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Announced in August Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been a pioneer among SmartPad with ultra new Gorilla glass 5. According to the company Corning, new protective glass is almost two times stronger than the previous and can withstand a drop from a height of just over half a meter.

In the storage company from China TEENA noticed the device from the company Huawei, with the number of NCE-AL00, who never mentioned, and which until then had no information. Based on the available photos, we can conclude that this smartphone is a budget, as the body is made of plastic

For OnePlus 3 has a new patch that allows to deal with a malfunction that makes the smartphone crashes to reboot, and improves the quality of communication. As it turned out after the introduction of this patch, in addition to getting rid of the above-described faults, began to appear new.

At the moment, Google has two operating systems. It's Android, mounted on a huge variety of devices and Chrome OS installed on personal computers. According to rumors Google is planning to release a third of the new OS, called Fuchsia OS

Facebook Messenger is one of the most famous messengers in Europe and North America. Also, this program is becoming popular in the CIS countries. The people who use it, known for basic functionality, but in this article we will look at apps that are very useful, but unfairly to pay a little attention.

Research company TrendForce published data that show the sales of Apple notebooks in the second half of this year. Based on the statistics of total sales of the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro by early summer of this year was equal to 3.3 million units

Scientists have long discussed the possibility of the development of electrical devices which would be destroyed and would not harm the environment. Such developments would benefit not only military or preserved the environment, but also would play an important role for large firms for the production of electrical appliances and other equipment

Ulefon Recently the firm has introduced a new inexpensive smartphone Metal. The main advantage of this model was believed that the body and rear plate made of metal. The metal used in premium models, but the creators decided to demonstrate how durable the new smartphone.

The month of July didn't bristle with new smartphones, but this model was presented in the middle of summer. New top-end ASUS with a powerful Snapdragon processor 821, the device has two cameras, the options are budget devices, trendy novelty from Meizu, and a lot of interesting read in this review will be interesting.

Like test the strength of different smartphones Zak Nilson from jerryrigeverything once I got my test Moto Z. the Test, which has a huge number of tools for testing devices, organized a real crush test and placed the test results on the Internet.

Top Smart Pad 7 Galaxy Note from Samsung was finally presented to the public. About the new product there was a lot of speculation and rumors, that a large number of people was waiting for the release of a new model that would be to personally make sure what information about this model were true and which false.

Sony shared his financial statements, which affect different parts of the sectors of the company, including statistics PlayStation. As it became known from reports of his sales of 43.5 expects a million consoles of PlayStation 4, with sales for them have increased more than 14%

In the past the Windows to remove any program you need to open control Panel, then Programs, and Delete in order to get rid of unwanted programs. To do this in the new version you will need to go to the menu "start" or start – Settings – System – Apps and capabilities.

Flagship gadgets with surprising frequency began to get a USB Type-C. Not deprived this fate a top 3 OnePlus, the presentation of which occurred in the current year. However, having new-fangled connector, this smartphone is not able to work with other gadgets with USB Type-C.

Representation of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will take place in August and despite the fact that this smartphone has not yet seen the light, we already know all its characteristics and appearance. This smartphone will be equipped with 5.7 inch, curved, Super thin AMOLED display.