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In the village dobrovelichkivka Kirovgradskiy region, on the territory of the farm "Center" revealed the causative agent of African swine fever. To prevent the spread of the disease in the destroyed economy of 220 pigs. The diagnosis was confirmed by results of research of pathological material Cherkasy regional state laboratory of Gospodarevskaya. In this regard, the staff of Gospodarevskaya, RGA and the police toured the courtyards of Dobrovelichkovka as well as neighbouring Mar'ivka and Varvaro-Oleksandrivka, [...]

In the capital the exhibition of achievements of national economy last week was held the largest agricultural exhibition in Ukraine and Eastern Europe "agro-2018". The feature of its unprecedented representation of manufacturers of agricultural machinery, with more than three hundred thousand participants, both domestic and foreign, this year has presented novelties of agricultural machinery and equipment. At the same time acted twelve specialized exhibitions. Agricultural equipment introduced "Expoarte", SEL'khoztransport - [...]

In the village of Chesnyky Rogatyn district of Ivano-Frankivsk region farm "Perseus agro" carries out reconstruction of livestock buildings and construction of a milking parlor. As the press service of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration, the growth in demand for dairy products, as well as the need to provide their own milk processing factory with raw materials produced in the economy, contributed to the increase of livestock and its productivity. So, the farms, the outside area [...]

In the last 12 months in Ukraine beer consumption grew by 1.8% a year earlier, the figure was 7.1%. This is evidenced by the data of Nielsen. In this case, for 2017 the market of beer in Ukraine increased to 164,5 million dollars, i.e. 0.1%, according to Carlsberg Ukraine. But according to the Association "Ukrpivo" in 2017 the production of the product [...]

In the village of New Vodolaga, Kharkiv region, group of companies "Agroliga" is on the homestretch for the construction of an oil extraction plant. The company plans to launch in the first quarter of 2018. As explained in the press service of the company, initially the plant was intended to open at the end of last year, but due to problems with receipt and approval of technical and licensing documentation deadlines had to be moved. Power the oil extraction [...]

Week prices for white cabbage in Ukraine has decreased by 13-17%. To date, farmers ship vegetable 2.5-3.5 hryvnia per kilo depending on quality, region and terms of the transaction. The decline in prices, market players is associated with a sharp increase in the supply: many farms have begun to the sale of cabbage from storage due to deterioration. And if not [...]

Potatoes – our second bread, and with it nobody argues. But it was not always so, as the potatoes began its triumphal procession through the Russian fields only from the middle of the XVIII century. Until then, our workers-the ancestors worshiped other plants – grown parsnips and turnips. Growing parsnips in our time is not too extended, and to meet [...]

State Gospodarevskaya in Volyn region said that in two batches of Turkish tomatoes discovered entomological quarantine organism that is not on the territory of Ukraine. We are talking about South American tomato moth. Dangerous quarantine organism recorded in batches of fresh tomatoes 5 and January 19. To prevent the spread of tomato moth one shipment of 12 tons of tomatoes – utilized. The other 21,07 tons [...]

To date, the success of the German startup Infarm represented by about fifty modular vertical farms for growing of greenery in Berlin, including the major retail chains Edeka and Metro. But by the end of 2019 Infarm intends to establish in different EU countries about thousands of such farms. For these purposes, the startup has already attracted $ 25 million. The design of modular [...]

Vinnytsia region ended the season of sharovarin. Whole factories region produced 445 thousand tons of sugar, 10 thousand tons more than in 2016. About Nikolai Tkachuk, head of the Department of agricultural development, environment and natural resources said during a weekly meeting in the regional state administration which took place on 5 February. Nikolai Tkachuk said that in the current season [...]

Scottish farmers due to the shortage of workers forced to leave in the fields tons of fruits and vegetables. The national farmers ' Union after conducting a survey among Scottish producers "about the threats faced by farmers in connection with the scarcity of labor" came to the conclusion that farmers will demand the return of the Scheme the seasonal agricultural workers (SAWS), which the UK government shut down in [...]

In Rivne region, on the territory of hunting farms "Raczynski" and "DOE" Malinovskogo district, and in the economy "bars" of Rivne region found in wild boars with African swine fever. According to the state foods and consumer service in the Rivne region, according to a report on the findings of the pathological material of the Lviv regional state laboratory of veterinary medicine from February 1, five carcasses of shot feral pigs from three of the hunting farms of the region [...]

In the Kherson agricultural University has proposed to breed the Australian krasnoselskogo cancer – new for our country species of arthropods. Liked the exotic Kherson scientists that in a short time grows to very large (in the view of ordinary Ukrainian) sizes, but the growing conditions are unpretentious. This was told Yuri Volichenko, lecturer of the Department of water resources of the Kherson state agricultural University, said [...]

First Deputy Minister of agrarian policy of Ukraine Maxim Martyniuk said that in Ukraine, only 300 hectares of agricultural land have the status of organic, 90 thousand hectares are in a transitional period. Thus, the area of land under organic production in Ukraine is extremely low and does not exceed 0.89% of the total area of farmland. Maxim Martyniuk pointed out that the EU organic market has [...]

In 2018 in Ukraine production volumes of apples as a whole will grow by about 11%, and in commercial orchards is expected to further grow. Thus, for the first time in the history of the country the Apple harvest can exceed 500 thousand tons. This was reported by Andriy Yarmak, economist, investment centre, Food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO). For the first time in the history of Ukraine production [...]