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Entertainment / Hobby Bulletin of hunter and fisherman

Independent specialized Internet edition about hunting and fishing in Russia and other CIS countries. Here you can get a lot of answers to questions to beginners and ribakam.Takzhe in this edition you can find interesting news about hunting and fishing.

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The Afternoon of March 24 during a RAID on the conservation of the Gum inspectors Chernigovryba detained the inhabitant of the regional center, which is using three Gill nets fished in the Gulf of PAOK near the village of zolotynka (Chernihiv region). Fisherman catch fish in the amount of 4,352 thousand. In particular, its network includes 13 potvin, 16 Guster, 7 perch, 2 walleye, 2 pike, [...]

On March 22 at 11:30 on the river Vilshanka that flows near the village Lozivok in Cherkas'kyi district, state inspectors Cherkasyryba detained the car, which was a rubber boat and eight bags of fish of different species. In particular, the poachers were carrying 343 bream, 154 Platini, 31 white bream, 3 carp and 1 Chub, 1 tench, 18 cancers. Total catch weight was 220 kg, [...]

After a week in all regions of Ukraine starts spawning spring-year ban on fishing. At this time, the fish begins to reproduce, therefore Gosrybagentstvo of Ukraine introduces a number of restrictions on fishing. For each pond will be your limit. In particular, the spring-summer ban on fishing in certain regions can be found here: Poltava [...]

In Globino river Dry Miller in the Poltava oblast, was killed several tons of fish. Locals believe that the carp, redfin and carp died due to falling into the river of untreated sewage from local factories. Acting Chairman Globinsky RGA Vladimir Molodkin says that the case involved two businesses – sugar and utility. - Poke each other with your fingers. Me about the death of the fish [...]

On the last weekend of the lake in the city of Nizhyn (Chernihiv region), occupying an area of about 10 hectares in some places became bright pink. The citizens are actively discussing this phenomenon in social networks and posted an impressive photo. It was said that the water smells bad, and possibly cause the development of anaerobic purple bacteria, which are in the process of photosynthesis does not emit oxygen as regular plants, and sulfur, [...]

Due to disruption of water regimes of the cascade of the Dnieper reservoirs of the disruption of migration routes, spawning habitat degradation, scarcity and low quality of nurseries of this valuable red book species of fish as wild sturgeon. As a result, the reproduction of this fish under natural conditions was almost impossible. In this regard, for the first time in the last 4 years "Production and experimental Dnipro sturgeon removeprovider plant of a name of academician S. T. Artusio" [...]

During the joint activities the State of the Azov sea the EPA with the military investigative Department of the Mariupol group of sea protection detained two poachers. They were natives of the town. Yalta and the city of Kharkov, 1960 and 1995, which illegally fished near the point of basing of small size vessels. The fishermen had a permit fishing for the catch of the bull. However, [...]

By 2050, when the population will reach 9 billion people will face serious food shortages, the ocean runs out of fish stocks. This is evidenced by the Food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO). So, we know that already mastered 90%(!) marine fisheries, which are actively used by 60%, and almost depleted to 30%. The first in [...]

Starting March 14, in the city of Dnepr earned a new conservation patrol, created instead of the abolished bodies fisheries. In patrol, we selected 16 people, but for a complete set of makeup you need to find 21 more on patrol. New guardians of the water of the order were trained at the National University of life and environmental Sciences of Ukraine in Kiev and trained at the Kiev conservation [...]

Since the beginning of the work of the office of rapid response "Conservation patrol" in Ukraine there were 104 offences of fishing rules that caused damage to fishery of Ukraine for the sum of 1,5 million hryvnias. In Gosrybagentstvo say that 95% of all raids were successful and documented irregularities. During the held expeditious events were seized 5,406 tons of fish and other water bioresources, and also [...]

At the Kremenchug reservoir, in the Sulina Bay water police of Kremenchug district arrested a 37-year-old poacher who caught 58 kg of fish near the village Demjanovka in the Semenov district. The amount of damage was estimated at more than 9.4 thousand UAH. As reported by the Kremenchuk police Department GUNP in the Poltava region, the man used a wooden boat and fishing net. The catch and fishing gear law enforcement authorities seized. [...]

On the Snov river, near the village Huta-Studenetskaya in snovs'ke district, Chernihiv region, near the Russian-Ukrainian border drowned, 35-year-old fisherman. According to the management of gschs in the day the man was fishing from a boat, and for a long time it was seen by guards. But at one point the guards at the border noticed that the boat is empty, and hurried to help. Unfortunately, it was too late – the man [...]

South African resident Jaco Katz witnessed the incident that unfolded right on his site: ieroglify Python tried to swallow and digest the whole deer. But this task was not easy, and the snake had no choice, from the victim to belch and get out. Such an unusual video posted fil-a lover of Arthur Rodin. Ieroglify Python is one of the largest snakes on the planet. [...]

In Kirillovka staff of the Berdyansk border detachment detained two men who were caught illegally about 300 species of fishes of the family piliguzova. It happened on March 16, when the border guards off the coast of Fedotova spit on the Azov sea, I noticed two people on small swimming facility type "Kazanka". Poachers were a resident of the city and a resident of Atmanay. At the time of the arrest, they managed to catch 300 [...]

In the framework of cooperation between Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, Gosrybagentstvo and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey was held online consultations between the Ukrainian and Turkish specialists to exchange experience in the field of seed production and fisheries. In particular, the experts identified priority areas for cooperation: from the Turkish side exchange of experience on trout and flounder fishery fleet from the Ukrainian side – the farming of sturgeon. [...]