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Actually, gtalk: the Main public 8471 subscriber. Growth is very weak, thinking about the purchase of advertising. Side pabliki to +100 people. Tried to 1 day almost nothing else - the indicator of the responses was very small. Conclusion - bad content, it's time to hire kontentmenedzhera. Public about the meanings of words and the digest of the blogosphere slightly slowed down, not enough time drastically. Plans: Resume work on [...]

To start a small report on the number of subscribers: the Main public of a typical webmaster 7969 subscribers (+388) Public of a typical engineer 1112 subscribers (+75) Typical admin pablika 254 subscribers. (+31) Dedicated technologies 136 subscribers. (+13) Remind, last report that's mostly pablike subsided statistics and greatly decreased the number of entrants. The obvious reasons: the Posts in a typical programmer went very far down [...]

To start a little report on the pablikam, several feylov and a few of the joys) mainly pablike a typical webmaster: 7581 subscriber(+112) Until the end of September we still need 2419 subscribers, sit think what to do. A typical engineer 1027 subscribers(+13) a Typical admin 223 subscriber (+3) Dedicated 123 subscriber. Feyli: 1) organized a contest artists - 0 reactions. Conclusion: try in another form, [...]

Tested the media spam, at this stage not so profitable. At the moment, mainly pablike 7469 subscribers +137 Typical engineer 1014 subscribers +37 Typical admin pablika 220 subscribers +45 (o_o) Now to test different targeting. Allocated 30$will soon report + new article.

To start going over the plan, which was in the previous post. 1) did I reposti, happy) 2) the Competition is not organized, but it was full of rules and now it can be safely run Sutra. 3) Was armed peintom, came out terrible. I think it is worth to organize a contest 4) Im drowning) 5) Pobanili Akka, with the major non became spamming. Someone tell [...]

A Small list of goals at the moment. Write on 7 posts per week minimum. Type TCI 100. An interview with several bloggers to an interview with well-known bloggers Dial 1000 subscribers to Reach the attendance of over 2,000 people finally Get permission to vebmasters to do more than 1 of the digest in the month of the List will be updated. After the achievement of these goals - will be new.

So, report of the 18.01 about what we have done and not done. Was the jam, therefore, some could not be realized. The list of cases was here: 1) Managed to fill only 3 pictures, then went to work. 2) Did a census only from the engineer, the others do not have time to fill with content. 3) Find the two moderators, is happy, tomorrow go to work. (4) the [...]

A Little bit of a late post, bad feeling all day. So. In the main group of «typical webmaster» 7193 subscriber ( +91) Typical admin pablika 144 subscriber. Passionate technologies 93 subscriber Typical engineer 907 subscribers. Tried a couple of times at night post pictures + 10 subscribers in a short period of time. Plans for 18.01. 1) Media distribution in the large group. 30 pictures of [...]

Exchanged posts with itmozg and typical sysadmin. The result: itmozg - about 10 subscribers, a slight increase in activity. A typical sysadmin - about 50 new subscribers. The reasons for such a small number of( I think): In itmozg not perceive humor. In a typical sisadmine I have already placed a couple of times. As of this moment: the group 7102 subscribers (+179) In the side of [...]

Welcome all looking for a marathon, today I will talk about the strategy to promote the community to the rest of January, and it will be the same post describing the creation of a community from scratch. I remind you that my goal is to collect 10000 subscribers by the end of January. As of today they have already 6923 ( +93 subscriber since yesterday). Methods, which I will try in this [...]

To Begin my first marathon, it is made completely for beginners( will be described in detail all the methods of work, as well as lay out a couple of tasty mini case studies). I will treat the group with nearly 7,000 subscribers, if You are a novice nothing. In subsequent posts I will tell you how to free of charge to collect the first kommuniti and generally move without the attachments. The goal of the marathon: [...]

Open a blog dedicated to manimeykingu. There will not be the standard articles about configuring vordpresa and other ladubi. Only the subject and the maximum of the specifics. Write will rarely, but to the point. The template of the blog is default, in a short time sverstayu his( from pablika take't want to).