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Hello! What kind of litter cats better absorb the smell, which to use? To understand which filler may be best refer to experimental and historical component of the issue. A little more than twenty years ago, Dr. Peter Borchelt, a behaviorist with the aim of identifying optimal, from the point of view of cats, filler, spent 3 ten-day test. Compared 14 types of fillers that were released at that time [...] Record What litter the cat is better appeared first on Website Nature.

Hello! Pets for preschool children – whom to choose for a child? They say that Pets are the best friends for humans. But if a child in the house, it is first necessary to ensure his safety and to choose the animal that patiently brings the game and takes care of the baby. What animal would be best for the child? Pet enhances emotional and social development of the child. Therapeutic contact [...] Record Pets for kids which one to choose? first appeared the Website Nature.

Hello! Contrary to appearance, the body of the dog is very similar to human. For this reason, typical of human disease also can be found in our Pets. Some human diseases can dogs get sick? What diseases the slopes of our four – legged friends below in the article. Nasal, parvovirus, or purulent osteoarthritis of the disease four-legged friends that I know almost every guardian. The [...] Record How human diseases can dogs get sick? first appeared the Website Nature.

Hello! What diseases owners may feel a dog? Dogs are known for their olfactory abilities. With nearly 220 million receptors of flavors (compared to our five million), these animals can sense things that remain for us unnoticed. What diseases owners may feel a dog? Dogs can detect scents and to distinguish the most subtle aromas. These remarkable abilities are also used in [...] Record Dogs can smell illness of the owner appeared first on Website Nature.

Hello! Why would a man rat-a cyborg with an electronic brain? Israeli designers have made rodent-cyborg with an electronic brain. The day when doctors will be able to "cure" the problem of the brain with electronics, will come not soon. But as they say, the first swallows "are coming". Scientists from tel Aviv University have invented a cyborg-rat. What? She kind of lost brain functions, while [...] Record the Rat cyborg with an electronic brain appeared first on Website Nature.

Hello! Pet rodents should be paid more special attention compared to other Pets. This situation is dictated by the anatomical and physiological differences in their bodies. Practically all diseases of rodents have similar initial symptoms. Therefore, the appearance of any signs of pathology of the host mouse or hamster must visit the veterinary clinic and get advice. Infectious stomatitis disease, the group [...] Record Infectious disease of rodents appeared first on Website Nature.

Hello! Panenska breed of goats – the dairy breed of goats in the world! Homeland saranskoy goats is the Saanen village located in the Bernese Alps (Switzerland). Among the porters created a large amount of valuable dairy breeds of goats are the best goats saranskie, rightfully occupies first place in the world. Saranskie goats description Origin. Accurate information about the origin and creation of modern Switzerland saranskoy [...] Record The dairy breed goats Panenska appeared first on Website Nature.

Hello! Today we will discuss about diseases of pigs, symptoms and treatment at home. For anybody not a secret that the health of young animals depends on the productivity of future pigs. Therefore, the key to success in pig production is the prevention of diseases, the creation of the necessary conditions of keeping and feeding animals. Of course, pigs of all ages affected by disease, however, special attention and care require [...] Record of the Disease in piglets – a list of symptoms and how to treat at home first appeared Nature Website.

Hello! Disease of domestic goats are divided into non-contagious, infectious, invasive and parasitic. The symptoms and treatment of what to do at home? The susceptibility of goats to disease varies. Strong, well-fed animals that are kept in favorable conditions, get sick much less often. And it is easier to carry the disease than goats is poorly developed, weakened by prolonged malnutrition or disadvantaged. The symptoms [...] Record of the Disease of domestic goats – the symptoms and treatment appeared first on Website Nature.

Hello! TOP 6 marine organisms with the most extravagant methods of power in our material. Probably will not find a man who would not be fascinated by the spectacular, amazing, wonderful and magical beauty of the underwater world. TOP 6 marine organisms with the most extravagant methods of power at first glance it seems like inside, only darkness and nothing to see here, but when you get down [...] Record TOP-6 marine organisms with the most extravagant methods of power appeared first on Website Nature.

Hello! As scientists study the principles of communication of bats? As it became known, recently the research group which works under the guidance of a gifted scholar snare of Voigt-Hyuk from Laznickova Institute of Zoo were able to prove that bats can very easily and quickly identify members of their own species and even members of their social group by using echolocation impulses. Mouse responded immediately to [...] Record How scientists are exploring the principles of communication of bats? first appeared the Website Nature.

Salad disposable boxes – the easy compact containers of various shapes and sizes to be used for delivery of food takeaway restaurants, cafes, fast-fudami, supermarkets, manufacturers of branded products directly from the factory. Packaging for salads and boxes can be used not only for transporting cooked restaurant meals, but salads, semi-finished products from the manufacturer. Products long retain their freshness, aroma and [...] Record Packaging for salads: how to choose containers for cold foods, types of disposable products appeared first on Website Nature.

Real fishermen know how important winter fishing good equipment. A quality tent will protect from chilly wind, bitter cold, rain. How to choose the right piece of equipment, that favorite hobby has brought pleasure even under adverse weather conditions? The selection criteria of the tent to avoid mistakes, choosing a tent for winter fishing, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics: dense, not blown, [...] Record How to choose a tent for winter fishing appeared first on Website Nature.

Good day! Today we choose a modern monocular night vision, based on its characteristics and price. What is important to consider the hunter, fisherman and traveler? For example, hunters should take into account all the specific features. Surprising exterior design plainness. But devices have such advantages that make you think of buying. Monocular night vision how to choose? Photo night vision monocular NVMT model [...] Record the Monocular night vision device advantages appeared first on Website Nature.

Hello! Cats amaze the man with his boundless tenderness, originality of character and amazing manners. Among the variety of cats there are thousands of rocks. But among them there are truly miniature specimens, differing in small sizes. Small breeds of cats and miniature cats – our topic today. These fluffy tiny creation are not the result of selection. Some miniature breed appeared in [...] Record Smallest breed of cats – miniature appeared first on Website Nature.