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Mercedes-AMG GT is a real godsend for modern tuning. Modern shops often release their new tuning kits for this model. This recently developed master Wald International. As a test instance, employees of Japanese workshop chose a GT coupe S. the Kit includes new custom body kit Black Bison, and an integral part of any tuning set – new [...] Post Mercedes-AMG GT with a custom body kit from Wald International appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Releasing the light of their new model X-Class, Mercedes-Benz has created, in their opinion, a brand new segment of car: pickup premium. Of course, a certain similarity with the unsightly and highly utilitarian models such as the Nissan Navara, can lubricate the overall impression, but this is not so important. The Germans are still on his X-Class has excellent off-road performance, luxury interior and [...] Post Mercedes X-Class tuning from the Studio Carlex Design appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Workshop Prior Design popular in that it creates a tuning kit for the most advanced modern sports cars and hypercars, making each instance more unique. The latest creation workshop, as one of those kits that deserves special attention. It's a custom widebody kit for the Mercedes-AMG GT, which the masters Prior Design released in different variations with still 2015 year. Set [...] Post Mercedes-AMG GT S in the performance of Prior Design first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

While hybrid engines are becoming more popular, automakers are trying to apply this technology to achieve crazy results. Perfect example – one of a kind hybrid Audi RS6-E in the performance of the German tuning-Studio ABT Sportsline. Hybrid instance combines the best of both worlds: the range and raw power of the petrol engine and the instant torque [...] Post 1018-strong hybrid Audi RS6-E from ABT Sportsline appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Not long ago, power in the 200 HP was more than sufficient for any hatchback. But times change, opportunities automakers expand, and with them grow and the needs of the consumer. Today, modern sporty hatchbacks, even in stock form give breathtaking performances, which, at special request of the owner and the help tuning workshops, can achieve space indicators. This Audi [...] Post HGP Turbo "dispersed" Audi RS3 Sportback to 597 HP first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Tuning company Larte Design is famous for his love of Mercedes-Benz models. Especially often workshop creating sets of body kits with a very aggressive design. A great example is this Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe with a new body kit carbon fiber. Despite quite significant changes in design, masters managed to preserve and to emphasize the dignity of the German compartment of the SUV, [...] Post Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe from the masters Larte Design appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Many motorists use modern alarm system designed on the base of telemetry. These complexes offer many advantages, but the most important one is that they provide a high degree of protection against vehicle theft. As example, the alarm system with autostart Now in Russia a large number of companies who are engaged not only in realization of such systems, [...] the Message That can be said about the benefits of a modern alarm system with remote engine start? first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

The tuning wizard Techart has published details of his new project: Techart GTSport. The basis of the model was taken Porsche 911 Turbo S last generation. All workshop plans to release 30 copies, each of which will boast improved performance, an updated design and a customized interior. All these upgrades will cost the owner of a Porsche 991 29 euros. Body kit from Techart [...] Post Porsche 911 Turbo S Techart performance first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Efficient engine operation is impossible without the fuel filter. His task – to remove impurities from used fuel. The quality of modern gasoline is far from ideal, so the filter is a big responsibility. In the event of its failure must be immediately replaced. At an authorized sales center will select the appropriate option. To rely, the seller will on the unique product code. Thanks to this [...] Post Practical tips for choosing auto parts first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Is Often a six-wheeled SUVs attract enthusiasts not only their ability to overcome obstacles, how much of its extraordinary appearance. The interest to such models fuels and their rarity: you want to buy this car the choice is between the Mercedes-Benz G63, Kahn Flying Huntsman and the Hennessey VelociRaptor. Lovers something more extreme and expensive can purchase the Devel Sixteen. But are there less expensive options? [...] Post Jeep Wrangler JK 6×6 in the performance Bruiser Conversions first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Although members of the Lamborghini already preparing to release a new and, in their words, "the most extreme" version of the Aventador, it is unlikely she will be able to shift from the pedestal of the legendary series SV Roadster. Excellent proof – gold Aventador SV Roadster, shown on the photo. The owner of this Lamborghini had just a few parts to turn the standard version of the already outstanding supercar [...] Post Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster in the kit from Novitec appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Like many other cars with top-end performance, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG penultimate generation has unlimited potential for the most insane tuning. With due skill and resources of this car can be squeezed for space figures, by example and demonstrated to the staff of the workshop of McChip-DKR. Specifically for the C63 AMG the German masters developed the 6 levels of tuning, each of which has [...] Message 818-horsepower Mercedes-AMG C63 from the masters McChip-DKR appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

A Few years ago on the radar of many tuning magazines have a very interesting concept vehicle-the Mamba GT3 Street. Then the concept was only visualized a project created solely on paper. And recently, just at the moment when enough time has passed, to completely forget about this project, the team Hoffy Automobile, responsible for creating the concept, announced the release [...] the Message Hoffy Automobile turned the BMW M4 at the 750-strong Mamba GT3 Street first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Many drivers going to the market for parts for car, much surprised: how it is identical, it would seem, the details may differ in value in a few, or even dozens of times. The problem is that they have different origin (conscientious producers always specify on the packaging). Today you can buy virtually any parts for your car [...] Post Car parts: types and their characteristics appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Before the group, Maserati was created only a fast sports car, able to compete with the best copies of their competitors such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. And although in the future the Italian company plans to return to this segment, at the moment, Maserati are engaged in the production of sedans and crossovers, including a very powerful and nimble model. However, in these cars there is always something to change or modify than [...] Post Maserati Ghibli tuning workshop Novitec appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.