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It So happened that the open Hungarian championship in draughts-100 is scheduled for the end of December. At the invitation of Hungary draughts Federation responded athletes chess and checkers club "Victoria" Irshava district House of children's creativity: Igor Gulyan, Catherine Moses, Bohdan Yurchenko, March Yurina, Olga Pawlak, Anatoly Vayda. Four days of continued competition in three programs, and the competition held for various age categories. During this... Read More "

Congratulations on the most awaited and bright holiday – New Year and Christmas! It is all of us since the childhood favorite and joyful days, filled with light holiday shared joy, fun, expectation of a miracle and fairy tales, warmth and hope. New Year's eve it is customary to make wishes and believe that they will be fulfilled. We sincerely wish You great... Read More "

Happy New Year! May it be filled with bright colors, pleasant experiences and events, generous with major achievements in all spheres of life. I am sure that the holidays will bring joy and blessings into Your home will bring family harmony and prosperity. I wish the New Year to do what brings pleasure to reach new heights and self-realization. And more... Read More "

That ends in 2017. Once again, we turn over another page in our life, our history. For all of us, this year has been eventful, hard work, deep content and achievements. He gave us the joy of meetings and discoveries, new professional and life experience. Let the last minute of the old year you leave all the worries and tribulations,... Read More "

According to weekly monitoring, the incidence of influenza and SARS at the end of 52 weeks of 2017, below the epidemic threshold for the district is 2.7 times. During the reporting week 52 2017, compared with the previous week incidence of influenza and SARS are below 8.2% (16 people). Sick 180 people, of which 73.9 per cent are children... Read More "

In Uzhgorod was the opening of a large-scale Boxing tournament - 0312http://www.0312.EN/rss/yarticles (press release)Participation in the opening SODASS Open championship on Boxing among children, juniors and youth "Cup of Santa Claus-2017" took part today Uzhgorod city mayor Bogdan Andreev. About TS.and others more

In Uzhgorod was the opening of a large-scale Boxing tournament "Cup of Santa Claus-2017": fotohttp://www.0312.EN/rss/yarticles (press release)the Tournament brought together 100 players born in 2008 and senior Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Perechyn, Irshava and several districts in our area. "Boxing – a sport for real men, and with the current athletes, I am sure, will grow up to be decent defenders of our country ...and other more

Today, December 29, chaired by the Chairman of the district state administration Alexander Gorin, held an extraordinary meeting of the Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations. On the agenda was made four questions. In particular, the head of Department on civil protection of the district state administration Ivan Semak introduced the tasks listed in the minutes of the meeting of the regional Commission on questions... Read More "

On 13 December, the Chairman of the district state administration Oleksandr Gorin, the Chairman of regional Council Victor Simconnect, Deputy head of the Department DSNS of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region Bogdan Ilkovich, head Irshava district Department of management DSNS of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region Ivan Moscola and head PRNG No. 5 UDSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region Vasily Dankanich undertook a working visit to the village of Long, where he examined the updated State fire and rescue... Read More "

18 December in the building of the district state administration Irshavsky Irshavska regional station of young technicians presented a pre-Christmas exhibition of children's works (head Vasily Boiko). Participation in the event was attended by the Chairman of the district state administration Oleksandr Gorin, first Deputy Chairman Irshavsky state administration Igor Pavlishin, Deputy Chairman of state administration Ivan Mascola, chief of staff of district administration Oleg Kozenyuk, employees of RGA. The aim of the exhibition is to promote among young people a caring... Read More "

On 19 December, the Day of St. Nicholas, in the district house of culture hosted a festive event for children. The main guests of the event were orphans, children of the ATO participants and children deprived of parental care, and winners of international, national and regional festivals and competitions. Came to congratulate the children with one of the most important holidays - St. Nicholas Day leaders of the district, who wished the kids enjoyment of all the most cherished desires. The Chairman of the district state administration... Read More "

, Irshava district local history Museum, the theatre was visited by the pupils of Kyiv schools - members of the Ukrainian State Centre of tourism and study of local lore studying youth. The purpose was to get acquainted with the history of the region and visit the "Evacuated collection" - a collection of traditional clothes of Luhansk, which is now deployed in the exhibition hall RBT. During the tour, the students were briefly acquainted with the historical milestones in the development of Irshavsky and... Read More "

On 28 December at the eve of new year and Christmas holidays, the regional state administration visited the folk vocal ensemble "Licenca" house of culture "Shakhtar" Sergei Il'nytsya (head Olesya Macros) with Christmas greetings and carols. The Chairman of the district state administration Oleksandr Gorin welcomed guests. Members of the ensemble more

With the aim of improving the level of law culture of students, education of conscious citizens of Ukraine and the creation in Ukraine a strong, democratic, legal state in the framework of the Ukrainian law week from 15 to 22 December in our institution, successfully completed a week of legal knowledge under the title "Rights and duties of the child". First of all, the discovery of and familiarization with the work plan of the week was... Read More "

At the stage of discussion, the Council leaders were inclined to believe that the new year's celebration for students of schools in the district, which in recent years has almost always organizes RUO "Leader", will be held in the form of a concert. We wanted the audience got acquainted with some of the best artists of the year that leaves us. As, indeed, happened. So on Thursday, December 21, cinema RBDT is full of... Read More "