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The Cycle of new year and Christmas holidays begins with perhaps the most anticipated holiday for all the children of St. Nicholas Day. The children write him letters with their wishes and toss them in the mailbox or put out the window and pray to him. Polite kids will find under my pillow a gift, but naughty - a twig. This raczka is a kind of warning to the child,... Read More "

On 20 December, chaired by the first Deputy Chairman Irshavsky RGA Igor Pavlyshyn regular meeting of the Commission on the protection of the rights of the child in Irshavsky district administration. On the agenda it was pronounced of the three questions, particularly the desirability or otherwise of deprivation of parental rights of a citizen of the Irshava district in respect of his minor daughter, by definition, resident of Assassiny a way to participate in the upbringing of his infant son and... Read More "

With the same name regional competitions in draughts-64 are in the final year. Everyone wants to show a good result: who played well throughout the year can confirm your class, the others have a chance to win a good place, or, on occasion, to play a good game with favorites. The rules of the competition involved each game for 10 minutes with addition of 5 seconds per move made.... Read More "

Despite the highly unstable economic and socio-political situation in the country, the everyday concerns and Affairs relating to the work and life, we all, without exception, waiting for the Day of St. Nicholas. After all, plunging to the depths of his own, a long-time, childhood memories that are associated with this day, we feel warmth, kindness, awe and joy. And there is no child or adult who... Read More "

December 19, St. Nicholas Day in the district house of culture hosted a festive event for children. The main guests of the event were orphans, children of the ATO participants, children deprived of parental care and the winners of international, national and regional festivals and competitions. Came to congratulate the children with one of the most important holidays - St. Nicholas Day leaders of the district, who wished the kids enjoyment of all the most cherished... Read More "

December 19, in the district house of culture hosted the celebration of St. Nicholas Day. Prizes were given to the children of participants ATO, orphans, children deprived of parental care, the winners of international, national and regional festivals and competitions. ...

A Resident of Irshava robbed a former boyfriend | – news (press release) (Blog)On the line "102" the inhabitant of the village Bilky, Irshava district and said that in her apartment infiltrated and stole power tools. The investigative team at the scene established that unknown persons damaged the front door, got in and ...and other more

Meeting RUO "Leader", which was held on December 14, was a very useful and instructive for us. Our chair Maria Yurina told about the progress of the regional forum of leaders of student self-government which was elected to the position of President of "New generation," on the procedure of holding such forums. Mary shared the emotions that were experienced during the elections, and motivated us not to be afraid of... Read More "

According to the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine "About local government in Ukraine" and "On local state administrations" the Chairman of regional state administration reports to the district Council on the work of the state administration on the issues of delegated powers. The full text of the report can be found here. ...

18 Dec. indoor Irshavsky state administration, Irshavska regional station of young technicians presented a pre-Christmas exhibition of children's works (head Vasily Boiko). Participation in the event was attended by the Chairman of the district state administration Oleksandr Gorin, first Deputy Chairman Irshavsky reiteradamente Igor Pavlishin, Deputy Chairman of state administration Ivan Mascola, chief of staff of district administration Oleg Kozenyuk, employees of RGA. ...

In connection with the temperature increase and long lasting rainfall the rivers Irshava, Borzhava raised the water level, which led to their exit from the banks, resulting in flooded more than 300 households and over thousands hectares of farmland. With the aim of preventing and warning of possible flooding of households in Irshava district, the district administration warned that our region will receive intensive... Read More "

On the Eve of the festival, which like all kids, Valentine's Day.Nicholas was aware of the results of the contests "Christmas song" and "Ukrainian souvenir". The outcome is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for the pupils and for RBT in General. Participation in such contests is an extremely interesting event, because who does not like children looking forward to the new year and Christmas holidays and preparing for them on mugs,... Read More "

I Express my sincere congratulations on the occasion of Your professional holiday. It should be noted that Your work is difficult and responsible, because of Your competence depends on the timeliness and completeness of execution of court decisions and therefore enforcement of the rights and freedoms of countrymen. I wish You good health, happiness, family comfort, prosperity and continued success in the work. Sincerely, Chairman of the district Council.Simconnect Read More "

Irshavschyna suffering from the weather. The water level in the rivers has reached a critical (press release) (Blog)for the second day in a row heavy rains. Therefore, there was a critical elevation of water levels in the rivers district and the city Irshava. In many villages of Irshavschyna the river came from the river channel is flooded households. Users of social networks share ...and other more

In the picturesque village of Kolodne on the basis of Kolodynska OOSH i-III of the article deals with the circle "Baserock" since 2008, the district Houses of children's creativity, the head of which is talented and creative - just kidding Natalia. The lesson was conducted in the framework of certification of pedagogical workers. A colleague showed the audience their experience, knowledge, skill in planning, organizing and conducting open classes with... Read More "