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SMERSH. Legend for the traitor (the whole film), 2011. Good movies about the war. Based on real events of world war II. Alexey Kravtsov, Lieutenant, officer GU counterintelligence SMERSH, infiltrated into the Abwehr to expose the mole, under the rule which is the entire network of agents. the moment the operation began, then fell. Legend Kravtsov didn't work and he needs to go to extreme measures. Began operation of the Soviet counterintelligence "SMERSH" in 1944. ended in 1947. In the midst of a deadly conflict between the Western secret services and the Soviet counterintelligence. the Film is dedicated to the heroism of our scout hourly risked their lives. Repeatedly Kravtsov was on the verge of failure. He was even accused of treason. the Whole film of...

Series "Second" will take us into the last month of summer 1941. Enemy troops remained to overcome the last three hundred miles to the capital of our Motherland. The NKVD was able to eliminate a few of the Nazi saboteurs, the task of which was to assassinate the country's leader - Joseph Stalin. During the collision with the Russians, German saboteurs used hitherto unknown to us weapons - "panzerknacker" which resembled a missile. In the end, nudista managed to kill two of them, the saboteur, the shooter from the gun to hold, but by pure chance one of the Germans escaped. The gun itself, unfortunately, was destroyed during the shot. The series "Second" Saboteurs caught on one of the most strictly classified routes on which travel was an important Soviet...

Taxi driver Paul Krivchenko day fell not easy. Wife suddenly going to file for divorce and he sits in a car type with a clear criminal record. This bandit-recidivist Shusha, who has recently sat back and wants to get all the joys of life. Paul carries Shusha around town for a decent fee. In the evening Shusha wants to leave town, but before doing so asks to have it in one place and often gone, but the Luggage in the car. Pasha went to check where those damned Shusha, and finds him dead. In Luggage the taxi driver finds the diamonds and as an honest man decides to take them to the police. However, the former friends Shushi other plans for these diamonds, they kidnap his daughter and he must give them and not to go to the police. Yes and encountered Paul...

Original: Protection Genre: drama, domestic Country: Russia Released: 2008 Director: Ilya Makarov, Vsevolod Aravin Roles: Alexey Kravchenko, Elena Lyadova, Yuri Stepanov, Daniil Spivakovsky, Ulyana Lapteva, Leonid Gromov, Alexey Shevchenko, the Amadou Mamadov, Konstantin Yushkevich, Paul Melenchuk the Post-war years Is a 1947. The young officer Paul frost hurries on his small Home in a small village near Novosibirsk. Where left and wait for his most dear to his heart and favorite people - mom and fiancée Tatiana. Upon arrival, Paul realizes that his dream of a quiet peaceful family life is not destined to be fulfilled. His beloved Tatiana has ambiguous attentions of a large party leader-Bonogin. Courtship do not find the answer by Tatiana. And the course is...

In a small town come to his wife and daughter investigator Nicholas, to build relationships in the family. However, on the first night, which just coincides with the full moon, the father disappears, and the next day his body was found in the woods. Locals believe that to blame the werewolves, but the wife of the deceased does not believe in mysticism and begins his own investigation. Year of release: 2014 Country: USA Genre: mystery, drama, fantasy Duration: 00:45:00 Scoring: Original Quality: SATRip Director: Nikolay Sarkisov

Faithful and courageous Raiden and his monarch oppose corruption and absolute power. They become participants in the case, which endangers their lives. release Year: 2015 Country: South Korea, USA Genre: action, adventure Duration: - Sound: Duplicated Quality: - Director: Kiriya Kazuaki

Weekend girls-teenagers went awry when they are being robbed, was in a difficult position and were forced to take shelter in a deserted Mexican resort house, cursed indescribable atrocities of the past. Year of release: 2009 Country: USA Genre: horror, Thriller Duration: 1:14:00 Sound: Professional (vociferous) Quality: DVDRip Director: Brandon Nutt

From time To time, life in a small provincial military unit full of dreamers and romantics, technicians and gardeners, went on as usual. A former student of Boris Kulshan twists novels with two daughters unaware of this Colonel, demobilization Gene Savitsky, in love with the wife of Lieutenant Panteleeva, secretly wears her flowers at night.And the "spirit" Oskin sees phantasmagoric dreams. But soon the lives of these extraordinary people goes wrong: because the telephone Rai hanged member Khaitov R.M; appeared... a Ghost. Convinced that it is haunted by a spirit of suicide, all hit a panic... Year of release: 2005 Country: Russia Genre: drama, Comedy Duration: 1:36:00 Scoring: Original Quality: DVDRip Director: Andrei Proshkin

Love at first sight happens every night is a key phrase of the film. Funny Comedy in which three friends go on a so-called quick goodbye, which in a short time you can get acquainted with girls. Year of release: 2009 Country: USA Genre: Comedy Duration: 1:40:00 Sound: Amateur (two-voice) Quality: DVDRip Director: Joe Elmore

The story takes place in Ancient China during the reign of the Han dynasty. The Roman commander Lucius with his Legion of soldiers is in China. At the same time the commander of the guard of the Western region Ho Anh in the betrayal of his enemies becomes a slave. And these two warriors were destined to meet in the Western desert, where unfold an epic battle. But fight they will not be against each other, as you would think, but against the greedy Emperor Tiberius for the sovereignty of China. Year of release: 2015 Country: China Genre: action, drama, adventure Duration: 2:06:00 Sound: Professional (vociferous) Quality: TeleCine Director: Daniel Lee

Chappi - Prodigy. Like any other child, he falls under the influence of their environment, and only his heart and soul will help him find his way. But there is one thing that makes Cappi unlike all the others: he was the first robot capable of feeling and thinking. Year of release: 2015 Country: Mexico, USA Genre: action, Thriller, sci-Fi Duration: 02:00:00 Sound: Duplicated Quality: CAMRip Director: Neil Blomkamp