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Suspect became soldiers Ramil Shamsutdinov. According to the defense Ministry, tonight at the changing of the guard, he opened fire on his colleagues from his service weapon. Two people in serious condition. The Ministry of defence insist that the shooting is not associated with conflict on the job. The Department believes that the soldiers were shot because of a nervous breakdown, caused by personal circumstances. At the same time, the website "Medusa" referring to Telegram channels writes that according to sources, the cause of fire could become hazing.

The Agency has published the results of the examination. Lyrics, videos and recordings from concerts, and ads featuring the artist studied the Commission at a public organization called "national Council for social information". The report States that the song creed cause harm to the health and development of children, enters into a trance and distort the perception of the norms of behavior in society. Also, the text says about Satanism, total cynicism and anti-ideological orientation. In the header of the document mentions the city of Tyumen. Earlier Tyumen parent Committee promised that organizes the verification of the creativity creed. The organization is trying to overturn in Tyumen concert artist, is scheduled for November 19.

The Investigation has decided to assign the examination, which will be stationary and will take about a month, told the website "the Media" the lawyer Barshai Mansour Gilmanov. According to the defender, today, the young man drove to the outpatient examination, after which the investigator said that the doctors had doubts. Allegedly, the doctors did not rule out that the student is irresponsible or could be in the heat of passion. Barshai was detained in mid-October. He is accused that he run, pushed Regrade officer during a protest on July 27.

In the capital of the region, where who considers himself a technocrat Governor and former mayor Dmitry Azarov defiantly maintains its accounts on Twitter and instagram, the teachers were ordered to give up his professional work in foreign messengerof. In the document the official status of which is later confirmed in the city Department of education, the school Director Jacob fish directly denies subordinates the use of foreign web services to exchange service information. In the black list includes WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Gmail, Livejournal, and even ICQ. City hall officials, in turn, said that they did not command, but only advise heads of educational institutions and they do it supposedly in accordance with the...

The Court found false information in articles in British Newspapers "the Telegraph" and "times" and the material of the American magazine "the nation." According to Deripaska, these data became the basis for the imposition against him of personal sanctions by the US. Today's court decision was expected, said to "echo" the lawyer of Oleg Deripaska Alexey Melnikov. "the Court has satisfied our requirements in full, and it declared invalid and obliged to deny three publications, in particular, the material The Telegraph "Associated with politicians oligarch ordered the murder of a banker", an article in The Times "the Billionaire associated with the mafia, spying on your competitors", and also note the American The Nation "McCain's Kremlin ties", — the lawyer...

It is Assumed that users will have access to the publications of several dozen media. Among them, the "wall Street journal", the Washington Post, "Fox news". All project participants signed the license agreement. The company said that for the first time will pay for the right to use news content. Amounts are not disclosed. In the initial phase access to the service will receive 200 thousand users of mobile applications of social networks in the United States. It is noted that the newsfeed can be customized according to your preferences.

One — with the request for deferment of breccia. He was forced to send it according to the law passed last month that requires additional assurances that the country will leave the EU without a deal. Johnson did not sign it, said the source bi-Bi-si in Downing street. In his second letter, already signed by the head of the government said that it considers the postponement a mistake. the British Parliament yesterday refused to consider a deal about the divorce with the European Union, agreed with Brussels this week. The head of the European Council Donald Tusk acknowledged receipt of the letter with the request for postponement, saying in a tweet that now consult with EU leaders on the extension of the term of exit of Britain from the European Union.

