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Author:editorial Board.: C. A. Smoliy (Chairman) and others Title: encyclopedia of history of Ukraine. So 9. Mgr - Publisher: K.: «Scientific thought» H: 2012 Format: pdf (ed.) Size: 139.41 MB Language: Ukrainian encyclopedia contains articles on the history of Ukraine.

Author:editorial Board.: C. A. Smoliy (Chairman) and others Title: encyclopedia of history of Ukraine. So 10. T - I Publisher: K.: «Scientific thought» H: 2013 Format: pdf (ed.) Size: 136.2 MB Language: Ukrainian encyclopedia contains articles on the history of Ukraine.

Author: Chairman redcomes Century I. Belousov Title: By October: the struggle of the working Transcarpathia for national and social liberation and reunification of Soviet Ukraine. Collection of documents. So 5 (1938 - 1944) Publisher: Transcarpathian regional publishing house H: 1967 Format: pdf Size: 31.2 MB Language: Ukrainian, Russian the Fifth volume of the collection of documents «By October» (the struggle of the working Transcarpathia for social and national liberation, for the reunification of the Soviet Ukraine) chronologically embraces nearly seven years. It was a period of revelry fascist dictatorship is one of the most difficult and tragic periods in the history of Transcarpathian Ukraine. But, despite a brutal fascist regime established...

Title: the Accession of Kazakhstan to Russia Year: 1957 Author: Bekmahanov E.B. Publishing house an SSSR Format: PDF Size: 33 Mb Pages: 337 (no C. 338-339 (used literature)) Language: English Investigated the history of Kazakhstan's accession to Russia in the 18th century.

Author: N.A. Polevoy Title: the Story of Napoleon (in five volumes) Publishing house: Publishing M. Olgina and F. Nagel, the Printing house of the Imperial Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) Year: 1844-1848 Number of pages: 2340 Language: English prereform Format: PDF Size: 626,54 MB, 3% for recovery Never History was not the events on the scope, nature, and consequences of the more memorable to those, various presented it in the end of XVIII-th and the beginning of the XIX-th century. All of these events are in two words: Revolution, Napoleon, the words of immense value. Francia, one of Velikiy member States of the European, ancient, powerful, proven, brought disgrace unprecedented coup. The blazes of fire around him in the end of XVIII-th century, has...

Name : Krymsk Tatari, 1944-1994 PP.: Statt. The documents. Sweden ochevidcev Author : edited Danilyuk TRUSTEES Publisher: Kiev: «RGNII land» Year : 1995 Pages: 363 Format : pdf file Size: 7.7 MB Language : Ukrainian the collection of articles, documents, memoirs, revealing the tragic pages in the history of the Crimean Tatar people related to his deportation from the Crimea in may 1944, p., Cover the main stages of the national movement, the activity of individual human rights defenders. Quote [center] Download Download from [/center]

Name: Kazakh-Russian relations in the 16th-18th centuries (collection of documents and materials) Year: 1961 Author: team Publisher: Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR Format: DjVu Size: 23 Mb Pages: 741 Language: English Collection of documents on the history of Russian-Kazakh relations.

Title: the History of development of dwelling nomadic and semi-nomadic Turkic and Mongolian nationalities of Russia Year: 1896 Author: Haruzin N. Publisher: Association for engine-press A.A. a.levenson Format: PDF Size: 27 Mb Pages: 128 Language: English In the book of the famous Russian ethnographer, historian and archeologist, one of the founders of the Russian Ethnography N.N. Charushina (1865-1900) explores the process of development of dwelling nomadic and semi-nomadic peoples of Russia. The book includes two chapters. In the first Chapter describes the types of portable dwellings: conical tents and trellised yurta, examines the beginnings of the development of the yard. The second Chapter is devoted to the study of types of permanent dwellings for...

