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After appearing on the markets of the flagship smartphone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus it took a little time but despite this they have managed to catch the eye of a large number of specialists. Each specialist has paid attention and stayed in different aspects.

Apple never voiced power batteries in their gadgets. They talk about the duration of their devices in various modes. Information about battery power users know already after getting devices to the researchers involved in the testing of new products.

Already for a long time it is expected that the company Xiaomi is going to release a more powerful top-end version of Mi5. But recently these rumors were confirmed. In the Internet appeared the pictures with a model number and a description of the internal filling of this device.

After the market launch of each new iPhone, Apple has regularly announced how many new models were sold during the first weekend. It seems that this year will be no exception. According to CNBC, Apple will not continue to voice such information.

PlayStation Meeting Sony announced a new PlayStation 4 Pro. New, before release known as Neo PlayStation became the console of a transitional generation. And it says that the release PS5 to expect in the near future is not necessary, but the producers decided to share new developments in the intermediate version.

In Addition to the awaited iPhone 7, Apple announced the release of a new flagship iPhone 7 Plus smartpeda. Huge amount of stolen information that was in the network before the official performance, was confirmed after the world presentation.

LG fairly experienced worker in the field of robotics. For a long period of time LG launches robot vacuum cleaners, and already this year, on top of the presentation of the LG G5 was announced spherical robot, taking care of Pets, called Rolling Bot

Many smart watches have armed with microphones and speakers, which allow you to accept incoming calls. In our time nobody will be surprised by conversations through the accessories, attached to smartphones, but the man lead the conversation with your watch, for sure, will surprise many.

After a large number of fusion network information and presentations pirate company Meizu finally advertise to the public its flagship smartphone Meizu Max. We can safely assume that this model is the main competitor of 6.44 inch Xiaomi Mi Max

At the IFA exhibition in 2016 Sony and Kadzuo Hirai presented the flagship premium player for all music lovers and sound quality in General. Firm announced the Signature Series category, which includes players and NWM1A NWM1Z Walkman, MDR-Z1R headphones, and TA-ZH1ES amplifier

In the middle of summer firm OnePlus presented to the top 3 new OnePlus Oxygen OS IOS 3.2, but after a couple of days the ability to download it has stopped, for the reason that if you are testing the device's IMEI went just in text mode using HTTP and not through HTTPS, as should have been.

Two years after entering the market iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus began to receive complaints about the quality of the sensor, from the owners of these smartphones. A huge number of complaints have arisen about problems with flickering grey bar near the status bar freezes and the touchscreen, which ceases to respond to touch.

Firm Samsung Electronics CoLtd next year is going to start to supply the market with the restored versions of their top smartphones, which had already been used. This information was announced by Reuters, referring to channels that are aware of the situation.

Top Galaxy Note 7 Samsung debut a gadget use for the safety of the new screen Gorilla glass 5. The famous blogger and leading YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once Zak Nillson posted the video, which was tested and held various manipulations with the Galaxy Note 7.

Nobody in our time would not be surprised if we say that the market of Android-smartphone firm Samsung is in first place not only in announcing new products, but also in the number of sales. However, the assurances Xperia Blog with a reference to the Agency Apteligent, the most stable smartphone to operate turned out to be gadgets from Sony.