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Despite technological advances, wrist watches are successful investment, status accessory and just important device in any situations. Sign # 1: the weight. «Weight is good. Weight is a trustworthy. If a thing does not work, you can always someone to RUB it». Saying this phrase, guy Ritchie meant certainly weapons, but it is relevant to our [...]

As is known, each to himself psychologist to just listen to yourself that life was much better. To do this you need to use the following simple, but very important tips. 1. Radiate joy, warmth and share it with others. But do not deny them, and material assistance. 2. Decide with their position in life, define the purpose of [...]

I Think many would agree that people know how to pronounce it produces the most favorable impression. It is the most successful, and more easily achieve their goals. Beautifully set it wants to listen and listen endlessly, and illiterate it causes a desire to close your ears and run away as soon as possible. Many people, having a good intellect and inherently interesting personality, the [...]

What makes a leader prominent? What actions distinguish the best leader of the middle peasant? Here are five rules, which are obvious for outstanding executives, but remain invisible for mediocrity. Check themselves and their friends! The «secret of leadership» there is no secret, says CEO N2growth Mike Mayatt It may seem that leadership is associated with something unattainable for most, however, often, [...]

Many of us have regular exercise to support the body in good shape. But not only the muscles require periodic voltage. Neural pathways and connections in the brain should also receive load, and today we will discuss how to implement it. So, to begin with, we have five basic cognitive functions: • Memory • Note • It [...]

Your appearance depends on how you sit clothes. You either look neat, calm and confident, like James bond or clumsy and untidy teenager. Well, if you have to accept the good tailor, who not only be able to sew a costume from scratch, but perfectly adapts your figure things [...]

American literary magazine The Millions published a list of the 20 best books of the XXI century. Or rather two whole list. One option is composed readers who voted in a special Facebook group, and the second is composed of 56 experts of the edition, which included journalists, critics and writers. On many positions library and expert ratings coincide: 10 books were [...]

Famous American magazine Forbes has published the list of the most peaceful countries in the world. It was developed by experts of the new York Institute for Economics and peace on the basis of the conducted research. According to the rating, the most peaceful country in the world recognized Iceland. As explained by the drafters of the honorary list, «land of ice» provides political stability, its citizens live in freedom of speech. In addition, be quite safe, because [...]

Sliperi, loafers or moccasins become another practical investment in your closet. As to the choice was easier, consider closer the trendiest models of the season. Sliperi, also known as Prince Albert shoes, is a lightweight, comfortable shoes made of soft leather or suede thin soles. They are perfectly complete the casual style, allowing you to not only look and feel [...]

It is considered that the clothing styles for men only three: classical, sports, and daily (casual). But they are much bolshe.Sovremennie men also tend to diversify their closet, and sometimes even identify him with their Hobbies or profession... 1. Business style clothing men is, first of all, the classic suit. The main attribute of the business image is a shirt with a stiff collar of under the [...]

If you like to read a lot of business books, online articles and artistic literature, you probably want to get the most from this reading. 1. Make notes about what you read. All in the mind can't hold it, and its most valuable facts, thoughts, curious statistical data, statements or ideas voiced characters from books, can be useful to you in the future. This also is attributed and your General impression of the [...]

Currency of your subconscious mind - emotion. Emotion is what gives us strength to do things: to hire employee to organize a warehouse, to expand its geography. To get somewhere, we need to define the goal and get the emotion. What is the purpose? The energy of motion. The goal of the global scale - napolnyaemaya, the purpose of local - fills. Suppose you choose a girl. Understand immediately: you don't need Angelina Jolie. [...]

If you are one of those people who are looking for ways to enhance creativity and productivity, want to become smarter, this list of activities and ideas for you. Actually you might try to do several things before, but, probably, something else will be able to surprise you. 1.Viuchite foreign language Mastering a new language is a complex process, [...]

Australia is one of the few countries where the tea leave not taken. Moreover, the attempt to give a tip can cause negative reaction from the side of the seller, a waiter or a taxi driver Thailand. Here the local population with pleasure took over the Western tradition in the service sector. The restaurant is customary to leave 10%. Tip less than 10 baht considered an insult. Turkey also made [...]

In Order not to be mistaken with a choice of a fashion accessory, do bet on the classics! These models points were decent test of time, becoming the clear choice for any style. Aviators one of the most popular models in our time. They were created by Ray Ban in 1936 specifically for pilots, in whose honor and have such a title. In the mass production of [...]