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Orchid is probably one of the most beautiful houseplants. Its flowers looks amazing. But to achieve abundant and long flowering, for plants to properly care for. Such care includes the conduct of dressings, without which the plant will not be able to develop fully, and thus to delight us with flowers. For orchids there are special fertilizers. But, there are options to replace them. One of ... Record Than it is to feed the Orchid? Water the Orchid diluted beer once a month and watch what happens appeared first on tips for all occasions.

If You are a little tired of eating jam from the traditional fruits and berries, you can try something new. For example, here such Exotica as coconut jam. It is not a problem to buy exotic fruits, berries, and even coconuts. But, you see, to cook from them jam will still be expensive. And we need a budget option. Here and come coconut. Of course, ... Record Coconut jam. An unusual recipe in the Treasury of the winter preparations appeared first on tips for all occasions.

The Topic of weight loss is probably inexhaustible. In the sense that different methods and diets for weight loss developed a big set. You can lose weight in different ways: through physical exertion, sitting on a diet using from time to time fasting days. Someone offers to lose weight in my sleep. Today we will focus on fasting days. They are useful not only wishing to lose weight, but ... Record the Porridge without cooking on the fast day. Delicious Breakfast and a minimum of calories. Recipe for weight loss appeared first on Useful tips for all occasions.

Jam from any fruit and berries, in most cases, an ordinary sugar syrup in which the fruit was cooked for some time. Yes, it's delicious, but the taste of this anticipated, to which most of us have long been accustomed. Another thing, when a recipe brings something new, adding to it an unusual flavor notes. This is the recipe memorized for a long time, ... Record strawberry Jam with whole berries "spicy strawberry" — with cinnamon and star anise appeared first on tips for all occasions.

The Ability to correctly use makeup, a very important part of female beauty. Sometimes, even the most attractive appearance can spoil inept makeup. Conversely, the proper use of cosmetics from women with the usual appearance to make a fabulous beauty. In any case, you need to know the measure. And this "measure" to every age its. For example, what is good for 20 years ... Record Makeup after 40. The main mistakes that are much old woman appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Diseases of cucumbers, as, indeed, any other cultures, it is easier to prevent than to cure. This is what rules you must follow if You want to collect from the beds a good harvest. Many gardeners would be happy to process cucumbers for prevention, but I don't know what tools are best for this use. Today we will talk about the means of the people. As ... Record how to handle cucumbers from diseases and pests? Universal recipe for all occasions appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Gardening is a great field for creativity. You can use different folk remedies and devices to improve the yield of various crops, controlling weeds and pests, and to achieve other goals. Exactly what many do. Indeed, among such means and devices are those that successfully replace the ones that are sold in stores. And ... the Recording Means from weeds vinegar and salt. Or so it is secure, and is it worth it to apply? first appeared tips for all occasions.

We All want to have a well-maintained site that is free of weeds, inhabited exclusively useful plants. But to achieve such a result have a lot of work. Trudnosmyvaemye weed for many of us, it's a dandelion. It can be found in the garden and on the lawn and on the paths between tiles. The plant is undemanding, very hardy and prolific. So lime it is not easy, ... Record How to get rid of dandelions in the area or lawn without chemicals? The safest way appeared first on Useful tips for all occasions.

Since may the thunder and lightning often accompany the rain in hot weather. These natural phenomena pose a serious danger not only for the electronic equipment, but primarily to human health. From childhood we are taught that in this weather on the street to be unsafe. There are many proven cases when lightning strikes people. In most ... Record How to find out at what distance the lightning is from you? It can save your life! first appeared tips for all occasions.

To get a good harvest of any culture, you need to exercise proper care of her. It involves carrying out certain procedures in each specific period of time. The middle of summer, this is a very crucial time in the care of the grapes. With the beginning of July the grapes are actively being formed and poured the berries. At this point, the plant the most necessary moisture and nutrition. In addition, there is ... Record the care of the grapes in July. 4 procedures that we need to make appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Fresh sorrel, as it is known, is a great source of vitamins and minerals. In the summer of its young leaves can be cooked tasty, easy soup. While the sorrel leaves are small and tender, they are ideal for their preparations for the winter. If You have a plot growing sorrel, do not wait, when its stems begin to stiffen, and the leaves reach a large size. ... Record How to freeze Basil for the winter in the freezer at home? 2 options freeze appeared first on tips for all occasions.

When we say the word sandwich, something most of us imagine a piece of bread or baguette with sausage and cheese. This is perhaps the most common picture that draws our brain at the mention of the word. Everyone knows that a sandwich in most cases, does not apply to healthy eating. But, it turns out there are recipes that differ a terrific taste, low calorie and ... Record Sandwich with strawberries. Low calories and great taste. Recipe appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Bird droppings on the car, probably can be considered a nightmare for any motorist. A bad car can look just after the deep roads, covered with mud. Unfortunately, to protect the car body from the birds is not possible. Here is one way out – time to clean up bird droppings from the car. And, if the time to make it not happen, you need to remove it immediately, ... Record Than it is to wash off bird droppings from cars? Life hack for the drivers, which will solve the problem quickly appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Not all means for washing dishes, yet equally washes greasy dishes. Some members of this family of household chemicals to cope with this task easily. Such funds are usually cheaper than their direct competitors. If You bought (or regularly buy) a weak dishwashing detergent and feel that it is not doing its job, the Council ... Record How to strengthen dishwashing detergent in 2 times? Adding only 1 component appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Mask of turmeric is one of the natural ways of facial care. Turmeric, known to possess a large number of useful properties: antibacterial, whitening and other that eliminates the problems with the skin. Well it helps to get rid of wrinkles. Also a mask of this spice can be used as remedy for acne, for discoloration of the skin, or wrinkles. What are the advantages of ... Record Mask from a turmeric for the person. Kitchen spice from wrinkles, pimples and skin whitening appeared first on tips for all occasions.