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Good day, dear motorists. Than convenient mobile tire service? In the field of road maintenance every year there are new types of work, which ensure the normal functioning and trouble-free operation of vehicles. This type of service has several advantages, its use saves the client time and creates a certain comfort from the services received. See how mobile tire DoktorShina24 [...] the Message Mobile tire saves time and protects the nerves first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

What is a catalytic Converter the exhaust gases and how does it work we now describe. We all know that the environment today is considered one of the world's major problems. Special attention should be paid to the pollution of the ambient air and the vehicle in this context plays quite an important role. In Europe, where there is a strict control environment, the shortcomings of such a plan promptly are trying to fix. Spent [...] Post What is a catalytic Converter the exhaust gases first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

The Oldest balneological resort, is a beautiful city with a rich history, an ideal base for exploring the Caucasus is no accident rent a car in Pyatigorsk, with strong demand. Come here to admire the sights, improve their health, relax from the bustle of the city. Not ruled out of the trip to Pyatigorsk for business, when availability is even more important. Rent a car in Pyatigorsk [...] Post car rental in Pyatigorsk – maximum comfort at an affordable price appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day! Talk about the dangers that await the modern man on the road. In the late nineteenth — early twentieth century, the mankind began to develop rapidly in all fields of science. People learned for the first time to fly through the air, travel long distances (invented the steam engine), and finally they created the world's first car on gasoline. This invention facilitated the life of people. [...] the Message of the Dangers that beset modern man on the road first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Recently, an official branch of Volkswagen Australia introduced its customized version of the Volkswagen Arteon. The model was specifically designed for the race World Time Attack Challenge, with the employees of Volkswagen Australia was only a week to prepare your instance. As the car was preparing to participate in the race, the upgrades in the first place has undergone a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine Arteon. Having received an impressive array [...] the Message Heavily modified Volkswagen Arteon from VW Australia first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Engine as the exhaust and spark plugs — how to understand about the problems in the engine? The condition of the engine can be identified by the exhaust gases. Black smoke fell from the exhaust pipe — this indicates that the fuel burns completely. Cause overflow of fuel or disrupt the ignition system and timing. Defect fixes in a simple way: adjustable [...] the Message engine as the exhaust and spark plugs first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Legendary Land Rover Defender is one of the most standard SUVs on the market today. Not surprisingly, when it comes to customization, fans of the Defender turn to the best tuning workshops. Recent work by the workshop of the ECD Automotive Design is a great example of quality tuning Land Rover Defender. The company, formerly known as East Coast Defender, specializiruetsya solely on this model of Land Rover. [...] Post Land Rover Defender tuning ECD Automotive Design first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day! You bought a car and suddenly wondered: is it possible to return to the dealership the car back? At the same time, many buyers, going to the dealership, I don't know what rights they have under the law. In practice, there are cases of fraud and violations of the seller. To be sure of choosing the right dealership, advise on read reviews [...] the Message is it Possible to return to the dealership the car purchased the vehicle first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day, novice and experienced motorists! How is the clutch change the car? The grip is the most important hub of the car responsible for the interaction of the engine and gear box speeds. In other words, enables communication between the engine power and develop speed. On the correct operation of the clutch depends on the regularity of switching from one gear to the other, and smooth start of motion and speed acceleration [...] Post clutch Replacement for professional tips first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

In July this year, the Russian Larte Design workshop published a preview of their tuning kit for LR5 luxury crossover Infiniti QX80 2019. And on the days the employees Larte has completed work on the real prototype, sharing photos and a complete description of the finished model. Set LR5, officially launched on 24 September at least impressive: the completed model really looks no worse than the published [...] the post Tuning kit for LR5 from new Infiniti QX80 Larte Design appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Good afternoon Everyone! Let's talk about the repair of the car steering with your hands, about the bulkhead and the restoration of steering racks about the replacement and bleeding of the power steering. Repair of steering system should be seen as complex activities that consist of repair and restoration of its individual components. Also it is necessary to consider the question of diagnosis, which should be a comprehensive assessment of the status [...] the post Repair car steering first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Despite the objections of "connoisseurs," hatch group Rolls-Royce for the first time in its history, launched its own line of SUVs. The model, named in honor of the largest diamond Cullinan, promises to be the most luxurious vehicle in its class. The SUV will be equipped with a 6.75-liter 12-cylinder engine with two turbines and indicators 563 HP of power and 850 Nm of torque. [...][Newline]Post Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2 million from the masters Klassen first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Known for its tuning of the most prominent models of the country of the rising sun (like the Nissan GT-R and other classic lines), the Japanese tuning company Kulh Racing not deprived of attention and a new model – Suzuki Swift Sport. Specifically for this hatchback workshop staff developed a custom body kit, and in addition to the updated exterior equipped it with a few internal upgrades. The body kit consists of a [...] Post Body kit for Suzuki Swift Sport from Kuhl Racing first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

After a successful experiment with the Mercedes-AMG G63 6?6, several companies started to manufacture six-wheeled versions of popular SUVs. One of these companies, tuning workshop Hennessey Performance recently released their version of the Chevrolet pickup truck 6 wheels. As the original model employees Hennessey chose the Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss 2019. The model is called Goliath 6×6. As in the case [...] Post 6-wheel Chevrolet Silverado in the performance of the Hennessey first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

The German masters of tuning AC Schnitzer is still developing a full-fledged sport tuning kit for the BMW X4 second generation. The set of modifications will consist of a pair of three upgrades for the engine, several variants of silencers for petrol models, sports exhaust pipes, the new aerodynamic body parts and accessories in the salon. However, the owners of the X4 now can refer to AC Schnitzer, by choosing ready [...] Post BMW X4 second generation of masters AC Schnitzer appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.