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Samsung is one of the market leaders in mobile gadgets, if you simply — an extremely popular brand of mobile phones. This is to cover from the entire lineup will not work, because we offer you to consider the features of cases for the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 A500.

— More cell phone cases, good and different! — required users. And manufacturers of accessories for mobile phones heard them. — But what of those cases now to choose? — thinking users. But to choose not to create — here the situation is somewhat simpler.

At the moment the bulk of online services provides users with opportunities to use their resource without prior registration. But in the last few years seen a tendency that large corporations are beginning to abandon this policy

When used in the phrase Microsoft Surface, the majority of users immediately think of laptop or tablet, which are manufactured by this Corporation. However, few people remember that the pioneer and founder of the Surface was a device resembling a table, placed on it, impressive, touch screen

Last month the company Xiaomi has impressed users by announcing a smartphone Mi Mix, which has, on the sides and top of the display framework. After this presentation, the network appeared whom not confirmed information, that Huawei and Meizu are going to introduce more revolutionary device

At the end of last week held a major meeting of experts in the field of cyber security, titled PwnFest. During this conference, experts shared their discovered vulnerabilities in various SOFTWARE, which can have a negative impact on work, data storage, or control devices

The last Three versions of the iPhone have two display sizes of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. There is speculation that the ten-year anniversary of smartphone Corporation Apple intends to change the design of the device and even change, is already familiar to many users, the size of the displays

First, the assumption that Samsung Corporation is planning to establish a flexible smartphone that was announced a couple of years ago. Since that time, Samsung has filed several patents, which were instructions for new items, but the device is shown only schematically

The recently-Announced top-end Huawei Mate 9, never ceases to enthrall users. The main advantages of the novelty are performance and features. Immediately after the release of the device on sale, it turned out that Huawei Mate 9 has the most productive filling among all devices on the Android operating system

Firm Leagoo has announced the beginning of implementation represented in this year's smartphone Venture 1. New smartphone different from other smartphones of the manufacturer to its original design. Many experts compare the appearance Venture 1, with the appearance of the world famous Vertu phones

Google Corporation from time to time change the interfaces of their apps and it looks like it's time to change the design of Google Play. Information about changing the design of this application appeared after the video of the announcement of the Google Pixel, which users have noticed that Google Play's design was not like before

At the end of last week, Xiaomi held a fashion show in the capital of China, which was announced two new devices, the Redmi Redmi 4 and 4A. The start of the show began with the information that Redmi 3 was implemented with a circulation of more than 12.3 million devices that gratify the ego of the manufacturer

The Duration of the smartphone is undoubtedly one of the main, if not the most important feature for most users. Quality camera, original design and efficient processor is not able to delight you with its capabilities, if the charge of your smartphone lasts for a maximum of half a day

A Large number of users think that Android is less secure compared to iOS. Online often appears information about the susceptibility of various Android vulnerabilities and infected programs, and the majority of producers do not take seriously the advice of Google to release security updates every month

After the appearance of the debut models of the iPhone it took less than ten years, during this time, the sizes of smartphones have changed, they have become thinner, more productive and smarter, but the design of them almost has not changed – it's all the same rectangular boxes with a responsive touchscreen displays