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In connection with long rainy weather most of the sources of water impounded groundwater. The water in mine shafts, mountain kaptah, the local water supply may be contaminated with microorganisms. Use in the home, this water can lead to outbreak of intestinal infections: dysentery, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, viral hepatitis and others. For the prevention of infectious diseases will need: - water for drinking and... Read More "

15 December, under the chairmanship of the Deputy Chairman of the district state administration, head of the operational headquarters of Ivan Moskali an extraordinary meeting of a regional staff on prevention of and rapid response to emergencies and fires. The meeting discussed the situation in the district due to weather conditions (heavy precipitation in the form of rain). Information on this issue was made by... Read More "

On 30 November, under the leadership of Chairman of the district state administration Alexander Gorin has held a Board meeting district administration. On the agenda addressed a number of important issues. In particular on socio-economic development of the district for the first 9 months of 2017 informed those present head of the Department of economic development and trade of the state administration Natalia Kovacs. Natalia said that this year the projects are being implemented at the expense of the state Fund for regional... Read More "

Last few days the region has a rainy weather, which causes increased levels of water not only in rivers but also streams and low-lying areas. During the year many efforts have been made to clear the river beds of Irshava and Syniavka to avoid flooding of households. However, heavy rains still cause a lot of trouble to citizens. To a certain extent ravjani themselves... Read More "

Due to the intense rains that have, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, will last for weeks and the growing risk of flooding of the nearby territories of settlements of Irshava district, there is a risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases. You can help this trouble, following some simple rules of hygiene. In any case, do not use water from open reservoirs and impounded water sources that... Read More "

On 13 December the Chairman of regional Council Victor Simconnect, Chairman of the district state administration Oleksandr Gorin, Deputy head of the Department DSNS of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region Bogdan Ilkovich, head Irshava district Department of Management DSNS of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region Ivan Moscola and head PRNG No. 5 UDSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region Vasily Dankanich undertook a working visit to the village of Long, where he examined the updated State fire and rescue... Read More "

On the Eve of the Day honoring the participants of liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident, on Wednesday, December 13, in the great hall Irshavsky district administration held a meeting with the liquidators of the district. The event was attended by Chairman of the district state administration Oleksandr Gorin, the Chairman of regional Council Victor Simconnect, chief of staff Irshavsky RGA Oleg Kozenyuk, employees of services and institutions district. During the meeting the liquidators... Read More "

In early December of 2017 winter came into its own. In the mountains the snow fell up to half a meter in low-lying areas went intense rains that led to the rise of the water level in the rivers district. In the night from 9 to 10 December as a result of heavy precipitation in the form of rain, in some places, the river overflowed the banks, in particular: p.... Read More "

The creative team RBTT held its regular meeting MO for the heads of clubs in which was held a master class on the topic: "Production of products made of natural material", which was prepared by V. M. Salzer - the leader of the group "Young sculptor". The event took place today, December 11, at the art Studio "Borzhava fantasy" for members of methodical Association. In the framework of the meeting, the Deputy head of the... Read More "

Friday, December 8, in the auditorium of RBD was quite massive and important event, which describes Ukraine as a unified state in which there is no division on regions or areas where the people share the culture, customs, way of life, where there is no war, and there is human mutual and respectful attitude towards each other. So it is possible to voice the thoughts that wander in... Read More "

Police had to withdraw: ravjani drove the car in drunken state and without driving postun Transcarpathia (press release)Over the past day staff response teams patrol police have identified one drunk driver. A resident of Irshava drove the car with 0.9 ppm of alcohol and without a license. On the offender the appropriate administrative reports. Yesterday afternoon ...a Drunk driver at a wheel "Zhiguli" got (press release)... Read More "

Recently, under the chairmanship of the chief of staff of the district state administration Oleg Kosenuki held a steering Committee meeting at Irshavsky district administration. In the meeting took part the Director of the regional center of social services for family, children and youth Irina Volcanic, chief specialist of the Department of mobilization work, interaction with law enforcement and defense apparatus of the state administration of Asya Captain, the Chairman of regional Council of veterans of Ukraine Peter King, Deputy... Read More "

82 participants – the winners of rounds i And II, fought for the victory in the third round of the Ukrainian contest, held in Kiev the all-Ukrainian center of training of civil servants and officials of local self-government of the National Agency of Ukraine on civil service. The competition is held in order growth of professionalism, openness and institutional capacity of public services, enhancing its credibility... Read More "

Saturday, December 9, in the great hall Irshavsky district administration is entrusted with the last point of the championship of area on football among Amateur teams of the season 2017. Stayed in the history of the game, which began in April and ended in late October. Behind the game among the teams of the youth League, Cup area, Cup area, competitions on football among school I-Iist. and I - Iiist.,... Read More "

December 5-7, in Simferopol took place all-Ukrainian forum of student self-government. The organizers of this event are the Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine, Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and the Kyiv regional state administration. Transcarpathian delegation was headed by: Maria Yurina (irshavs'kyi R-n), Gefner Karina Sylvia (Skadovskiy R-n) Chief Nazar (Uzhgorod), accompanied with the coordinator of the Transcarpathian regional student Parliament "New generation", G. A. Ruschak. Organized route... Read More "