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In Hong Kong died 70-year-old man who smashed his head with a brick during the clashes. About it reports Agence France Presse. The city continued protests and riots. Mass protests began in June over plans by the authorities to extradite offenders to mainland China. The bill was withdrawn. Now protesters are demanding that the head of Hong Kong elected local residents, and not appointed from Beijing. Meanwhile, China's leader, XI Jinping called for an end to the chaos in Hong Kong and to restore order.

The Decision was made by judge Arthur Karpov. In jail, sent to a resident of Elektrostal near Moscow Eugene wiggle-tails. the same case was arrested by Alexey Veresov, and the first defendant, Sergey Polovets, released under a recognizance not to leave. According to media reports, he testified that allowed to detain at the airport "Vnukovo" before departure from Russia Evgeniya Ersenova. According to the materials of the case, the threats were made on the Internet because of the sentence that Alexei Krivoruchko issued the detainee of shares 3 August actor Paul Ustinov.

A Court in Perm has refused to sentence a member of the community "Jehovah's Witnesses" to a real date. The Prosecutor asked for Alexey Metzger 3 years in prison, but the court fined him 350 thousand rubles. The defendant was found guilty of involvement in extremist activities. According to "Radio Svboda" in several Russian cities exactly on the same charge, the court sentenced "Jehovah's Witnesses" to imprisonment for terms up to 6 years. Alex Metzger pleaded not guilty. According to him, prohibited the organization as a legal entity to which it is not relevant, and judge him just beyond belief. The organization of "Jehovah's Witnesses" in Russia declared extremist and banned in 2017 year.

Eugene wiggle-tails said about it in the Basmanny court, which is considering the measure. According to TASS, he was detained in the capital airport "Vnukovo" by the testimony of the other defendant, Sergei Polovets. He and another defendant, Alexey Veresov, also pleaded guilty. Polovtsian before he was released on his own recognizance. According to the materials of the case, we are talking about threats against the judge Aleksey Krivoruchko, who sentenced a detainee to 3 shares August actor Paul Ustinov to 3.5 years in the case of the attack on the employee of Regardie. A video in which a group of security forces has clubbed the young man, and he does not resist, the judge did not look.

It is reported TASS with reference to the atomic energy Organization of the country. In September, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran will resume research work on the development of centrifuges for uranium enrichment. the Deal on Iran's nuclear program was concluded in the summer of 2015 between Tehran and the six countries-intermediaries. But in may last year, it was released to the United States. Then followed the us sanctions against Iran. In response, Tehran announced a phased resumption of uranium enrichment.

Friday will be followed by further restrictions. The strike will last 48 hours. About 180 thousand passengers will be affected by the cancellation of 1,300 flights on Thursday and Friday. Lufthansa puts into question the ability of the trade Union of cabin crew UFO to enter into contracts for the personnel of the aircraft. However, on Wednesday the labour court in Frankfurt-on-main has taken urgent statement from the airline to ban the strike. According to lawyers, the trade Union UFO according to the decision of the Supreme court from 2014 has the right to terminate the collective agreement and to strike. The court also held that the strike cannot be considered to be unacceptable to passengers and airlines. the requirements of improving working conditions...

The Former coordinator of the regional branch of the movement "Open Russia" accused of involvement in the activities of undesirable organizations. the Criminal case against Yana Antonova initiated in spring for a few posts on Facebook, including the publication of a video about the problem of shortage of schools in Krasnodar. The video was the logo of the movement "Open Russia". the Activist also posted on the social network post with a call to participate in rally in memory of politician Boris Nemtsov and held a picket. For this, a former coordinator of the branches of "Open Russia" in Krasnodar, a children's surgeon, faces up to six years of imprisonment. About a month ago in the apartment Antonova, and her 70-year-old mother were searched. They were...

In an interview with RBC's father Ravil Shamsutdinova Salim said that his son hinted that he was threatened with rape. the Father hopes that, given the circumstances, the son would not give a life sentence and 15 years. Shamsutdinova's lawyer said he would seek diversion. the Question of guilt Ravil Shamsutdinova will decide the result, and the mothers don't need to worry for the service of their sons in the army, said to "echo of Moscow" member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich. In his testimony to investigators, the accused in the murder of two officers and six fellow soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov said that to take up arms, he was forced by the threat of rape.

This was announced by the President Bahram Saleh, — the Agency "associated Press". Speaking with the television address, the President also announced that he was ready to support the initiative of holding early elections, but after the adoption of a new electoral law and forming a new election Commission. The Iraqi President also expressed support for the protesters. He added, however, that to realize them only by constitutional means. protests in Iraq began in October. Only during the first week in clashes killed about 150 people.

It said the Minister Mikhail kotyukov. According to him, this is one of the best institutes of the country. The Director of the Physical Institute of the RAS Nikolai Kolachevsky was questioned and released on his own recognizance. He is suspected of smuggling of optical elements, — reports TASS. According to him, the searches were in connection with the activities of the company, which rented space from the Institute premises. FSB seeks to destroy any high-tech business in the country — said the columnist of "Echo" Yulia Latynina. Yulia Latynina called it a case of as shameful as the case of Ivan Golunova.

She confirmed that her former head of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. As informs Agency Reuters, it was succeeded by the abi Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraish. Earlier, US President, Donald trump announced the elimination of Syria's al-Baghdadi and thanked Russia, which, according to him, he opened American helicopters out of the airspace. The Ministry of defence deny it. The Russian Ministry also earlier questioned the fact that al-Baghdadi is dead. Terrorist organization "Islamic state" in Russia is prohibited. the New head of the banned terrorist organization Islamic state will be to structure not only a religious leader but also a military leader. This opinion to "echo" stated the expert of the Center of studying of modern Afghanistan Andrey Serenko. Serenko...

This informed the Interfax in the press-service of regional management SK. The Ministry said that on interrogation, the suspect said that he had "gone crazy". The SC added that, according to preliminary information, on the background of alcohol intoxication of a man appeared something like a delirium tremens. Today the man with a knife entered kindergarten during the quiet hours murdered a six year old boy. As the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous area Alexander Tsybulsky, a security guard in a kindergarten remotely opened the door to a stranger. According to local media, the man could be mistaken for one of the parents.

In the framework of investigation the security forces came to the apartment that the parents of Yegor Shatov has sold more than 20 years ago. The politician Dmitry Gudkov said in social networks. Egor Shatov wrote on Facebook that during the interrogation he was asked about meeting with the employees of the organization, which ceased to exist when he was 10 years old. According to Shatov, he then began to openly threaten and demand to stop their political activism. the other day in the case of Yukos had been interrogated three members of the Moscow branch of the "Open Russia". The organization was created by the former head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Suspect became soldiers Ramil Shamsutdinov. According to the defense Ministry, tonight at the changing of the guard, he opened fire on his colleagues from his service weapon. Two people in serious condition. The Ministry of defence insist that the shooting is not associated with conflict on the job. The Department believes that the soldiers were shot because of a nervous breakdown, caused by personal circumstances. At the same time, the website "Medusa" referring to Telegram channels writes that according to sources, the cause of fire could become hazing.

The Agency has published the results of the examination. Lyrics, videos and recordings from concerts, and ads featuring the artist studied the Commission at a public organization called "national Council for social information". The report States that the song creed cause harm to the health and development of children, enters into a trance and distort the perception of the norms of behavior in society. Also, the text says about Satanism, total cynicism and anti-ideological orientation. In the header of the document mentions the city of Tyumen. Earlier Tyumen parent Committee promised that organizes the verification of the creativity creed. The organization is trying to overturn in Tyumen concert artist, is scheduled for November 19.