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To the city Council repeatedly addressed ravjani and city deputies repaired and on certain streets to replace street lighting. In particular, there were suggestions to replace the lamps on the street Voloshin, guerrilla and Borkanyuka. Despite limited funding in the city Council together with KP "Heat the Town" made the decision if to purchase modern led lamps in the first place to install them... Read More "

Chapter Irshavsky police Colonel Viktor Rebra Zakarpattya state of the operational situation on the territory of Irshava district, the disclosure of crimes, the main tasks of the police of the region today says our guest - head of Irshava of the Department Colonel of police Victor Rebra. As the head of Irshava police ...and more more

Chapter Irshavsky police Colonel Viktor Rebra - on the crime situation in the area and work pravookhoronnimi, Zakarpattya state of the operational situation on the territory of Irshava district, the disclosure of crimes, the main tasks of the police of the region today says our guest - head of Irshava of the Department Colonel of police Victor Rebra. As the head of Irshava police ... more

Documents of the National Archival Fund (further-NAF) from legal entities - the sources of acquisition - carried out annually according to schedules approved by the archives in agreement with the legal entity. In the case of minor volumes of documents, the archive accepts them once for a few years, but not less than once in 5 years. The preparation of the documents original owners for transfer to the archive... Read More "

On 31 January, at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the initiative of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, the government approved a decree on the transfer of agricultural land of state property in communal property of territorial communities of the United. In this regard, yesterday in the Main Department of Derzeitiger in the Transcarpathian region held a meeting which was attended by the presidents of the United territorial communities of Transcarpathian region. In her... Read More "

In connection with the works on clearing the lines 06.02.2018 with 9.00 to 17.00 hours. K. h will be discontinued electricity supply in the town of Irshava on the street: kotsyubinskogo, Pavlova, Nina. The inclusion will be made without warning. Irshavs'kyi REM more

In the night from 3 to 4 February, in connection with the intensive rainfall in the city Irshava and G. Borzhava raised the water level, resulting in the flooding of agricultural land in Irshava district. On the territory of the village Council Vlish flooded 450 hectares of farmland. On the territory of Kamensky of the Board of agriculture were flooded up to 500 hectares of farmland. On... Read More "

Today in the stadiums of Iliniza and Priargunskogo started the current winter championship Assassiny football. Within two months 10 teams from Irshava and Vynohradiv districts will determine the best. In Verkhovyna the group's opening match between dovzhanskiy “Burawoy” and velikonemkovski “Husbandman” ended with the traditional minimal victory. At this time in favor of the current holder of the winter Cup, who scored a goal Victor Hanich recorded... Read More "

Recently in the auditorium of the companies passed the district) stage of the contest-exhibition of decorative-applied art "Know and love your land". The exhibition-contest received more than 100 papers in 24 categories in three age categories with 2 schools RBDT, raysut and of the 15 schools in the district. Presented at the exhibition-competition of works of students and pupils of secondary and primary schools have opened... Read More "

The Last decade, the most painful issue for Ukrainians become very expensive. Their condition irshavschiny are not the best in the area. The owner of the main roads that pass through the city, up to January 1 was Ukravtodor. On 17 November the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on the conduct of the decentralized system of road management that involves the transfer of local roads from the sphere of control of the State Agency... Read More "

Every year there is an issue of heating and ensure the normal functioning of educational institutions. DOE Irshavsky GSS obey Irshavsky city Council school Irshavsky RGA. The quarantine that was imposed last week has caused a lot of speculation. Particularly angry citizens speak about heating. Fortunately, all pre-schools are fully provided with fuel materials, because there are two kinds of heating gardens - gas... Read More "

On 1 February, took place the meeting of organizing Committee on celebration at the district of Day of honoring combatants in the territory of other States and the 29th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which was held by the chief of staff of district administration Oleg Kozenyuk. Participation the meeting was attended by the Chairman of regional public organization of the Ukrainian Union of veterans of Afghanistan Vladimir Gorzov head of the Department of culture and... Read More "

Yesterday held a meeting of the Executive Committee Irshavsky city Council. To the members of the Executive Committee submitted 15 draft decisions, concerning different spheres of the city life, the raising of tariffs for the provision of public services, water and sanitation, and residents of Irshava GSS. [widgetkit id=1440] more

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In Irshava held the final of the championship of Transcarpathia in draughts-64 (PHOTOS)Transcarpathia onlinePravo to play in the finals the athletes struggled in the qualifying rounds of 2017 and the final part, respectively, got the strongest. Of victories began the tournament two Nicholas COSCO and Comerlos. Another favorite – Michael Rishko – in the first three rounds made three ...and more more