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Good day to All! Let's talk today about modern tyre fitting equipment and the use of additional tools. For mounting and dismantling of the wheels of road transport need suitable equipment. It allows you to perform the removal of wheels to balance. The elevating devices used for work with different types of wheels involve the execution of operations with goods with different weight and radius. Tire fitting equipment used by operators at the same time [...] the post Modern curtain rods first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Tuning workshop Chelsea Truck Company continues to produce a special version of Land Rover Defender. This time members of the Chelsea Truck fully converted the front part of the Defender, having painted the legendary SUV in bright yellow. The instance has received the name of Homage II Edition and, unlike most modern project Defender, was converted into a design an older version of the SUV – Series 2. [...][Newline]Post Land Rover Defender in retro-design from the masters Chelsea Truck first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Captured on photo car – utterly customized Dodge Charger 1970 year, for the first time presents a workshop SpeedKore Performance at the auto show SEMA a few years ago. Then the muscle car, dubbed the creators of "Tantrum", earned the SEMA Gran Turismo award for 2015, becoming one of the most striking instances of the exhibition. Recently, the 1650-strong monster was put up for sale, waiting for its new owner to Fusion [...] Post 1650-horsepower Dodge Charger Tantrum from the masters SpeedKore put up for sale first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Recently, the German tuning workshop Hofele has released his version of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, performing car the flagship series in a single copy and dubbed his model the "Ultimate's". How to declare themselves the representatives of the following components, working on this project, the master has focused on the luxury component of the car, bringing Executive class sedan to its luxury nearest "relative" – a Maybach. The first striking [...] the Message is one of a kind Mercedes-Benz S-Class from the masters of Hofele first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Hello! Frame SUV Lexus LX review in our material. Despite the rather ordinary exterior of the body, this SUV will learn not only fans of the brand, although the car has such a lot. The new version, after the restyling, did not receive radical technical changes. Updated grille, new bumper, fog optics and feed the brake lights. In the interior you can see a slightly modified [...] the Message Frame SUV Lexus LX, the premium League appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

In December last year, Los Angeles held its annual auto show. Japanese automakers introduced the world to the second generation of his famous crossover Infiniti QX50. Many people say that modernization has benefited from the crossover, as the designers made significant changes in body design, interior and properly modified engine. 2018 Infiniti QX50 exterior Starting a conversation about the design of the updated Infiniti [...] Post 2018 Infiniti QX50 — review and test drive appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

The Contents of trucks bears considerable expenses for service, repair, diagnostics, etc. to Solve the problem of replacing worn out tires will help the restoration of truck tyres that are acceptable from the cost point of view. At this time, nearly half of all used tires are restored, and the popularity of this service caused by related savings. Tires on a truck you should pay close [...] Post the Contents of trucks: the restoration of the tyres first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

The Flow of air in the intake manifold regulate with the help of special devices of the engine, called the throttle. This device is in the internal combustion engine is a valve that regulates the amount of air that enters the engine. Throttle valve — working principle we know today. Throttle valve — working principle of the Engine EFI (electronic fuel injection) have the throttle on [...] Message Throttle valve — working principle first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

SUV – a car that allows you to go practically on all types of surfaces: dirt, sand, rocky. To implement this SUV definitely need good "shoes" in the form of rubber. In this article we examine the most popular universal tyres for SUVs. Universal tyre for SUVs Universal tyre for SUVs are, judging from the name, all-weather product and can be used for different road surfaces and weather [...] the Message of the Universal tyre for SUVs appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day, dear motorists! Is it possible to install LPG on the car? Among those who want to put LPG on the car a lot of fans and a lot of those who do not trust gas appliances. Fans gas equipment talking about double the cost, but the second doubt it, and think about cases of vehicle fires, due to the LPG. See LPG kits for 4 generations, five-pin [...] the Message whether to install LPG in the car first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Recently, the American tuning company TSportline has released another set of modifications for the Tesla Model X, called T Largo. Although the name of the set evokes the labeling modifications another popular workshop – Novitec, the similarities of these two workshops end. In addition, the company TSportline specializiruetsya solely on the car brand Tesla, even though the master Novitec also recently released a set of updates to [...] Post Tesla Model X in masters TSportline first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Scratches and body damage are side effects which cannot be avoided in everyday use of car. The problem is the aging of the varnish over time. How to repair the car body? So how to repair the car body, to return it to its former beauty? How to get rid of minor injuries? The most common cause of small defects of the body are particles of sand and gravel that fall [...] the post How to repair the car body? first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Forklifts are indispensable specialized machinery that is used in many fields. These vehicles can be found on warehouse territories, construction sites, quarries. You need to technique obediently behaved, withstand heavy loads and do not jeopardize safety when working. In this connection, you need to find suitable wheels that will provide good handling and safety. There are several basic [...] the post Types of tires for trucks appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Tuning company Novitec has released a new series of aerodynamic and interior upgrades for the Ferrari Superfast 812. Modifications undergone almost all the options a flagship supercar, starting with the power and torque, the ending mass of the car, its handling and of course the aesthetic component. New bodywork was designed in the wind tunnel that, in addition to appearance, greatly improved the flow of cars. In addition to the new carbon body kit, [...] Post a Set of upgrades for 812 Superfast from Ferrari Novitec appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

How to improve the sound in the car? To improve the sound quality in the cabin of the vehicle, you will need to do a number of different events. Each stage depends on the following. In today's article we will talk about how to improve the audio. Of course, initially, the vehicles are equipped with regular acoustics. However, not always she gets motorists, resulting in [...] the post How to improve the sound in the car first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.