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To get Rid of mice or rats – a challenge that is often faced by the owners of cottages and private houses. But to buy poison for rats and mice is just the beginning. Still need to somehow attract rodents this deadly delicacy. And how you get rid of mice and rats, if they do not want etched grain? As a rule, the difficulties are not associated with

Corporation "Agroprodservis on his page in Facebook reported that it had laid the first stone for the construction of a new Elevator in the village Yastrubove Kozovsky district, Ternopil region. "Agroprodservis" has facilities in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Ternopil. Corporation specializiruetsya for plant growing, production of feed, seed, poultry farming, pig farming, dairy farming. Land Bank "Agroprodservis" is 40 thousand hectares, the storage capacity of grain today

All of us from childhood familiar magic drink "Tarragon": bright green color, unique, like no flavor and spicy aftertaste. All these qualities favorite sweet water is obliged humble plant Artemisia extragonadal, or estragon, or even easier – tarragon. But not only in beverages plant tarragon can reveal their aromatic potential. Fresh herbs

Feelings of Ukrainians about the fact that after the lifting of the moratorium on selling agricultural land to foreigners will rush to buy our land and turn Ukraine into a "raw materials colony", is unfounded. This opinion was expressed by expert of the Reanimation package of reforms, Manager Easy Business Dmitry Libc. Research premises and land reforms in 60 countries allow to draw a clear conclusion: none of the countries

In the Kherson region started to plant the "second bread" of the Ukrainians. Chulakivka village in the Kherson region is recognized as the potato capital of the region. However, the current season farmers are starting without much optimism – the purchase price of vegetables in recent years barely pay for the cost of its cultivation. In this regard, the majority of farmers planning to reduce the area under potatoes. In 2016

In our area the ducks are grown mainly for meat or meat and egg direction. Duck egg breeds – not a very profitable business, as their egg production is seriously inferior egg production of laying hens. Most popular meat breed of ducks today is a Bashkir, Beijing, Musky, Maledom, Favorite Blue, Gray Ukrainian, Moscow White, Black Black. Worthy of attention meat-egg breeds of ducks

In the Fall of 2017 in the Dutch town of Dronten will be the first in Europe commercial tiered greenhouse for growing organic salad of lettuce. The author of the project, the company Staay Food Group, plans to build a farm on a plot of 900 square meters, but due to parusnosti the productive area will be over 3 thousand "squares". According to CEO of Reena of Panamana, lettuce grown in a closed greenhouse,

The Largest Ukrainian manufacturer and importer of tomato paste Agrofusion (Nikolaev) will receive a credit in the amount of $15 million from the EBRD to expand our activities in the growing, processing tomatoes, the modernization of approaches to irrigation and the treatment of plastic waste. In particular, Agrofusion will send the money for the construction of a new third plant for tomato processing with a capacity of 34 thousand tons of tomato paste. In

Taking advantage of favorable weather conditions, as of March 22, agrarians of Ukraine already planted early grains and legumes 471 thousand hectares in 21 regions of Ukraine. Given the fact that in Ukraine it is planned to give under early grain and 2.4 million hectares, sowing produced on 20% of the planned areas. In particular, sown: - barley – 19% of the forecast

Less than three weeks left to the Ukrainians to Easter. Usually in the days before Easter is observed higher prices for some products. That, according to experts, is expensive, and that cheaper? Experts believe that the price hike will only affect markets, prices in supermarkets will remain unchanged. More expensive, primarily pork. Depending on the quality, the price will jump by

Alexander Jig – a farmer with a truffle farm of 1.5 hectares in the Vinnytsia region. Now plans to develop a truffle business and in the Odessa region. Said that the production of the precious mushrooms – a matter of perspective, because here in the times of the Russian Empire grew a lot of truffles, both for domestic demand and for export. - Ukraine has already formed a culture of consumption of this delicacy

Norwegian producers of salmon are going to fight a dangerous parasite salmon lice. The fish plan to grow in a 44-meter egg-shaped apparatus – this will help to protect animals from lice, and also deal with the lack of suitable places for spawning and nursing fish. Ministries of fisheries of Norway has issued a license for the project. The fish will grow on the supertanker of the leading seafood producer Marine

Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Iraq and China have banned the export of poultry products from the entire territory of Ukraine. The reason is the outbreak of avian flu. As reported the state service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection, a number of other countries – UAE, Saudi Arabia, EU, Hong Kong – to apply the principle of regionalization to the supply of Ukrainian poultry products (import permitted with all areas

German farmer Michael Dilman in 2015 founded in Tlumach district of Ivano-Frankivsk region, OOO "Dilman Organic", specializing in the production of organic products. According to the Dilman, the farm will have a demonstration form in order to show the principles of work on the land for organic practices – without the use of chemicals. Another objective is to share experience on promotion of organic products

Growing greens and vegetables in greenhouses – a very promising direction for Ukrainian farmers. However, this requires a modern greenhouse, and, therefore, a serious investment. 1 "square" of the greenhouse costs about 10 thousand dollars, which is unaffordable sum for most Ukrainians. This opinion has been shared by the agricultural expert Yuri Earless. He noted that it is most advantageous to grow for sale