life in the Middle ages. But more often they mislead us. Continue reading →

There is nothing worse than the "locked syndrome of man" — so called as when the person being fully conscious, lies in a coma, or when the muscle is completely out of control, with the exception of the eye muscles. The reasons may be different, for example, this can occur after a stroke or as a result of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, diseases of the Central nervous system. Continue reading →

I'm Sure many of us are tired of the selfishness of others, and from the endless string of atrocities going on in the world. The news we hear everyday, sometimes forced to seriously doubt that people are generally able to care about someone other than yourself. Continue reading →

Time — something very strange. Sometimes it passes quickly, and sometimes runs incredibly slowly. To date, there are many theories to explain what is time and why it is so mysterious. And some of these theories are very unusual. Continue reading →