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Title: Balanovsky burial. From the history of the forest of the Volga region in the bronze age Author: Bader O. N. Publisher: Moscow: Publishing house of the USSR Academy of Sciences Genre: Monograph, archaeology Year: 1963 Pages: 370 Format: PDF Size: 124 MB Quality: very good Language: Russian In the present work provides a General historiographical overview of the study of the copper-bronze age in forest Volga region and the first to contain the largest in Central Russia Balanovsky the burial ground of the bronze age;

Name: Karelia in the XVII century Year: 1948 Author: Andreev, A. I. (EDS.) Publisher: State publishing house of the Karelo - Finnish SSR Petrozavodsk Format: DjVu Size: 23 Mb Pages: 442 Language: Russian Published the Sourcebook aims to comprehensively cover the socio-economic side of life in Karelia in the XVII century. Documents relating to Western Karelia under Swedish rule, written mostly in Swedish, in this publication were not included. Published only a few documents describing the patriotism of the population of Western Karelia in the period of the Swedish capture of the city by the Karelians.

Author: Nikitin, S. A. (ed.) Title: Sources and historiography of the Slavic middle ages Publisher: Moscow: Nauka Year: 1967 Format: PDF Size: 4.96 MB This book is devoted to the problems of socio-economic history of the Slavic countries, the history of law, religion, Chronicles, historiography and linguistics. The collection consists of articles, reviews, book reviews, publications. The reader will learn the history of crafts and trade Varna, Sozopol, Mesembria, learn about coin-operated systems and the prices of the Bulgarian black sea XIV., "the legalist" Czech king Charles IV, the rights and obligations of the Czech nobility in the middle ages, about the evolution of accents, orthographic reforms of Constantine Kostenetskogo. the materials of the...

Author:Popova Neil A. Title:Russian population on the Eastern slope of the Carpathians. (Hutsuls — jaunty — Lemky) Publisher:Moscow: Universitetskaya tipografiya (Katkov and Co.) Year:1867 Format:PDF Size:1.25 MB Language: Russian (pre-reform) the Book Popov Nile Alexandrovich, Russian historian, Slavist, archivist, corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences. In the summer of 1862 Popov received Ministerial permission to study abroad to prepare for a professorship. Trip abroad had a decisive influence on Popova, drawing his attention almost exclusively on the history of the Slavic peoples. This work is dedicated to the Russian population of Eastern Galicia, from the peaks of the Carpathians to the Dniester valleys, which bore the General...

Author: J. Z. Akhmadov Title: essay on the historical geography and ethno-political development of Chechnya in the XVI-XVIII centuries Publisher: Foundation support of the Chechen literature Year: 2009 Pages: 422 Format: PDF Size: 6.56 MB This book was conceived by the author as a scientific study of the main issues of historical geography, ethnic, political and social history of one of the largest indigenous peoples of the Caucasus, which developed in the period at the junction of the interaction of two civilizations (European and vostochnokanadskoj) "plates".

Title: Mokievsky Rus Author: Oles Buzina Publisher: Kiev: Arias Year: 2014 Format: fb2 Size: 9.8 MB Quality: Good Language: Russian New ( and unfortunately, last) book Olesya Elderberry reveals the secret origin of Rus'. Russia is a land of Odin — God of the ancient Scandinavians, the descendants of whom considered themselves to Rurik. Despite this, the author does not stand on positions of normanism, and does not consider himself Antinomianism. Life is always wider than any theory. Russia, according to Oles Buzina, is the result of a mixture of Slavs and Ugro-Finns and Turks, Scandinavians, which gave the name to the new nation, belongs to the role of magic yeast.

Author:Love Slivka / Love Slivka Title:Galician gentry in Austria-Hungary (1772-1914.) / Galician gentry in Austria-Hungary (1772-1914.) Publisher:Ivano-Frankivsk:City NV Year:2009 Format:DJVU Size:5.13 MB Language:Ukrainian The book is devoted to little known in Ukrainian science topic of minor nobility ("horackova", "sagradova", "local", etc). The paper presents a broad characterization of this group as separate layers of the Ukrainian population of Galicia.

