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UFOlogy in Ukraine

Ukrainian UFO portal - all news about UFOs

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Ufologіya in Ukraine

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In the United States released documents that the military kept classified “top secret” for over 50 years. About 129 thousand photofact with a mysterious “plates” in the sky, hundreds of thousands of sheets testimony about UFOs that were seen when over US territory, a part of these documents now can be seen on the Internet portal “The Black Vault” (“Black tomb”). We are talking about X-files when [...]

Archaeologists who explored caves in Central India, discovered the image, which supposedly fixed the aliens and UFOs. This happened in one of the caves in the state of Chhattisgarh, informs a portal “The Cosmos News” ( According to some scholars, ancient drawings found in caves in 130 km from the city of Raipur, indicate paleocontact - long meeting earthlings [...]

Recently hosted the 9th field exit "Ukraine-Kosmopoisk". The report, which we offer, has prepared the leaders of this group "Kherson-Kosmopoisk" Devyataev N. and "Chernivtsi-Kosmopoisk" Moseev, (hereinafter, in the original language). We live in turbulent times, in the world there are alarming, exciting and important political and economic events. Some argue that it's not up to science. But the members of the "Kosmopoisk" don't think so. [...]