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December 3, on the basis of Ilnitskaya OOSH I-III. held the XI regional sports contest of the people with disabilities "Believe in yourself". Participation in the event was attended by the Chairman of the district state administration Oleksandr Gorin, the Chairman of regional Council Victor Simconnect, head of the Department of education of the district state administration Elisabeth, Azonic, head of the sector of youth and sports Irshavsky RGA Andrew Dankanich, Director, Transcarpathian regional center "Invasport" Andrew Cell and others. Read More "

Sunday 3rd of December in Sochi hosted the final of the seventh charity concert of regional action in support of children with cancer of Assassiny "Melt your heart – let's help children together". The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for the children of the district, which was struck by a serious illness. Within five weeks, the fundraising continued across the district. Joined the protest of secondary school, religious communities, public institutions,... Read More "

Our vocal ensemble "Licenca" visited Mukachevo TV channel "M-Studio". Not to say that this was unexpected, because journalists follow the developments in our region including cultural-artistic no less than the specialists. The recent successes of this remarkable group of children could not pass their attention, Mukachevo channel first visited the Studio... Read More "

They're wonderful! And what inspired! How to inspire something new and interesting! Saturday's meeting of Parliament: report on creating a page in FB, congratulated Masha Yurina elected President of the regional Parliament "New generation" and wished productive to spend time along with two other representatives from Transcarpathia in the all-Ukrainian meeting of leaders of student self-government, which... Read More "

Red ribbon - symbol of fight against AIDS. This symbol of pupils of House of children's creativity have joined the campaign, which took place in the institution. Once again the leaders of groups with children conducted educational talks and cited the statistics of this terrible disease that is sweeping the world. Although the conversation about AIDS can be difficult, it is important to raise this issue not only in the family,... Read More "

According to the results of weekly monitoring, the incidence of influenza and SARS at the end of 48 weeks of 2017, below the epidemic threshold for the district is 3.8 times. During the reporting week 48 2017 compared with the previous week incidence of influenza and SARS is higher by 8.6% (12). Ill 139 people, of which 70.5 per cent were children under the age of... Read More "

Today, 1 December, the first Deputy Chairman of the district state administration Igor Pavlishin and the Chairman of regional Council Victor Simconnect visited Khust and Irshava division of the local Prosecutor of the Transcarpathian region and congratulated its employees on their professional holiday. Igor Vasilyevich expressed his sincere gratitude to the employees of the Prosecutor's office for honest work, high professionalism and wished good health, happiness, prosperity, inspiration, respect and professional success.... Read More "

Recently, Museum collections Irshava district local history Museum of BDT added another exhibit, which gave the Manager of the savings Bank in the city Irshava Merenic Vasily Ivanovich. They became a commemorative set of commemorative coins of Ukraine dedicated to the revolution of Dignity. By chance, this gift was 900 second exhibit related to the main Fund of the Museum teams. Sincere thanks to Vasily and dozens of... Read More "

Ended the regional stage of the contest-exhibition with politicologie material which is shorts in raysut. The students of our institution took an active part in the contest and submitted 23 DIY in different age categories. They showed their skills and talent in creating interesting and original ideas, works from a variety of already used materials. The jury determined the winners. We have the following results: first place... Read More "

November 30 in the small conference room Irshavsky district administration, with the aim of promoting rural tourism in Irshava district, the Department of economic development and trade of the Transcarpathian regional state administration held a seminar-training for representatives of rural tourism "Rural tourism. Where to start and how to succeed". Participation in the seminar was also attended by the head of the office of the state administration Oleg Kozenyuk, chief specialist of the Department... Read More "

In Irshava tracked down the woman who broke his leg and for eight hours I was alone in polіDepo.Zakarpattya28 November at about 04:30 to Irshava police Department received a call from a woman who said that on a parallel street heard the screams, and asked the police to find out what is happening there. Having arrived to a call place, the police left his ...and more more

Pensions for special merits to be appointed city komіsії the main Department of Pension Fund of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region was held a meeting of the Commission at the regional state administration for the purpose of pensions for special merits before Ukraine. 24068860_1964216413837855_192150605413358012_o. Members of the Commission ... more

To the local self-government bodies and Executive authorities received complaints of primary trade Union organisations GP "dovzhans'ke lesookhotnichye economy", SPE "Enchanted land" and labour collective of state enterprise "slap Reveals" concerning the adopted reform Strategy of forestry for the period until 2022. ...

Recently, the state administration has presented the collection "Seven steep mountain passes". The book contains sections on "Prose", "Poetry", "Literature for children", "Translations", "Pages of satire and humor" and "young Voices" with the works of the younger literary generation. ...

Irshavschiny two men stole a car from villager (photo)news Zakarpattian the line "102" received a message from a resident of the village of Upper Rakovets, Irshava district about the theft of his car. Militiamen found out that the man in the evening left on the side of the streets Voloshin their car, and in the morning it was found, according to ...and more more