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So we arranged that are more inclined to trust hard assets from various ailments. Simple methods we ignore, especially if they are also free. Meanwhile in the Soviet the famous academician Mikulin proposed a simple fibrogenetic. It greatly improves blood flow to all internal organs. Exercise is the simplest. But, it also helps treat large veins ... Record How to recover after a heart attack and prevent it? Effective home gym appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Lovers of folk medicine probably know that sprouted grains of many cultures is very beneficial to our health. They can be used to treat many diseases. Of course, only under condition of regular reception of such grains. You can sprout wheat, buckwheat and some other crops. About the benefits of sprouted grains of wheat, and how to do it you can read here. And, about ... Record how useful germinated grain in atherosclerosis? What it is and how to properly germinate? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Taken, many people getting worse. We begin to forget seemingly simple things. Aging, a natural process. Here's nothing you can do! A cure for old age has not yet been invented. And, here the various preparations to support the work of the brain, and hence to improve memory today missing. They actively advertise on TV, and ... Record 2 of a simple folk remedy to improve memory and brain function. How to cook? first appeared tips for all occasions.

A Pancreas along with the liver assumes most of the burden in the wrong. That's just now, in the midst of the holidays, the load on the two bodies increases significantly. After the holidays, it would be nice of them to put in order, a little treat and clean. This can be done using various popular recipes. You can find them for example here. ... Record the Cleansing of the pancreas the Bay leaf at home appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Myocardial Infarction and stroke are diseases that simply do not tolerate unqualified treatment. If you had a heart attack, or have the slightest reason to think that it happened you should immediately call an ambulance. Even though You made a mistake with his suspicions. But, if you wait for that "all gone", then it could be disastrous. "Ambulance," You happily called, but it's still ... Record myocardial Infarction. What to do before the ambulance? You have to know! first appeared tips for all occasions.

From food poisoning affects many organs. The acidity in the stomach greatly decreases, inflamed intestinal mucosa, the pancreas does not cope with the production of food enzymes in the bile passages is formed dyskinesia. Poisoning in the small intestine, affects the mucous membrane. In the end, violated the processes of digestion and absorption of fluid. If You have food poisoning. What to eat for food poisoning? How to ease digestion? ...[Newline]Record Food poisoning. The treatment at home. What you need to know before the holidays? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Today, doctors prescribe antibiotics, as they say, often. It often happens that the doctor does not want to (or can't due to its very high competence!) to prescribe other, safer drugs and thoughtlessly enter into the prescription antibiotics. Yes, probably, they will help to recover much faster. Only now, it's well known along with dangerous micro-organisms ... Record How to restore the gut after taking antibiotics? A simple home recipe appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Sometimes simple products are able to solve a very serious problem in our body, such as high cholesterol. We all know that the presence of large cholesterol in the body is very harmful. Those who care about their health, try the cholesterol level otherwise control. And if it is seriously overpriced, it must be reduced. Is it true that can reduce cholesterol with ... Record Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood? Bran to help You! first appeared tips for all occasions.

Cold, flu, infection, sore throat... All these diseases can be easily found in the winter. Especially if the weather is unstable, when thaw quickly replaced is not weak frosts. Purulent tonsillitis, the disease is serious enough and the right thing in treatment is to CONSULT a DOCTOR. But, if You do not, you can try to treat that this tested ... Record How to cure purulent sore throat quickly and effectively without drugs at home? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Comes in the heartbreaking cough, we sometimes unwittingly begin to worry: not if already started pneumonia? In this situation, not many can determine the subtle difference when a common cold (and, most often, the flu) has already moved into the more dangerous stage of pneumonia. How is usually develop pneumonia and how to calculate it? The main signs of inflammation ... Record the pneumonia the main symptoms. That will help you recognize a dangerous disease? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Retinal Detachment is a problem that is often solved by surgery. But not everyone is ready to take this step. There's always doubt in the success of any operation, especially in the eyes. The eyes, the body is very delicate, and if the specialist is not qualified, you can cause serious problems. But, it happens that the doctors advised to undergo treatment while folk remedies. Here is the letter (which will be ... Record the retinal Detachment. Effective home treatment without surgery appeared first on tips for all occasions.

This often happens. In the morning woke up and head without pain rotate does not work. Most likely it is cervical osteochondrosis. And in the morning it just escalated for some reason. Can be slept, somehow, the pillow was uncomfortable or something. But now it is not particularly important (although, to understand, of course, necessary) thing to regain mobility of the neck. Not ... Record can't turn my head in the morning! What to do? Remove the pain with simple home recipe appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Statistics stray clots very sad. These "death travelers" every year cause the death of over 9 million people worldwide. As a rule, we ourselves and our behavior is the cause of these "wandering murderers" in our body. After all, the way of life for many of us to call healthy is unlikely to succeed. Many bad habits (which we do not even ... the Record Stray clots. Where do they come from? 4 causes appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Black dots, even in small amounts, to serve as decoration for the face can not. They often appear on the nose. To squeeze them is, of course, not an option. You need to clean the skin other, much more innocuous ways. That is, without such extreme effects on the skin, as the pressure. After all, when you extrude these points, the consequences can be dire. To do today ... Record How to get rid of blackheads on nose in 5 minutes? A simple recipe appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Today, Cancer is still not curable. All attempts by doctors to return to good health of cancer patients to anything still not lead. Therefore, a simple rule — “prevention is the best treatment”, there's no confirmation not required. All so clear! But, here it is with prevention most of us serious problems. Perhaps we are so constituted that we ... Record Pickled beets. Recipe for cancer prevention and General strengthening of the immune system appeared first on tips for all occasions.