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Measles haunts Ukraine. In August, the number of cases increased again. It is significant that this childhood disease and affects many adults. Himself once had to have measles at the age of Mature. It wasn't great. Everything, though, measles is not Ebola, thank God, still happen and we have no deaths from it. Bitter. It would seem, just need to make time to be vaccinated MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and live in peace. Unfortunately, the biased attitude of many Ukrainians towards vaccinations has led to the lack of sustained herd immunity. It is known that to prevent the spread of measles need to 90 percent of the population had immunity to it that is provided by vaccination. What everybody should know about this disease? How to be treated? What is...

In shops and stalls all year round you can find a lot of vegetables and fruits. All this not only attracts, but keeps the danger. We begin to feed their children the gifts of nature, because we know that they contain large amounts of vitamins. Vitamins, of course, a good thing, but in pursuit of them, do not lose your head. How often have you seen such a picture – kind mother buys berries and on the street allows the baby to eat them. But even the most delicious, but unwashed berries, fruits and vegetables can be fraught with danger. What risk are unwashed fruits and vegetables we asked RAS a physician-infectious diseases Gregory A. Besalco.

In recent years, increasingly gardeners in their home gardens were planted remontant varieties of fruit bushes. Very popular everbearing raspberry. Feature of all everbearing varieties is that with proper care, they can give two or even three crops per season. Care of everbearing raspberries is not a particularly time consuming process. In this article we will give tips about how to grow, groom and trim remontant varieties of raspberries to give a great harvest.

Recently there is a worldwide increase in endocrine diseases. The most common are various diseases of the thyroid gland, which can occur acutely or chronically, and in some cases can threaten the patient's life. To all it should be remembered that thyroid hormones affect all body cells and affect such processes as the heart, the intensity of metabolism, growth, and intellectual development of children. How these processes occur and what to do to support the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland? To these questions we answered specialist endocrinologist Gavriil Frolov.

Use cucumbers for a human body is invaluable, despite the fact that they are 95% water. However, in the remaining 5-6% contains 2% sugar (glucose and fructose, starch) and 1.5% protein, 0.75% of cellulose, aromatic substances. The content of vitamin B2 in cucumber higher than in radish, B1 greater than in beets, iodine more than other vegetable crops. Observed that small fruits contain more ascorbic acid, and with increasing the size of its content decreases. Higher total vitamin C content in cucumber first and massive fees, then it is reduced.

Few people had heard of polyneuropathy, and no wonder, because this disease is not as widespread as the flu or tooth decay. Meanwhile polyneuropathy is one of the most severe neurological disorders, which is characterized by multiple lesions of the peripheral nerves. How is this disease, how favorable prognosis, what if the neuropathy caught up with some of your loved ones, and is there a cure for this disease? We asked a specialist – neurologist of the highest category Grigory V. GUNKO.

Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) is a perennial spice plant, a useful herb from the Asteraceae family (Asteraceae). Tarragon belongs to the genus Artemisia, so sometimes it is called wormwood estragando. Really spicy taste has only one variety of species of tarragon: Artemisia dracunculus var. sativa, which in Western tradition is called French tarragon. Often by mistake instead grow 2 other varieties (tarragon and Russian tarragon wild), similar in appearance and are more cold-hardy, but not with spicy taste and aroma of French tarragon (hereinafter simply the tarragon). How not to make a mistake by purchasing tarragon, read below.

Colorful similar to smart gallery flowers in summer, balconies and window sills is a dream of everyone. But not always the conditions they are suitable for classical abundance of flowering plants that create the effect of colorful summer variety. Balconies with too many shadows or all life burns too bright southern sun away from cold drafts, almost as often as cozy, comfortable for the plants. In the design of such balconies having a problem area that needs a special approach.

Zucchini and squash – plants are productive and easy to care for. Modern breeding has given us so many different varieties and types of these delicious and healthy vegetables, which is long and confused. Even experienced gardeners don't always have time to read the description of all novelties. In the collection there are almost all the zucchini, green zucchini, orange squash. So you continue to buy seeds of those plants which are best suited for your needs, and properly raised – let's see together what are their similarities and differences, difference in taste, cooking properties, etc. features.

Allergic rhinitis (AR) is one of the most common types of respiratory allergies in the world. The high prevalence (almost 30 percent of the adult population) determines the significant annual costs of the national health care for the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Standard basic therapy of this disease involves a combination of oral antihistamines (AGP) and of corticosteroids (ICS). But there are a number of issues very important when choosing a successful strategy of treatment: as it is advisable simultaneous use of AFS and X? What is the effectiveness of monotherapy AGP? In some cases, it is possible to avoid the appointment of means of additional therapy? We asked a specialist – an allergist Galina Semenovna Khristich.

Summer, a wonderful time of sun, which helps the most fruits and vegetables to ripen and delight us with his amazing taste. How to make vegetable salad is delicious and unusual? Then add the sauce. Of course, the usual and banal olive oil and balsamic vinegar - perfect for salads, but agree the sauce was already fed up. Mayonnaise and ketchup with fresh vegetables do not tally too, and so popular now "Bechamel" requires excessive attention to his person, to be daily. Therefore, we suggest to try the three sauce that conquered the world with its ease of preparation and the ability to refresh the taste of even the most habitual salad.

The Word fast means fast food. To fast food can be attributed to any dish that does not require a long time to cook. All fast food is high calorie and useless food that is lower in cost. Well, modern Ukrainian is often not enough time to eat normally, - all matters of the case. Today, a significant portion of our fellow citizens in the morning and afternoon to feed on so-called fast food that you can consume on the go. That and gyros, and hot dogs, and all kinds of chips and pereslaschennye bars. How safe it is to regularly eat fast food, we decided to ask the doctor – Ivan SIDORENKO.

We All know that the immune system maintains our health at the proper level, allows you to enjoy life, study, work, create, raise children. Immunity is our body's ability to resist infectious and other harmful factors in the environment. After a cold winter we need all of us to take care of a good immunity. Because abrupt changes of temperature, damp, "Moody" weather in early spring can pose a threat to our health in terms of occurrence of acute respiratory infections, influenza and complications. What is immunity and how to strengthen it consciously? We asked specialist doctor immunologist Gregory F. OKONTA.

Leg Pain - the phenomenon unpleasant, but very common. Because the lower limbs during the day, take on a greater burden than any other part of the musculoskeletal system. Especially if the work you have standing or, say, you are addicted to something like extreme sports. The pain can vary widely from a mild numbness and pulsations which pass on their own in a few minutes, to debilitating sensations or cramps, able to kill even sleep there at night. Fortunately, in most cases, nothing serious troubles dissapear. However, it happens the other way... But before we get into the causes of discomfort, should as soon as possible to move (alone or with someone's help) in the direction of a physician. Today we sought the advice of a specialist - the...

Every third Ukrainian is suffering from hypertension. High blood pressure is common for people over 40, especially in women. Therefore, this problem should be taken seriously, because its neglect leads to heart attack, stroke, development of heart and kidney failure, blindness. So say cardiologists. It is clear that when you are faced with hypertension, logical questions arise: what, the pressure increases in humans? How to treat hypertension? What should be the prevention of disease? This is where we started our conversation with a specialist - cardiologist of the highest category Mikhail Peretyatko.