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Good afternoon. Today we will find out which generator to choose: petrol or diesel? When you need to quickly, cheaply and in large volume to obtain electrical energy, it is reasonable to use specialized generators equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine, highly quoted consumer capacity, fuel efficiency and solid reliability. Which generator to choose: petrol or diesel? For domestic purposes the optimal solution will be of the petrol version [...] a Message Which generator to choose: petrol or diesel? first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

In his new creation, the staff of the German workshop Mansory decided to move away from the traditional luxury supercars, turned his attention to a miniature representative of the industry – the Smart ForTwo. The tiny city car equipped with a widebody kit, not forgetting about its contents; modifications were made as the three-cylinder engine and interior of the Smart ForTwo. In addition, the wizard was modified and the second version of the car – ForTwo Cabrio. [...] Post Smart ForTwo on steroids from the Studio Mansory appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day, dear motorists. In our time, the sale of used auto parts you may need at any time. Used auto parts available at the flea market in yards salvage and used auto parts shops. Some sites on the Internet satisfy the needs of those people who want to buy or sell used auto parts. The sale of used auto parts auto Parts can also be sold online and on [...] a Message Sale of used auto parts first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Although the staff Mansory has already demonstrated 812 Superfast Ferrari at the Geneva auto show, then, few people paid attention to this model. Visitors to the exhibition, and masters Mansory, was involved in other company products, for example, a modified Bugatti Chiron. Anyway, 812 Superfast – noteworthy instance, received in German workshop classic set of modifications: premium class tuning, interior [...] the Message 812 Superfast Ferrari Mansory Stallone from first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

To serve reliably and using it was safe, it is important to conduct routine maintenance. What should maintenance of the vehicle? It allows to detect and to eliminate faults that might otherwise make itself felt at the most inopportune moment. In addition, thanks to regular maintenance the car will last longer and the costs [...] Post what you need maintenance of vehicle first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day! What is customs Declaration? Customs Declaration, which can be named as SCC is used as the main document for the procedure of declaring vehicles and goods when they pass directly through the customs border of the country based on all cross-border transactions between legal entities and individuals, and people engaged in entrepreneurship. What is a freight [...] Post What is a customs Declaration first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Following the news of the final sale of the limited edition RS4+ German workshop ABT announced the release of a new tuning kit – the ABT RS5-R Sportback. The kit included updated bodywork, new wheels, modified electronics, suspension and engine of the vehicle, as well as a customized interior and a number of smaller updates. The company plans to produce 50 copies of the RS5-R Sportback. Power retrofit [...] Post Audi RS5-R workshop Sportback from ABT Sportsline appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Hello! About features specifications of the Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850P will talk about today. When buying tires Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850P is important to examine the technical characteristics, features of the rubber, and to view customer reviews. Tires Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850P possess the technology Precision+ and S-Grip that allow you to survive in the harsh conditions of the roads in the winter. Tested in 2014, the bus showed [...] the Message characteristics of the tires Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850P first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Mansory Star Trooper – another instance in the style of Philipp Plein, the German workshop presented at the Geneva motor show. The basis for the Star Trooper taken the most iconic model of Mercedes-AMG G 63. From the standard version of the updated SUV G 63 features a wider body kit, a modified engine and a redesigned interior. There will be a total of 20 such cars, each of which will cost 550 [...] the post Masters Mansory has introduced a new version of the Mercedes G 63 AMG appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Recently, the German workshop Mansory posted a photo of his new creation – a modified SUV Lamborghini Urus. Firm, specializing in tuning of luxury cars, said the case of the Italian crossover is even more acute angles, dubbed an updated model of the NEX Venatus. The staff Mansory have changed the front and the rear of the car, making the design of the Lamborghini Urus on the order more aggressive than the standard model. Updated the body [...] Post Lamborghini Urus radical tuning by Mansory appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Hello! How to do a proper polishing of the car body? Elimination of scratches and other small defects to the paint (LCP) is possible with polishing the surface, fine finishing its specialized compositions. Produced, usually, by mechanical means, although theoretically possible and chemical polishing. The goals and methods of polishing the purpose of polishing is divided into protective and decorative, and purely cosmetic, [...] Post Polishing car tools and methods first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Hello! Few people know that brake pads can be changed independently, without, service stations and car workshops. Today we will tell you step by step how to change brake pads yourself. After reading this manual, many car owners will understand that this work is best left to professionals. Contact Balkan autofocus to professionals who will quickly and efficiently perform all work on the brake system. [...][Newline]the post How to change brake pads: by yourself or in a garage? first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Will Tell you about the distinct features of the products of the top tire manufacturers. Experienced motorists never skimp on tires. Low quality rubber wears out quickly, make noise and ensures a smooth ride. It is reasonable to make a choice in favor of the tires of famous brands. Large corporations value their reputation, so make the tires "on conscience". They have their own research centres, staffed by experienced professionals [...] Post features products top manufacturers of tyres first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Apparently, the owner of this Lamborghini Aventador was not happy with the stock design of your supercar, so he applied for tuning to a Thai company Infinite Motorsports. The desired effect, the workshop staff decided to achieve by installing a body kit of Liberty Walk, a custom set of disks and gluing the new vinyl floor. However, despite the apparent radical nature of the tuning, the contents of the car were left without [...] Post Lamborghini Aventador racing role from Infinite Motorsports appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day! Browse Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2019 in our material. Subcompact luxury crossovers become more popular. Due to the relatively low cost over a number of years of selected buyers at mid-size SUV. But the model Evoque 2019 costs as much as the average SUV. But manufacturer Land Rover offers a huge feature list, high performance, off-road [...] the post Review of the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2019 appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.