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A Lot of competitions of different scale and complexity over the shoulders of the young athletes of the club "Victoria" this year, from regional to world Championships and Europe. Finally had the chance to determine the strongest between them. Competitions held in draughts-64. It is not easy to play with her, because the school is one and knowledge gleaned from one source. Interesting detail - our girls are playing with... Read More "

26 Dec, Irshavsky to the Chairman of the district state administration Oleksandr Gorin with the new year and Christmas greetings, students visited Ilnitsky sports-humanitarian Lyceum (class teacher Vita Head). With great enthusiasm, inspiration, enthusiasm and fun the children presented a Nativity scene, with a performance of traditional heroes. Alexander happily watched Christmas theatrical mini-performance about the history of the birth of Jesus Christ, which gave the atmosphere... Read More "

In Irshava steal from unlocked cars" news Zakarpattya Zakarpattya Irshava man kidnapped on the street from unlocked car radio. Yesterday, 25 December, a statement in Irshava district police asked a resident of Irshava. The Complainant stated that.and others more

On Sunday, the 24th of December in the Central square of the city held a ceremonial lighting of the holiday lights on the main Christmas tree of the city. This year also managed to remove the illuminations of the trees that are in the city center and the Christmas house. The very solemn celebration began with a performance of the Christmas song "shchedryk" performed by the choir of cultural workers under the leadership of Oksana Star. This year's celebration... Read More "

I Sincerely congratulate You on professional holiday. Grateful for the excellent work on the formation and preservation of the documents, record keeping, proper use of information in work, the enhancement of the archival heritage of the region. I wish that Your important work is always efficient and enthusiastic, gave You joy and pleasure. We wish You strong health, family happiness, confidence in the future. Sincerely, Chairman of the district Council.Simconnect... Read More "

On 22 December, the second meeting of the twelfth session of the regional Council VII convocation. Pre-MPs held a meeting of the relevant committees joint meeting of the commissions and Bureau. The session was attended by the employees of the Executive apparatus of the district Council, structural units of state administration, institutions and services of the district, law enforcement, the village head. ...

On 21 December on the facade Sarachanskoe secondary school of I-II stages was opened a memorial plaque to the soldier-the volunteer battalion of territorial defense "Aydar" Armed forces of Ukraine Yuri King, who died in the ATO zone in the line of duty in the battles for independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine near Happiness under the Lugansk. ...

I Sincerely congratulate you on professional holiday. Undoubtedly, archival material is a documentary treasure of every nation. And you, archivists, perform state the importance of the mission – to keep historical memory, collect and zadokumentirovat the facts of the present time. I Express my sincere thanks

On the Eve of the Day honoring the participants of liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident in the boardroom of the district Council held a traditional meeting of heads of district with the liquidators. Except for the Chairman of the district state administration Alexander Gorin, Chairman of the district Council of Victor Simkanin, his Deputy Vladimir Polovko, chief of staff of the district state administration Oleg Kosenuki, Chairman of the public organization "the Union "Chernobyl of Ukraine" Anna Mihovich, the asset that was there... Read More "

On 5 December, chaired by the Chairman of the district state administration Alexander Gorin, the regular meeting of the Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations of the district state administration. On the agenda there were six questions. In particular, on the implementation of decisions of the Commission on questions TEB and emergency of previous meetings, had informed the lead inspector of the Department of civil protection of the district state administration Yury Jimenez, who reported that some of the decisions of the Commission are unsatisfactory, in particular,... Read More "

82 participants – the winners of rounds i And II fought for the victory in the third round of the Ukrainian contest, held in Kiev the all-Ukrainian center of training of civil servants and officials of local self-government of the National Agency of Ukraine on civil service. The competition is held in order growth of professionalism, openness and institutional capacity of public service, enhance its credibility by summarizing the... Read More "

8 December in the exhibition hall of the regional house of children's creativity opened a temporary traveling exhibition "Evacuated collection" the traditional folk costume of the Luhansk region of the middle XIX – early XX art. evakuirovali a traveling exhibition of ancient Ukrainian clothes Slobozhansky land to Irshava brought a native of Dnipropetrovsk, an active participant in the Bromide volunteer battalion "Aydar", Chairman of the human rights of the Cossack societies "Sich Basalica" Nicholas Pavlyuchenko. The event was attended by... Read More "

December 21, in with opened a memorial plaque to a soldier-volunteer, sapper-scout 24-th battalion of territorial defense "Aydar" Armed forces of Ukraine Yuri V. King, who died in the ATO zone in the line of duty in the battles for independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine near Happiness under the Lugansk. A memorial sign installed on the facade Sarachanskoe secondary school of I-II stages. Came to honor the memory of this... Read More "

Rating: Which Christmas tree is the best in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)Tyachiv NewsNu and finally Hust. Recently, the city is clearly progressing. Here are significant financial investments in infrastructure. Tree is good, but it was expected that this is where the Christmas tree will be the most beautiful. Hust Dear readers! We have no photos of trees from ... more

Conducted a hard work on the budget Irshavsky GSS. For the second time brought together members of the budget Committee. This time, on Wednesday in an expanded format with the participation of heads of parliamentary committees and heads of parliamentary factions. The goal is to maximize the gain distribution plan of the funds that will get Irshavska GSS. After all, with the new year under the control of the community pass school Irshava and Vines, the institutions of extracurricular... Read More "