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Fresh sorrel, as it is known, is a great source of vitamins and minerals. In the summer of its young leaves can be cooked tasty, easy soup. While the sorrel leaves are small and tender, they are ideal for their preparations for the winter. If You have a plot growing sorrel, do not wait, when its stems begin to stiffen, and the leaves reach a large size. ... Record How to freeze Basil for the winter in the freezer at home? 2 options freeze appeared first on tips for all occasions.

When we say the word sandwich, something most of us imagine a piece of bread or baguette with sausage and cheese. This is perhaps the most common picture that draws our brain at the mention of the word. Everyone knows that a sandwich in most cases, does not apply to healthy eating. But, it turns out there are recipes that differ a terrific taste, low calorie and ... Record Sandwich with strawberries. Low calories and great taste. Recipe appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Bird droppings on the car, probably can be considered a nightmare for any motorist. A bad car can look just after the deep roads, covered with mud. Unfortunately, to protect the car body from the birds is not possible. Here is one way out – time to clean up bird droppings from the car. And, if the time to make it not happen, you need to remove it immediately, ... Record Than it is to wash off bird droppings from cars? Life hack for the drivers, which will solve the problem quickly appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Not all means for washing dishes, yet equally washes greasy dishes. Some members of this family of household chemicals to cope with this task easily. Such funds are usually cheaper than their direct competitors. If You bought (or regularly buy) a weak dishwashing detergent and feel that it is not doing its job, the Council ... Record How to strengthen dishwashing detergent in 2 times? Adding only 1 component appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Mask of turmeric is one of the natural ways of facial care. Turmeric, known to possess a large number of useful properties: antibacterial, whitening and other that eliminates the problems with the skin. Well it helps to get rid of wrinkles. Also a mask of this spice can be used as remedy for acne, for discoloration of the skin, or wrinkles. What are the advantages of ... Record Mask from a turmeric for the person. Kitchen spice from wrinkles, pimples and skin whitening appeared first on tips for all occasions.

To Arrange drip irrigation on his plot in the garden or in the garden, is the dream of many gardeners. Such a variety of watering has many benefits, one of which is autonomy. That is, You will not need further hands to water the whole garden, water the plants will be delivered automatically in a small amount. But, this number of plants is quite ... Record a Simple drip irrigation for vegetable garden with his own hands. Option is available for all appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Blood, as you know, plays a huge role in our body supplying all the organs with the necessary materials. This function fully, the blood can only be performed if her health is not threatened. Unfortunately, over time, the blood becomes thicker. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly thin. This can be done in various ways, such ... Record a Simple product that prevents the formation of blood clots, which you can eat every day appeared first on Useful tips for all occasions.

Thorough washing some cooking utensils that is sometimes challenging. Bottles, tall cans, vases and decanters with a tapered neck to wash especially difficult. To wash these glass products you need to try fairly. Narrow neck allows you to get in hand. Well, if You have a special brush with which such products usually wash. But if You do ... Record How to wash a bottle or a decanter with a narrow neck without a brush? Life hack for Housewives appeared first on tips for all occasions.

If weather spell wet t warm, the slugs start to attack the cabbage already at the stage of seedlings. As You know, if the adult plant such an attack can still survive, the seedlings they will surely ruin. Therefore, it is imperative to save young plants from the invasion of these soft-bodied pests. This is not so difficult and it is possible to do folk remedies – effective ... Record How to protect cabbages from slugs and snails? 9 natural products and no chemicals appeared first on tips for all occasions.

A Dishwasher is one of the most popular kitchen appliances. It allows you to get rid of all the dirty dishes at once, and almost without effort. Using this convenience, we often throw into the dishwasher everything. To do so is not necessary, as you can harm not only the dishes, but this variety of expensive kitchen appliances. Then have or to buy new dishes, or ... Record 9 items of tableware that are not dishwasher safe. Check – not whether you make these mistakes? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Honey, as you know, the product is very useful and when properly applied it can solve many problems related to health and beauty of our body. Because floral nectar contains a large number of active substances. Such substances will be helpful, including for weight loss, and as a way of getting rid of cellulite. They destroy harmful subcutaneous fat, and ... Record Honey massage for weight loss – a simple way to reduce the volume and make the skin velvet appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Theme disinfection today is especially popular on the background of the fight against coronavirus. Although, of course, to disinfect stuff around the house you need for other viral diseases. This will enable you to avoid infection of other family members. Quite often we ignore the holding of such a disinfectant treatment. You should not do that. Moreover, some types of this treatment is very simple and does not require ... Record the Disinfection of the washing machine after an illness at home. A reliable and efficient way appeared first on Useful tips for all occasions.

For anybody not a secret that getting a good harvest of any culture is simply impossible without high-quality soil in the garden. To the soil was loose, light and fertile, gardeners exert a lot of effort. And here many have their secrets as the lowest cost (financial, physical and other) to achieve the best result. The digging and fertilizing of the soil, these are the most common methods ... Record How to loosen the heavy soil in the garden? Life hack for truckers appeared first on tips for all occasions.

This test will be today for many people as it is impossible by the way. In the media, there continues to be no more poignant topic than the coronavirus. He is known primarily affects the respiratory system and enters the body, in most cases through them. To determine the state of your respiratory system can even after a simple home test. For example, you can perform a simple test ... Record How to check the respiratory system at home? A simple test appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Microscopic bits of plastic can be found almost everywhere — even in the most remote places, such as the deep ocean or the Arctic ice. They can also be found in the human body. We breathe and eat them every day. Biodegradable plastic can not be. It only breaks down into smaller pieces and falls in different places, including in the food chain. Fragments ... Record the Plastic in the human body. How much we eat during the week, month, year? first appeared tips for all occasions.