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Otherwise as acrobatic, impossible to name actions of workers who conduct the inspection of the internal surfaces of the dome of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore. Their movement at high altitude can be considered a true production performance. Working-climbers on the ropes to rise many meters up to the drum of the dome of Brunelleschi to carefully, inch by inch, view of the dome cover and walls as frescoes and sculptures. So began the next routine monitoring of the interior of the main Cathedral of Florence. during the month will survey the aisles and nave of the Cathedral, inspecting the outer walls. Come to the aid of a crane with a 50m boom and a working-climbers. Naples in Slavonic

15 Jan, finally, in Herculaneum opens a new, hitherto unavailable, of the ancient female domosi — witnesses of the ancient history of sleeping under the ashes of Vesuvius in the city. This is made possible thanks to the increase of the staff of the archaeological complex, which ensures reliable protection of the data objects. Four Domus are named “Casa dei Due Atri”, “Casa del Bel Cortile, Casa Dell ' Erma di Bronzo” and “Casa dei Cervi”. They represent not only an example of the architecture of the time, but also contain details of interior decoration, which tell about the life of wealthy citizens. Preserved the magnificent mosaic floors, frescoes, sculptures, which can now admire the descendants of thousands of years. Naples in Slavonic

On January 14 at the National Academy of St. Cecilia in Rome will host the opening ceremony of the cultural festival "Russian seasons". The festival program of the numerous and varied activities that take place in forty cities of Italy. the Italian viewers and listeners are waiting for performances of theatre, Opera, ballet, concerts, exhibitions and film festivals, which will present outstanding masters of culture of the Russian Federation. it is Enough to name such groups, which became a legend of world culture: theatres Bolshoi, Mariinsky, Alexandrinsky; Philharmonic orchestras of Moscow and St. Petersburg; the Hermitage Museum. After the opening ceremony will take place the concert of the orchestra of the Mariinsky theatre under Valery Gergiev. The...

In the diocesan Museum "San Matteo" on Largo Plebiscito until January 14 opened the exhibition "Il presepe di sabbia. Sand Nativity”. In the city centre under the arches of the Museum displays eight grandiose works of artists from Portugal, Hungary, Germany, and Spain. Four well-known sculptor of international level with using the tool and jets of water formed of large blocks of sand, from which are fashioned the impressive giant figure. (Writes the Main thematic thread of this exhibition were the words of the Encyclical of Pope Francis “Protect the world of the Creator”. The Holy Father preaches to reduce consumption and to live tolerantly and carefully in relation to the surrounding world. Exhibition of their images encourages viewers...

The Doctors gynecological Department of the hospital, Naples experienced a real shock when in the waiting room there was a girl 14 years old with a newborn on hand. the Young mother just gave birth to a daughter in the bathroom of his apartment. Wrapping the child in swaddling clothes, the girl accompanied her mother went to the hospital. the Doctors made a thorough examination of the mother and newborn and the verdict: the health of babies and young mothers not in danger. the hospital Management has ensured that teenage mothers were provided with psychological assistance, which was called experts of the Association of women “Sportello Rosa”. Naples in Slavonic

In publications of many countries have spread the news that a new ordered trains not suitable for the existing tunnel of line 6 in the subway of Naples: the tunnel's too narrow. this information head of the Department of infrastructure of the city Mario Calabrese called “fake news.” During the examination, in the depot of line 6, the official said that as the “old” trains and “new” correspond to existing standards line. He recalled that the train is selected depending on the infrastructure that already exists. His statement Calabrese put an end to the unfounded controversy about alleged inconsistency of the new model of trains, which will soon be on the line 6. Naples in Slavonic

Winter weather puts your records: thermometers registered as "minimum" and "maximum" hot period in the winter. So, in Rome marked the minimum limit of heat at 15.4 degrees — a real record for the last 100 years. The previous record low of 14.2 in the capital marked on 6 January 1920. the record maximum winter temperatures, came forward, Rome and Palermo with a temperature of 19.6 and 24.1 degrees, which is of undoubted record for the last 40 years. The previous high in Rome in the 19 degrees recorded in January 2013. the Record also places in Naples: 21.5 degrees — this is the maximum January temperature over the past 40 years (the previous record of 21.1 degrees set January 2001). Naples in Slavonic

Under the southern Appennini in the historical-geographical area Sannio-Matese devices National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology was the rise of magma, which can generate earthquakes of significant magnitude and at a much greater depth compared to those recorded previously in the area. the Discovery was published in the journal “Science Advances”. The discovery, scientists have based on the analysis seismicheskii anomalies that occurred in the area of the Sannio-Matese in the period since the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, with earthquakes of magnitude 5 points. it Was proved that these earthquakes were caused by the ascent of magma from the deepest layers of the earth's crust to a depth of 15 to 25 kilometers to the surface. Naples in Slavonic

