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Rapper L One was among the people who donated a large sum to the magazine The New Times to pay a fine of Roskomnadzor. The musician is a resident of the label Black Star singer Timati, who actively supports President Vladimir Putin. L'one, whose real name is Levon Gorozia said that his transfer is to support honest and fearless journalists who are not forget why they are in the profession, the TV channel "Rain". the Chief editor of The New Times Yevgenia Albats managed in 4 days to raise nearly 25 and a half million rubles. Needed a little more than 22. the Reason for the fine was late provision of information in Roskomnadzor.

This happened on the background of a sharp change of sentiment in the market, says RBC. Brent crude, the international benchmark, has fallen almost 25% from the high of early October, the January futures closed at $ 65 47 cents per barrel. U.S. crude oil dropping 12 consecutive trading session, the December futures fell to a mark of 55 dollars and 69 cents per barrel. Analysts say market participants reacted to the expected excess supply. The fall occurred after the publication of the report of OPEC, which the organization raised its forecast for oil production for the current and following year, and also noted increase in production in October.

This writes the newspaper "Kommersant". We are talking about Alexander Ogloblin, who was arrested on high-profile criminal case of embezzlement during the implementation of the state program related to the modernization of military communication. According to the publication, 46 and a half million rubles were received on account of Trustee Ogloblina in the form of dividends from group of companies "informtekhnika". In the purchase of its shares major General a few years ago I invested almost 150 million rubles, obtained according to investigators, the kickbacks from the former management of "Voentelekoma".

First lady addressed an appropriate request to the White house, Reuters reported. Initially edition of the Wall Street Journal wrote that the decision has been made. Then there was a clarification that while resignation is just expected. The requirement to dismiss the World Ricardel, assistant John Bolton, on the backdrop of the publications on the conflicts of the employee with Melania trump. One of the last was in the process of organizing the trip of the wife of the American leader in Africa. The staff Melania trump has also complained to the President that Ricardel can be a source of negative information about the spouse of the President of the United States and its subordinates. NBC notes that Ricardel not the only one who may lose his job in the White...

Vice US President Michael Pence urged China to fundamentally change its policies to avoid a cold war with the United States. He stated this in an interview with The Washington Post. According to Pence, the President of the United States Donald trump is ready to normalize relations with China, provided that Beijing will reconsider economic and military policies. Pence added that the situation around the United States and China will largely depend on the G20 summit in Argentina, among other things, there is a planned meeting trump and the President of China XI Jinping.

This is the website of "the Media". According to the statement of Louise Tapaeva, the father of her deceased husband took the four daughters in 2016, and prohibits the mother to communicate with them. A year ago, the court in Chechnya sided with Capeway, but father in law didn't enforce the decision. Soon the case was sent for review, in the end the decision was made in favor of the father of the husband. the complaint in the European court of human rights Tapaeva indicates that the authorities were guided by discriminating against women traditions, prevalent, according to her, in the North Caucasus.

This writes The Wall Street Journal, citing White house spokesman. Initially, the media reported that the resignation has already taken place, then there was a clarification that the care is only expected. Shortly before this message appears, the press service of Melania trump announced that assistant Advisor to the President for homeland security John Bolton World has Ricardel "no longer deserves the honor to serve in the White house." NBC called it the statement, "extraordinary, if not unprecedented." According to The Wall Street Journal, the resignation threatens the head of the administration of John Kelly and the Minister for internal security, and Kirsten Nielsen. NBC News reports that one of the reasons could also be a conflict Kelly Melania trump.

The Defendants face a long prison sentence. the dock 16 people, including the former Director of the cemetery, Yuri Chabueva. The investigators believe that the riots and the shootout may 14, 2016 was due to the redistribution business. Chabuel with the support of the activists of the organization "the Healthy nation" has decided to displace workers from Tajikistan, who did not want to share with the administration of the cemetery with their jobs from funeral services. the result of the conflict, 30 people were injured, three of them died. Almost all of the defendants awaiting sentencing behind bars. The Prosecutor's office asks for them in prison. The biggest time – 16 years – threatens the Yuri Abueva, who is considered the organizer of the riots. the...

