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After a recent test of amplifiers Audio System series R and M had a lot of requests to test the amplifiers of the X-series in the model range of the manufacturer it is just a step above. The series is really interesting and significantly different in concept from R and M. recently it has been updated, and one of the new amps I was able to take a detailed study. the Design

If you still believe that a car amplifier has to be large, heavy and warm as hell the crucible, then I'm upset again. Modern technologies broadband D-class are used to package enough power to the body, which can be put without pereopisanie half of the machine. A kind of upgrade to the audio system in the style of Stealth. once I've done the test three

This test will be of interest not only to owners of water equipment, but also fans of open SUVs, quadricep and other equipment for a nasty ride. In this transport normal speakers do not last long, so in any case, you have to pick up from the "sea" series. Rather, they should be called "weatherproof". the Appearance of this the representatives of acoustics Hertz Elettromedia announced last year

As in the past year, to present new Audison and Hertz arrived at the conference, Leonado Falcitelli (Leonardo Falcetelli, commercial Director of Elettromedia) and Quatrini Lorenzo (Lorenzo Quattrini, a young and talented engineer). Some we will see in the near future, and some will appear only in the course of the year. So consider this the first information even before the official announcement of the products. Who missed the report

Recently hosted the annual conference "Tchernov Audio" – an event that can be referred to the chief Autosound events of the year. To collect at one time and in one place representatives from Clarion, JL Audio and Elettromedia (Hertz, Audison) manages every day. Moreover, it is the developers, not the sellers of Chinese goods under their own logos. Such meetings, at least make it clear where to develop the audio in the near future.

A contemptuous ready subwoofer. And, incidentally, in vain, some models definitely deserve attention. Conditions for this two – subwoofer needs to be developed on the good dynamics, and the housing must be calculated in accordance with its parameters. While SAB does not necessarily have to be expensive. Frankly, I hadn't planned to do a report on this subwoofer.

The First samples of these speakers Morel intrigued for a long time. However, before the first copies of the series it came just now. In the lab – generally one of the first sets that came to Russia even before the official announcement. Knowing the scrupulousness with which Morel brings to mind every model, the study proceeded with great interest. first, just note that the Morel has positioned these speakers: "Morel CCWR 254 designed for

Not everyone can afford top-end acoustics in this case will help budget line. Among them also is the "table of ranks". And Morel occupies in this list, the top spot. The best technology, top of the line, traditional quality, great sounding things in the new line of Morel Ultra. The improvements saved the best family traits of another budget line, released a few years earlier...

Theme compact shirokopolosnogo lately becoming more popular. And this is understandable, after all, a two-lane system with such speakers has many advantages over the traditional three-way systems. At least, due to the lack of phase distortion at the intersection of MF and HF links. However, difficulties in this case, too, a lot, so to make such dynamics are solved far not all manufacturers. Deserving

Two-way system, seem simple at first glance. Not every tweeter works well on the lower edge of its range, not just bass/midrange speaker up to the tweeter without any problems. Therefore, the priority is always acoustics, in which the dynamics can play in a wider band than is usually required. This "reserve" gives more freedom in configuring the system and, consequently, allows to achieve the best results.

Below the radio played as it should, you need to take a good digital source, a DAC, to throw, to throw out the amp, and then submit the digital signal directly to the speakers. Nonsense? And here and there. It seems to be a new stage in the evolution of audio systems. I managed to get to the testing instance automotive systems Clarion FDS (Full Digital Sound System) that works exactly. Digital signal. Speakers. The analog signal in the conventional sense in the system of Clarion FDS

Many were waiting for this GU with great impatience, and finally managed to get a copy for detailed study. It is the first multimedia unit with optics that supports Hi-Res Audio. We can say that the new generation of High End car that has all to stand on a par with the legendary models of previous years. Personal opinion

Subwoofers for car audio system we associate mostly with something big, occupying the entire trunk and be sure to shake the whole car. True about the music for some reason, no one remembers. And yet, in very many cases it is a compact design will be your optimal choice. because of their size, these ultra-compact subs are called a "seat", and this is understandable – many machines

To a broadband class-D amps there is still a biased opinion. Supposedly, they are too coarse, do not place them in SQ systems. The opinion is already outdated, what is repeatedly seen. And here's another example – this amp doesn't sound worse, and in some ways even superior to many models AV class at a comparable price. At the time of the test amplifier costs 27,000 rubles, i.e. about a hundred bucks a channel. It's not High End, but

When at the spring conference of the company "bonanza" I was able to informally chat with Frederikom Hewison (Frederic Houis), one of the developers of MTX, it is particularly recommended to pay attention to this flat subwoofer and promised that he will be pleasantly surprised. So when the opportunity came, took him to his lab for detailed study. In fact, if not for the inspired speech of Fred, I probably would have passed