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The Second time the President of the Transcarpathian regional student Parliament "New generation" became our candidate, the Chairman of the district student organization "Leader" Masha Yurina. Yes, we did it! Although Saturday morning was not so rosy (in the details of our trip to Uzhgorod I will not go), and the day was just happy and expect happy! But about all under the order. 25 Nov in... Read More "

What will be the weather in Transcarpathia entire week. Expected sharp poholodannyaTyachiv NewsU Irshava – on Tuesday night will be minus seven Celsius, and day – maximum of 7 heat on Thursday. Possible snow Monday,Thursday and Friday. In Valvc – on Tuesday night will be minus 14 below zero during the day – up to 3 heat on Thursday. Snow – in... Read More "

In Irshava the memory of the victims of the Holodomor commemorated the opening of the monument (PHOTOS)Transcarpathia onlineYogo produced in the blacksmith shop "BK", and idea borrowed from the monument to Holodomor victims in Kiev on Mykhailivska square near St. Michael's monastery, with the consent of its founder Vasyl Perevalsky. Participation in the opening Irshavsky ... more

Famine — not a historical antiquity, and the deep spiritual wound, which unbearable pain runs through the memory to this day. The past century swept over the Ukraine, three famines that cannot be compared, neither in domestic nor in world history. Today we in sorrow bow to our compatriots who died innocent of starvation. We remember... Read More "

What was Irshava Czechoslovak period: Funny retro photos (PHOTO)Depo.Zakarpattia – city, the regional center of Transcarpathia. According to popular legend once upon a time in the valley people have settled. They noticed that during volnovode water turns brown like the color of rust. Hence the name of the river Rzhavka, and ... more

23 October in Irshava district, under the leadership of the regional military Commissar Colonel Bogdan Cheremskoi conducted demonstration of the instructor and methodological training on the organization of work elements database the mobilization deployment of the regional military Commissariat. During the sessions the participants discussed issues alert for military service, receiving and supply of mobilization resources in military structures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations. To participate in training... Read More "

9 November took place the meeting of the twelfth session of the regional Council VII convocation. Was led by the Chairman of district Council Victor Simconnect. Pre-meetings were held specialized commissions joint meeting of the commissions and the Bureau, during which the deputies made proposals on issues on the agenda. The session was attended by the employees of the structural subdivisions of state administration, district Council, city Council, agencies and departments of the region,... Read More "

Today in the auditorium RBDT open joint solo exhibition by pupils of the national art Studio "Borzhava fantasy" - Galagi Yana and Merenich Stanislaus. Both are pupils doing in Lyubov Borisovna not so much - Yana - four years, but Stanislav - only 2.5 years, but on their debut the asset had a collection of paintings. Yanochka more... Read More "

23 November at Ilnitsky sports-humanitarian Lyceum opened a modern sports ground with artificial covering for playing football, volleyball, handball and tennis. The event was attended by the district administration and the village, the management and faculty of sport-humanitarian Lyceum, priests, students, parents invited. ...

According to the results of weekly monitoring, the incidence of influenza and SARS at the end of week 47 in 2017 is below the epidemic threshold by area 3.5 times. During the reporting week 47 2017 compared with the previous week incidence of influenza and SARS are below 2.3% (3 people). Ill 127 people, of which 70,1% are... Read More "

On November 23 in the small hall of meetings Irshavsky district administration held a regular meeting of the Commission for the protection of the rights of the child, which was chaired by Deputy Chairman Irshavsky of the district state administration Ivan Moshkola. On the agenda was rendered on 8 questions, of which the most controversial was the question regarding the appropriateness/inappropriateness of determining the place of residence of minor children with the father. But given the fact that... Read More "

In honor of his famous countryman-athlete Victor Vataman in the month of his birth in the village of nyzhnya Apsha conduct regional competitions in draughts-64. To participate in the tournament athletes consider an honor and wrestling every time, is uncompromising. To compete with experienced athletes, test their own potential, to learn from them skills, behaviors, decided the young daredevils, the pupils of the chess and checkers club Victoria... Read More "

Irshava Police for stealing car radios detained a resident of Mizhhirya news Zakarpattya asked the owner of the car. The man reported that unknown persons through an unlocked door of the car stole the radio. The police criminal investigation Department of Irshava tracked down the suspect in the village Mizhhiria. As found by the investigators, 18-year-old guy together ... more

News of Transcarpathia - Irshava Police for stealing a car stereo news Zakarpattian of Transcarpathia – the fact of the secret theft of another's property began investigation on signs of part 1 of article 185 of the Criminal code of Ukraine ...and others more

Last week, the Chairman of the district Council made a working visit to Mstish village Council, where he had a meeting with the village head Mikhail Anadi and management of the budgetary sphere of the village - heads DOE No. 1 and No. 2 S. Imstychovo Marianne Goodness, Love the bell Ringer, Director Mstish school of I degree Fedor Good. ...