Author: Jeanne Kovba (Compiler) Title: Journal of the Lviv ghetto. Memoirs of Rabbi David Kahane Publisher: the SPIRIT AND LETTER Year: 2009 Format: PDF Size: 61 Mb Language: Ukrainian This book is a testimony of a spiritual person, Rabbi David Kahane about the tragic fate of the Lvov Jews during the fascist occupation, about their salvation, the salvation of his wife and daughter in the Studite monasteries, the residence of Metropolitan Sheptytsky, his thoughts on the meaning of the Holocaust. First served memories of the Ukrainians of Galicia about Rabbi Kahane, information about Galician rabbis and Catholic clergy during the Second world war. Is of interest to historians, ethnographers, those who are interested in history, contemporaneity, prospects of...

Name : Rosca NS tamn services, and then Starodavnjaja Rome I Yogo suprotivnyy Author : Dmitrenko Century Publisher: Lviv: «Calvaria» Year of publication : 2008 Pages: 752 Format : pdf file Size: 3.4 MB Language : Ukrainian At all times, the intelligence and counter-intelligence were a lesson secret , in their subtlety was devoted only to the select few . All the mysteries of the Roman intelligence we modern historians do not know and never know . However, thanks to the preserved works of ancient authors as well as a careful analysis of the data of archeology , numismatics and Epigraphics , the overall picture , and sometimes individual episodes , you can imagine clearly enough . Based on scientific data , and sometimes the author comments on the events...

Title: the Experience of the description of the Mogilev province in the historical, physical-geographical, ethnographic, industrial, agricultural, forestry, educational, medical and statistical relationships. Books 1-3 Author: Dembovetskii A.S. (editor) Mogilev on the Dnipro: the Printing house of the provincial government, 1882, 1884 Djvu 184 Mb Language: Russian Pages: 832, 1012, 263 This first experience of the description of the Mogilev province conceived 10 years ago and is based on practical activities and careful study of the province, - the General and the particular. Therefore, the plan descriptions and the program was compiled with themselves. They hugged, first of all, outstanding historical and physical conditions of life of the province, and...

Name: Walk gosterici Atlas of Belarus. So 1 Author: Kuznetso G. (Ed. in chief) Minsk: Belkartografiya , 2009 PDF 167 Mb Language: Belarusian, Pages: 249 Great historical Atlas of Belarus in three volumes - the first in the Republic of Belarus original cartographic edition, dedicated to the historical past of our country. Maps reflect not only the history of Belarus, but also in the whole Eastern European region. Along with this, there are large-scale maps of specific areas, city plans, schemes of a military battle. The Atlas is intended for anyone who is engaged in scientific research or teaching national history, as well as anyone interested in the past of our Motherland.

Name : Galitsko-Volinskiy topic so 1-2 Author : translation Kostruba So Publisher: state Kalej Year : 1967 Pages: 256 Format : pdf file Size: 8.2 MB Language : Ukrainian In this book serves the reader who loves past of the Native land, one of the best books that left us our princely time. It Galicia - Volyn chronicle describing Galicia and Volhynia in the 13th century, 700 years ago. Readers will see excerpts from other Ukrainian (and one non-Ukrainian) Chronicles describing our Western land and their history. Explanation of the names of the princes and cities, rivers, etc. are given in the end of the 2nd volume. Chronicle presents in translation.

Title: the time of Troubles Authors: Volkov V., Kuz'min A.G. Moscow: Algorithm, 2012 PDF 22 Mb Language: English Pages: 352 Two famous modern Russian historian, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor V.L. Volkov, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor A.G. Kuzmin (1928-2004) - devoted his works included in this book, one of the most tragic pages of Russian history - the Troubles in the early 17th century, the liberation of Moscow from the Polish state-Lithuanian occupation and the enthronement of the first Tsar of the Romanov dynasty. Much attention is paid both political preconditions and during the time of Troubles and the military actions of the Russian troops against the invaders.

Title: Stone age monuments, methods, problems Author: S. N. Bibikov.(Ed. in chief) , Kiev: Naukova Dumka , 1989 PDF 17.5 Mb Language: English Pages: 184 the book contains articles on the problems of archeology of the stone age. In the scientific revolution entered materials of new monuments, addresses important methodological and theoretical problems of archaeology of primitive society; they are given original developments in the field of study sites and cultures of the stone age. For historians, archeologists, teachers and students.