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The Road is a life-giving artery, which should always be in good condition. They are the hallmark of each city. Every building should be a good road.It helps to improve economic and tourist image in the city and in the state as a whole. [widgetkit id=1277] therefore, in Irshava is working systematically with laying asphalt on the side streets. On... Read More "

Began repair work of the roof of high-rise buildings along the street School, 27. Delivered construction materials and the preparation of the coating for repair. Before starting work, the area is cleared from construction and industrial waste, dismantled layer of the old roofing material. [widgetkit id=1270] more

Recently for the residents of the street kotsyubinskogo and surrounding areas carried out some work for defence against flooding on the river Irshava fortified with an embankment. [widgetkit id=1269] Were cleared the river bed and made a mound on the right Bank. Unfortunately the locals are not allowed to remove trees that also create a barrier to flooding for the safe flow of water. We Will... Read More "

Started road repair along the street Maxim Rylsky. Newsaustralian canvas will facilitate comfortable movement of people and vehicles. While work is underway to strengthen the road base using a special technique. Also conducted clearing ditches on both sides of the road for better drainage that will ensure the safety of the roadway. Recently completed and commissioned the street kotsyubinskogo and Summer.... Read More "

On Friday In room Irshavsky city Council held a meeting of the members of the Executive Committee, deputies and the public of the city Irshava relative to the beginning of the Strategic planning Irshavsky the United territorial community. [widgetkit id=1268] Session started Irshava mayor and Executive Director of the Transcarpathian regional branch of the Association of cities of Ukraine Ivan Revti, who stressed the importance of strategic planning for economic development Irshavsky if it's... Read More "

A Variety of table games checkers-100 is less known for draughts-64. Strong athletes in this sport is in those areas that popularitybut it for quite a long time and have a large group of sportsmen who actively participate in various competitions. Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia region. Currently powerfully rise athletes in Ivano-Frankivsk region. In Ivano-Frankivsk on the team... Read More "

President Petro Poroshenko stressed the importance of continuing reforms in Ukraine. The head of state expressed confidence that the package of reforms that was started, – decentralization, deregulation, judicial, health and educational reforms to be completed. "Yesterday in the first reading voted for the Pension reform. And I hope that in the autumn we will reach the position of the modernization and increase of pensions", -... Read More "

Sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday – Day of accountant! Let me Express sincere gratitude for the hard work, professionalism, honesty and integrity. Without your day-to-day work, valuable experience, a solid professional knowledge cannot function well no organization, enterprise or institution in our area. Your profession is very responsible. Let your homes always... Read More "

Please Accept my sincere congratulations on the holiday. Without Your conscientious labor, in which each step is very demanding, it is hard to imagine the work of any organization. I wish You good health, inspiration, success and significant achievements in the work, prosperity, comfort and harmony in the family, of human happiness. Let chosen profession brings You pleasure and use, and fate gives many years of life. ... "

Today in the Small hall Irshavsky RGA was held the draw for the Cup Irshava district football season in 2017. To participate in the tournament managed to attract 8 teams, including three representatives of Assassini with the regional championship ("buzhora" Irshava "Borzhava" Long FC "District") and five members of the regional championship ("the Rock" Nehrovo, FC "Village" "Builder" Pribramsky, FC "Borzhava" and FC... Read More "

Of July 4, the Union held a meeting on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the International day of cooperatives. On the official part was attended by heads of district and city, veterans and workers of consumer cooperation of the district. The event was opened with a moment of silence in memory of employees of cooperative societies who are no longer with us. Then the priests chanted a prayer for a happy future residents of the area. The Chairman of regional Council Victor Simconnect... Read More "

Full speed gnepu these days the farmer Vasily Balog from Kamensky. In the tract Zagelow on your harvester SK-5 collects barley Ager. The harvest pleases, ' says Vasily Ivanovich. – The pitch is flat, the ears hang down as much to land. A pleasure to look at. To farmers in the field was visited by the Deputy Chairman of state administration Ivan Mascola and VA. head of the Department of agricultural... Read More "

The Regional budget is executed on 106%, which gives the right to the distribution of the budget revenue surplus for the financing of various social objects As of July 1, local budgets of Transcarpathia gathered a total of 1 billion 738 million 50.5 thousand, which is $ 168 million 839,7 thousand more than planned. In percentage terms, the execution of local budgets in 6 months constitutes 110.8%. –... Read More "

– June Transcarpathian region will receive a record amount of over-fulfillment of customs monthly planned revenues (the so-called "road experiment") – more than 90 million hryvnia, – said Gennady Moskal. Is more than in the previous three months combined. The funds will go to the regional budget until the end of July. And since the beginning of the year Transcarpathia will receive from "road experiment"... Read More "

Today, July 13, the Deputy of the Transcarpathian regional military Commissioner to work with staff Colonel Claus A. M. presented to staff Irshava district military Commissariat.. Chairman of regional state administration I. M. pavlyshyn is and the Chairman of the district Council Simkanin V. A. a new military Commissioner, major Kaguta Evgeny Nikolaevich, who was appointed to this position by order of the Western operational command.... Read More "