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Remember All the "crying" Olympic Bear and Apple branch, which flourished on the Eastern platform Luzhniki. On the "screen" artistic background emerged the image of the globe and stars on it, symbolizing the capital of the Games of the XXII Olympiad Moscow. These and other "live" paintings were painted under the guidance of

Private learning objectives on ice include learning the simplest ways skating movement in straight lines and turn, in General terms, the starting positions and starting start, the most accessible ways for beginners braking exercises on skates specific for curly

Classification of alcoholic beverages and the development of alcohol dependence Where the soul takes possession of hops, all the latent evil comes out. Seneca Spirits, depending on the content of ethyl alcohol, are divided into weak, medium, strong and very strong. Weak alcoholic drink is beer, cider, simply unfortified grape,

T in the world So speaking of the totality of objective human needs, must proceed from a sense of common sense, from the laws of formal logic. The combination of objective properties includes the following categories: Material base (physical, material) for human existence. It includes logistical conditions, the environment, Gen. organization of leisure,

It Should be noted that in psychotherapy of alcoholism deserve wider application of different variants of the method of autogenic training. The technique is good. that allows the patient to cope with frequent in remission mood swings, significantly reduce the intensity of the craving for alcohol, develops volitional activity of patients, skills

On the opening day of the Games lion Niemczyk was sitting on the opposite podium and showed us a huge cardboard with numbers, at the same time whispering through camouflaged among the stalls speakers: "All is well... And now slowly from the centre went the twentieth picture. Wow, damn, how cool!" The ceremony went like clockwork - the pictures were almost without fail, we will clap Brezhnev, who opened the ceremony, and adopted by the boards of Sergei

Tion in accordance with requirements to it requirements some of them are successful. Exercises are performed on segments of a straight length of from 20 to 60 meters, again, at a total cost of training time in a single session of 20 to 30 minutes. In this case, the first

The CONCEPT OF the RISK FACTORS of DISEASES. Protecting the HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT the Life of the cross, which everyone wants to get ahead, to come to finish last Vadimir Kicinski the Definition of "Ecology" In light of the many unknown, my friend Horace. Shakespeare In the last third of the twentieth century three mortal danger hung over humanity:

Interesting performances were fonerwa group at the celebration of the VIII of sports of the USSR (1983). Fonerwa group entered on the whole performance had a high degree of transformation ( 22). First, participants fonerwa group were dressed in transforming dresses, which changed the course of action your color; secondly, every girl had

Until were found specific genetic factor^ nature of many congenital seemed incomprehensible suffering, Zagato' Noah, was interpreted incorrectly. Some just assumed™ 't viskas^ were about the disease, described by an English physician Down eUl' "66 YEAR - Children are born with an oblique slit eyes, flattened-8 - the bridge of his nose, a large tongue, etc., differ from mental NOI, awn. The truth was opened almost

Not so much Cocaine stimulates efficiency, how much increases obmanivat ü self-assessment of health. There is a painful talkativeness, subjective feelings of fatigue is reduced. In 1878, an American doctor Bentley came up with the idea of using cocaine as a means to combat morphinism. However, thus, created a new kind of addiction,

Undoubtedly, and Wake - too heterogeneous condition, and it can be divided into stages. Actually, it was always known, but was outside studies and classifications. EEG allowed us to distinguish wakefulness into three stages or degrees. The upper stage, which can be called intense wakefulness

Currently, the tobacco is grown in 120 countries for domestic consumption and for export. Calculations show that if instead of tobacco was planted, for example, wheat, this would give another 10-20 million tons of high-quality grain. The greatest consumption of cigarettes is celebrated in the USA, Japan, Switzerland, UK (3 to 4 thousand per resident per year) and lowest among

Smoking cessation in these and other countries at the present stage was transformed into fashion not to smoke, which leads to the natural development of fashion to health with all its attributes - aerobics, shaping, a kaleidoscope of dietary recommendations and even comprehensive Wellness programs. to address the United Nations since 2000, the last day of may (may 31) declared world day without tobacco. don't be afraid to say NO AND learn to say:

Recall again. in General, the incidence of drinking 2-3 times higher than in non-drinkers, and mortality from somatic diseases is 3-5 times higher In males gastric cancer is 20% more often than women - and again the reason for this is alcohol and tobacco. As a result of all causes combined lifespan of an alcoholic decreased by an average of 12-18 years. "the Famous Russian physiologist I. P. Pavlov in his time