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The Harsh reality is that the mobile phone "here and now" is the most common music source, and this fact, volens-nolens, have to admit even lovers of vintage vinyl and a kilometer-long tape reels. So, take out the headphones out of your ears, and start listening to music "grown-up".

Post-industrial society has created a new philosophical category. One can argue about the balance between necessary and sufficient, but it is obvious that these concepts are gradually converging. The required minimum is sufficient for a large part of users – and at the same time content of this at least is constantly growing. Somewhere he had reached the ceiling, it is necessary and sufficient merged into a technological ecstasy.

After the test regarding the new acoustics Polk Audio DXi6501 many asked a question, what is its fundamental difference from the model DB6501. Answer it is very necessary to take both and compare them. Midrange is built on practically the same baskets, the differences are minimal. Diffusers in both cases, the polypropylene, but the material itself is apparently a little different

Polk Audio is one of those companies whose innovations appear very rarely. The DB series is known not the first year, and only now it has been updated. Now it is formally called DB Plus, but essentially it does not change. The main question that was raised by this test – did the new acoustics can keep the same character, for which valued the old generation. Component model of the previous generation DB6501 tested in the days

It would Seem that the similarities between "UAZ Pickup" project VW Audio, which specializiruetsya on Volkswagen cars? And in common, however, is. The owner of an SUV were looking for a company that will make the sound in the car as comfortable as home, but for four of the listeners and not for the astronomical amount. Few people know how thorny was the search...

The Sound of regular premium Meridian system in the Range Rover suits Discovery of many owners, but not all. For those who are not all in the Studio Accent-Audio already exists an established procedure of modernization, only the ingredients vary. But here was a variation of the car itself, so a tried and tested solution was not good. In this configuration there is a third row of seats, as a result, the amplifiers have nowhere to hide – folded seat does not leave room. In addition, in the niche

I Haven't picked up active subwoofers. Search the site given that the last publication on this subject was over two years ago – in may 2014. And about subwoofers with passive radiator – two years earlier, in 2012, and the other was not. Although the subject is interesting and promising, it is somehow ignored and manufacturers, and buyers. Where is cause and where the consequence – to understand difficult. And a side dish to this – snobbery "eskudnikov".

... this is not nine grams in the heart. Acoustics Focal Integration were originally developed for simple and quick replacement of the original speakers, including the owner of the car. Was released the kits for specific car models, with detailed step by step instructions from the manufacturer's website you can even download the video. The idea proved successful and was further developed. In addition to the "specifically-oriented"

Style is not the synonym of fashion, as I thought once hipsters. It is the ability to create a whole image due to the combination of all its elements. Alpine knows it, and for a long time. And from 2014 the company offers a system of premium class, is designed for installation in specific models of cars, and called this, as you may have guessed, Alpine Style.

What does a motorist, who decided to replace regular speakers? He wants the process happened quickly and without interference in the interior (before the intervention also need to ripen). Component systems these conditions are not always satisfied, but coaxial...

What is the impedance of the subwoofer you want a 2 Ohm or 4? More recently, the answer to this question ought to find before buying the subwoofer. In the case of two-winding head choice expanded slightly or 1/4 Ohms, or 2/8. the Flexibility was illusory – only a few amplifiers are able to work equally well at four times the load changes. Here's a two-fold change. It offers system SSI

It is now possible to surprise potential buyer of the processor? Number of inputs / outputs? There for every taste. Assembly and restoration for steaks cut into strips signal of standard system? Also has, though not all. Control? Without the remote? But it is only in HERTZ...

Savvy advertisers on the numerous shopping sites in the Network have dubbed DEH-X5900BT in his own way: "MVH-H580VT, just drive". Truth this statement is. But small. Adding the drive did not stop, has undergone processing and other functions, the difference is found not only in the designation...

— Icebergs — said Mitrich, sarcastically. — That we can understand. Ten years of life there. All the Icebergs, Weisberg, Eisenberg, there are all sorts Rabinovich... (I. Ilf, E. Petrov "Golden Calf") Navigation in the ice full of dangers, so without an icebreaker there is nothing to do. After the epic of "Chelyuskin" such experiments are no longer set. In car audio its hummocks and icebergs, the ice-breakers –

Why you need the Creator of the car radio? In addition to the basic components required a lot of little things, which novice masters are often remembered only in the process. Or do not remember. And then we see in social networks amazing photos from the series "how to do" or "I was blinded him from what was". No security, no reliability, no beauty, no ease of maintenance... the Basic principle of such installers – car