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According to her, many parents don't want to give children the vaccine, but they are not accepted in kindergartens, are not allowed in school. Given the size of the problem, she appealed to the Ministry of health. And just the other day should settle the question, said Kuznetsova. Alternatively, the Ombudsman cited the example of diagnosis of tuberculosis infection according to the technology T-spot. This immunological method, which is conducted through blood sampling of the patient.

This issue was raised during a meeting with Minister of petroleum and mineral resources of the country Ali Ghanim, said in an interview with Kuwaiti newspaper "Al-Siyasah" Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak. According to him, in detail discussed the participation of major Russian companies in projects on exploration and production of oil and gas in Syria, special attention was paid to the issue of security.

She was dedicated to the freedom Day – the anniversary of Belarusian people's Republic in 1918. This year the focus was on the demand to cancel the so-called "anti-sponger tax" for disabled citizens. Accurate data on the number of detainees there, authorities have not disclosed this information. It is known that among the detainees, more than twenty journalists, including those from other countries. Also raided the office of the human rights center "Viasna", where detained about 60 people. Because of the "tax on parasitism" mass protests have taken place in Belarus since February. During this time, arrested over a hundred demonstrators.

In 21 cities of the March agreed. This was reported on the website of Alexei Navalny. Despite the authorities ' refusal, politician is calling out to the rally, calling it legitimate because it was not offered alternative sites. In the case of detention, he promises legal support and litigation in the ECHR. In Moscow the event will be held in the format of a walk along Tverskaya street between the metro stations "Belarusian" and "Okhotny Ryad"."Placards and Russian flags are welcome, but they increase the probability of arrest," Navalny said on his website. Instead, he offers to hang up the old running shoes over his shoulder. At the same time, the organizers decided to abandon the rally planned after the March, due to the fact that the city authorities...

At least two injured. As reported by the newspaper "Los Angeles times," a demonstration in support of the White house took place in the city of Huntington beach. It was attended by about 2 thousand people. Next to it was a small group of opponents of the President, one of whom attacked the woman the organizer of the March, which is sprayed in her face the contents of the pepper spray. After that started the brawl. According to the local branch of a broadcasting company of si-bi-es, the police dispersed the protesters, making several arrests. At least three were arrested for unlawful use of Mace, several demonstrators were arrested for other violations.

The Number of victims of the powerful explosion in the West of the UK, presumably because of a gas leak or of fire, has risen to 24. It is reported by local newspaper the Liverpool Echo. According to him, the one person seriously wounded, he was hospitalized. 23 received minor injuries. Earlier it was reported about 15 victims. Residents of nearby houses evacuated.

These data are presented on the website of the unregistered human rights centre "Viasna". According to him, now in the list, which is constantly being updated, more than 250 people, more than half of them are already released. Among the detained are former Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus of the 13th convocation Valery Shchukin, who was later hospitalized with a hypertensive crisis. According to unofficial data, during an unsanctioned rally against government policies were arrested about 300 people. "March of the angry Belarusians" was supposed to be a continuation of a series of protests, which since February has swept across the country. The US and the EU called on Minsk to release all detainees.

Four people were injured, according to local police. It is noted that the incident is not being treated as an attempted terrorist attack. The driver and passengers after the accident fled the scene. However, one man managed to hold. There is an investigation. Last Wednesday the car at which wheel there was a 52-year-old Khalid Masood, was shot down passersby and three police officers on Westminster bridge in London. He then abandoned the car near the building of the British Parliament, was attacked with a knife on a police officer and trying to enter the House of Commons was shot and killed. At the hands of a terrorist killed four people, about 50 injured. Scotland Yard said the attacker acted alone, so the strengthening of terrorist activity in the near...

Three Russian football fans injured in Belgrade after a friendly match between the Moscow "Spartak" and the local "red Star". Two hospitalized with knife wounds, one of them in serious condition, a third assistance was provided on site, reports TASS. According to eyewitnesses, a group of Russian and Serbian fans marching with flags after a match, came under attack. According to the revised data, the conflict arose with the fans of the Belgrade club Partizan. According to police, two attackers were detained. Serbian fans testify. Medical center ambulance confirmed the hospitalization of two people with knife wounds without documents. Information about the state of their health yet. Yesterday "Spartak" has suffered defeat from "the red Star" with the score...

It occurred in a private house, almost completely destroying the building. Splinters and damaged neighboring buildings, including a restaurant and shops, said on its website the newspaper "mirror". On the site of emergency rescuers work and the police. The victims were hospitalized. According to preliminary data, could explode the cylinder with household gas.

The Suspect in the shooting in Las Vegas, peacefully surrendered to the police. The operation involved negotiators, robots, and armored vehicles. It is noted that the version of the attack was rejected by the police, of the Las Vegas Strip, where the incident occurred, will be closed for security checks. Earlier it was reported that In Las Vegas during the shooting, one person was killed and one wounded. The suspect barricaded himself in the bus, which was surrounded by police officers.

Earlier in the day in the Vladimir Cathedral held a farewell ceremony. It was attended by about a hundred people. Voronenkov was shot in the center of Kiev in the afternoon of 23 March. The bodyguard managed to return fire wounding the assailant. Subsequently, the killer died in hospital.

This was stated by first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov. He noted that "we have almost no work with the American market." According to him, the US wants "simply to move the" Russia of the market of the defense industry. Yesterday evening it became known that the United States has imposed sanctions against eight Russian companies in connection with the non-proliferation act, which deals with Syria, Iran and North Korea.

As they say in the communique of the official representative of the head of the EU diplomacy in recent days, hourly reports "the preventive arrest and detention on various charges, journalists were punished for their coverage of events." "Such repression of freedom of speech and Assembly" contrary to the politics of democratization declared by Belarus and its international commitments, the document says. "Prior to and during the current events in the framework of the Day of freedom, despite calls by the international community to show restraint, the reaction of the security forces was indiscriminate and inappropriate," — said in a statement. Belarusian human rights activists announced Wednesday that during an unsanctioned protest of opposition in Minsk were...

According to police, no injuries. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the representative of the company. The accident occurred at an intersection when the driver of the car when turning crashed into the developed self-driving Uber SUV Volvo. It is noted that the accident happened through no fault of the autopilot. At the end of last year, the company ran into conflict with the authorities of California, in the end, Uber suspended the testing of Autonomous vehicles in the state. However, in early March, the service has agreed to register vehicles under the California rules.