In the 14th round team Sedigas Avellino took their opponents from Bologna and after a confident victory took first place in the standings of the basketball Serie A. Sedigas Avellino – Segafredo Virtus Bologna 87:59 (22:10, 22:15, 13:16, 30:18) Sedigas Avellino: Fitipaldi – 18 + 6 assists, David – 17, Fesenko – 14, rich 13, Scrubb – 8, Ndiaye – 6 + 6 rebounds, Filloy – 6, Dercole – 5, Leunen – 0 + 9 rebounds + 9 assists, Serine, Sabatino, Parlato Avellino. PalaDelMauro Basketball players from the region, the Campaign smashed the opponents, deciding the outcome of the match in the first half. Best game rating - 22 showed, born in Uruguay, playmaker Bruno Fitipaldi. Stefano Sacripanti, coach Sedigas Avellino: - thank the team for attitude to the game, a...

Carabinieri Ros special forces in collaboration with the regional team Crotone (Calabria) conducted a comprehensive blitz operation against the mafia group Ndrangheta, operating in the territory of Italy and Germany. during the first hours of operation under the code name "Stige" in different regions of Italy and Germany arrested 169 people. Among the detainees, three of the mayor and several administrative officials. Ndrangheta Operazione Stige 169 arresti tra Italia e Germania In the center of the investigation into the criminal activities of the “family” Farao-Marincola, one of the most powerful in Calabria, whose branches stretched out into the Center and North of Italy and also in Germany. (Writes All of the arrested are accused of links with...

School bus with 28 children on Board was returning from Castelluccio, when suddenly the bus skidded and he slid into a ditch, turned over on his side. the cause of the accident was the sudden poor health of the driver. Six children taken to a hospital in Mantua, their condition is not life threatening. Two, the driver and a girl with a cranial trauma, was taken by helicopter to the hospital of Brescia, doctors estimate its condition as moderate severity, and no life-threatening. the scene of the accident arrived a mobile medical station, where he was examined of the remaining 20 children. Fortunately, the hospitalization they need. At the time of the accident the staff of the intensive care unit and pediatric Department of the hospital of Mantua was...

How many patron saints of Naples? The most famous is undoubtedly the San Gennaro, though in fact the official patron Saint of the Cathedral with the 1076 was a Saint Maria Assunta. Saint Januarius has held the position of spokanites, but that's what it was called Neapolitans in moments of danger. Worship of him is linked with the miracle of the liquefaction of the blood, which occurred on 16 December 1631 during the eruption of Vesuvius and through which the magma flow miraculously stopped before reaching the city. Since then 3 times a year, the Neapolitans anxiously waiting for “the miracle of the liquefaction of blood”: if it does not, then not far off dramatic events. In the early 17th century, under the influence of the counter-reformation, the number...

Rare event occurred in the hospital of Casale Sul sile province of Treviso (Venice). the 56-year-old woman gave birth to a girl in a natural way, without artificial insemination. Pregnancy and childbirth took place without complications, and in December came to light the baby is weighing over 3 pounds and in good health. she's already got two daughters 28 and 34 years. The father of a newborn younger mothers for 17 years and origin is South American. Naples in Slavonic

Al Bano announced the completion of his stage career in the coming year. “I'll stop singing 31 December 2018. Plan to give a big concert, and then become simple the winemaker,” admitted the singer is the host of the television program “Porta a Porta” with Bruno Vespa. meanwhile, it became known long before this statement that the singer may have to take another place in front of the microphone, namely a chair in the Collegium of foreign Affairs. 4 Mar Silvio Berlusconi plans to nominate al Bano and Toto Cutugno as VIP candidates to the Board. in order to win a majority in the Collegium of foreign Affairs, must complete at least 18 MPs and maybe two of them will star trail. Naples in Slavonic

5 January in Naples and the Campaign officially established, winter discounts in retail outlets, which will last until 2 April. Such discounts began on 2 January in Basilicata and 3 January in the Aosta valley. January 6, the action connects Sicily. Also, step by step, from region to region, the event will conclude by 2 April in the Campaign. However, in the previous days, the discounts actually came, although without a formal announcement. About signaled posters indicating negative percent, and the token “black days” starting with the so-called recent “black Friday”. At certain points, handles appear “aldi” with a closed first letter S. But from the 5th of January all shops are required to put price tags indicating the previous price and the discount...