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Since the release of the line Mercedes-AMG GT each version of the supercar, from the standard, finishing top GT R got a lot of variations in the performance tuning workshops. The instance shown in the photo is an example of the work of American Creative workshop Bespoke. The wizard from a small town in Arizona provided GT S full set of upgrades, starting with the engine modifications, ending with a new body kit and customization [...] Post Mercedes-AMG GT S in Creative Bespoke tuning first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Although BMW released the X5, the fourth generation a few months ago, the Bavarian company had not presented the most powerful version of the car – the X5 M. Using the expectation of a full-scale version of the new X5, Polish workshop Auto-Dynamics has released a modified BMW X5 M the previous generation, bringing the characteristics of a mid-sized crossover to indecent comparable performance to powerful sports cars like the Lamborghini Urus. This result to [...] the Message 661-horsepower BMW X5 M from workshop Auto-Dynamics first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Many specialized transport companies served with General cargo in Nizhny Novgorod, which are becoming increasingly popular among product manufacturers, suppliers, sellers. In this case, typed a few parties that will be transported in the same direction on a particular vehicle. Features such cargo as it moves to the places of delivery and loading products from different customers can be added. The basic [...] the Message Groupage as the possibility of saving on transportation first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Market service is designed to provide comfort to people by providing useful services. For a reasonable fee a person receives intangible benefits that significantly make your life easier. These services include transportation, Orenburg have long appreciated these beneficial and convenient service. The cost of transportation makes them accessible to a wide range of the population. The tariffs of the modern carriers, is very affordable. Hourly cost of the order [...] Post Prices on cargo transportation in Orenburg appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Since in the market there are companies-carriers, transporting large cargoes ceased to be associated with the fuss and difficulties. Now, in order to move or deliver something heavy and large at a specific address, you can easily call Gazelle; cargo transportation became available to the service (learn more). And it turns out it is complex: in addition to the transport firms provide additional services in the form of aid [...] the post Call of a Gazelle for transportation along with movers appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Audi RS6 Avant – a real plum for the tuning companies. On the Internet you can come across a lot of variations tuned wagon, starting with the racing version in the style of DTM, finishing camouflaged "military" version. Recently the workshop Race! have joined the list with his creation: the RS6 in the role of a perfect car for a zombie Apocalypse. The master has equipped its Avant custom body kit and a rather unusual set [...] Post Widebody Audi RS6 Avant from the workshop Race! first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Audi RS3 Sportback is one of the most popular models in the Studio ABT Sportsline. Masters do not stop releasing more and more upgrades for this hatchback, experimenting with design and performance to the compact sports car. This time the master has provided the RS3 Sportback with its custom set of disks, giving more attention to the content of Audi. The result of this modified engine RS3 produces an incredible [...] Post Audi RS3 Sportback performed by ABT Sportsline appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

A Year ago at the Geneva auto show AC Schnitzer has introduced a unique version of the BMW i8 in their own performance. Then at the stand of German workshop hybrid sports car sported a new tuning kit, which is remembered by many for his aggressive design. And AC Schnitzer has introduced a new version of this kit to the recently released i8 model Roadster. The wizard has not deviated from its original course, making a [...] the post New BMW i8 Roadster in tuning AC Schnitzer appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Cost component of the liquid fuel remains at a very high level. And if you constantly use the vehicle, even at low mileage, the financial costs can be extremely high. Converting a truck to CNG! But to minimize, if you buy the correct LPG, and installed by professionals on your own vehicle. In the latter case, natural gas is used in the form of methane, an excellent extremely low [...] the Message Converting a truck to CNG first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

To Replace the standard wheels of the car – the easiest way to change his appearance. Not surprisingly, some tuning fans bring this rule to the absurd, wanting to stand out from the crowd of car owners. Drives on a couple of sizes larger than the standard – a fairly common phenomenon, so the owner of this convertible Chevrolet Camaro 2016, the year decided to install 32-inch a custom set of professionals Moscow. [...] Post Chevrolet Camaro on 32-inch wheels from Moscow first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

Mercedes-AMG GT is a real godsend for modern tuning. Modern shops often release their new tuning kits for this model. This recently developed master Wald International. As a test instance, employees of Japanese workshop chose a GT coupe S. the Kit includes new custom body kit Black Bison, and an integral part of any tuning set – new [...] Post Mercedes-AMG GT with a custom body kit from Wald International appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Releasing the light of their new model X-Class, Mercedes-Benz has created, in their opinion, a brand new segment of car: pickup premium. Of course, a certain similarity with the unsightly and highly utilitarian models such as the Nissan Navara, can lubricate the overall impression, but this is not so important. The Germans are still on his X-Class has excellent off-road performance, luxury interior and [...] Post Mercedes X-Class tuning from the Studio Carlex Design appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Workshop Prior Design popular in that it creates a tuning kit for the most advanced modern sports cars and hypercars, making each instance more unique. The latest creation workshop, as one of those kits that deserves special attention. It's a custom widebody kit for the Mercedes-AMG GT, which the masters Prior Design released in different variations with still 2015 year. Set [...] Post Mercedes-AMG GT S in the performance of Prior Design first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.

While hybrid engines are becoming more popular, automakers are trying to apply this technology to achieve crazy results. Perfect example – one of a kind hybrid Audi RS6-E in the performance of the German tuning-Studio ABT Sportsline. Hybrid instance combines the best of both worlds: the range and raw power of the petrol engine and the instant torque [...] Post 1018-strong hybrid Audi RS6-E from ABT Sportsline appeared first on Sochi Auto Repair.

Not long ago, power in the 200 HP was more than sufficient for any hatchback. But times change, opportunities automakers expand, and with them grow and the needs of the consumer. Today, modern sporty hatchbacks, even in stock form give breathtaking performances, which, at special request of the owner and the help tuning workshops, can achieve space indicators. This Audi [...] Post HGP Turbo "dispersed" Audi RS3 Sportback to 597 HP first appeared Sochi Auto Repair.