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Last week, the city Council convened the Commission, which examined the legality of the installation of kiosks, billboards and citylights in the city. Initiated check of legality of installation of Kiosks and billboards were members Irshavsky city Council Vitaly Sobko and Yuri Primich. [widgetkit id=1385] more

On Friday 10 November 2017, the city Council held a meeting of the Executive Committee. The Committee made a number of questions. Namely: - the granting of email addresses of real estate objects; - provision of benefits on payment of parental resources for children DOE; - dumps in the city Irshava and activities adminkomissii city Council. [widgetkit id=1387]... Read More "

Won strong-willed victory (losing 0-2 during the match) over videogamey “Bugoro”, “Rock” Nehrovo put championship medals in the super bowl, Irshava district of the season 2017. “The rock” Nehrovo 3:2 “buzhora” Irshava (goals: ’20 Alexander Popovich, ’48 Vasyl Kovacs, ’80 Henry Mkrtichyan – ‘7 Vasil Kinev, ’18 Dmitry Chubirko) more

According to the results of weekly monitoring, the incidence of influenza and SARS at the end of 45 weeks of 2017, below the epidemic threshold for the district is 3.3 times. During the reporting week 45 2017 compared with the previous week incidence of influenza and SARS is higher by 5.9% (6 people). Ill 101 people, of which 66,3% are children... Read More "

On 9 November, in the small conference room of the district administration held a meeting with participation of chairmen of primary organizations of veterans Irshavsky regional Council of veterans of Ukraine. Participation the meeting was attended VA. the Chairman of the district state administration Igor Pavlishin, the Chairman of regional Council Victor Simconnect, chief of staff of district administration Oleg Kozenyuk. Started working Chairman of the regional Council of veterans of Ukraine Peter King, who reported on the work of the organization for... Read More "

The Seventh trophy of super bowl Irshava district will compete on Saturday, 11 November 2017, 14:00 o'clock on the stadium “Avangard” champion of Assassiny “Rock” with Negrova and the current holder of the Cup area irshavska “buzhora”. Teams have the right to declare the match of 18 players, from those who are registered in the current teams under One... Read More "

Congratulate You on your professional holiday. I wish You continue to delight countrymen their uniqueness, versatility, talent, inexhaustible energy. Grateful for the selfless work in the development and preservation of arts and culture in the area. Prosperity to You, health, inspiration, realization of creative ideas, prosperity, life wins. Sincerely, Chairman of the district Council.Simconnect more

Uzhgorod professors began public tours of Customising portal Transcarpathia (press release)... the initiative is open (free) tours Uzhgorod. On this occasion, in orbit of the action involved Hust, a memorable capital of the Carpathian Ukraine. That Sunday open excursions were held simultaneously in six cities of Zakarpattia – Uzhhorod, Mukachevo and other more

The late autumn months always cause a lot of trouble. Although the citizens love the autumn, strewn with leaves town, and all the leaves in the deterioration of the weather is necessary to quickly remove. Because the city's dense tree planting, communal service of the city worked in the strengthened mode, and even purchased special equipment for cleaning. Yesterday joined a community work day and the Manager and the employees... Read More "

After repair Irshavske the office also received new appliances, making cooking easier. To opening of a new cuisine was attended by representatives of regional branch of red cross Society and representatives of city and district councils. The Deputy of the mayor Alexander Martinezi presented the letter to the Director of the Transcarpathian regional charity Fund of mercy and Vasily Ivanovich Pancake and thanked all the workers Irshava district... Read More "

This holiday is celebrated in our country annually, together with the Day of Ukrainian writing and language. The day before, on 7 November, in the exhibition hall Irshava district house of culture took place solemn the district the day of workers of culture. The celebration brought together the club's employees, Directors and teachers of art schools, Museum professionals, managers of national and model groups, and all who in any way has... Read More "

"Childhood - a carefree country. Each of us has to visit her only once. Subsequently, the path this country is growing older problems. Also looking for that country on the map - nothing: only the good memories and dreams have a magical ability to bring us back to childhood" - with these words began the event privacy pupils beginners of extracurricular... Read More "

November 7, in the building of the district house of culture celebrated its professional holiday of workers of culture and masters of folk art of Irshava district. Attended the event and gave sincere words of congratulations kultprosvet our district.. the Chairman of the district state administration Igor Pavlishin, the Chairman of regional Council Victor Simconnect, chief of staff of district administration Oleg Kozenyuk and Secretary Irshavsky city Council Mikhail Razin. ...

All present the Director of the Irshava local history Museum told versions of the origin of the city name, the history of the construction of the major attractions of Irshava: the transport bridge and the Church, and how videosminutes the city being in different States. In conclusion, historical walks, everyone could visit the Irshava local history Museum, which houses important historical monuments, ranging from roskopf held in the district, completing... Read More "

What happened in Transcarpathia in a day? Main news and events 5 listopadaTyachiv NewsU Lips that hustschyni, any educational scandal. Due to the fact that the school is overcrowded, the kids are forced to study after dinner. The parents of students who attend the second shift negative attitude to a new daily routine, as it is, they ... more