President of Serbia Alexander Vucic in Russian thanked the Russian leader Vladimir Putin for supporting his country. "Thank you President Putin for everything he did", said Vucic during a speech at the ceremony in honor of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade, the TV channel RTV. the Serbian leader expressed confidence that his country could "all be firmly rooted" in Russia thanks to the "great friend" Vladimir Putin. He also noted that, although Serbia is a small country, the Russian leader could always hear her position that testifies to his friendly attitude towards the Serbian people.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera declared a state of emergency in the capital Santiago in connection with the riots, pogroms and arsons. This was preceded by mass protests, caused by the rise in prices for journey in public transport. Troops patrol the streets of the Chilean capital, reports Euronews. Main road closed tanks to prevent new clashes. the Mayor of Santiago said that the city faced an unprecedented situation, which has led to losses of 1 billion 400 million U.S. dollars. He asked the President to take measures to ensure "order and security".

Petersburg football club "Zenit" at home defeated the "Rostov" with the score 6:1 in the match of the 13th round of the Russian Premier League. A hat-trick scored the hosts ' forward Artem Dzyuba, the goals on the account of Serdar Azmun, Vyacheslav Karavayev and Wilmar Barrios. The only goal was scored by Roman Eremenko. the film was declared the best player of the match, he became the first player this season who scored a hat-trick. In the standings, "Zenit" takes the second place after Moscow "the locomotive". Rostov" in fourth place. In the 14th round of the St. Petersburg club on departure will play with Samara "Wings of the Soviets" on October 27 and October 23, the guests will meet with German "Leipzig" in the third round of the group round of the...

Dmitry Medvedev believes that the imposition of outside models of democracy in Africa or the middle East creates chaos on vast territories. It leads to the destruction of States and the "total spread of terrorism in the world." About it the Russian Prime Minister said in his speech in the Parliament of Serbia. He mentioned the problems in Europe associated with migrants and terrorist threats. In his opinion, they are explained by the fact that the European Union "boomerang back" event taking place in the middle East and Africa, reports TASS. Earlier, Medvedev said that Moscow is ready to help Serbia in preserving its territorial integrity.

In the square the remains of several hundred people — they staged a sit-in rally and continue to chant slogans, reports TASS. Police, who earlier was prepared to use force, warned through loudspeakers, takes no action, waiting until the demonstrators disperse themselves. Earlier it was reported that in center of the city pull together guards. The police asked the protesters to vacate the area. In response from the crowd was flying cans, glass bottles and eggs. Periodically we could hear the explosions of firecrackers. Monday in Catalonia demonstrations. The rally started after the Supreme court of Spain sentenced to long prison terms Catalan politicians involved in the organization of a referendum on independence in 2017. As a result of the riots affected...

In Berlin lit up one of the cars long-distance trains, three persons suffered. This was reported in the Twitter fire service of the German capital. According to authorities, the incident occurred at the station "Bellevue" in the center of the German capital. In connection with the fire was suspended the movement of trains on the lines s-Bahn. To 23 o'clock Moscow time the fire was liquidated. As reported by the German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost, the fire occurred in a special train for the fans of football club "SC Freiburg", who came to the match with the Berlin club "Union".

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk's request to delay Brexit for three months, until 31 January. Tusk confirmed on Twitter to receive the letter. Now, according to him, he shall begin consultations with EU leaders about how to respond to that. At the EU summit in Brussels on 17 October, the leaders of 27 EU countries approved the recent agreement between London and Brussels on the order of Brexit. They also confirmed that the date of a British exit from the EU should be 1 November. However, on the eve of the British Parliament did not support the agreement. After that, Johnson was obliged to the end of the day to send Tusk's request for a continuance. Such a condition put to the Prime Minister...

The Unrest in the region is not terminated in the region all week. Protesters gather in the square of St. James in the city center, where are located several office buildings. The rally will start at 11 o'clock Moscow time. People demand the release of Catalan politicians, who were sentenced to thirteen years imprisonment for organizing a referendum on independence in 2017. Local protests and clashes with the police began in Catalonia on Monday, when the Spanish Supreme court has ruled. But last Friday began a great strike. Key the bigger cities were closed. Protesters built barricades and to disperse them tried using water cannons. According to the police on the streets a hundred thousand people. Then the meetings ended only by the morning. Similar actions...