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Bank cards today have almost all the citizens of our country. With them came to rely on students and pensioners, not to mention the young and middle-aged people. But, to apply something we learned, but it is safe to withdraw cash they do not all. Often excessive credulity, elementary carelessness and ignorance of some of the subtleties ... Record 5 above that use the fraudsters at the ATM to withdraw our money appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Runny nose, perhaps the most common seasonal disease. With proper treatment, it can be eliminated fairly quickly with the least health problems. But if you treat it wrong, and not to eliminate the basic causes of its occurrence, the case may be seriously delayed. A protracted cold, it is a problem of a completely different level, which can easily lead to complications, as ... Record 4 reasons for prolonged runny nose in a child, which many don't know appeared first on Useful tips for all occasions.

Salty bacon, the product is very popular in countries of the former USSR. For, with the exception, perhaps, of the former Asian republics. And any popular dish, as is well known, gradually becomes new and new recipes. The bacon here is also not an exception. A collection of recipes for the salting, the Smoking, the drying, etc. takes far more than one page. This is a full-fledged cookbook devoted to the secrets of ... Record Top 6 unusual additives in the brine for salting bacon that will make it taste better appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Sinusitis, the disease is very serious. Therefore, it requires quality and skilled care. We cannot say that cure people's means is impossible. But, if You are not sure that a particular folk remedy is safe and will lead to a positive result, should not be used. In addition, it is necessary to use every treatment by means of national ... Record Why not warm the nose egg in the sinus. Than it threatens? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Many people come to the diet immediately, but only when gaining weight. Though, probably, more correct would be to initially stick to a healthy diet. Then extra weight should not be afraid. But, all this sounds good only in words. In life, eat regularly and only healthy food is not always obtained. Therefore, the problem of excess weight ... Record the Fasting day on yogurt and cottage cheese will help You to cleanse the body and lose weight appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Autumn, this time planting some bulbs garden flowers. Putting them in the ground, we hope that spring from the bulbs will grow a full, healthy plant. But, often the bulbs in the ground until spring do not survive. They simply eat mice or other rodents. In fact, with the advent of cold weather, the mice all the more difficult to find yourself something to eat. And if the summer garden trees ... Record How to protect Tulip bulbs, lilies and other flowers from rodents? Garden life hack appeared first on tips for all occasions.

As you know, medicines without side effects does not exist. But as they say, is only one side of the coin. Often we have to take a variety of different drugs. And if about the compatibility of the drug with food we do not really think, that neglected the influence of one group of medicines to another is simply impossible. Otherwise, you can own hands to organize inside ... Record What medicines do not mix with each other? 3 dangerous option appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Flax seed is a great all-natural cure. Use it for different purposes. To use based the a lot of effective methods of losing weight. For example, one such method. It is helpful for many gastrointestinal ailments. It is normalizes digestion, and in addition, can soothe our stomach and to relieve his heartburn. A for the treatment of heartburn ... Record flax Seeds for heartburn. Effective folk remedy is worth a try appeared first on tips for all occasions.

We All sometimes have to blow your nose. For colds and runny nose have to do it often enough. The procedure is not attractive for external contemplation, but very useful for the patient. Despite its simplicity, to blow his nose correctly, it is "an art". And the question here is not aesthetics, and our health. Because the mucus can't go out (where to it and road) and ... Record How to blow your nose with a cold, so as not to hurt yourself? Top 5 rules appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Any technique has a certain set of functions, which are usually detailed in the instructions thereto. In addition to these common features, there are other hidden, and it greatly simplifies the achievement of various objectives. So, for example, is the case with the slow cooker. Manual for this smart kitchen tool includes is not the full set of "Goodies" that she can make the ... Record 6 secrets of the slow cooker, You won't find in the instructions appeared first on tips for all occasions.

Manilabuy, bars secured to the chain and ropes – a familiar pattern for most of the yards in our cities. Finally the dream of our people to have a car. Them today so that in the yard, in which there is a specially equipped sites, it is simply difficult to pass. Everywhere there are cars! And they are all out there do not fit. How to say: "Great Russia, and to put the car ... Record Parking in the yards of houses. Is it possible to legally cement their place? first appeared tips for all occasions.

In the markets and in shops today products look very nice. Very often such beauty even looks not quite natural. And indeed it is. Many fruits, vegetables and other products are specially treated with various chemicals to give it this not natural beauty. And, besides beauty, this treatment allows products to be kept much longer and do not deteriorate. For example, ... Record How to clean dried to wash with a dangerous preservative E220? first appeared tips for all occasions.

Any drugs that are known to have their drawbacks. These "inadequacies" in the medicine are called side effects. Unfortunately, such effects are sometimes very serious affect our health in the direction of its deterioration. As the saying goes, "one treat, another cripple!" The relevance of this proverb are unlikely to soon lose. And we do so wish! So, taking any medication, ... Record the 5 medications significantly impair vision. Be careful! first appeared tips for all occasions.

In most cases we are used to eating tomatoes together with "skin." But, sometimes you need to clear tomatoes from the skin. This procedure sometimes involves a particular recipe. Tomato is not a boiled egg, and quickly it will not clear, unless you know some "tricky" methods. By the way, with boiled eggs too, can't always have it easy. ... Record How to quickly and easily clean the tomatoes from the skin? Life hack for Housewives appeared first on tips for all occasions.

When we are not sick, you not really care about your health. And, then begin to run to doctors. Meanwhile, many diseases (serious or not) you can identify yourself. Accordingly, if I can do it early, the risk of subsequent active development of this disease is significantly reduced. We only need time to seek medical help. So watch out ... Record a Simple home test for hypertension and diabetes. Test yourself! first appeared tips for all occasions.