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The Word fast means fast food. To fast food can be attributed to any dish that does not require a long time to cook. All fast food is high calorie and useless food that is lower in cost. Well, modern Ukrainian is often not enough time to eat normally, - all matters of the case. Today, a significant portion of our fellow citizens in the morning and afternoon to feed on so-called fast food that you can consume on the go. That and gyros, and hot dogs, and all kinds of chips and pereslaschennye bars. How safe it is to regularly eat fast food, we decided to ask the doctor – Ivan SIDORENKO.

We All know that the immune system maintains our health at the proper level, allows you to enjoy life, study, work, create, raise children. Immunity is our body's ability to resist infectious and other harmful factors in the environment. After a cold winter we need all of us to take care of a good immunity. Because abrupt changes of temperature, damp, "Moody" weather in early spring can pose a threat to our health in terms of occurrence of acute respiratory infections, influenza and complications. What is immunity and how to strengthen it consciously? We asked specialist doctor immunologist Gregory F. OKONTA.

Leg Pain - the phenomenon unpleasant, but very common. Because the lower limbs during the day, take on a greater burden than any other part of the musculoskeletal system. Especially if the work you have standing or, say, you are addicted to something like extreme sports. The pain can vary widely from a mild numbness and pulsations which pass on their own in a few minutes, to debilitating sensations or cramps, able to kill even sleep there at night. Fortunately, in most cases, nothing serious troubles dissapear. However, it happens the other way... But before we get into the causes of discomfort, should as soon as possible to move (alone or with someone's help) in the direction of a physician. Today we sought the advice of a specialist - the...

Every third Ukrainian is suffering from hypertension. High blood pressure is common for people over 40, especially in women. Therefore, this problem should be taken seriously, because its neglect leads to heart attack, stroke, development of heart and kidney failure, blindness. So say cardiologists. It is clear that when you are faced with hypertension, logical questions arise: what, the pressure increases in humans? How to treat hypertension? What should be the prevention of disease? This is where we started our conversation with a specialist - cardiologist of the highest category Mikhail Peretyatko.

With the pain of life experienced by all. For example, if you hit. In this case, pain is a signal that arises to cause a person to repair the damage or to neutralize the threat. And it so happens that the pain occurs when there is no obvious cause. In this case, pain, according to doctors, can be caused by damage to the nervous system. What is neuropathic pain and where it comes from? How to deal with this disease? We asked a specialist - a neurologist Michael G. Samoilenko.

One of the reasons of mass disease of the spine, particularly osteochondrosis, is an inadequate load on the spine. Also among the reasons for the development and exacerbation of painful conditions of the spine is its macro - and microtrauma. Very often believe that the cause of such injuries or other sudden back pain are training overload. Meanwhile, the pain for example in your lower spine more often caused by everyday human activities. In this lies the explanation of the seemingly strange contradiction, when the lower back pain people complain who never sport.

Winter outside. And the day before a strong cold experts recommend to pay attention to the products of animal origin, which can safely be used to prevent diseases and fight infections. One such product is fresh bacon. This product has long been used and is in our nation especially popular. The fat contains vitamins a, D, E, carotene, arachidonic acid, which refers to unsaturated fats and is involved in the formation of many hormones and therefore, cholesterol metabolism. And not only...

Wintergreen (Gaultheria) — evergreen perennial shrub of the family Ericaceae. The plant grows mainly in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and is also found in Asia. The origin of names associated with the name of the founder of scholars engaged in the study of the canadian flora, Frenchman Jean-Francois Gauthier. The flower was named in honor of this famous botanist. Some cultural types of plants are bred as ornamental decoration in gardens in different countries.

This child, it would seem that disease I have a very adult seriousness. And the reason for it is to have measles in 33 years, as happened to me not too is pleasant. The measles caught up with me on a business trip in the glorious city of Poltava. The sickness during the week, local specialists, infectious disease with my sincere desire to recover as soon as possible - after all, the editorial task was to be fulfilled at any cost... Then everything was like, but, unfortunately, today we learn from media reports about measles outbreaks that in Ivano-Frankivsk where sick at the same time, 53 children, Vinnytsya region, where the sick little more than 30 of our fellow citizens. So, measles is not defeated on Ukrainian territory, once and for all, so it's time...

Epidemic season, or simply the period of the flu in our house was already familiar, e.g., the beginning of the holiday season for all workers or the beginning of football season for fans. In short, routine matter. However, the epidemic has not yet arrived, and people are already being hurt. In September, the Ukrainians EN masse began to complain of feeling unwell, colds, cough and similar ailments. Homegrown "experts" believe that this early start of the flu epidemic. Doctors calm - now is the period of SARS, so dress for the weather. And the flu will come not earlier than in a month. "So, sick with colds and wait for this flu?", - with such question we addressed to the specialist family doctor Galina Nikolayevna Ustenko.

Ask any man: "What is migraine?". If you don't happen to be one who suffers from migraines and knows everything about the disease, most often in response you hear: "This headache". This is both right and wrong at the same time. After all, experts believe that migraine is a serious neurological disease which is accompanied by a headache. But at the same time, not any headache can be called a migraine. Let's see what is a migraine and is it possible it has something to fight for. For help we turned to the expert - the doctor-neurologist George V. Garkavenko.

Every year more and more men are faced with common disease – prostatitis. More recently, it was thought that this problem only occurs in people of advanced age, but over the past decade the number of very young men who have signs of inflammatory lesions of the prostate has increased significantly. Let's try to understand what this disease is, what its symptoms, methods of diagnosis, methods of effective treatment. In this we agreed to help a specialist urologist Mikhail Vasilievich Padalka.

We All know what appendicitis. At least, we think so, since childhood facing this problem, if not personally, then surgery is done to someone from relatives or friends. It was said that all the astronauts before, in Soviet times, just in case had my Appendix out that this thing needs in flight. Who knows if it really was, but even on earth, appendicitis can cause serious damage. Therefore, the disease is not caught us by surprise, is to figure out what's what. So, about the causes and treatments of appendicitis, we asked a specialist - an experienced surgeon Michael G. LAYKO.

In the Summer millions of people flock to the shores of lakes, rivers and seas. That's where our health many dangers, and it is not about bathing in a drunken state, the sad consequences of which are obvious to almost everyone. Some people bathing in fresh water can cause cold shock, and to restore the body temperature they begin to breathe rapidly, resulting in cardiac arrest. Swimming in rivers can lead to the appearance of the disease Weyl, which is distributed with rat urine. Lakes and rivers are able to infect us with bacteria or norovirus, E. coli. What else is open waters? We asked a specialist - candidate of medical Sciences Galina Safonov Frolovna.

Eggplant - 1 kg potatoes - 450 g (approx. 5 medium potatoes), Parmesan cheese - 100 g breadcrumbs - 2-3 tbsp, olive oil. For the meat filling: ground beef - 500 g lamb mince (you can substitute pork) - 250 g tomatoes - 400 g, onions - 2 medium garlic - 4-5 cloves, parsley, tomato paste - 1 tbsp white wine 1/2 tbsp., 1 tsp sugar, 1 cinnamon stick, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1 Bay leaf, allspice, salt. For the Bechamel: butter - 5 tablespoons flour - 5 tbsp. nutmeg - 1/2 tsp., cheese (hard, legkoplavkim) - 150 g milk - 1 tbsp, salt - 1/2 tsp