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When buying bread in the store is not always us, it turns out, objectively calculate your appetite. Sometimes we buy extra. Bread, as we know, does not lie long. Fast enough on its surface begin to appear mold spots are white, but most often green. There is a bread, is strictly prohibited. It's just dangerous to your health. Even a small piece of this moldy ... Record What you get if you eat bread with mold? And what to do if you still eat it? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Disposable surgical masks disappear from the pharmacies and reach absurd prices on the Internet. Meanwhile, such a mask is not enough to fully protect from the virus. Medical masks are intended for entirely different purposes. Wear it for a long time impossible. Otherwise the effect can be reversed. Learn more about the rules of wearing such masks we've written right here. As for ... Record What kind of mask to protect against coronavirus? Photos and recommendations appeared first on tips for all occasions.

The Skin clean regularly you should always, and especially during the peak incidence of SARS and influenza. Now, unfortunately, these two familiar to many diseases, he added another one – coronavirus. Therefore, the relevance of cleaning the skin from pathogenic bacteria is increasing greatly. The most basic way of cleansing, washing. We wash every day, but for ... Record 3 mask, cleansing the skin. Just what you need during the quarantine appeared first on tips for all occasions.

The Digital code can be seen today almost everywhere. We already assigned lots of different codes – INN, SNILS, etc. And the number of digital codes in the future, I am sure, will only increase. And if the digital marking has long been "stuck" to people, then is it any wonder the digital codes on various products. In particular for exported fruit. This before. Record Stickers with numbers on fruits in the store. What is the meaning and how to read them? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Cervical osteochondrosis unpleasant phenomenon. And if You think he's bad acts exclusively on the cervical vertebrae, then You are wrong. With cervical osteochondrosis suffering and the brain. After all, the blood circulation in the spine is broken, and this means that the blood starts to reach the brain. Than it threatens our brain? First and foremost, the lack of "power", ... Record a Simple exercise for the neck in osteochondrosis, which really helps appeared first on tips for all occasions.

For a while until we get sick, viruses and bacteria are spread throughout the apartment. They penetrate even to the most remote corners. Therefore, after recovery, it is extremely important to properly disinfect the apartment. If you do not hold a disinfection, you can easily get sick again. Because the body has not yet fully recovered from the disease, and new interactions with bacteria and viruses (even ... Record How to disinfect the apartment of viruses after the disease, so as not to get sick? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Begins a new planting season, when gardeners begin growing seedlings of various crops. The most common problem at the initial stage of growing plants – poor seed germination. When the seeds germinate very poorly or not germinate at all. The error about which we will say today, are shared. That is, they are characteristic for seeds in General. If vegetable crops ... Record Why not germinate the seeds? 6 major mistakes in sowing any crop appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Your home a refreshing drink will always be much better and more useful shops. This is the truth, which does not require confirmation. Natural drinks in shops are expensive. And even the high price can not serve as a guarantee of good quality. With regard to the different carbonated drinks (which include "Fanta"), the only natural their component is water. All. More than anything ... Record How to make homemade soda? The recipe is delicious and completely natural drink appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Hygiene is one of the conditions of our good health. Dirty hands or contaminated objects that we use daily, can cause dangerous diseases and infections. However, we don't always have the opportunity and the right place to wash my hands. In these cases, a useful antibacterial sprays and gels that can be used for cleaning hands and small items. The simplest is to buy a ... Record How to make antibacterial spray for hands to protect from infections? Recipe appeared first on tips for all occasions.

All of us sometimes have to take medication. But if the tablets are extremely simple, with liquid drugs often, the situation is much more complicated. Not in terms of technique, in terms of what else you need to Tinker to open the bottle of medicine. Especially those bubbles that are equipped with the second tube. These drugs quite a lot, ranging from simple green stuff, and ending ... Record How easy it is to open prescription bottles with the second tube? Useful life hack appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Today in supermarkets you can buy almost any products. But not always those products that look more attractive, are of great benefit to our health. For example, washed vegetables, same potatoes, carrots, beets and others. Such pure vegetables on the shelves look much better than dirty. They are, however, more expensive than unwashed. But, despite the higher cost ... Record how dangerous washed vegetables in the stores and why it is better not to buy? first appeared tips for all occasions.

A Good crop starts with healthy and strong seedlings, which must be more correctly to grow. One of the conditions for obtaining such plants, it is timely and proper fertilizing. Each culture requires its own fertilizer. But there are organic, all natural fertilizers that are equally well perceived by many cultures. What is most interesting, such fertilizers we are often at hand. Therefore, especially ... Record Banana peels are great fertilizer for seedlings at home appeared first on tips for all occasions.

According to doctors, physiologists, this simple home gym will help protect against many respiratory infections. This is especially relevant today. Because, as you know, the end of winter and the first month of spring are traditionally the most dangerous in terms of infection with influenza and other respiratory diseases. And now pour oil on the fire daily news from China, where the coronavirus is still not losing ... Record Simple breathing exercises as an excellent prevention of flu and respiratory infections appeared first on tips for all occasions.

We live in an era of consumption. And consumption of goods and services to the extent dictated to us by advertising, without credit impossible. Many banks and other financial institutions to earn good money, giving money at interest. And, despite the fact that the debt load of the population in our country is quite high, the loans are still a dream to many. And preferably under low ... Record Banks call and offer loans. What to do if they are already tired? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Winter is gradually coming to its end. This means that soon we are waiting for Maslenitsa week. It is widely celebrated in many regions in our country. Without round dances, songs, jumping over the fire, riding a roller coaster and the burning of effigies of winter it's hard to imagine festivities. Another symbol of Maslenitsa is pancakes. During the week we eat a huge amount. Most of the recipes ... Record How to cook healthy pancakes? 5 simple techniques for reducing their caloric content appeared first on tips for all occasions.