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Registration of participants VIII all-Russian scientific-practical conference "library collections in the digital era: traditional and electronic resources, acquisition, utilization", which will be held in the national library from 26 to 31 March 2018 we Invite you to participate.

National library can help academic institutions in the preservation, restoration and digitization. This, in connection with the third anniversary of the fire at the Institute of scientific information (INION), Russian Academy of Sciences (occurred January 31, 2015) was declared by the heads of the national libraries of Russia.

ATTENTION! Due to the high attendance of the events from the series "Petersburg: smart facade" lecture D. Grafova "Saint-PETERSBURG METRO. The STORY of the DEEPEST SUBWAY IN the WORLD", originally scheduled for February 7, will be held on February 13 at the address: Moscow Ave, 165 (New building of the NLR, Assembly hall). Beginning at 19.00.

We Offer you a new video from the series "the history of the brand perfume: from the laboratory to the factory and back": "the PERFUME HOUSE of the XIX century GERMANY AND the emergence of the CLASSICAL FRENCH PERFUME" and "PERFUME HOUSES from the early XX century BELLE EPOQUE". Author and leading - cycle-the perfume historian E. arseneva.

On 17 January in the national library held celebrations to 204 anniversary of opening the Imperial public library: conference and exhibition in the Department of prints, dedicated to the cross Year of Russia and Japan. TV Culture, channel, TC Saint Petersburg Good morning, TC Saint Petersburg (in a news release on 21 min 20 sec), Interfax

16 Jan General Director of the Russian national library Alexander Visly, especially for journalists who are watching the progress of the construction of the second phase of the New building of the NLR, did a little press tour. TK Russia-Lead TC Saint Petersburg (1 videos) (2 videos) (3 videos) the diary of St. Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti

On 17 January at 13.00 in the Department of prints Russian national library (Sadovaya street, D. 18) in celebration of the 204th anniversary of the opening for the readers of the Imperial public library and the Year of Japan in Russia will take place opening of the exhibition "Russia - Japan: crossroads of history and culture".

Video Lecture NLR offers to your attention two records from the new cycle "PETERSBURG: smart FACADE": a lecture by historian T. A. Trefilovoy "Petersburg poorhouse" and a lecture on "Homeless Petersburg: iconic festive city," conducted by the staff of the oldest charitable organizations of St. Petersburg "Nochlezhka". the Cycle tells about solemn pride Petrovsky Paradise, and festive life of the city: from St. Petersburg spiritual (non-secular) to everyday.

About what, how and where to eat the capital of a huge Empire at the turn of XIX - XX centuries - at the exhibition "Womb of St. Petersburg. From the history of food trade," opened in the hall Korf 29 Dec: TV Culture, Interessant, Specifically ru, ru Dog, the St. Petersburg diary, Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti , Fontanka ru, GTRK Saint-Petersburg, Radio Rossii, Environment of St. Petersburg (+Supplement)

Special requirement applies to the performance temperature and humidity conditions. The building can be made to operate only in the case when all 53 stores the second stage, the indicators will meet the Standards. Today standards correspond to only 16.

15 December in the national library hosted a pre-premiere screening of the documentary "blood Siege", which tells about the donation of blood in Leningrad during the great Patriotic war. TASS, FederalCity, Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti (the news chronicle), Literary Gazette

ATTENTION! Video lecture NLR offers to your attention a new entry of the series "My eighteenth century": lecture "Andrei Nartov" (the lecturer - doctor of historical Sciences, Professor of St. Petersburg University P. A. Krotov) and a lecture on "Peter Simon Pallas: the features of the biography and creativity" (the lecturer - d.b.N., Vedas. scientific. et al. Botanical Institute of RAS A. K. Sytin).

22 December at 18.00 in the New building of Russian national library (Moscow Ave, D. 165) for the 90th anniversary of the Italian actress, sculptor, photographer and journalist Gina Lollobrigida will be presented to spectators one of the most famous and particularly successful of her works - "Bread, love and fantasy" (1953).

6 Dec master scans outstanding monument of ancient Russian book art "Chronicles" donated to the NLR: TV Culture (in the news in 1 m. 30 sec.) Interfax, Evening Saint-Petersburg, Zack.meeting SPb, In my favorite city, United Russia, Specifically, ru, No ru format

5 December at 19.00 in the conference hall of the Russian national library (Sadovaya street, D. 18) will be a presentation of over three million an online set of names of "Victims of political terror in the USSR", prepared by the society "memorial" in cooperation with the Center "the Returned names".