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In September the firm Samsung had to start a campaign to recall top-end Galaxy Note 7 due to a possible explosion or ignition device. After a while, it turned out that even in the updated model of the device had problems, because of which he could be for the user of potentially dangerous

According to the most recent information, Apple has patented the development of advanced optical zoom camera the iPhone. The development and introduction of new, patented technology, will enable users to make high-quality, clear photos regardless of the distance of the object

On the Basis of recently obtained statistical data, the operating system iOS 10 currently installed on 66.7% of supported devices. This percentage is updated to a new version of the device was achieved in less than a month after the official release of this firmware version

Currently, autonomy is considered one of the main weaknesses of different devices, smartphones including. That would somehow solve this problem, manufacturers create and set powerful batteries, but smartphones have become more voluminous

Announcement top smartphones from Samsung usually occurred in the first place specified for the presentation of the month, but the network has already began to appear information about Samsung Galaxy S8. According to unconfirmed information, the novelty will disappear the Home button and the fingerprint scanner will be placed in the display

In late September, Xiaomi released its new flagship smartphone Mi5S and Mi5S Plus, and in the near future there should pass presentation of Mi Note 2. Note that a few days ago, the Internet appeared pictures of the latest new product from Xiaomi, users suggest that it could be Xiaomi Mi6

Apple claims that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as in previous devices, the "Apple" brand to protect the "Home" button and camera sapphire crystal. But the indefatigable Zak Nilson, owner of YouTube channel called jerryrigeverything once, decided to test new products for durability, and made a statement that surprised many.

After the release of Apple's new iPhone 7, it was announced that the new product is able to work for a few hours more than the iPhone 6S. On completion of disassembly and detailed examination of the iPhone 7 revealed that the volume of the battery is 1960 mAh.

The Novelty was thicker than its last year predecessor by 1.3 mm. In addition to increased thickness, which is logical, the increased weight of the new model, which was 30 grams heavier than the old model. The increase in weight and size of the new device associated with the fact that in Galaxy A8 this year, a more powerful battery.

Finally, came the long-awaited ASUS ZenFone 3. Previous smartphones in this series was very popular, and this popularity resulted in the fact that in the past year, three devices of this model was in the top ten best selling Android smartphones.

Connoisseurs of the Nokia company have long been awaiting her Grand return to the mobile market. The Internet has not once appeared rumors about the appearance of mysterious smartphone from the Finnish company, and the manufacturers themselves promised to soon announce their new gadgets.

September 28, in online-shops began arriving flagship smartphone the UMi Plus. Thanks to this event the creators of the new decided to post the video on which the device can be thoroughly examined and find out in what form it will be delivered to users.

Sony was never in a hurry with the updates of their inventions to fresh versions of Android, however, it seems that recently she decided to interrupt this trend. At the moment, already began testing several beta builds of the Android operating system.

In the top 7 Galaxy Note from Samsung has a fingerprint sensor, which nowadays hardly anyone really surprised. However, in this model there is also a scanner and iris, with which you can unlock your device with just a look.

After the release of the next iPhone he was immediately subjected to every conceivable test, tests and research. Another new start to jeopardise ultralow and ultrahigh temperatures, cook them, drop from great heights, submerged in water and hold them over all conceivable test of strength.