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Entertainment / Hobby Bulletin of hunter and fisherman

Independent specialized Internet edition about hunting and fishing in Russia and other CIS countries. Here you can get a lot of answers to questions to beginners and ribakam.Takzhe in this edition you can find interesting news about hunting and fishing.

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March 3, 2018 in the framework of the exhibition "Fishing. Hunting. Tourism" was held a meeting of the leadership of the Gosrybagentstvo with the public. The event was attended by the Chairman of the Gosrybagentstvo Yaroslav Belov, Deputy Chairman Andrey Kravchenko, the heads of conservation patrols of Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Poltava, Chernivtsi and Cherkasy regions, as well as Amateur fishermen, representatives of public organizations and entrepreneurs of the region. The moderator of the meeting was the Chairman of the NGO "Society of fishermen of the Ukraine" [...]

In the conference room of the Transcarpathian OLAH held a production meeting on the issues of game management and hunting. The meeting was attended by the head of the Transcarpathian OLAH Valeriy Murga, chief Forester of the region Igor Kotsur, heads of GP, LDH, LMG, GP "slap" "Lisaviolet", SPE "Enchanted land", the leaders of the users of hunting grounds, representatives of law enforcement and security agencies, Gospodarevskaya in the Transcarpathian region, the State ecological inspection. As noted [...]

In New Moscow, in a cardboard box near the garbage containers, a local resident found two newborn cubs. This reports the press center of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection. At the moment, the kids live in the center of the overexposure of the Department. Because the cubs to people are not used, the experts decided on the transfer of their reserve in the Tver region – Toropetsky biological station [...]

Adam Turnbull, a fisherman from the canadian province of Alberta, managed to catch a rather large pike. Surprised the man, however, is not the size of the fish, and what fish were ringed. The ring was part of the plastic label of the drink Powerade, in which the fish are stuck being small. Obviously, when the pike have grown, the shackles remained on her. Adam removed the noose, released the fish back into [...]

A week ago, it seemed that the winter is over, but no – once again struck a serious frost. The fishermen and seized their fishing rods, rushed to the ice in order to grab another slice of winter fishing happiness. At the Ternopil lake ice thickness now is about 20 see the Fish bite, but mostly – a trifle. Fisherman Valery says that a few hours of fishing caught [...]

Interesting case happened in the U.S. state of South Carolina: while hunting the man fell on the head of a wounded goose. Oh well fell that people had to call a helicopter to transport the man to the medical facility, reports the Baltimore Sun. It is reported that Robert Mailhammer, 51-year-old resident of the village Krapo, in the County of Dorchester, was hunting game with friends near the river miles. [...]

On 6 February, the network has got video, filmed on the morning of moose in the Central square metre of Pripyat. A video posted by the State Agency of Ukraine on exclusion zone management on Facebook. "Lord of the forest decided to visit the Central square of Pripyat! Be very careful not to frighten him!" - signed message. Unfortunately, not all elks life. 4 February in Chernihiv killed a pregnant [...]

Chernihiv law enforcement officers establish the circumstances of the murder of a pregnant moose - endangered animal. We recall the morning of February 4, Eger during bypass hunting grounds in Tupichevsk forestry found two formed embryo and inside the female elk. About the terrible discovery was reported in Gorodnyansky police Department. At the scene arrived investigative team. The investigators examined the crime scene, interviewed those present and seized material evidence. The criminal [...]

In the Zaporozhye region, in the area of Stepanovka-1, the staff of the mobile Outpost "Berdyansk" I detained the poacher, for violating the border regime. The attacker released into the waters of the Azov sea on a boat landed on the shore. At the time of his arrest, he managed to produce more than four dozen pelengasa. Of identity documents, when a man was not, therefore his attitude was just two [...]

4 Feb hunter service OOO "Dinamo", which Gorodnyansky district, Chernigov region, revealed the fact of the murder of a pregnant moose cows with two embryos. As established Gosekoinspektsiya, poachers acted in the night from 3 to 4 February with the help of night vision devices. At the murder scene discovered inside a wild animal and two embryos. The carcass of the SUV was taken from the crime scene. [...]

Recently, we reported that under Cherkasy, Kremenchug reservoir, the divers caught a 140-pound catfish. The age of fish is about 70 years. Catch underwater hunters had to take the truck. Fishermen like to catch happiness, but according to the head of the Cherkasy oblast organization of Ukrainian society of protection of nature of Nicholas Black, it is nothing as barbaric. - [...]

The Chernobyl area has long been known as a natural reserve. No human intervention here successfully bred, and is home to more than fifty species of mammals, almost half of which included in the Red book of Ukraine. Also nests here about four dozen species of rare birds, grows two dozen species of plants listed in the Red book. In the second half of January, the Ukrainian scientists studied nests of predatory [...]

In 2000 on Kivertsivska (Volyn region) with the purpose of preserving the bison population was established reserve "bison", but in terms of real protection of endangered animal benefit from this was not enough. As reports a press-service of state ecoinspection of Ukraine, referring to the Kiev ecological and cultural center (kecc), Volyn OLAH organized the territory for "Royal hunt". It symbolizes a massive construction [...]

In a Chinese village wild boar weighing about hundredweight attacked local residents: an elderly man died, the girl was hospitalized. The corresponding video has hit the net. It shows how the animal ran up to the man, throws him to the ground and has fangs. People nearby attempted to ward off the angry boar with the help of improvised tools. Success is not brought, and two men [...]

Barely warm weather managed to "unfreeze" the water and have the opportunity to get out on the water on the boats, how in nikolayevshchina intensified by poachers. Some of them, conservation patrol managed to catch it on "hot". So, near the village of Balovnoye that in the new Odessa area, on the southern bug river on 3 February during the conservation of the RAID, the inspectors of the Nikolaev conservation patrol arrested two fishermen, hunted by [...]