The document was prepared many amendments. the second reading of the budget bill was received from the government 462 amendments from deputies – just over 200. About it writes "the parliamentary newspaper" with reference to the statement of the head of the Duma budget Committee Andrey Makarov. In the first reading the budget was adopted on 25 October. The government has emphasized that for the first time in four years, the project was developed with a surplus, which will amount to almost two trillion rubles. The authorities also pay attention to the innovations of the document, including the stability of expenditures in real terms, funding some of them from the new development Fund, priority of road construction, and reducing the real cost of the national...

The Office also is preparing a complaint to the court for this reason. , Google assures that complied with the Russian legislation. Roskomnadzor doesn't agree. According to the head of Department Alexander Zharov Google is still not connected to the information system, which does not allow to give links to banned in Russia Internet resources. The Supervisory authority wants to discuss with Google and other issues, including the localization of personal data of Russians, and delete specific sites with illegal information included in the registry, said Zharov. According to him, the representative of the IT giant's coming by today to Roskomnadzor. Zharov also said that his Department on 26 November will send to the court the Protocol on administrative...

He was sentenced to five years for fraud and the establishment of the sect. the Moscow city court will consider complaints not only of "God Kuzi", but his accomplice – write about it RIA "news" referring to the press service of the court. In addition to Andrei Popov in almost five years of imprisonment received three supernumerary case. In mid-July, the self-proclaimed "God" was convicted of creating a religious Association whose activity involves violence against citizens. According to investigators, the sect, which operated from 2007, had a rigid internal hierarchy and the punishment of disobedient members. In the case of "infraction", victims could obtain from Popov more than a thousand blows with a whip, strap, hand or even sneakers. "God Kuzya" and his...

There were added three people and nine organizations. This was announced by the U.S. Treasury. the list includes citizens of Ukraine, Alexander Basov, Andrey Sushko and Russian Vladimir Zaritsky. In addition, we are talking in particular about the resort "AI-Petri", "Dulber" and "Mishor", JSC "Krymteploelektrotsentral", the Spa "Mriya" and the Ministry of state security of the self-proclaimed LNR. Earlier, the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker said that sanctions will affect people who are either associated with the business in Crimea or involved in the fact that the Crimea became part of Russia, or are accused of violation of human rights.

One of the closest in the past fellow Eugene Prigogine said "the New newspaper" about how the subordinates of the businessman organized various provocations against the media. the New spoke with Andrey Mikhailov, who founded mediametrie Prigogine. The interlocutor of the edition told how in the spring of ' 13 on the instructions of the businessman conducted a large-scale ddos attacks on websites of Novaya Gazeta, Echo, Rain, Forbes, Fontanka. This at a cost of 5-7 million rubles, said Mikhailov. He personally organized a provocation to the dismissal of the chief editor of RIA Svetlana Mironyuk. People Mikhailova placed there for the money information, which is not true. Quote: "the newsman simply duped, and then through a third person he handed the money...

Under the portraits was a brief explanation of what these people were in the "Infamous regiment." For example, Valentina Matvienko, Vyacheslav Makarov and Nikolai Valuev voted for a bill to raise the retirement age, and the chief of St. Petersburg police of General Umnov ordered harshly to disperse participants of the protest of the 9th of September. As reports "Radio Liberty", the authors of this action were members of the group "Agarose". It is also reported that subway passengers reacted to the appearance of such portraits with great approval.

He was invited to speak live about Saudi Arabia allegedly by journalist bi-Bi-si under the pseudonym Tanya Stalin. The message was not sent from the official address of Bi-bi-si, and through Gmail. In addition, the journalist was presented by the Secretary of the chief editor. However, neither this journalist, nor such a position at the company does not officially exist. Al-Ahmed's wife is Russian, and she noticed that the alleged journalist bi-Bi-si a very strange name. The associated Press also suggests that the request for an interview could be sent to hack a mailbox dissident. It would have happened if he'd used sent him a link.