Author: Makarov A. G. (ed.) Title: 90 years of the USSR Publisher: M.: AYRO-XXI Year: 2012 Pages: 269 Format: djvu Size: 19 mb the Collection based on the conference proceedings RUS 27 October 2012 and primarily devoted to the history of the USSR on December 30, 1922, In the reports and speeches of the conference participants reflected the problems of the origins of the Soviet state, preconditions of its creation in the form of a Federation of a new type. Reflected in these materials and future plans of building the country, which had representatives of Russian society before the revolution of 1917 the centerpiece of the collection is the registration of the Union of Soviet republics after the Civil war. In detail tells about the struggle of opinions...

Author: Tsyrulnikov A. Title: Cossacks of the Kuban at the end of XVIII - middle of XIX century: the specificity of everyday life in wartime Publisher: Armavir Year: 2012 Pages: 234 Format: PDF Size: 1.92 MB Proposed a monographic study devoted to the consideration of military, economic, social, cultural characteristics of the everyday life of the Cossacks of the Kuban at the end of XVIII – middle of XIX century in the context of integration of North-West Caucasus in the Russian state. This publication is based on materials of the Russian state military historical archive, the State archive of the Krasnodar region and the State archive of the Stavropol territory; legislative documents; periodicals of the nineteenth century; a wide range of scientific books...

Title : History of Ukraine from ancient times to the present. Collection of documents and materials Author : edited by A. P. of Kotsur, N. C. teres Publisher: Kyiv - Chernivtsi, Books XXI Year : 2008 Pages: 1100 Format : djvu file Size: 33,5 MB Language : Ukrainian the book contains 904 document and material on the history of Ukraine from ancient times to the present; each section is accompanied by historical information, recommended literature. The book contains applications and chronological index. For teachers, students studying the normative course of history of Ukraine.

Title : General description Livoberezhna Ukraine 1765-1769 PP Author : Ed. I. L. Butik Publisher: Kiev, publishing house of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR Year : 1959 Pages: 184 Format : file Size: 6,5 MB Language : Ukrainian General description of Left-Bank Ukraine 1765 - 1769, which in the historical literature it is known under the name General description of Ruthenia and Rumyantsev's description, is an extremely important source for the study of economic and social relations in the second half of the XVIII century

Name : Reader C star Ukraine - XVII - XX century Author : Izyumov Century, Nicholas C. Publisher: Donetsk: LLC “Alfa-Pres” Year : 2007 Pages: 448 Format : pdf file Size: 77,2 MB Language : Ukrainian the anthology posted material, which helps to analyze the socio-economic development of Ukrainian lands, namely: the state of farming and agronomy in the corresponding period, the social structure of the population, its differentiation, dynamics, demographic changes, and the like. Individual documents allow us to consider the development of agriculture in General (farming, livestock, farming, gardening, bee-keeping), as well as crafts, industry, transport and trade. A significant corpus of documents reveals the social, political, ethno-national, state and...

Title : the art of starodavnjaja Galic Author : Figol M Publisher: Kiev, "art" Year : 1997 Pages: 224 Format : djvu file Size: 174 MB Language : Ukrainian Ukrainian art of the ancient period attracted the attention of researchers for many decades. The time of the Kievan state period of the IX-XII centuries and the formation on the basis of new political and cultural centers in the XII-XIII centuries determined the flourishing of national culture in various regions of Ukraine, among which a special place belongs to the art of Galicia and the Galician-Volyn Principality as a whole.

Title: Storm of Przemysl 7 October (September 24) in 1914 Year: 1927 Author: P. Cherkasov Century Publisher: edition military printing house Administration NCWM and the USSR RVS Language: English Format: PDF Number of pages: 190 Size: 30 MB Assault Przemysl 7 October (September 24) 1914 : (18 drawings and diagrams).

Title: the Battle of Orsha September 8, 1514 Author: Lobin A. N. Publisher: SPb., Society in memory of the monks Taisia Year: 2011 Format: PDF Size: 32,34 MB Quality: Good Language: English A. N. Lobina is the first military-historical study of the battle of Orsha 8 September (old style) 1514 On the basis of a large number of sources, the author reconstructs the battle and examines the major historiographical myths. To count the number of warring parties used a number of new techniques that allow him in new ways to illuminate a little-known aspects of the battle. the Book is intended for researchers, teachers, students, historians and anyone interested in military history. The lobin Alexey Nikolaevich - candidate of historical Sciences, the author of over...