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Hi all! Sorry I don't write new posts, just now, all efforts are focused on moving to a new domain name, soon you'll see. While only the design was done, and now corrects all articles and relinking do. Yes, still need to re-subscribe on the new [...]

With the new year, happiness, health and new achievements for you, dear readers of this resource! My plans in 2015: first of all, translate the given resource to the new domain name and I opened a new section of WordPress. In this section, I'll write [...]

Got a computer virus? What can I do? Today the Internet has a huge number of computer viruses, and whichever you have installed antivirus will still be rice penetration of the virus. 1. First of all do not panic, you will need to shut off the Internet on [...]

Hi All! With you Roman Rvachev! Perhaps some people began to wonder: why was so little to publish new articles? I have to say, I otmazatsya will not. Type what little time or laziness attacked. Time the car! I don't relax, but on the contrary, are already in [...]

Hi all! Very soon we are going to celebrate the New year. Already the holiday rush begins, people are beginning to go shopping and buy everything necessary for meeting the long-awaited holiday. In General, people are creating Christmas mood. And so, I want [...]

In early October, the us, Microsoft has brought a new version of the Windows operating system 10. But, unfortunately, still do not offer Russian interface, so at the moment we have own Russify. As you've probably guessed, this post will detail how Russify Windows 10. Since the beginning [...]

Today I want to offer you to participate in the marathon crosswords. This marathon is only 3 crossword puzzle, crossword puzzles will be opublikovivat only new articles. Not every new articles will appear in the crossword, as articles published per month more than the quantities of crossword puzzles. Marathon crossword puzzles [...]

For you to be able to set a different theme for Windows 7, you need this app as Universal Theme Patcher. This program will allow you to apply extraneous themes for Windows 7. The program is impressive in its simplicity - run, three clicks, reboot and done. I tried this [...]

If you have just decided to buy a web camera, but don't know how to configure, it does not matter. Most importantly do not worry, all you get. The purpose of the WEB-camera: the Camera is used for video capture, and only be managed through the computer. Its main task is the video [...]

On the Internet so many beautiful animated texts, and that users ask this question, how to create animated texts. The answer gave evident in photoshop! In this lesson you will learn how to create cool animated labels in photoshop. I recently published an article "How to make [...]

Microsoft at the end of 09.2014 released Windows 10, but only with 1.10.2014 it became possible to download Windows 10. I am sure that you have a question, as I have, why the Corporation has decided to release 10 version and not 9? [...]

Tablets are becoming more and more popular in the electronics market. Me, it is not surprising, since the main ridge is the mobility, and it is important for modern people. Now the majority of owners, there is a problem with installing programs on the tablet. I recently gave [...]

When you create a project, not a few important text, such as postcard, calendar, website design, etc. In this article you will learn how to make beautiful luminous text in photoshop. The text can be applied to any images, photographs, hats site, etc. [...]

RocketDock - this panel replaces the standard taskbar in Windows. Users use this program in order much faster was the startup programs. Panel RocketDock than similar, type of Dock. The most important thing to us is that the program RocketDock free. The panel works about as well as [...]

Netbook is a mini copy of the laptop, at the moment, the netbook is limited in the actions, but I hope that in the future will be more like a laptop. The netbook is designed to work with office programs and Internet. The netbook is convenient because compact and [...]