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For lightning and caught fire (press release) (Blog)To place promptly arrived firefighters 5th state firefighting and rescue part of Irshava. Rescuers in 21:05 completely eliminated the fire. The building was saved from destruction by fire, and to prevent the transfer of fire to the shed ...and more more

Lightning burned the house | news Mukachevo (press release) (Blog)Yesterday, 7 June, 19:38 revsci of rescuers the message that on the street Guerrilla in the village of Zahattya in a private ...and other more

All decisions approved. When can we expect the introduction of the EU visa regime for Ukraine? The decision to introduce visa-free regime will be published and will enter into force 20 days after publication in the "Official journal of the European Union" (now is objectively necessary to notify border officials of member States of the EU on visa-free regime of trips of citizens of Ukraine). What are the conditions... Read More "

In connection with the festival of blacksmith's art and folk crafts "Hamor – 2017", according to the agreements Irshavsky RGA and "Rawski ATP 12143" will be introduced an additional flight Irshava-Lysychovo-Irshava in the days of the festival schedule: Saturday, 24.06.2017 at 10.00 am K. city. (near the Church of Peter and Paul in center city). Return flight from Lysychovo at 17.00... Read More "

Weekend in Irshava took the first comic fest "KVN. The Cup of the mayor". [widgetkit id=1251] the Main organizer and initiator of a fun show became ravjani Yuri, Ignatko. Participation in the first stage of the Cup took ten teams from seven cities of Ukraine. In particular, the "As Variant". Ivano-Frankivsk , "Here could be your advertising". Uzhgorod, "That Generation." Poltava, "Paragraph". Ivano-Frankivsk,... Read More "

Irshavska city Council invites business entities operating in the provision of entertainment services, place in the city Park children's attractions including water of all types. For information, contact by phone 0685753818 - Macros Vasily, the Deputy of the mayor more

On the celebration of 21-th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine and the 72nd anniversary of the occurrence of Transcarpathia in the Ukraine spoke today, June 7, at the organizational meeting of the Committee. The meeting was chaired by chief of staff of district administration Oleg Kozenyuk. The organizing Committee consisted of the head of the Department of education Irshavsky RGA Elizabeth Azonic, head of Department of culture and tourism Irshavsky RGA Victoria Margeta, head of Department of organization and personnel... Read More "

Yesterday, June 6, in the village Village on the basis of St. John Theological monastery began the work of charitable and educational holiday camp for orphans and poor families "Path of good". Rich camp program gives children the opportunity to improve your health, body and soul. Every day guys are in for a pleasant surpriseto of rich rest-a variety of workshops, excursions, swimming in the pool, games and other entertainment. ...

I Sincerely congratulate you on professional holiday – journalist Day. It is a celebration of those who choose a hard and extremely responsible job. Thanks to you, millions of readers, viewers and listeners will learn about the most important news. Let service to the chosen cause are rewarded with the gratitude and respect of all who you are your "word", add faith and confidence in the future... Read More "

What weather we should expect this week Transcarpathians and that NAVSOUTH bdzholiTyachiv NewsU Rakhiv – just 15-21 in Tyachev – 19-25, thunderstorms Monday through Thursday in Svalyava – 17-23, Monday-Wednesday thunderstorms Thursday – rain, in Irshava – 18-25, thunderstorms – Monday-Thursday, in Vinogradov – the same. The weather on 6 June when he predicted the bees: if ...... Read More "

In Irshava, a man robbed a grocery store at 5 tisyachGalagovTV - news Zakarpattia, June 4, the police received a report of shoplifting at one of the markets in Irshava. The investigative team at the scene found that navcom entered in the commercial establishments through the window, damaging the glass, and delivered products and ...and other more

Every village in Transcarpathia is famous for its ludenevichi Transcarpathia (press release)Thanks to the founder of the Transcarpathian school of painting Adalbert Erdeli the village of Zahattya that irshavschiny, was included in almost all encyclopedias of the world. It is situated on seven hills. The name of the first comes from forest city, which delineates Zahattia and ... more

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Deputy Lily Grinevich – students of uzhnu: "Believe me, abroad you will not have such opportunities in Ukraine"news of Transcarpathia (press release)But the meeting with students started with the sudden recognition of the Deputy Minister: as it turned out, Roman is Necessary – our countryman, a native of Irshava. "Uzhgorod national University could be my Alma mother. But it so happened that I went to study... Read More "