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June 21, in the large conference room was held a regional seminar-meeting of chairmen) councils of the organization of veterans of Ukraine with the aim of sharing experience of the primary veteran organizations to improve the provision of social, medical, physical protection of veterans of war, labour, military service, and pensioners. The seminar was opened by the Chairman of regional Council of veterans of Ukraine Ivan Gigue. The fallen ATO participants and soldiers of the Second world war and held a moment... Read More "

The Ninth tournament in draughts-64 "Kyrylivka 2017" this time carried out entirely as a children's competition that was held 03-10 Jun in the spacious hall of the local House of culture. Strong athletes put Vinnitsa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye region. Stand out young athletes of Moldova, they are always well prepared. The pupils of the chess and checkers club "Victoria" district Houses of children's creativity have taken part in the group, which competed young... Read More "

Brand New ambulance was purchased in the framework of a joint project of the Ministry of health and the International Bank for reconstruction and development "Improving health in the service of the people." All the cars in its configuration have four-wheel drive, in Irshava district, they will be served by the station of emergency medical care.Irshava, paragraph permanent deployment of emergency medical teams C. Long and the point of permanent basing... Read More "

Today 20 June, chaired by the chief of staff of the district state administration Oleg Kosenuki regular meeting of the Commission on the protection of the rights of the child in Irshavsky district administration. On the agenda there were seven questions that were previously prepared and studied by the service for children. In particular, six of them for granting permission to carry out the transaction in respect of immovable property of the citizens... Read More "

Weekend irshavschiny festival of blacksmith of Transcarpathia (press release)on June 24-25 in Lysychovo village (Irshava district), in the unique water of the forge-Museum will host the annual festival of blacksmith art ...and more more

Journalists is a master of words that do not create wealth. They largely shape the consciousness of citizens, their character, behavior, actions, active life position. Now the district newspaper "New life" for many people remains the only reliable source of information on the socio-political situation of Assassiny. The sixth of June, the master noted their professional holiday – journalist Day. It is not only... Read More "

Traditionally, at the end of June in the village of Lysychovo, the festival of blacksmith's art and folk crafts "Hamor". This year will be the celebration and preparations for the event, we asked the organizers of the festival – the head of the office of the district state administration Oleg Kosenuki and head of the Department of culture and tourism of the district state administration Victoria Margtu. Victoria Vasilevna, tell, please, when will the festival? –... Read More "

To the recreation camp "Daybreak" of the village. Sergeevka Odessa region sent 29 students of secondary schools in the district. This, in particular, gifted students and high achievers, children from large families and children deprived of parental care. Students will be on vacation until June 21. Safe journey and pleasant holiday wished to those present VA.the Chairman of the district state administration Igor Pavlishin. The official is sure that the guys will enjoy your summer... Read More "

It was Nice to take a tour of Mukachevo and Uzhgorod together with students and teachers Mstish OOSH I-III of degrees. The school management has taken care to ensure that it is in the children's Day the students really felt their professional holiday. And need without unnecessary pathos to note that this is a holiday excursion was organized and went smoothly, meaningful and joyful. Most of all take care of this... Read More "

The Issue of roads in the area remains one of the problem. The debt, which formed today in the area before Oblavtodor, practically suspended all work on the territory of the region and district in particular, due to the state appropriation for public roads. Real is to conclude direct contracts between the administrators and licensed firms engaged in the repair of roads, as one of the... Read More "

Dear doctors, paramedics, nurses, pharmacists, all health workers Irshava district!Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the professional holiday – Day of medical worker! I want to Express my sincere gratitude for Your hard work, saved lives, returned to the patients health and hope, humanity and empathy. Your sincere heart and warm hands to restore the joy of living, give faith in healing. Nice... Read More "

From 26 June to 21 July public organization "Your vision" will conduct free checkup of view of the residents of Irshava district. Public organization "Your Vision" with the support of the International Charitable Foundation "Promoting medicine" in tandem with many volunteer organizations, conducts many social and charity events and assistance programs for low-income, socially unprotected layers of population on the territory of the... Read More "

Recently held a joint meeting of the budget Committee, the Chairpersons of the standing committees of the city Council and the chairmen of the factions. In the course of the present work considered and worked out the project budget and other decisions which are submitted for consideration deputies. Among the issues put on the agenda considered the draft decisions that relate to local tax rates and the decision regarding the staffing Irshavsky city Council amalgamated... Read More "

Today, 15 June, on the occasion of day of medical worker, in the district house of culture held a gala concert. The event started under sounds of the anthem of Ukraine performed by folk choir of the doctors (under the direction of honored worker of culture of Ukraine Hopes Miller is his chest ). Given the events of the day, the participants honored the memory of all those who never came home and the people who privately of the medical profession with my life.... Read More "

June 15, in the Transcarpathian regional state administration held a town meeting (town hall meetings), is devoted to the problem of modernity "improving the effectiveness of solid waste management: the distribution of the financial burden". The event was organized by the Laboratory of legislative initiatives together with