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In the age of the incredible popularity of smartpads, smartphones and other smart devices, there are users who do not need super innovations in the form of dual cameras or fingerprint scanner, they need a reliable phone with good battery life and the ability to always be connected

A Week ago, the company Xiaomi announced the smartphone Mi original Mix. Due to the small thickness part of the device, the display is 6.4 inches has an area of more than 91% of the front of the smartphone. The display device is made originally of course, but the question is the usability of the new

In 2016, Samsung Corporation decided to open a personal research lab Creative Lab ( C-Lab), which should help employees to improve creative thought. In the end, after the launch of this project, the Corporation decided to use some of the ideas for mass production and run them in the sale

This Thursday, the firm Huawei unveils its new top SmartPad Mate 9. As in most cases, a huge amount of information about the new product appeared on the Internet before the official presentation. Huawei Mate 9 as Huawei P9 has a dual camera

Elite function at the Pixel and the Pixel XL , which will not be installed on any Nexus device, was the gesture support for the fingerprint scanner. Thanks to this technology, the user will be able to open and close notifications with the help of gestures up and down

At this time Google Pixel XL and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is undoubtedly top-end smartphones with operating systems Android and iOS. Both devices have flagship characteristics and are managed with the latest versions of the software

In the last few years the turnover of mobile devices slowed its momentum, due to the saturation of the world market of these devices. However, even given the slowdown in the implementation of smartphones, every year the sales of smartphones is still increase

During the announcement of new products Xiaomi was presented, SmartPad Mi Note 2, helmet virtual reality VR Mi and, to the surprise of many, the new flagship smartphone – Mi Mix. At first it was said that the novelty is still under development, but then the users were shown a functioning smartphone

As it was previously announced Pixel and Pixel XL from Google was created by the IP53 standard, which provides device protection from dust and moisture. However, devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S and 7 Apple iPhone 7, similar price, have absolute protection against moisture to IP67 and IP68 standards

Last year the firm Turing Robotic Industries has announced the release of Turing's Phone, which was described as the most reliable and secure smartphone in the world. Turing Phone case is created from the so-called "liquid morphine", which gives him an advantage in strength, compared with hulls of metal

Firm Philips has announced a new top-end smartphone Xenium X818. The product is made in all-metal casing, the thickness of which is only of 6.95 mm. the good news was that despite the modest thickness of the device, it comes with an impressive battery capacity 3900 mAh

During the release of new iPhone models this year, Apple announced their new products in a new color called Jet Black. Jet Black is obtained by anodic oxidation of aluminium, after which the material becomes glossy as

For a long amount of time Corporation, manufacturing various gadgets are predicting a revolution in the environment of smartphones, tablets and other devices. Each of us once faced with the information on the output future bendable tablets or smartphones in the form of a wrist bracelet

The autonomy of the battery of the smartphone for many users, is one of the main criteria in his choice. Not so long ago, the owner of Googel Pixel under the name Reddit posted pictures with information about the power consumption of this device under normal use

Released not too long ago the Apple iPhone 7 instead of a mechanical button "Home" the producers decided to install touch button with Taptic Engine. Recently it turned out that in the event of a malfunction or complete failure of the "Home" button, iOS 10 has a short-term software solution