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The Last few weeks, the whole world is watching news from China - we are talking about the coronavirus, which is very actively spreading in China. Already confirmed sporadic cases in other Asian countries and even Europe. About this disease and constantly remind the Ukrainians, urging them not to panic, than sure thing, it only provoked. However, experts - virologists and infectious disease specialists - have warned: while our countrymen are much more noticeable suffer from the usual flu and colds. For example, only during the week from 3 to 9 Feb have 8 deaths due to these diseases. It is therefore appropriate to remind you how to protect yourself against all types of influenza viruses, including coronavirus. We talked with a specialist - an infectious...

Probably many of us love this winter just for the beautiful pictures. When cold and lots of snow, we have to wear thousands of clothing items and engage in heavy physical labor to clear the road. With warm winters, it would seem that much more comfortable. Light clothing, plants normally overwinter, and a small saving on home heating also warms the soul. What are gardeners so troubled? Go and grumble under his breath, anxiously examining the plant. What threatens the gardener and the plants abnormally warm winter, consider the points.

Rosemary is a medicinal plant, an evergreen shrub which can reach a height of 2 m. Its homeland is the South Europe and the Mediterranean. The leaves of this plant resemble pine needles and camphor aroma gives freshness of the sea. Because of the small blue flowers in the people called rosemary Bridal dress or wedding colors. Since ancient times this spice was considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth, it was used in wedding ceremonies, handing over a sprig of the plant during the marriage the young with wishes for a happy and prosperous family life.

In the media recently, it was reported that by order of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, UNDP Ukraine, UNDP in Ukraine has purchased a highly effective drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The medicine already gone to the regions, says MOZ. The drug Fingolimod last year, was purchased for the first time. The yearly cost of treatment would be about 32 thousand UAH, and yet a year ago the cost was about 400 thousand UAH in pharmacies. This price reduction was achieved due to the fact that the original drug lost patent protection, other manufacturers got the opportunity to produce generic drugs, says MOH.

A Stroke is often called a "vascular accident". Indeed, the disease develops suddenly, quickly and often leads to very unfavorable consequences. Victims of "vascular accident" can become not only older, but active young people. In Ukraine, annually more than 100 thousand strokes, so for many families it is not an empty phrase, but a real problem that must be solved. We will try to find out whether an experienced doctor to establish the diagnosis of stroke is based on the inspection, whether it is necessary to be treated, if the symptoms of stroke quickly passed, how effective and safe are the IVS, is it possible after a stroke to drink coffee, play sports and go to the sauna. We asked the expert - the doctor-neurologist Victor Semenovich GRITSENKO.

"you may Have sinusitis..." - we hear sometimes the patients with protracted Intrusive cold. And every time the patient with the hope turns to the audiologist: "we Can do without a puncture?" I also had sometime to go through this process – was tormented by a runny nose and low-grade fever. Fortunately in the maxillary sinus was clean. Is it always necessary to make holes, to clarify the diagnosis? What is this disease from a medical point of view? How do you treat sinusitis today? With these questions, we turned to the expert – the otolaryngologist Ivan Gavrilovic Pilipenko.

Smooth skin, slight blush, a beautiful curve of the neck is not an indicator of youth and health? But if almost all the women constantly care for the skin, it is about caring for the skin of the neck is often overlooked. However, remember that the neck is not able reliably to keep the secret of your years, as keeps her face. So it needs timely and systematic care. Moreover, one should begin not when the skin has lost its elasticity, and wrinkles appear, and much earlier, since it is easier to conduct prevention than to deal with defects.

According to the medical statistics, acute appendicitis is one of the most common acute surgical conditions. The overall incidence is approximately 86 cases per 100 thousand patients a year. They say that the first Soviet cosmonauts in any case, that orbit had a stroke, oseltamivir had my Appendix out - so it was considered a routine appendectomy. How do you diagnose appendicitis, how to treat disease today? All of this in detail we asked the specialist doctor-surgeon Andrey Mironovich HAIDUK.

"Four children became ill with hepatitis A in the Odessa region. The symptoms of jaundice they have noticed last week, but now the diagnosis was confirmed laboratory. In the Kharkiv region - 9 infected. Meanwhile it became known, where the infectious disease came from in the Chernihiv school - its source was an employee of the catering Department. Now in Chernigov for 20 patients Botkin." This is an alarming message news feeds of Ukrainian news agencies. Is hepatitis a looked to the Ukraine? So, we decided to ask a specialist - an infectious disease doctor Grigory Mikhailovich SIDORENKO.

How often do you feel dizzy, especially when you quickly get out of bed or chairs? You suffer meteodata? You feel sleepy, you have cold hands and feet? All of this can be a manifestation of hypotension - low blood (arterial) pressure. Fortunately, this phenomenon can be controlled, but first you need to understand the causes of hypotension, and to understand why someone is prone to it, and someone - no. For advice on this issue, we turned to a specialist - a cardiologist Galina ANDRIEVSKY.

In the middle of September - time generous and rich fruit. And one of the first places among the medicinal plants is, perhaps, rose. It blooms in may-July, Mature fruits in September. The vitamin C content among wild plants it is an absolute champion. But not only ascorbic acid in rose hips. It has other vitamins: B1 - thiamine, B2 - Riboflavin, E, K, P and carotene (provitamin of vitamin A). Rosehips rich in sugars, but also tannins, pectins and organic acids. From mineral substances can be called potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese.

Although the season of food poisoning for a long time in full swing, it continues, sadly, and autumn. Because natural markets on the first available public place did not disappear with the first cold snap. These layouts in the transitions - the whole range of providers of food poisoning from household stuff to dried fish. One of the most powerful in the nature of poisons - botulinum toxin - is also available. What is botulism, whence feet grow it, how to protect yourself from disease? To these questions we asked a specialist - an infectious disease doctor Mikhail V. BUCKO.

Measles haunts Ukraine. In August, the number of cases increased again. It is significant that this childhood disease and affects many adults. Himself once had to have measles at the age of Mature. It wasn't great. Everything, though, measles is not Ebola, thank God, still happen and we have no deaths from it. Bitter. It would seem, just need to make time to be vaccinated MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and live in peace. Unfortunately, the biased attitude of many Ukrainians towards vaccinations has led to the lack of sustained herd immunity. It is known that to prevent the spread of measles need to 90 percent of the population had immunity to it that is provided by vaccination. What everybody should know about this disease? How to be treated? What is...

In shops and stalls all year round you can find a lot of vegetables and fruits. All this not only attracts, but keeps the danger. We begin to feed their children the gifts of nature, because we know that they contain large amounts of vitamins. Vitamins, of course, a good thing, but in pursuit of them, do not lose your head. How often have you seen such a picture – kind mother buys berries and on the street allows the baby to eat them. But even the most delicious, but unwashed berries, fruits and vegetables can be fraught with danger. What risk are unwashed fruits and vegetables we asked RAS a physician-infectious diseases Gregory A. Besalco.

In recent years, increasingly gardeners in their home gardens were planted remontant varieties of fruit bushes. Very popular everbearing raspberry. Feature of all everbearing varieties is that with proper care, they can give two or even three crops per season. Care of everbearing raspberries is not a particularly time consuming process. In this article we will give tips about how to grow, groom and trim remontant varieties of raspberries to give a great harvest.