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Hello! In what cases do we need certification auto parts? The faulty vehicle is one of the most common causes of fulfilment of road traffic accidents (RTA). And even the regular technical inspection of the car you can not with 100% probability to ensure safety on the road. The thing is that the last time significantly increased the number of unscrupulous companies specializing in the manufacture and sale of auto parts. [...] Post What kinds of parts are subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day, dear motorists! Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of transportation. The car is the most popular method of delivery used by enterprises or organizations. Trucking at Some transport companies provide service delivery according to the preliminary plan or on the next day. Goods are Packed in special containers, which can also be used for sea shipping method. The benefits of Effectively [...] the Message of the Advantages and disadvantages of different types of transportation first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day, dear motorists! What is criminal liability for twisting run Russia today? The bill on criminal liability for modifying data of the mileage proposed by the deputies of the legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia. In the document sent to the Minister of internal Affairs Kolokoltsev Vladimir Aleksandrovich speaks of the need to protect the Russian car owners from problems when buying cars on the secondary market. The authors of the bill note that approximately [...] Post Criminal liability for the twisting run in Russia first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day! Today we tell about a new inexpensive diagnostic multibrand scanner Launch Pilot Scan, the new product for service vehicles. The entire range of scanners, see the online store MasterSkan.RU. Wide range of diagnostic equipment and diagnostic scanners for garages and service stations, motor testers, oscilloscopes for professional and home use at affordable prices can be delivered by courier or transport company. [...] Post Launch Pilot diagnostic Scan multi-brand scanner first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day! Today we will discuss about the advantages of hydraulic manipulators. Crane-manipulator of this type have a telescopic boom with a hook that is rigidly fixed on the top. The cargo is transported by the movement of sections of the lifting body. The number of sections varies from 2 to 6. They can move simultaneously or sequentially. The advantages of hydraulic manipulators of Course, modern equipment is reliable and able to work hard [...] the Message of the Advantages of hydraulic manipulators first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Search of freight services from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. Among a large number of organizations, only a few can offer really attractive conditions of cooperation. One of these is a firm that for more than 8 years performs cargo transportation St. PETERSBURG-Moscow and other cities. Cargo transportation Moscow-Piter inexpensive – no less popular service than transportation in Novosibirsk. Their example can be seen [...] the post How to seek services for cargo transportation from Moscow to St. Petersburg? first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day, dear motorists! When buying a car before the man with average incomes raises a number of questions. One of them is: where to take money? Therefore, the most affordable way, consider the assistance of credit. Will buying a new car on credit, but what is important to consider? Buying a car on credit and procedures For the acquisition of the car using a loan you can use the following [...] the post Buying a new car on credit and behavior first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good afternoon, motorists. Today we will find out why burning the clutch. Despite the popularity and demand for variable-speed drives and robots are often called – "automatic boom" on the roads, many of the adherents of the good old "mechanics". However, this is not surprising. Because best, simple, understandable and repair and fit box still love and exploit hundreds of thousands, and perhaps (no statistics) million motorists in the [...] the post Why burning the clutch and how to get rid of this first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good afternoon, motorists. Today we will advise you how to choose the tow hitch tow bar for Renault Duster in online store "Balteks" with delivery to your home or garage. It's clear that the tow hitch tow bar – one of the many accessories that extend the performance capabilities of your vehicle and increase the functionality of your trips. With the intensive growth of technical progress and the development of large cities, all [...] the post How to choose a tow bar for Renault Duster in online store appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Driving schools of Yekaterinburg offer future students the best learning environment. Now, to take courses, beginner no need to go to the other end of the city, or to pay for the opportunity to enroll in a nearby group. To enroll in courses at any time, and on favorable terms. Only one problem – not all driving schools guarantee an effective result of attendance. It is for [...] the Message the Right choice driving school is the basis for successful learning to drive! first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day, dear motorists! Today let's talk about maintenance auto service center Fleet Service. Safe operation of the vehicle impossible, unless you are sure its full health. The car was a reliable partner and safe means of transportation, he must constantly care for. Without regular maintenance, keep your car in good condition. The Fleet Service center offers maintenance [...] Post car maintenance in Fleet Service first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Xenon device is a state of the art gas-discharge lamp having tungsten filaments. They operate through an electric arc, which occurs as a result of passing current through a gas medium. Actually xenon equipment car is very popular among drivers. The fact is that it is able to please the owner uninterrupted operation over long periods of time. At the same [...] the Message Which is important in the selection of xenon kit for your car? first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Hello! Maintenance of roads in Russia plays a huge role, and for pedestrians and for drivers. In order to preserve the road in its originally constructed condition, protect adjacent resources, to protect drivers and pedestrians, and to provide efficient, convenient travel on the route it is necessary to conduct routine maintenance of roads. Unfortunately, maintenance is often [...] the post Maintenance of motor roads in Russia first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day, dear motorists! Let's talk about the features and benefits of BU of tyres from Europe. Purchase high quality automobile tyres is sometimes quite a difficult task. To give preference to an original products that have a very high price, or opt for a cheap Chinese equivalent? With this issue faced by many of today's car owners. Of course, the ideal solution is to buy the branded wheels. [...] Post the Features and benefits of BU of tyres from Europe first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Good day, dear motorists! When it is crucial to preserve expensive paintwork of the car, it is important to periodically tuning. For these purposes, decided to buy a variety of polishes and accessories, presented in a great form in the domestic market. If you want to save the paintwork from rain or snow for several days, it is better to use special polishes that are made on wax or silicone. [...] Message Tuning exterior car care and exhaust first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.