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Starts with the hackneyed phrase that "summer vacation time". For those lucky people who take summer vacation and going somewhere to relax, where to take have a plane, this problem is very actual. "Economy class syndrome" is closely associated with such a dangerous disease such as deep vein thrombosis, which is formed at low velocity blood flow in the veins of our legs. This phenomenon has been ... Record the Thrombosis of the traveler, or the "syndrome of economy class". What is it and what is its danger? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Continue to lead the liver in order to treat it today we will be using honey. This unique natural product, moreover, that has a good taste but also has many useful properties. Honey and some other bee products are excellent natural medicines that are very good help in various diseases of this important organ. Recipes liver honey. ... Record the Treatment of liver honey. 6 effective recipes appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Nature herself supplies us with many drugs, the therapeutic properties which we sometimes do not realize. The same cannot be said about the honey. The fact that it is very useful, you know, probably all. And, here's how it can help with osteoarthritis of joints (knee, hip, shoulder and others) imagine a few. Meanwhile, this natural biostimulator causes the cells of the tissue that directly ... Record the Massage with honey in case of arthrosis of the joints. How it should be done? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Now is the time to admire the magnificent flowering of lilacs and breathe in the pleasant aroma that accompanied this bloom. But until the lilacs bloom it is necessary not only to admire its flowers, but also to use them as raw material for preparation of various home remedies. After all, the siren highly resistant to inflammatory processes, has antimicrobial properties, and, in addition, ... Record Tincture of lilac vodka and its application for treatment of joints appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Today's recipe will serve as a continuation of two previous articles on the same subject, which we have already seen some folk remedy of nail fungus. Here, for example, we can find a sufficiently large collection of such funds. And another article, which describes methods of getting rid of nail fungus without any expensive drugs. As for our recipe, it will be based on ... Record a Simple home remedy of turmeric for nail fungus on the feet and hands appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Unpleasant smells in our home can occur in many places. But, there are places where their appearance to avoid the very difficult. If you do not talk about the toilet (there is one source – WC), in second place in this kind of risk, of course, is the kitchen. Here are the main sources of various odors. And the task of a good housewife ... Record How to remove smell in the fridge, the microwave and the trash? Do it quickly and easily appeared first on Useful tips for all occasions.

When a low hemoglobin level, our health deteriorates significantly. We feel a certain weakness, bad is the case with concentration, suffers in this case and memory. When the hemoglobin for a long time keeps at this level, it is necessary to go to the doctor. Sometimes the diagnosis is very disappointing – anemia. Of course, the doctor will not leave You in this situation and be sure ... Record If You have low hemoglobin. How to improve? A simple and affordable recipe appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Error in diet, which we all make, many turn to unpleasant consequences. For example, constipation. In this case, if a long time is impossible to empty the bowel, it is necessary to use a variety of laxatives. Well, if these laxatives of natural origin, and are not pharmaceutical drugs that have certain side effects. Meanwhile, there are many simple home remedies and ... Record Home laxative for gentle cleansing of the intestine. Delicious and natural appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Pain in the kidneys usually appear cystitis (how to treat this disease read here) or chronic pyelonephritis. Both of these diseases are quite serious and self-medicate to deal with here, of course, should not be. The most reasonable solution in this situation is to go to the doctor and be treated under his supervision. And, to use the people's money, only after the approval of the attending physician. ... Record the Pain in the kidneys removes Kalanchoe. 2 easy recipe appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Good blood clotting, it is always a very important indicator of the health of the whole organism. In fact, the process of coagulation of the blood protects us from the loss of this vital fluid that brings life to all corners of our body. And when we, for example, cut your finger, our blood quite quickly forms a clot that tightly "seal" the wound. And this clot prevents blood from constantly ... Record the First signs of the presence of thrombus in the body, you need to know appeared first on Useful tips for all occasions.

Blood pressure is one of those metrics that determines the overall health of our body. It must be constantly monitored, especially if your blood pressure is frequently elevated, or, on the contrary – decreases. A, blood pressure control is possible only in the case if You know how to correctly measure. Sphygmomanometers (a, this device can be used to measure pressure) today ... Record How to measure pressure with any blood pressure monitor – electronic, semi-automatic, automatic, mechanical? first appeared tips for all occasions.

If the fingers (and sometimes part of the limb) on the hands or feet start to go numb periodically, then, it is clear that the situation is serious. We need urgently to investigate the reasons that cause numbness and a cure is precisely the source of the problem. And, the causes are known, can correctly identify only a doctor. Here with a visit to him, and you need to start. It is possible that the limbs start to go numb ... Record Numbness of fingers and toes. Treatment of folk remedies at home appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Of Course, when we read a particular prescription to us even quite a qualified technician, we will help evaluate what amount of medicines we have to take. And, in addition, try to discover this recipe for those drugs that seem safe. Can you, for example, compare antibiotics, and herbal preparations. First, of course, have a very strong healing properties, if applied correctly, ... Record How to quickly raise hemoglobin in the blood without pills or drugs at home? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Stroke is a very serious blow to the human body, from the effects of which, many are already full can't recover from. But, no matter how strong the blow was not, life, as they say, continues, and the task of the patient at this stage, to mitigate the effects of stroke and to return the body to its former health. Of course, the full compensation of harm, does not have to speak, ... Record Recovery after stroke at home. 2 simple and effective recipe appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Like the color of turmeric (who knows – it is full of powder yellow) does not have to whitening anything. But as it turns out, this spice, in spite of the color, teeth whiten very good. And, in its application, one whitening not limited. Turmeric will bring Your mouth a lot of good. It will remove the ... Record, teeth Whitening ...turmeric at home. Effective and really working method appeared first on tips for all occasions.